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kkayluvsdis 12-08-2008 10:42 AM

"Princess Castle. Where's Princess Castle?!" A Princess' review with Pics!
Okay, here it goes. I am going to attempt to not only start, but finish my first ever trip report! My sister and I started a pre-trip report months ago, but after only three posts with absolutely no responses or subscribers we got discouraged and stopped writing. I am hoping that some of you might join me in this report (paaalease). I tend to be a little long-winded, so I will do my best to keep it short and sweet! ;)

So, I guess the first place to begin is with the cast: DD-Nora(2): The sweetest, most gorgeous little girl you'd ever meet (yea, I'm a bit biased:goodvibes ). Nora is totally taken with anything Disney. Her love for Mickey began with the Playhouse Disney show, "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" and has blossomed into a true obsession! She loves all the princesses with her favs being Princess "Rella" and Snow White--and don't forget the dwarfs- don't worry, she won't let you! This trip was her third to "Mickey's House" and watching her there is like nothing else in the world. So much fun! I never realized that having a child would give me a constant excuse to go back to Disney again and again! :woohoo: DM-Debbie(50): My Mom (aka "Frammie") is not nearly as Disney obsessed as the rest of us, but also can't deny that she likes every Disney vacation we plan. She can't quite understand all the work we put into each and every trip; the itineraries, research, and ADRs until we're actually there, then it's like, "thank goodness for my plan-a-holic daughters!" She celebrated her 50th Birthday on this trip, eventhough her vote was for some tropical all inclusive resort-who needs that when there is the paradise that is Disney!?! DSis-Sarah (26): My sister has become my little Disney apprentice :) She is learning from the best. This time around she got to do the planning (which is usually entrusted to me). I think it stressed her out just a tad. She didn't realize all the pressure there is on the person who's name is first on the ressie! Anyhow, she did a great job and got us all to stay at her dream resort-The Polynesian. Sarah loves everything about Disney including the DDP (now that we got to try it for the first time). Here favorite attraction is BTMRR. She will be working on the food review report so I will be referring to that for all the yummy details. Me-Kelly (27): I love Disney World. It just feels comfortable to me. I would be totally content with only ever vacationing there. It is such a well-run, well-maintained, not to mention magical place. Every vacation here always lives up to my expectations, no matter how high they are! Many of my most cherished memories are definitely Disney-filled. Okay, I'll stop with the dramatics--anyhow, Splash Mountain is my favorite attraction and nothing beats being at the MK for rope-drop! :)

I promised that I would keep this short and to the point, so let me explain how this trip came about in the most abbreviated way possible. Even though we had just traveled to the World in April of 2008, we just HAD to go again because:

A. On our trip in April, both Nora and Sarah ended up sick. Not just okay, a little cough/cold, but really sick--YUCK! Talk about taking the Magic out of the Most Magical Place on Earth!

B. We had never traveled to Disney at this time of year before and had always wanted to see the Christmas decorations and take part in a MVMCP.

C. I got a Pin code for FREE DINING!

D. All of the Above, plus we are Disney Addicts!


So, please join us in a detailed review with pics: November 19th-25th Disney's Polynesian Resort!

Mommy, only one more sleep!!

poohbearluver 12-08-2008 11:57 AM

I'm subscribing! Nora is so cute! :cutie:

I love your Disney countdown! It looks really good! :upsidedow

Can't wait to see more!
princess: -poohbearluver

kkayluvsdis 12-08-2008 01:28 PM


Originally Posted by poohbearluver (Post 29084828)
I'm subscribing! Nora is so cute! :cutie:

I love your Disney countdown! It looks really good! :upsidedow

Can't wait to see more!
princess: -poohbearluver

Thanks for joining in! I hope you enjoy our trip report! I am enjoying doing this because it forces me to write everything down and then I'll always have those memories on "paper" :laughing:

kkayluvsdis 12-08-2008 01:31 PM

Day One is Finally here!
Hi! So, I think what I will do is include our itinerary (the one we took months and months putting together!) on a daily basis. That way you can see what our plans were and whether or not we followed them!

Our itinerary for day one:

Wednesday, November 19th:


6:05AM - Depart Bangor, ME
11:37AM - Arrive Orlando, FL - Delta

7:15AM - Depart Syracuse, NY
10:06AM - Arrive Orlando, FL - JetBlue

8:40AM - Depart DCA
11:03AM - Arrive Orlando, FL at - US Airways

12:00PM: Arrive in Florida, board the Magical Express, and head to the Polynesian resort!

1:00PM: Check into the hotel, get settled, and explore the hotel.

1:30PM: Lunch (2 CS @ Poly) & Dole Whips! (1 S)

Afternoon: Naps and exploring the resort

3:00PM: (Optional) Head to MK a little early for shopping/characters on Main Street, then take ferry boat to Wilderness Lodge

5:45PM: Whispering Canyon #53088816 (1 TS credit/person)

Evening: Wishes on the beach at the Poly or MK or Epcot (Electric Water Pageant @7PM, Wishes @8PM)
How well did we stick to our plan??!

The first day of our vacation started very early for Nora and I. My alarm went off at 4AM and I couldn't believe that the day had actually arrived. After a quick shower I woke up a very sleepy Nora. We had an hour+ ride to the airport so I was hoping maybe Nora would sleep in the car (no luck there!) It ended up being a slow trip because it was snowing and the roads were quite slippery. By the time we made it to the airport, checked our luggage (so nice to get rid of those 2 suitcases--getting through an airport with 2 suitcases, a huge carry-on, a stroller and a toddler is tough!) and got through security it was already almost time for boarding! We made a potty stop and grabbed a muffin and then we were off. I was so nervous about flying with Nora this time. It was her first time in her own seat and I was dreading trying to keep her seated and buckled. I had packed a whole load of things to keep her busy to try to avert my fears. She surprised me, however, and was such an angel! As we were taking off, she started doing the "Pat, Pat, Pat" on her lap--like the "Little Einsteins" do--we both lifted our arms in the air, and "BLASTOFF!" Florida here we come!

One toy that she did end up playing with was her new princess laptop. Here she is toward the end of the flight:

We knew we were going to the be the first ones to arrive at MCO so we were in no rush. Nora had a great time checking out the shops and fountains in the airport. It didn't take her long at all to find the Disney store and SNOW WHITE "sitting" on a bench outside the store. If she was that excited to see a Snow White statue what was she going to do when she saw the real thing?!

We made our way down to the Magical Express Area and snacked on crackers while we impatiently waited to hear from Grammie (pronounced "Frammie" by Nora)and Aunnie. We watched lots of people board the buses and all I wanted was for that to be us!! Mom's flight actually ended up getting in before Sarah's. When Nora saw her Grammie she started running towards her and then the first thing out of her mouth, "Where's Aunnie?!" Haha. My Mom was a bit annoyed! Aunnie soon followed!

Sarah was the lead name on the paperwork so she got in the ME line while we waited. A few minutes later and we were on the red carpet!

And for the first time, in the line for the Polynesian Resort!

So far we were right on schedule! The ride on the Magical Express was Magical as always! Nora loved the video and named every character as he/she appeared!

The ride actually went really quick. We chatted with a nice family who were staying at WL and who were even more organized than us! Their itinerary was color-coded! Hehe...anyway, before we knew it we saw......

Up next: Our arrival at Disney's POLYNESIAN resort!

AliceInDisboardland! 12-08-2008 06:24 PM

When can we go back?! Good start, Sis! :banana: :banana:

ethansmommy 12-08-2008 07:18 PM

Im on board! Your little one looks like an angel. We are flying out of Syracuse to when we go to disney in January....Im praying we dont have any bad weather!

kkayluvsdis 12-08-2008 09:41 PM


Originally Posted by ethansmommy (Post 29091615)
Im on board! Your little one looks like an angel. We are flying out of Syracuse to when we go to disney in January....Im praying we dont have any bad weather!

Have a great trip! Has your son flown before? We had a direct flight on JetBlue. Those TVs are awesome! I'll keep my fingers crossed for good weather--here and there! ;)

kkayluvsdis 12-08-2008 09:55 PM

Day One-Part Two!
As you all know, one of the best feelings of a Disney vacation is pulling up to your resort for the first time! At about 1:30PM we arrived at the Poly!
This was our first time staying here and it was a dream come true for all of us. Of course the first thing we encounter are many "Alohas"! A nice CM working outside at the airport check-in snapped this picture of us all:

The lobby was beautiful! The atmosphere was very warm and inviting.

Sarah checked us in while Nora, Mom, and I chatted with a nice CM. Sarah flagged Mom over to the counter-I was scared for a minute because I thought something might have been wrong with the reservation-turns out they wanted to give Mom her "Happy Birthday" button. Yay! Equipped with her new button, Sarah with the welcome pack, and all of us with lais:) we were off to find our room. Yay, 1:30PM and it was ready. Such a relief to a Mommy of a 2-year old in need of a nap! We were given Tokelau Room 3937. We were very happy with this, as Tokelau is the longhouse we had requested. On the way to find our room Nora spotted something that she didn't forget the entire trip: PRINCESS CASTLE! It was so small, across the water, but Nora knew right away what it was! If I had a dime for everytime she asked, "where's princess castle" or "see princess castle" I'd be a rich lady;) I didn't realize that something so simple as seeing that castle would bring her so much joy! So, after wandering around a bit we finally asked a friendly CM for some help. It's funny how when you first arrive at a resort you are so lost, but by the end of the trip you know it like the back of your hand! He lead us to:

We opened the door to find a room much larger than we expected. The crib was already set up and the case of water I had ordered from Costco was also waiting for us! There was also a towel mickey on the bed, but Nora got to it before I had a chance to get a good picture.

The room was very nice, but didn't feel nearly as big once all our luggage arrived (which was quickly after we did!) We also had a nice balcony with this view:

We were all hungry as we hadn't yet eaten lunch. Sarah and I volunteered to go get lunch to bring back to the room, while Nora and Mom got settled. On our way we took this pic:

We decided we'd check out Captain Cook's for lunch. It wasn't very busy which was good for us because we were on the DDP for the first time and were in definite need of direction in choosing drinks and desserts that were included on the plan. My sister is writing a detailed food review with pics. Please check it out for all the details of all the yummy meals we had.!!!

After a yummy lunch that we all practically inhaled it was naptime. I wasn't sure how Nora would sleep in the little crib or in the room with all of us, so we decided it would be best if we all laid down. Turns out Nora had no trouble falling asleep-and neither did Mom! haha. Sarah and I, however, were too excited to sleep as they say:) We snuck out of the room to go explore the resort. We walked down to the GCH and did a little browsing in the shops. We also wanted to check out Kona and Ohana and were surprised to find that they were both on the second floor of the GCH--who knew?! Hehe. We walked around the Volcano pool and no one was swimming!

Check out the layers the lifeguards are wearing. I mean seriously?! Is 60 that bad?! :)

Sarah and I spent some time relaxing in a hammock on the beach before heading back to wake up the nappers. We had a 5:45 reservation at WCC that we didn't want to miss!

We were able to sneak back into the room and get ourselves pretty much ready before waking Nora and Mom up. They definitely appreciated the nice nap. By 5:00 we (amazingly) were on our way to the Wilderness Lodge!
Of course, we had to take time for a hidden mickey!:

Being in Tokelau, we were only a short walk to the TTC. This came in very handy. We all agreed that it was a perfect longhouse for us. It had been a long time since any of us had been at the TTC since we usually stay on site but not at the Monorail resorts. We are used to being bused to all the theme parks. Nora found something else that continued to be a favorite of the trip--"Dancing Minnie" and "Dancing Mickey" Everytime we got to the TTC it was, "Hi, Dancing Minnie, Hi, Dancing Mickey" and then of course she had to say her goodbyes to them too...anyway...I'll stop blabbing! :)

We took the Monorail to the MK and then a small boat over to WL. I was really excited about seeing the WL because I've always wanted to stay there but never have seen it in person. It did not dissapoint. The lobby was amazing! We were all impressed. Sarah checked us in at the restaurant and we were quickly seated.
The meal was not only delicious, but fun too! Again, for all the food details check out Sarah's food report Although Nora had a great time at dinner (especially blowing out Mom's birthday candle) she had more fun playing on the little bridge in the lobby that went up and over a little stream in the lobby. The WL DISers probably know just what I'm talking about (sorry no pics of that). On our way back to catch the bus we saw a little bunny (remember that for tomorrow's enstallment!:)). Nora was quite taken with him! There were quite a few people waiting for the boat-trying to get back to MK in time to see Wishes. Turns out we got the best spot to watch them--on the boat on the way back to the MK. Of course, Nora got another chance to see "Rella's House!" It was the perfect ending to our first night in Disney. The Poly beds sure felt comfy that nice. After a few cartoons we were all having Disney Dreams!

Up next: Day Two: A trip to Epcot for a Princess Lunch in Norway-Will Nora's dream of meeting Snow White come true?!

and see why being the last ones to miss the Monorail isn't always a bad thing;)!!

....and don't forget MICKEY'S VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS PARTY.....

What a busy day we have planned!

mickeymotto 12-08-2008 10:00 PM

Great start to a TR! Love the pics.

The life guard gear is frightening!!!:scared1: :lmao:

Disneyvirg 12-08-2008 11:35 PM

Oh yeah! I was in need of a new TR to follow. Your's looks perfect! Nora is a doll. When is her birthday? Our 2 year old will be nearly 3 when we go in June. We're staying at the Poly - your TR is helping fuel my excitement! Keep it coming!!! :thumbsup2

Flossbolna 12-09-2008 03:08 AM

Hi, I hoped over from your sister's Dining Review, both reports are great. Looking forward to hear more about the Poly, we will be staying there for the first time in January! :goodvibes

jakenjess 12-09-2008 07:55 AM

Great start to your report! I noticed your mom is a fellow Mainiac.:thumbsup2 I'm sure 60 degrees felt great to you, coming from the northeast! Great pics of the Poly; that place is so beautiful and relaxing.

Looking forward to more!:goodvibes

Hollywoodhaha 12-09-2008 08:26 AM

Love it !

I loved the Polynesian resort when I went a few years back.


Cindeegyrl 12-09-2008 08:53 AM

Great start! I'm subscribing! :thumbsup2

ethansmommy 12-09-2008 10:16 AM


Originally Posted by kkayluvsdis (Post 29093822)
Have a great trip! Has your son flown before? We had a direct flight on JetBlue. Those TVs are awesome! I'll keep my fingers crossed for good weather--here and there! ;)

Yes he has flown jetblue once before and the tv helped distract him a ton. I have always wanted to stay at the poly but the resort seems so big. It seems like the building you stayed in was a good location. Do you have any advice on what other buildings are centrally located?? Also do the rooms have a table to eat at, I didnt notice one in your pics? I cant wait to see what happens with the monorail...

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