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torsie24 03-20-2009 05:25 PM

Hi guys!

I am sooo excited to go to WDW this October. :hyper:

I've been looking for an 'official' october thread for a while and haven't found one yet.

I have my LGMHs all ready for the trip! I thought it would be fun to get to know each other and keep a track of who all will be in the 'World' in October. And to hear everyone's plans. :teeth:

26th-4th - Suellen (Pop)
27th-7th - Dylan_&_Blake's_mom (CBR)
30th-5th - tmcddodd
30th-6th - ColinCodyMom (Poly)
30th-6th - ericalynn1979 (CBR)
30th-6th - PAcpl (BCV)
30th-8th - annakate27 (Pop)
30th-8th - (ASMo)
30th-14th - gemmybear83 (CSR) [PTR]
1st-4th - Misty89 (ASMu)
1st-4th - heimlichfan (POFQ)
1st-5th - cab333 (POR)
1st-6th - L*hd (Pop)
1st-6th - lustergirl (POP)
1st-7th - JoliBug
1st-8th - Sacha_L (POP)
1st-10th - DisneyMomma81 (POP)
1st-10th - giginator (Offsite)
1st-15th - Torsie24 (AKL) [PTR]
2nd-4th - PookieB (CSR)
2nd-6th - lustergirl (AS Sp)
2nd-6th - InTheBubble (SSR & OKW)
2nd-8th - khakismum (CSR)
2nd-8th - PNO4TE (BCV)
2nd-10th - tkitty (OKW & ASMu)
2nd-10th - loperella (WL)
2nd-10th - ammeador2 (AKL)
2nd-11th - wezee (POFQ)
2nd-11th - lacy1101 (AS Sp)
2nd-11th - KGH (POFQ)
2nd-12th - savannahcat (Offsite)
2nd-12th - DFD
3rd-7th - DuffGT06 (POP)
3rd-8th - Tweevil (POP)
3rd-8th - mattoxtr
3rd-9th - FozzieFan (Poly)
3rd-9th - Crazy4Disney06 (ASMu)
3rd-9th - hf6895
3rd-9th - KimRaye (ASMo)
3rd-9th - Rymer
3rd-10th - Harters2WDW (Pop)
3rd-10th - minidreamin (Offsite)
3rd-10th - TStrickland01
3rd-10th - taylor5 (Pop)
3rd-10th - FirstTimer10 (POP)
3rd-10th - Leitadala (POP) [PTR]
3rd-10th - Remosgirl (BWI)
3rd-10th - John E (Offsite)
3rd-10th - twincesses
3rd-10th - tinaninea (POP)
3rd-11th - eeyoregon (AS Sp)
3rd-11th - Amandamouseketeer (POR)
3rd-11th - AngelBabyJana (Pop)
4th-9th - manntra (AKV-K)
4th-9th - Nicole786
4th-10th - tygerlilly27 (ASMo)
4th-10th - 2nd childhood (Pop)
4th-10th - blue-skies (Pop)
4th-10th - MiJo (POFQ)
4th-10th - baloo's girl (POP)
5th-10th - carps09 (POFQ) [PTR]
6th-12th - sullins5 (CBR)
6th-16th - swummyh20 (OKW)
6th-16th - vikkii19 (WL & SSR)
7th-20th - gmomof15
8th-12th - DisneyMomforLife
8th-13th - trueblue (POFQ)
8th-16th - tinkerbell_xo (POP)
8th-20th - MegKate (POFQ)
9th-13th - tinkerbelle22 (Swan)
9th-14th - jaurban (VWL)
9th-18th - Minnie Melissa (ASMo)
9th-19th - Kitzer (CSR)
9th-19th - Bullseye (CSR)
9th-23rd - madmumof2 (POP)
9th-23rd - wdw_nutz (POFQ)
9th-30th - Cochise (Offsite)
10th-16th - wildfan1473
10th-16th - mermaid mama (POR)
10th-17th - My3kiddos (Offsite)
10th-17th - brandi~momof3 (Offsite)
10th-17th - bballbabe (POR)
10th-17th - kerrym417
10th-17th - jen42002 (POFQ)
10th-24th - MissStitch626 (POR)
11th-17th - lunapnp (BWV)
11th-20th - Lizzybear (CSR)
11th-18th - DisPocahontasGirls (POFQ)
12th-15th - BabyEeyore (Pop)
12th-15th - bigGOOFYdad
12th-16th - Stephieann (CBR)
12th-18th - Joolish1313 (POFQ)
12th-26th - DCLMan (I-Drive)
13th-20th - ILoveJack
14th-18th - LadyLuc361
14th-17th - kimberleeJohnston (BC)
14th-22nd - Pig Pen (BLT)
14th-23rd - suevee
15th-25th - tlcoke (ASMu)
16th-20th - BluEyezNSC (Swan)
16th-20th - homebug [PTR]
16th-23rd - My2Qtz0205 (Offsite) [PTR]
16th-24th - BirdLegsRed
16th-24th - jaydoe (POP)
16th-25th - Poohsbear (Pop)
16th-25th - Capt. Barbosa (Poly)
16th-6th - littlelizzie (Offsite)
17th-21st - TigerKat (SSR)
17th-24th - Ltl Mermaid (BWI)
17th-24th - 91Coupe
17th-24th - bgreen82 (Offsite)
17th-24th - Stinkerbell1973 (FW)
17th-24th - lisajl
17th-25th - tikkipoo (POR)
17th-26th - CriminyCrafft (WL & AKL)
18th-23rd - lilmissie (WL) [PTR]
18th-23rd - mama03 (BWV)
18th-24th - halld6479 (SSR)
18th-24th - DreaGirl [PTR]
18th-28th - two*little*birds
19th-24th - Mouse511(OKW)
19th-26th - Calway (FW)
19th-27th - Twoboysnmygirl (Offsite)
19th-2nd - natalielongstaff (AKV)
20th-25th - anne2675 (Offsite)
20th-26th - Dremwvr (YC)
20th-26th - Mad Hattered
20th-26th - Maleficent72 (ASMo)
20th-29th - princessfionasmom (BLT/OKW)
21st-26th - mickeyfan71 (ASMo)
21st-26th - harriettb (FWC)
21st-27th - marielynn724
22nd-29th - beccar (POR)
22nd-27th - Jinxy (POFQ)
22nd-28th - O2BNWDW (WL & BCV)
23rd-31st - jhpatrick1 (POR)
23rd-1st - AngVT (Pop/CSR)
23th-2nd - mommykds (CR)
24th-29th - 757hokie
24th-30th - Stormy888 (POR)
24th-31st - Swimmergirl (Offsite)
24th-31st - PigletsMommy (POFQ)
24th-1st - NMK62303 (FW)
24th-1st - mickey2minnie1 (Poly)
24th-2nd - mjpeter (AKV)
25th-29th - dana1003
25th-30th - disneymotherof3
25th-30th - h518may (WL)
25th-31st - PigletsMommy (POFQ)
25th-1st - disneykris2001 (ASMo)
25th-1st - TiggerStac (BWI)
25th-4th - katejay
26th-30th - loritemp
26th-31st - connorsmom911 (CBR)
26th-1st - gattra (Swan)
26th-1st - CheshireCat (POP)
27th-35d - Chopair1 (SSR)
27th-7th - raggedy couple (OKW)
28th-6th - ToddyLu (AKV)
29th-2nd - terbethk (CSR)
29th-7th - jobie61 (Swan)
30th-1st - luckymom4 (ASM)
30th-8th - MinnieLee (BCV)

MNSSH Partiers

ericalynn1979, PAcpl

DisneyMomma81, PookieB

2nd childhood, TStrickland01, Sacha_L, LowesChevy, DuffGT06, ammeador2, manntra, vikkii19, Nicole786, mattoxtr, giginator, Dylan_&_Blake's_mom, gemmybear83, KimRaye


torsie24, tinkerbelle22, Leitadala, blue-skies, AngelBabyJana

DisneyMomforLife, kerrym417

jaurban, Kitzer, Lizzybear, DisPocahontasGirls, bballbabe

LadyLuc361, kimberleeJohnston

CriminyCrafft, BluEyezNSC, MissStitch626, homebug, My2Qtz0205

CriminyCrafft, Ltl Mermaid, Poohsbear, jaydoe

Dremwvr, Jinxy


mickey2minnie1, PigletsMommy, 757hokie, TiggerStac

raggedy couple, ToddyLu, h518may, CheshireCat

disneykris2001, ChiefNerd, mommykds, raggedy couple, jobie61, Chopair1, ToddyLu, luckymom4, MinnieLee

BabyEeyore 03-20-2009 08:56 PM

We will be going to WDW from October 12-15. SO excited!!! I've been to Disneyland way too many times to count and have been to WDW once with my husband and our daughter who was then just about 2 months old. She will be just over a year old in October and it will be the first time she gets to meet my dad in person. We live overseas (husband is in the Navy) so we haven't been able to make a trip to see him yet. So it is going to be so special for many different reasons!! :woohoo:

NMK62303 03-20-2009 09:17 PM

We are going October 24th-November 1st! Driving down in a motor home and staying at the Fort, doing MNSSHP, also trick or treating on Halloween at the Fort! Can't wait, we had a blast last year in October!

Stinkerbell1973 03-20-2009 09:54 PM


Originally Posted by NMK62303 (Post 30929512)
We are going October 24th-November 1st! Driving down in a motor home and staying at the Fort, doing MNSSHP, also trick or treating on Halloween at the Fort! Can't wait, we had a blast last year in October!

You will have such a blast ToT'ing at the Fort! We did it last year - just be prepared for TONS of candy, and make sure you buy a ton too! :)

Stinkerbell1973 03-20-2009 09:56 PM

We're trying to decide between the week beginning Oct 3 or Oct 17 (coming in on Saturday). For some reason, we are struggling with which week to go! There won't be any massive differences in the crowds or weather, at least I don't think so.
We'll be staying at the Fort! We hope to decide and book this weekend.

jb01 03-20-2009 10:15 PM

Thinking of mid Oct but not definate yet.

Amandamouseketeer 03-21-2009 09:36 AM

We're coming too!
We're booked for Oct 3 - 11 at POR for our first trip. Woo hoo!:cool1: We're all looking forward to it and EXCITED!!!!:banana:

My3kiddos 03-22-2009 10:10 PM

We have decided to up our trip from 2010 to this year. We will be there Oct 10-17. Now I just hope I can get the dining reservations we want since we are staying off property.

DWFan4Life 03-23-2009 02:43 AM

How I wish that we could also go as early as anyone here but we still have to wait 8 months more to go back. Looking forward for in hearing more from all of you.

Have a nice day everyone. :)

AngelBabyJana 03-24-2009 06:25 AM

Just wanted to say 'Hi" to you other October planners! :wave2:

We will be at Disney October 3-11 staying at POP. We are going as a Grand Gathering with extended family (11 of us total), and this will be everyone's very first trip to Disney! We are soooo excited!!!

We thought that we were going in May, but then hubby got laid off. He found a new job within a week (thankfully!), but now isn't able to take time off from work in May ...... so we made it official last week and changed the package that we had booked to October.

The kids are excited about going to MNSSHP. They are already discussing what costumes they could wear. We are thinking of doing the party on Oct 6 or Oct 8. Still to far out to decide for sure yet.

JoliBug 03-24-2009 06:54 AM

We will be down in the World 1Oct-7Oct. DH and I will be celebrating our 1st anniversary and we invited my parents along for the ride. It's going to be fantastic. DH and my Mother have never been so they are really excited and I'm not sure when my SD was there last but it's been a while, and I haven't been since 2006 and that was only for 1 day. I'm so anxious, I wish the time would go by faster.

torsie24 03-24-2009 08:23 AM


Good to see more people booked and excited like me!

I think i have finally made a decision about our dining. We won't be getting DDP as we don't really eat loads. But we will be having maybe 4 or 5 TS meals. :)

I am really excited for July when the park hours come out, as then I can really plan!! :cool1:

DCLMan 03-25-2009 09:49 AM

We are going too. 12th-26th October with a 4 day Wonder cruise in the middle. Can't wait!

madmumof2 03-25-2009 10:41 AM

I'll be going with my two children from the 6th-20th of October this year! They've never been on holiday before, not even in the UK, so this trip is a very important one. :)

torsie24 03-25-2009 11:57 AM

Eeee - I just phoned Disney (which always makes me :teeth: and :hyper:) and upgraded our hotel from POFQ to AKL!!


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