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Sandy321 01-23-2008 12:51 PM

Jan '08 Half Marathon-complete w pics
:woohoo: My Pre Trip report was a great outlet for my fears - so I will continue - thanks to the encouragement of Utahmama -

Me: old enough to know better, but wanting to be better!! Somehow lost sight of the mouse - came back big time - Knowing the only way to get back to Disney alone with DH was to run 13.1 miles

DH Hasnt run a marathon in 19 years... of course I didnt realize this until after the finish!! Very supportive, and he has come to the pixie dust side... if he asks one more time about signing up for '09 I'm going to have to....

We are over 40 - close, very close to 50. We have been married 26 years and counting, started dating Valentine's Day 1977 - my High School Band did Disney - before cell phones, and dh found an itinarary and called the hotel we stayed at and asked me to Prom... and the rest is history... in the making!! We have 3 DK - DS soon to be college graduate :woohoo: Hard of Hearing, and engaged to be married Jan '09 (so no Marathon Jan '09!) DS #2 Music Ed Major - Bassoon!! (mild hearing loss) and our surprise blessing DD 11

(more pics and background in link in Pre Trip Report)

Thursday Jan 10
You never get enought done the night before. Got to bed at 1AM, the 3:45am wake up call is EARLY!! But all goes well, and I went into the garage and found the red glow sticks... Stuff them in our carry on luggage (we didnt intend to check luggage, and there would be a WISH meet Friday)
DS#2 graciously offered (yes, he did offer, almost to the point of insisting on driving us to the airport!!) to drive us - and he was in charge of DD Thursday and Friday - getting her TO school at 7:30am and home Thurs 2:10, Friday 3:10 (band) that was the plan anyways...

Left the house at 4:35am and arrive at OHare at 5:10AM - Boarding Pass in hand printed the night before - will security let thru the glow sticks? (75 of them btw) or wont they... uh oh - "Ma'am you'll need to... take off your sweatshirt, it must be put in a tub" hmmmm :confused3 My swetshirt must be put in a tub, glow sticks ok - coat "NO NO MISSY!"

To ze plane - 25 purple people - they stand out - they are mostly "coaches" and trainees apparently - I had red reports from the WISH come/event thread, and admired their fundraising for lekemia... but they can be "wild" yep, look at that guy - he shaved his head - but for the top splotch - its a MICKEY!! I tried to snag a pic, but to no avail - too many other shirts watching me...

will my 48" long makie it passed the sign as we board "only 37" bags allowed on board" and I checked AA site online, it said 45" - I took a chance.... no problemo :woohoo: Take off fine - no movies on AA, but you get a whole full can of... DR PEPPER!! Dh slept, I read...

and yes there was this dad that had his two kids in the row behind us, no adults by them - his wife and him were... 5 ROWS BACK - but would someone want to switch??? - - they didnt switch, and the boys were fine (young age 2nd or 4th graders I estimate)

Airport - smell the enthusiasm, run to monorail, but alas, I usually fly Ted/United, and forgot we needed to be in "B" terminal... finally get there - Line up for the ME pass and get in line for the BCV - and wait... and wait... 15 min until our line and the line next to us had enough people to fill that ME buss - (and we were the only ones that had carry on luggage, it really confused that driver, so dh of course tipped him!!)

ROOM READY - 441 -
We had a studio, I wanted to be close to EPCOT - and I can see the Eiffel Tower!! Nice balcony - nice room, no jucuzzi - but nice... real nice... and the difference between Pop and Deluxe - FEATHER PILLOWS!! :woohoo: Wish I had packed the code to keep the a/c turned ON - how annoying it was to get hot, or walk into a hot room... it didnt take long to cool off, but still, I was constantly pushing buttons!!

aldisneygrl and I had exchanged emails throughout the year, she is a PEEP who chose to grab her dd to do the 5K race with her on Friday - brave woman, after being stomped on by a Hockey Coach too!! So talking to her on the phone, I told her we'd get to the Expo as soon as we finished our lunch from Hurricane Hannahs - and we caught the boat to MGM, then the bus to the EXPO for our RACE NUMBERS (please, no one call them bibs to dh - dh is a runner, from the old school, and bibs were something they mocked back then I guess :confused3 RACE NUMBERS)

I have to mention our captain on the boat - he was reading the 3ring binder and saying how he was supposed to say all of this as a speech, in 3 min - they remembered its Disney Studios, if they trip up and say MGM - "just seeing if you were paying attention" or "not all the signs are changed, we get to keep practicing" and he was funny corny - "You must be on the boat by 8pm, the next boat to come and get you from Studios will be at 8am"

the line to get the packet was 30,000 strong surely!!
They didnt want to let too many inside the packet pick up area at a time - :confused3 for some reason my line for my packet was non existant, if my number had been 100 longer - the line was 40 - 50 people strong!! DH wished he had ordered us the pins - esp since now on ebay they are selling high!!

BAck to the room, put ice on my ankle, and grab the Champagne - and promptly fell asleep - luckily dh woke up at 7:25pm - our Ressies for Yachtsman Steakhouse at 7:30 - can I just say the Bread and roasted garlic here are well worth the trip??? OMG - BREAD!!! and do note that classy steakhouses know exactly what medium rare is - I'm so used to med rare being pink, it throws me off when it looks more rare then medium!! Then time for dessert - well the chocolate dessert looks good, but "mint gelato?" can I have plain chocolate? SURE!! WAY!!! ummm where has Gelato been all my life!! (gads I'd be pushing 300#'s if I'd discovered it sooner!!) On DDP with wine and tip our meal was $42.95 - the Australian Syrah was a perfect compliment to the steak -

Walking back to the room was romantic - lovely - peruse the meal at Cape May, my post race food, and dh's pre race food - YUMMM its all about food thank you very much!! Found out the Beach CLub Marketplace has GELATO - dh gets a refillable mug of Hot Chocolate, and a toasted almond gelato!! perfect

Get to room as Fantasmic and Illuminations are going - all from the balcony!!
(side note to couples only vacation - no Practical PJ's - even if the night before a huge event, dont pack them, nope, this may take another 26 years, so get the flimsy stuff out of the back of the drawer, and dust it off - its a requirement!!)

Prinny27 01-23-2008 01:09 PM

I'm so excited for the rest of your TR! DH and I are considering running the half marathon for the first time next year, and are a little nervous about all of the training and whether or not this is something we could actually do. I'm looking forward to reading about your experience! :goodvibes

Sandy321 01-23-2008 01:29 PM

Bless You Prinny -

I think that first report was too long - I'm going to have to work on that... :rolleyes1

Home today with dd 11 sick she is...

and I forgot an "ahhhh moment"
DD the night before we left worked on letters - she wrote 7 letters with instructions on when to open the letters. At the airport was the first one, with instructions to take her Panda with us, take lots of pictures etc...

This is the one to open at the hotel. Now Dh and I were amazed at the length of these letters...

and you have no idea what the impact of sleep deprivation and leaving an 11 year old behind has on ones sentimental heart... :love: I'm very blessed!

Another View... (I think anyway)

and did I mention on GREAT the Bread and Roasted Garlic was at Yachtsman???
I'm sure the pictures dont do it justice!!

Prinny27 01-23-2008 01:36 PM

Such a cute idea from your thoughtful DD!

UtahMama 01-23-2008 02:37 PM

So no stretched-out granny flannel PJ's with thread bare knees and 2 missing buttons? :sad2:

Awwww, the picture of DH getting verklempt is priceless! :lovestruc

What a fabulous view!

And that DINNER! :eek:

WAY TO GO SANDEE!!!!!! :cheer2:

aldisneygrl 01-23-2008 03:40 PM

Wow my first chance to be in a TR! :cool1: :woohoo: :yay: :cheer2: It will probably be my one and only chance though. I'm glad it was here and for this occasion though. :)

It was so cool meeting you and your husband. It was as if we had always been friends! :hug: It's great to have you as a "real life" friend.

That was a lovely view from your room.

Glad you got to dust off that pretty lingerie, and use it! :thumbsup2

Your dd was so sweet to write all those letters. Don't know that mine would have done that. :sad2:

Hope your dd feels better soon.

Backstage_Gal 01-23-2008 07:58 PM

Sandy, great job on the trippie! Great you got a good room with a view.
I could kll for some of that bread about now, and I love the Almond Gelato too.

So sweet about your DD's letters :lovestruc

MomofCKJ 01-24-2008 08:49 AM

I'm so signing on for this! I can't wait to read the rest! And the practical PJs made me laugh. DH and I are going childless to the '09 Half. Does this mean I have to start digging in the depths of the closet to find those dusty old silky getups now?:rotfl2:


snowbell 01-24-2008 12:54 PM

I cannot wait to hear all about the marathon. How sweet your daughter was to write you those letters.. .

Sleeping*Beauty 01-24-2008 04:48 PM

Can't wait to hear all about your trip!!

Minnie_Moo 01-26-2008 07:41 PM

I just found your report, Sandy! Great start.

Awww, that is so cool about the letters from your DD. Sniff!

DisneyMama629 01-26-2008 10:35 PM

Great start!

Sandy321 01-27-2008 09:14 AM

Ali I havent even gotten to you yet!!

Marita I wonder if you could mail me some more gelato??!! *g

Allyson (who's report inspired me - she kept a secret for a year, told the kids it was their Christmas present WDW trip - and they were not enthused, and she has it on TAPE!! Priceless!!!

Nope, you really ought to go down to Target, or even Kohl's they have some bargains out there - find some good non practical PJ's - just ones that make YOU feel "naughty" - now make sure they dont scratch and you keep sleep in them, but I really think new PJ's (non practical) are necessary!! *wink

It is amazing to find notes in this folder - Thanks for reading Snowbell, SleepingBeauty, RobinKris (who did the MARATHON!! woohooty!!)

Ok, I'll try not to get wordy, I'm not sure what I have loaded in photobucket!!

but the best day FRIDAY!! :woohoo:

Sandy321 01-27-2008 09:25 AM

Miracles do Happen
Friday Jan 11 Day Before Half marathon

So you just know I tossed and turned... The bed at BCV was comfy, Queen sized, but its no waterbed.... I finally gave up around 6am and shower - make the room warm (temp in the room was never just right!!)

I head down with our refillable coffee mugs, dh likes coffee, not so much the Disney Nescafe Syrup mixed with hot water that comes out of the spicket, but give me Hot tea. I pass the landscapers as I head outside and notice the sun coming up - just gorgeous, I make small talk and laugh about the weather being warm for me, not so much a Floridian!!

Walking back into the villa area
(taken later in the day)

and BOOM... my feet fly up in the air, I know this, my arms come down solid (yes, it felt like slow motion) not on the elbow, the nescafe coffee spills slowly, I dont want to lay in coffee, but, is my tail bone severed? Does this mean all that training is for naught? The dear landscaper comes running in "are you ok?" um "I think so, but look at THIS MESS I MADE!! - I'm so sorry, I dont want anyone to clean up... I babble" He takes a washcloth, a WHITE washcloth and begins mopping "see, easy cleaned up, but you?"

I was embarrassed, and thanked him, and headed to the elevators...

I walk into the room, dh is in the shower. I sit down on the bed. and burst into tears!! :sad: The enormity of it all overwhelms me. I try to walk, but I just cry. Dh comes out of the shower, sees me crying, and I say, "I fell and I didnt get hurt" WHAT? "You fell and I didnt get a purse? I'll buy you a purse!"

Dear Dear DH, he is hard of hearing, as are the boys, mostly the eldest. often these sound alike words they lip read wrong, but I never remember examples.

So I laugh, and hug and explain, my miracle. I now have the peace that I needed. Peace of the Lord is overwhelming, and beautiful. The Lord is with me, rain or shine, cold or stormy, swept or dead last finish, I have nothing to fear. It is good!!



DisneyDeeva 01-27-2008 10:23 AM

Oh my goodness - I'm sooo glad you weren't hurt!

But, I totally understand your husband's remark? I too have had a hearing loss for all of my life and often misread/misinterpret what someone is saying. Crowd situations are particularly difficult. Makes for some pretty funny stories though!

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