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soccercruiser87 02-04-2009 12:15 PM

Welcome Everyone to the Teen Board! Posting and Signature Guidelines Thread
Welcome Everyone!!!!!

There's been a bunch of new teen DISers lately joining in on the fun on the DISboards and that's great! Make sure to introduce yourself in the Introduce Yourself Thread, :)

This thread is made so everyone will know about the posting guidelines, as well as the signature guidelines on the DISboards. The signature guidelines can be found at the bottom of this post.

The guidelines can be found here:

(Copied from WebmasterKathy)

First- Travis (Soccercruiser87) and Gibson (Froggy5657) are the Moderators of the Teen Forum. They keep this forum a friendly place, and they have the not always pleasant task of enforcing the board guidelines when necessary. They have the full authority of the Webmasters and the owner of the DISboards (WebmasterPete). When they speak, be *sure* to listen.

Everyone agreed to the Guidelines for Posting when they signed up here. The guidelines are really not too complicated, and I don't think anyone will have trouble with them. The ones you probably are most interested in are pretty basic: No fighting, no profanity, no personal messages. The posting guidelines apply to all of the forums on the DISboards.

Fighting includes insults and sarcasm, pretty much anything rude that is directed at another poster. Personal attacks on other posters are not allowed at any time, and posts or threads containing attacks will be deleted or closed.

Profanity is pretty much self-explanatory, and includes using bad words that you try to disguise with creative spelling or substituting symbols or spaces for letters- just substitute polite words or leave it out if you're tempted to use bad language.

No personal messages means that posts here should be for EVERYONE. We don't have "private clubs". If you want to send a message to another person, we have a private message function. Just click the person's screen name and scroll to "Send a Private Message". It's like sending an email- only the person you send the message to will see it.

If you see a post that is a real problem and the moderator needs to know about it, look for the symbol under the user name for that post. When you click this symbol, you'll get a little text box where you can explain what the problem with that post is (fighting, advertising, etc.), and your report will be sent to all of the moderators of that forum. Please only use this button when there's a real problem with a post breaking board guidelines (not because you disagree with what a poster is saying or because you don't like them), and you only need to report a post one time.

If there's a problem with a post, Travis, Lauri or one of the Webmasters will do whatever is appropriate to clean it up. That could mean editing or deleting the post, deleting the whole thread, or locking the thread so no more posts can be made. Depending on the circumstances, the poster may or may not be notified of the reasons for the action.

Once in a while, we have a poster who won't or can't follow the rules. When that happens, we sometimes have to close their account, banning them from posting here. This is usually because they attack other posters or insist on using profanity.

These rules are here to keep the DISboards a friendly place where everyone is welcome, and where you can post and have fun.

If you have any questions, please ask us! We're here to help. You can PM any of the moderators listed above, me (WebmasterKathy) or any of the other Webmasters. (You'll recognize us- we all have "Webmaster" in our names. ) Or you can post your question right here on this thread!

**Signature Guidelines**

Our signature rules were written a few years ago. Back then a lot of our posters used dial up connections and the VBulletin software did not have the functionality it does now.
The old rules were difficult to understand and they took a lot of moderator time to enforce. We have developed all new rules that should be much simpler and much easier to enforce automatically.

1. Your signature will be limited in length. The program will do this
automatically and anything over the allowed length will be cut off

Explanation- the biggest complaint we recieve is that signatures are too long and it takes too long to scroll through threads. We are going to start with a height of 250 pixels, you'll see what that means when we roll this out. We may add an additional option so that a signature only appears once per page.

You will be limited to a total of 25 images and smilies The program
will handle this automatically

Explanation- That should be PLENTY considering the amount of space

3. All content and links must meet DIS board posting guidelines.
Signature have the same content rules as any post on the boards

Explanation- Pretty obvious I hope, this includes commercial link, links to innapropriate sites (MYSPACE), etc etc

4. You may not have a signature that is so wide it causes the page to

Explanation- This is something the software can't control. Basically the only way to do this is to have a really really wide picture. If your signature means people with a normal resolution monitor need to scroll from side to side you'll be told to remove the picture causing the issue

5. We reserve the right to remove or modify signatures that cause
issues with the boards or slow page loading. Please make sure any images in
your signature are hosted on a reliable site. Any signature that contains
malicious or harmful code will be removed immediately and the poster

Explanation- Most of this should be pretty obvious. One thing people might not realize is that when people complain about the boards being "slow" it may not be us at all. When the boards load a page, if it can't find an image, it can make the boards appear slow.

**Policy Regarding Politics and Religion**

We have worked hard to keep the DISboards a place where people can discuss any topic as long as it's not illegal or profane, and as long as the participants can behave respectfully. Unfortunately, politics and religion often seem to bring out the worst behavior in people. Even normally polite posters find these topics pushing their hot buttons, and frequently lose their cool.

This past election season has been especially bad, and the rudeness and sniping between various groups has alienated posters and exhausted our moderators.

As a result, we are announcing a new policy on the DISboards, effective immediately: POLITICS AND RELIGION are no longer acceptable topics of discussion here.

This also will extend to signatures: no political statements, logos, or slogans are permitted in signatures.

Posts and threads of a political or religious nature will be locked or deleted, and are not to be restarted. We will also be updating our site guidelines to reflect this policy.

There are many sites on the web that welcome discussion and debate of a political or religious nature, but we feel that removing these topics from the DISboards altogether is in the best interests of our members. Thank you for your support and cooperation.

**Trolls and/or Inappropriate Posters**

This is a reminder for everyone that when it comes to trolls or any other inappropriate poster DO NOT encourage them by replying to their posts. Instead, report the post ASAP and wait for the moderators or webmasters to take care of the problem.

Also, when it comes to conversations on the teen board, make sure they are DIS appropriate, in other words, make sure they aren't inappropriate. This is a family forum. I know how everyone can get caught up in a conversation within a thread and forget this is the DISboards and not Facebook or another social site.

If there are any questions, please feel free to ask in this thread.

Thank you for being a DIS boards member!

crazytp93 02-04-2009 02:44 PM

Thanks Travis!

PAdisney1995 02-08-2009 03:50 PM

Thanks Travis :thumbsup2 :thumbsup2

ears4all! 05-27-2009 10:27 AM

Does this include a Bible verse in sigs?

mousemagic13 06-07-2009 10:45 AM

cool :cool1:

mherzlovesdisney 06-07-2009 09:01 PM

how do i get the signitures

mherzlovesdisney 06-07-2009 09:03 PM

someone please help

quikkime 06-11-2009 09:37 PM


andy.b 06-13-2009 04:26 PM


Originally Posted by mherzlovesdisney (Post 32175319)
how do i get the signitures

Go to where it says "User CP" near the top. Then on the bar on the left side it says "edit signature". And then put in what you want.

DISKATER69 06-24-2009 09:03 PM

i need help i cant get any pictures from google to work for my avatar.

minniemouse440044 06-24-2009 09:28 PM


Originally Posted by DISKATER69 (Post 32423547)
i need help i cant get any pictures from google to work for my avatar.

they have to be a certain size.
you can go to upload the picture there and resize it as a thumbnail. thats how i do it sometimes

DISKATER69 06-28-2009 07:39 PM

Can someone help me? I cant get any pictures to show up in my signature. It just keeps showing links.

disneyworldluvr349 06-30-2009 05:39 PM

You should use photobucket. Upload your images and use the image codes it provides for you under the image.

I Am What I Am 07-05-2009 03:28 PM

I have a question, can you define "private messages" please?

Is it like just talking to a certain person? Or what?

I'm confused. haha

dancingirl617 07-07-2009 09:45 AM

how do you guys put up the pictures underneath ur username??? Im new here and hellppp! Also, how do get to write above the pic? Im!

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