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Lady Lallie 11-09-2008 05:40 PM

Supercallifragilistic-ADR'sApproachUs! May '09 PTR *Trip Report has Begun! Pg. 208*
Hello There! I'm back for my second PreTrip Report. If you would like to see my First PTR/TR, here you are. It's a Jolly Holiday with LL.

I'll introduce us first.


I'm known as LL here on the DISboards. A nickname I have grown to love. I find myself referring to myself as LL in real life more and more. My actual name is Leslie. I'm quite fond of lists to I am going to list more about myself.
* I am 26.
* I am married to the man of my dreams, Marc.
* This will be my sixth trip to Walt Disney World. Two trips as a child and three trips as an adult.
* On our last trip I learned that I have an obsession with Light Fixtures.
* I love a wide variety of Disney Characters all for different reasons.
* I love to take photos, especially at Disney.
* I am a planner to the extreme. I love to have plans and strategies but I am also willing to throw those plans out if something is else is working better.


My loving husband. He doesn't have a nickname here on the DIS. During my TR I got sick of referring to him as DH because I would type Marc first then have to erase it and put in DH. So he's Marc.
* He is 27, he will be turning 28 before our trip.
* He is easy going and able to flow with my crazy plans.
* He plays the bass and is a lover of most things musical.
* Admitted me to me during our last trip that he didn't think he would have a great time in Disney but was surprised at how great it can be as an adult.
* He likes the Villain Characters the best but is willing to pose with a princess and his wife.
* This will be his third trip to the world. One trip as a child and one trip as an adult.
* Last night I asked Marc what my PTR title should be and he came up with Supercallifragilistic-ADR'sApproachUs! I thought he was pretty clever. I promised to give him full credit as well. Oh and he told me that it should be sung like the song to get the full effect. :lmao: Have I brainwashed him well or what? ;)

One of my favorite pictures of us on our last trip.

We were last at Disney World August 30 - September 6, 2008. We were able to partake in Free Dining. 4 nights at Pop and 3 nights at the fabulous Wilderness Lodge. We had a less than pleasant honeymoon back in June so our Disney Trip was even more special. It was about as perfect as a trip can be.

When we got back from our trip, we toyed with going back in 2009 but we had other goals in mind, mainly starting a family. We set our sights on a December 2010 trip, hopefully with a little baby in tow. In the last few months I have become aware of some medical issues that I need to take care of before having a baby. Nothing serious but not something I want to get into on here but I felt like I had to mention them because this is why the two 2009 trips came to be. I have dreamed about having a baby for about as long as I have known women have the babies. I was utterly devastated when I learned that I wasn't pregnant even though me and everyone else thought I was. It was heartbreaking and I was really upset. The doctors told us to keep trying and to work on those "issues". I came to the decision along with Marc that I needed to step away from having a baby. I am going to take some time to focus on LL, not rushing from one milestone to the next. If it happens, it happens but I want to take the next year and enjoy life, get healthy and spend time with my husband. Next year we'll focus on starting our family. But if I do happen to get pregnant these trips will most likely be postponed, a little disclaimer if you will but I'm not worried about that. I'm worried about my ADR's. ;)

During the time of dealing with the medical issues, I was reading MRYPPNS aka Heidi's PreTrip Report, one among the many that I read. While I am on the DIS, I usually interrupt whatever Marc is doing to have him come look at pictures or tell him interesting WDW tidbits. Heidi had posted that on the Streets of America some of the doors open up to the shops. Well Marc & I had really enjoyed taking photos and looking into the shops on our trip that I shared this with him. He looked at me and said, "Let's go back." I said, "This year?" Thinking in my mind 2009. He said, "No, we can't plan another trip for 2008." My senses were on alert...did that mean... "Next year? 2009?" I questioned. Marc said, "Yes, let's make it work." WOO FREAKING HOO!

I nearly jumped out of my skin I was so excited. We both agreed we really wanted to go in December to see all of the Holiday Decorations and Christmas Lights. I started to happily plan our December 2009 trip.

Meanwhile, the girl I work with, I refer to her as cubicle mate, wanted to go on a short trip to Disney. She hates to fly and doesn't want to go alone so we asked our boss if we could have one day off a Friday and go to Disney for a long weekend. I did my calculations, we could swing me going on this Girl's Trip. Well cubicle mate decided that it just wasn't the right time, money wise and changed her mind.

My wheels kept turning about how to get to go during Flower & Garden Festival and maybe a Pirate & Princess Party for good measure. Then this lovely Stay 4 Nights/3 Nights Free promotion came out....:scared1:

I took our my Fuzzy Disney Math calculator. I calculated, cookalated, lated and calc'ed some more. We could do this. It would mean saving every penny and working hard on ChaCha for extra money but I was willing to do it. Two Disney Vacations in one year!? Three Disney Trips in 15 months? I'm game!! :yay:

Our dates are May 23 - 30, 2009. This is over Memorial Day weekend which I am a little nervous about but I looked on Touringplans and the crowd calculator for Memorial Day looks like it has less crowds then Labor Day historically. We survived Labor Day this year, we can do Memorial Day next year!

There was a bit of going back and forth about which resort to stay at. I didn't want to stay at Pop again. I liked it but I see that resort in my future with a family in tow. We love Wilderness Lodge but plan to stay there for our December Trip. WL + Christmas Decorations = :cloud9: None of the other values thrilled me so we looked to the moderates. The only moderates that interest me are the Port Orleans Resorts. We decided to go with.....

Port Orleans Riverside! I think the grounds look beautiful and I have heard very good things about both resorts. I am a tad uneasy about the buses but I think it will all work out in the end.

After we picked our resort, the next thing to obsess over was our ADR's. We had some great ADR's on our last trip and want to repeat a few and try a few new ones. Originally I booked our trip on Friday with regular dining but by Saturday I called and made the first change to our reservation, I upgraded us to Deluxe Dining.

I am so excited for this trip, I think we will devise a touring strategy that works for the both of us, eat delicious food and enjoy light fixtures!

What you can expect from the PreTrip.
* Obsessive musings on our ADR's.
* Light Fixture Love.
* My quest for the perfect park bag.
* Mary Jane Crocs.
* A wardrobe fit for a Princess.
* Lists, Lists & more Lists.
Chapter Links.
1. Lumiere.
2. Flora, Fauna & Merryweather
3. Cinderella.
4. We interrupt this PTR for....
5. Louis.
6. Mary Poppins.
7. Disney Resort-itis.
8. Sebastian.
9. Disney Funk.
10. The Itinerary. Part 1.
11. The Itinerary. Part 2.
12. The Itinerary. Part 3.
13. A Christmas Interlude.
14. ADR Update.
15. Happy New Year!
16. Decisions, Options, Choices. Oy!
17. Survey Says!
18. Days, Days and More Days.
19. A Very Minnie Update.
20. No More Changes!!
21. The Big Reveal!!
22. Counting Down.
23. Big, Huge, Ginormous Changes.
24. Random Babblings from LL's Mind.
25. Almost at Double Digits.
26. Meet the Cast....Again.
27. More Clues.
28. Ding Ding Ding!
29. Obsessive Planners Unite! Day 1.
30. Obsessive Planners Unite! Day 2.
31. Nobby's Week.
32. Obsessive Planners Unite! Day 3.
33. Would you like to partake in some dancing?
34. Obsessive Planners Unite! Day 4.
35. Appetizing Dining Rations.
36. The Solo Time Has Come.
37. Twas the Night Before ADRs.
38. ADRs are Made!
39. Confessions of a Disney Shopaholic. Part 1.
40. Confessions of a Disney Shopaholic. Part 2.
41. That will be $1.24.
42. The Park Lists: Magic Kingdom.
43. The Park Lists: Epcot.
44. The Park Lists: Animal Kingdom.
45. The Park Lists: Hollywood Studios.
46. M. Mouse.
47. Minnie-Musings.
48. The Lists of Favorites: #1. Characters/Disney Movies.
49. The Lists of Favorites: #2. Disney Hollywood Studios and MORE ADR Musings.
50. The Lists of Favorites: #3. Magic Kingdom, Memories and Worst Daughter Award.
51. The Lists of Favorites: #4. Epcot.
52. The Lists of Favorites: #5. Food.
53. Super Sweet 60 Day Dance!!
54. The Lists of Favorites: #6. Animal Kingdom.
55. Meet My Mom.
56. Good News!
57. Next Month!
58. New Apartment Photos.
59. I called Disney Dining...Again.
60. 10,000th Post.
61. Warm & Fuzzy Disney Memories.
62. Disney Babbles.
63. Picture of the Day. 39 Days to Go!
64. Picture of the Day. 38 Days Until I Meet Jen!
65. Picture of the Day. 37 Days Until Riding the Monorail!
66. Picture of the Day. 36 Days until Brown Derby....Twice!
67. Picture of the Day. 35 Days until Soarin'!
68. Picture of the Day. 34 Days until Shopping for Pins.
69. Picture of the Day. 33 Days until Epcot Future World.
70. Picture of the Day. 32 Days until the Bunny is Mine!
71. Oy to the Bags!
72. Picture of the Day. 31 Days until Disney Pirates.
73. Picture of the Day. 30 Days! 30 Days! 30 Days Until Disney!!
74. Picture of the Day. 29 Days until Yummy Disney Food!
75. To Do List.
76. Picture of the Day. 28 Days until Cinderella's Royal Table.
77. Picture of the Day. 27 Days until Le Cellier.
78. That Ain't My Bag, Baby!
79. Picture of the Day. 26 Days until Mary Poppins.
80. Packing Woes & Live Updates.
81. Picture of the Day. 25 Days until Living with the Land.
82. Picture of the Day. 24 Days until Light Fixtures!
83. Updated To Do List.
84. Picture of the Day. 23 Days until World Showcase.
85. Picture of the Day. 22 Days until Magic Kingdom Fun.
86. Picture of the Day. 21 Days until Morocco.
87. In Three Weeks....Day 1.
88. Picture of the Day. 20 Days until One Man's Dream.
89. In Three Weeks....Day 2.
90. Picture of the Day. We're in the Teens!
91. In Three Weeks....Day 3.
92. Picture of the Day. 18 Days until Crystal Palace.
93. Picture of the Day. 17 Days until Towel Animals.
94. In Three Weeks...Day 4 & Day 5. And The Challenge!
95. Picture of the Day. 16 Days until Wishes.
96. In Three Weeks....Day 6.
97. Picture of the Day. 15 Days until Funny Disney Hats.
98. In Three Weeks....Day 7.
99. Picture of the Day. TWO WEEKS until Fantasyland.
100. In Three Weeks...Day 8.
101. Picture of the Day & In Three Weeks...
102. Picture of the Day. 12 Days until Characters!
103. Bags, Shoes & a Puppy.
104. Picture of the Day. 11 Days until Old Hollywood Glamour.
105. Questions, Questions.
106. Picture of the Day. 10 Days! 10 Days! 10 Days!
107. Official Light Fixture Challenge!
108. Picture of the Day. SINGLE DIGIT DANCING!
109. Oy!
110. Picture of the Day. 8 Days until School Bread.
111. Picture of the Day. ONE WEEK! ONE WEEK!
112. Picture of the Day. 6 Days!
113. Picture of the Day. Five Fabulous Days until Disney!
114. Hear Ye, Hear Ye.....Loyal PreTrip Report Readers....
115. Picture of the Day. 4 Days! 4 Days! 4 Days!
116. Picture of the Day. 72 Hours!!
117. Picture of the Day. 2 Days! 2 Days!
118. Things I haven't done....
119. Moment of Zen.
120. Picture of the Day. The Last Installment.
121. The Final Countdown.
122. The Updated Light Fixture Challenge.
123. The Final Update.
124. The Trip Report has Begun!

TarzansKat 11-09-2008 05:45 PM

I'm here, and I'm excited! Yay for a May trip! :goodvibes

2xcited2sleep 11-09-2008 05:55 PM

I am here too and SO glad you've started your PTR! Woo-freaking-hoo, you might say! ;)

I think it's cute you refer to yourself as LL in "real" life. I find myself using DIS terms all the time or looking for smilies when writing "regular" emails. The DIS is taking over my life! :laughing:

I love what you said about starting a family. Not that it's not easy, of course. But that you had decided to take some time to enjoy life, take care of you and enjoy being married to the man of your dreams. :goodvibes I think that's an excellent strategy!!

Please tell Marc I am singing your PTR title as I type. ;)

Port Orleans Riverside sounds nice! I think you'll love it!

Looking forward to hearing more about your plans!!

LegoMom3 11-09-2008 06:02 PM

You tell Marc that he is THE MAN!!! :thumbsup2


Roxychica7 11-09-2008 06:04 PM

I had JUST got done reading that it was your last day on your TR and thought nooooo, but then, ta-da :wizard: new LL PTR!!! I'm signin up...:rotfl:

MRYPPNS 11-09-2008 06:04 PM

Wow I got a mention in the opening post.....I feel so special!

nts4wdw 11-09-2008 06:21 PM

Yeah!!! Another trip is on the way! Memorial Day isn't bad. We've been a couple of times during that time. I like it better than the middle of June.;) It will be fun to watch your plans!!

ILuvCrush 11-09-2008 06:32 PM

Wow! I get to be in on this one from the beginning:goodvibes

I know what you mean about DIS infiltrating real life.... I THINK in smilies!!!:laughing: I can't tell you how many times :scared1: pops into my head during 'normal' conversations:rolleyes1

I even hand drew this guy:confused3 while writing in my trip journal
:rotfl: :lmao: :rotfl:


Scrapbook Stacy 11-09-2008 06:46 PM

Hi LL, we too are trying to plan a trip in June since they came out with the special! We have always stayed at Port Orleans, French Quarter, but we are thinking about doing the WL in June, what do you think? My DD is 12 and DS is 7. We even thought about Animal Kingdom, I am going to do some research later on in the week to come to a conclusion on where to stay. By the way, I LOVE your other trip report!


Philadisney 11-09-2008 07:33 PM

Yay, I'm here! I can't wait until I can start my next Pre-trippie too...I'm excited to start reading more of your famous lists :surfweb:

Goofy22 11-09-2008 08:16 PM

HI! I'm here and can't wait! We're doing bounceback FDP in August/September! I didn't do a trip report! I'm thinking about it this time! I'm spoiled by reading everyone else's! :) PS we were there this last time some of the same days! Our trip was ending as yours began! We were 8/24 thru 8/31/2008

julezdisney 11-09-2008 09:14 PM

I'm here! :goodvibes

Marc is right- this TR title SHOULD be sung!

Everybody now! :rolleyes1

Tnkrbelle565 11-09-2008 09:35 PM

I made it over!!! I need to go back and read but I made it safe and sound! ;)

Ok went back and read it...I didn't even pick up on the date in the are going TWICE? Please tell me that you are getting an AP for at least one of you so that you can get a room deal on the December trip!

belle8306 11-09-2008 09:39 PM

:goodvibes YES!! Another TR!! I am so happy you are going back. You are going to love POR! It is so beautiful! :goodvibes

trixiequilts 11-09-2008 10:08 PM

Yay! Another LL PTR! :yay:

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