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jojo_ct 05-25-2002 09:35 PM

CT Pin Meet - June 8th
I was just noticing that both Chicago and Atlanta are having pin meets on June 8th so I thought it would be appropriate to remind everyone that CT will also be meeting that day, as we do EVERY second Saturday of the month. Please come join us at

West Farms Mall (exit 40 off of I-84)

3:00 pm in the seating area under the escalators in front of Rainforest Cafe.

We stay for dinner and usually end up getting kicked out of the mall when it closes at 9:30.

Hope to see many of you!

Buzz2001 05-25-2002 10:08 PM

I'll be there Cynthia

3kids4me 05-26-2002 08:18 AM

I'll be there too, sans kids I think! (Mario, can you send me those great directions again?)

BeautyLLM 05-26-2002 08:33 AM

Geez Cynthia...I can't make it again! Santa Baby and I are going out to re-enact our first date, 29 years ago....:D And no raised eyebrows from the peanut gallery...I was 16 years old for crying out loud!

Buzz2001 05-26-2002 08:38 AM

Yeah sure, we believe you Leslie. 1973 was it? Will there be any polyester or disco music involved in this date?

BeautyLLM 05-26-2002 09:04 AM

no polyester or disco, but he grabbed my hand when we had to run across the street which I thought was very romantic....;)

Buzz2001 05-26-2002 10:24 PM

Thanks for the trades today Leslie. Awesome brunch at Dakota's!

jojo_ct 06-04-2002 09:30 AM

Only 4 more days until we get together at West Farms Mall.

With all my friends coming back from WDW/DCL cruise events I may not have enough money left to eat dinner!

Can't wait to see all the new goodies.

Mickey527 06-04-2002 12:02 PM

I will be there, and guess what..... I will be on time. I don't have to work. I love summer.
Sharon and I are car pooling, so we might not have any pins left for trade by the time we get to the mall. We are planning a heavy duty pin trading session in my car.
Have Jury duty on Friday, so unless they sequester me , or put me in jail for laughing in the jury box, I will see you on Saturday.

3kids4me 06-04-2002 12:18 PM

Lol..I'm waiting for a BIG stash of 100 Mickeys and I'm hoping they arrive by Saturday! I will make sure Peggie keeps both hands on the wheel while we trade!

jojo_ct 06-04-2002 01:48 PM


PLEASSEE don't trade all your 100 Mickeys to Peggie before you get to the mall.

Pretty please!

Mickey527 06-04-2002 05:15 PM

Just so you all know the rules...........

Since I am the official
Collector of all things Mickey
Then I get first choice for anything Mickey.
Now if they would only make a Mickey in a speedo pin I would be a very happy person. Peggie

3kids4me 06-04-2002 09:30 PM


There is a pin with your name on it...and some others too.

jiggerj 06-05-2002 03:46 PM

Hi Cynthia- I have been giving the heads up about your meets. Hope you have some new pin traders this Sat. I would love to be there but........ Im working you know where ! Laura

jojo_ct 06-05-2002 04:54 PM

Well Laura, I suspect you'll see us, you know where.

Is it Saturday yet?


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