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C_leen 04-04-2009 08:35 AM

Spin Cycle Journal (Comments Welcome)

My life has been in a bit of turmoil in the last few years. Emotional eater that I am, I've gained weight.

So I've been cycling around again to working at taking better care of myself. Buying healthier food options for lunch, less and healthier snacks, weighing in, taking a multi-vitamin. I haven't had much success really as I haven't managed to fit in the exercise piece due to my new job. I used to get up at 5:30 am and exercise. Now I get up and go to work. I am a morning person and by the time I get home, it is dinner/homework/family obligations that overtake me. I'm tired in the evenings.

I don't make it to my gym. I don't like it there much anyway, so it is more of a chore. So I sat down and thought through what I like about the gym - I like blowing my mind out on the spinning classes. I can never get into the classes as they are always booked a week in advance. I also like to blow my mind out running. So yesterday, I got on the internet and bought myself a spinning bike for my house. I'm going to dig out my gym contract today and write the official quit letter needed to stop the monthly payment. I've never bought a piece of exercise equipment before & I know they are usually ignored. I am also rather frugal and can't believe I just spent what I did on a BIKE! It is going to take a LOT of spinning sessions in my basement to offset the cost of the bike. I'm going to have a sore, skinny butt. :rotfl:

DIS Journal Goals
1. Weigh in.
2. Food Journal
3. Exercise Journal
4. Life/Stress assessment

C_leen 04-04-2009 08:47 AM

My Previous Journal

This will probably be sort of painful for me to read as this documents my attempts to take care of myself with some great success, then I totally LOST it. :surfweb:

momof2minnies 04-04-2009 09:00 AM

Hi Colleen,
I am the same way, spent the money at the gym and just wanted to spin in the long run.

I thought of going back to see if I could just pay to spin.I was thinking with the economy the way it is maybe they will be happy with anything.

I always said the best facial you will ever have is spin class.

I run too and am having a hard time with the weather here.

Keep posting!


C_leen 04-06-2009 01:31 PM

Starting Moves

So I did re-read my old journal. Well I tried to use exercise to offset stress related to my DH's crisis. I did finish a half marathon. I really like running as it seems to fry stress right out of my brain.I really worked to make exercise fit into my schedule. I also seemed to not let a bad food choice wreck an entire week - I'd just get right back into the healthy eating mode.

The plantar fascitis isn't 100% resolved. I walked for an hour yesterday with my dog & I had twinges in both arches. My podiatry inserts squeak in my shoes something awful - as in every step. Good thing I blast my Ipod. Anyway, I don't think spinning is going to hurt my feet any - so this will be a high energy alternative to running all the time. Anyway, I'm excited about the bike and DH seemed OK when I mentioned some 100 lb. box might be on the doorstep in the coming week or two...

Current Weight: 169.8
BMI: 29.1

Food Journal started today.

This week's goals/planning:

Gym membership - cancel
Exercise 30 minutes for 5 days this week
Food Journal (like - write in it)

Sunday: Walked for 1 hr with dog
Monday: I'm going to try a DVD tonight
Tuesday: Exercise 30 min during soccer practice
Wednesday:Do something
Thursday: Dentist/Church obligations
Friday: Do something
Saturday: Gym

C_leen 04-07-2009 02:46 PM

Tuesday, April 7
Hello Linda! Thanks for the kind words!

Well I did OK yesterday. Managed six 8 oz glasses of water. Evening snack trouble, but the portion sizes were way down. ;) I also conned DS to do 30 minute power round Tae Bo. We were both sweating at the end of that DVD. But I did it.

Exercise tonight should be no issue as I've been walking/jogging around the soccer fields during DS's practice. I also signed up for 600 minutes in April. This would double my monthly exercise total if I make this goal.

Food today so far is good. Mood is good. Motivation level is good. Will power seems to be coming up. I'm going to try to continue to schedule my exercise time as if it is an appointment that can't be broken.

Wt: 168.8

C_leen 04-07-2009 11:08 PM

Evening Musing

So I ran the NHLBI BMI Calculator this afternoon. I should really get down to #135 for a healthy BMI.

I did get the soccer Mom workout in while the other parents sat around & froze. Thirty minutes of jogging and walking around the fields. Nasty cold headwind whipping my hair around. I stuck my red winter hat on and plaid winter jacket when I was finished. I noticed DS do a visual sweep of the fields and figured he was looking for me. Poor kid didn't spot me on the bench watching until the end of practice! A warm up starts tomorrow, so I am going to promise that I walk the dog for a neighborhood stroll tomorrow night. Thursday will be a rest day.

Wish the spinning bike was here. I worked on my ipod tonight and started a running playlist. Started out with Kate Bush's "Running up that Hill" which is a perfect warm up song at 5 minutes!

Ate no snacks tonight. For once, dinner was enough. :goodvibes

C_leen 04-08-2009 04:37 PM

Wednesday, April 8
So today was one of the days a lot of beginners would throw in the towel.

I ate well yesterday. I worked out yesterday. I didn't eat any PM snacks last night. I drank 8 glasses of water. I woke up with my insomnia and didn't snack or drink.

Today's weight: #174.0

Five pounds? Where did that come from? :scared1:

Work has been crazy busy all day. Food is fine so far.

Good news, the spinning bike freight company called. It might be delivered tomorrow!

C_leen 04-09-2009 02:13 PM

Oops. Thursday, April 9
So last night I was wore out from work. Just a crazy mental high day as I jumped from one task to another. When I got home, I was already exhausted. I ordered dinner, changed into my work out clothes, and started laundry.

Then our kitchen contractor informed me of further incompetence impacting when my kitchen can be finished. OK, I'm on week 10 now and when someone tells me that it is going to be delayed another month, I'm going to lose it. So I did. No exercise. I can't even remember what I did last night!

Drank a glass of wine and had half a shot of rum too.

Weight: #174.0 (still?)

Church obligations tonight so no exercise. So far I just can't get up at 4 or 4:30 am to exercise. Maybe the bike will come tonight and I can get it set up this weekend...:sad2:

C_leen 04-10-2009 02:02 PM

Good Friday 2009

So the bike did arrive yesterday! It's in the garage at the moment. :cool1:

I didn't get home until 9 pm from church last night. Holy Thursday mass is a pretty neat ritual.

Weight: #174.0 (again!)

I'm starting to wonder what is going on. I'm debating logging my calories for a while on Sparkpeople but honestly I prefer the free form here. :confused:

Exercise goal tonight: 30 min Tae Bo

C_leen 04-11-2009 02:56 PM

Easter Vigil 2009
Holy dust bunnies! Man my house is an absolute wreck from the construction. Lots of dust exiting the building today though! Cleaned last night & the bout continues today. That is probably going to be my exercise for the day...

Wt: #172.2

Food yesterday: 6 H2O (1 packet propel)
Bx: protein bar & diet coke
Lunch: protein bar & diet coke
Please note I was trying to fast a bit for Holy Friday and this is not my usual calorie restriction plan or anything...
Dinner: Hamburger, bun, pickle, tomato, 1 slice pepperjack cheese, 2 slices bacon & fries too! Iced tea with splenda x 2.
Snack: zip, nada! :thumbsup2

Food today:
Bx: diet coke, sausage McGriddle.
Lunch: protein bar & sparkling water.

C_leen 04-13-2009 06:55 PM

Monday, April 13
Happy Easter!

Had a nice holiday! Didn't overeat.

Bx: diet coke, protein bar
Lunch: South beach 120 cal fiber bar, progresso italian veg soup, diet coke
4 waters so far
Dinner: leftovers...

Weight today: #172.2

Hoping to get the bike into the basement tonight...

C_leen 04-14-2009 11:19 AM

Tuesday, April 14th
Good Morning:

I did manage 8 H2O yesterday.

I'm at 2 already today (it's early).
Wt: #172.2 (still)

Nagged the spinning bike carton into the basement last night. Unfortunately the price of the bike was visible on the shipping label. Assembled it almost solo too! I went spinning last night for 30 minutes! About the 6th song, I felt the endorphins sweeping the stress from my brain, ahhhh. Of course my butt hurts today.

Plan today is to walk/jog during DS's soccer practice. it is really chilly (again), so I'll need to move it to stay somewhat warm. I did write in to cancel my gym membership this morning. I think they'll only snag one more monthly fee from my checking account. My plan is to alternate spinning with jogging/walking.

Downloaded new music onto the ipod last night. Eager to get moving & lose some weight! Eager to have an indoor option now at my house for exercise out of everyone's way and not using the TV.:yay::yay:

C_leen 04-15-2009 02:54 PM

Wednesday, April 15

Got my 30 minutes in jogging and walking around the cold, windy & wet soccer fields last night. Tonight I plan to spin for 30-40 minutes. Hair cut tonight too and also have DS as DH has to work late tonight.

Wt: #174.2

Ok this is really irritating me. Yesterday I ate so little at lunch that I was still hungry when I left Applebees. I am truly cutting back and not reaping one numerical benefit.

I got 6 waters in yesterday. So far today I'm at 4.

Bx: protein bar, 2 water (very thirsty this am)
Lunch: progresso italian veggie soup can, 2 water, 1 can caf free diet coke
AM snack: 1 diet coke with caff, 1 south beach fiber fit mocha bar (120 cal)
So far today I've had 460 calories. I must be losing this battle at night.


Bx:protein bar, 2 water (200)
Lunch: Applebees lunch pick 2 tom basil soup, 1 bread stick, oriental chicken salad; 2 raspberry iced tea: estimate 600 calories I'm not sure on tea.
Dinner: Cracker Barrel breakfast estimate: 640 calories
PM Snack: mini york peppermint patties (3)
Estimate 1700 calories


C_leen 04-18-2009 09:23 PM

April 18th
Hi! So we upgraded to wireless internet. Ironically I'm typin g on a laptop in front of our desktop. Ha ha! Installed a new cablet TV and DVR today too. First upgrades on the TV in 8 years. Of course in essence there is still nothing on TV so who knows what we'll record...

I'm up to 400/600 minute monthly exercise goal. This morning I got up to 40 minutes on the spin cycle. Really jammed out. No weight until next week due to hormonal imbalance that causes rages, chocolate cravings and tears for no reason...

Well finally the gods of kitchen remodeling finally caught me. Countertops delayed a month, unless I'd like to pay for a higher cost color that will add $3k to the price. Sort of felt like there was a big bait & switch going on for awhile... Near tears with disappointment yesterday. Today, would like to go postal with the 'kitchen designer' at HD. Lucky for her I've also proclaimed I'm not setting foot in the orange box anymore.

Rainy day expected tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get a nap in!

C_leen 04-21-2009 03:35 PM

Hormonal Carb & Candy Binge

I slept over 2 hours on Sunday. Can we say, 'Overtired from constant home construction & running around?' On Monday Peanut and I went on a leisurely walk for about 20 minutes. I was exhausted from work. It's cold and blustery today, so I'm going to really have to beat against the wind running around the soccer fields tonight.

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