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TinkAsh2001 11-03-2008 11:31 PM

Official JUNE 2009 Thread!!!
Welcome to the June 2009 Thread! Join this thread and share your planning and tips for your upcoming trip!
I will keep a list once we get people on the thread of who is going when in June!!! Be sure to add your dates and resort or PM me with them!!!

May 23-June 4 rlduvall (AKV & BCV)
May 28-June 4 Shocky5 (Poly)
May 28-June 6 Mickeystoontown (POP DS Birthday & 25th anniv.)
May 29-June 11 my2boysrtwicethefun (POP Graduation, Birthday & Anniv.)
May 30-June 6 Spauldo (CBR)
May 30-June 6 Brave_Teacher (Kidani Village)
May 30-June 7 dmthoma76 (AS-Sports)
May 31-June 7 BayouMickey
May 31-June 9 Basketrn (SSR Anniversary & Baby's First Trip)
June 1-11 SSmerdel (CBR)
June 3-10 Jmmalru (BC)
June 4-11 QueenMum2 (Poly)
June 4-11 T-i-double-g-err (Poly)
June 6-12 LVSWL (SS)
June 6-13 Disneyvirg (Poly)
June 6-13 Magic2000 (Yacht Club)
June 6-13 mjalvarez (SSR)
June 6-13 LaurenMic
June 6-14 tcmsu (Ft. Wilderness)
June 6-14 Spacemountain (Poly)
June 7-12 TinkAsh2001 (POP Disneymoon)
June 7-12 Lady_Gracey999
June 7-13 Kblue (POFQ Disneymoon)
June 7-14 Ang (POP 4 HS Graduates)
June 7-14 Mjones73 (CBR)
June 7-14 ECVMommy (CBR)
June 8-12 lranen (AKV Birthday)
June 8-15 cnorth (WL Disneymoon)
June 8-15 DisneyDreamer1970 (POP Graduation & Birthday)
June 8-15 Dustmouse (AS Sports Birthday & Graduation)
June 8-19 Dreajoyanne (POR Disneymoon)
June 9-16 Disneyfanfamily (POP)
June 9-16 JoshMom5 (AKL)
June 9-18 Ragetti (AKL)
June 9-18 Cinderumbrella (Suprise 6th DS Birthday)
June 10-17 Tloveswdw (Ft. Wilderness)
June 11-18 MiataPage (Contemp. Birthday)
June 11-18 Ber-Shay (POP)
June 12-19 Pinkivy (Poly)
June 12-20 disneygal29 (POR)
June 12-27 mapmakerj (Fort Wilderness Premium Site)
June 13-20 ghosty1000 (Grand Gathering)
June 13-20 mhalpern (POFQ 45th Birthday)
June 13-20 Chocovrdmicears (40th Birthday)
June 13-20 Magic2000 (Wilderness Lodge)
June 14-20 adsrtw (POR Birthday)
June 14-21 Southernbohemian (YC)
June 15-22 MarkinNM (CSR)
June 15-22 DizneeMommy (POP)
June 15-23 Cjackearl (BC)
June 16-23 Purplevalentine (POP)
June 16-23 ctjowens (WL)
June 16-23 Megan07 (AS Music)
June 16-23 Cajunbaby1 (BC)
June 16-23 RAPstar (POP 24th Birthday)
June 16-24 rammh (CBR)
June 17-24 Vedlin71 (SSR Birthday)
June 17-24 JAA'smom
June 19-26 jimmiej (CBR GD First trip)
June 19-27 themudd4 (CBR DH's 40th)
June 20-26 Rainydayplay (CBR - 2 Birthdays)
June 20-27 Spectromax (POFQ)
June 20-27 Aceys_honey (CBR)
June 20-July 4 freepixie (Poly)
June 21-28 Sherabby (POP)
June 21-29 Disney_Hot_Mama (AKL & WWL)
June 21-July 3 Teachkg (BWV & AKV)
June 22-30 SherriLynn44 (AS-Sports Disneymoon)
June 22-July 3 Disney_Spaz
June 24-30 DisneyJune09 (Wilderness Lodge)
June 25-July 2 Melnzai
June 26-30 KTeacher (Poly 50th Birthday)
June 26-July 3 Chaoscent (BWV)

rainydayplay 11-04-2008 05:54 AM

We've barely been back two weeks and just booked our June birthday trip last night! 20th-26th @ CBR! (Yay for having two birthdays to celebrate!)

TinkAsh2001 11-04-2008 09:34 AM


Originally Posted by rainydayplay (Post 28523509)
We've barely been back two weeks and just booked our June birthday trip last night! 20th-26th @ CBR! (Yay for having two birthdays to celebrate!)

I added you to the list!

JAA'smom 11-07-2008 07:49 AM

I just booked our trip for June 17-24. There are 5 of us staying at the ASMusic Suite. I booked it under that new deal the pay for 4 get 3 free. We are excited. I am hoping that Star Wars Weekends are still going then. My husband is a huge Star Wars Fan. :dance3:

TinkAsh2001 11-07-2008 08:00 AM

YAY! Glad to have you! Our travel agent just called and said that she applied that promotion to our package I was excited! I have never gotten to use a promotion code before!! We saved over 200.00!!! YAY! :cool1:

JAA'smom 11-07-2008 08:20 AM

We usually have one Annual Pass every year and we use that for a room reservation. When this deal came out we decided not to renew this year and go in June under this deal. We have never been in June before. We always go in Dec. or Oct for quick weekends or we go when our spring break isn't around Easter. My husbands a school teacher so we have limited times we can go.

basketrn 11-08-2008 09:56 AM

You can add us to the list...

We will be staying at SSR, May 31st - June 9th. Its our 5 year annivesary trip AND our baby's first excited!!

I wish they would post hours for June so I can start planning!!!!!

sherabby 11-10-2008 11:02 AM

I'll be adding to the list very soon! I'm looking at June 15 to the 22nd and still undecided if we are going to do POFQ, CBR or POP.

queenmum2 11-10-2008 04:26 PM

Yippee!!! Booked today!

We had been planning on going over a long weekend in January. However, much as it pains me to say, I couldn't get my heart into it for a couple of reasons:

1. DS is in 6th grade and his school is very challenging. We've taken him out for a couple of days already this year and he had a really hard time catching up.

2. DD's dance performance was scheduled for the same weekend.

When the discounts came out (4+3), I knew that it was a sign that we needed to find another time to go. DS's school gets out the end of May and DD's the 4th of June. BINGO.

So - here we are! Our dates are 6/4 - 6/11...8 days/7 nights at the Poly (HEAVEN!). We have never been in Summer before. DH has a low tolerance for heat and crowds so I'm praying that it will be "unseasonably" cool...low to mid 80s would be just fine...and that the rest of the schools in the world won't get out until mid-June.

A girl can wish, right?

Anyone who has been i

DisneyJune09 11-11-2008 05:35 PM

First time on a forum so here it goes!

Going June 24-30 staying at Wilderness Lodge(DDP)-the place looks amazing! My 6 and 9 are freaking out, can't wait!!! :banana: And this banana expresses exactly how we feel to take them!!

spauldo 11-12-2008 12:16 AM

I'm pretty new at this as well, this will be my first time ever going to WDW!!

We are going May 30th-June 6th (got in on the 4+3 deal!) and we will be staying at the CBR!:cool1:

queenmum2 11-12-2008 06:21 AM


Originally Posted by DisneyJune09 (Post 28666797)
First time on a forum so here it goes!

Going June 24-30 staying at Wilderness Lodge(DDP)-the place looks amazing!

We've stayed at the WL twice and it really is gorgeous. The lobby alone is worth the price of admission, so to speak. We've gotten bunk bed rooms both times, which is great! The kids took turns being on the top bunk.

I feel a little twinge that we won't be staying there this time, but the Poly is where we stayed on our first trip and we've always wanted to go back.

Congratulations on booking your first trip and I'm so happy you are so :banana: :banana: :banana:

This board is a marvelous resource for information. Come back anytime with questions and the amazing folks here will surely know the answers.


TinkAsh2001 11-12-2008 07:18 AM

Glad to have some new people on this thread!! Welcome!!! It is almost ttime to make our ADR's sos perhaps we can share what are some of our favorites to help others?!

Cinderumbrella 11-12-2008 04:09 PM

June 9-18th Pop Century for SURPRISE 6th birthday trip for DS!! A mommy and me trip!! :banana:

DisneyJune09 11-12-2008 08:34 PM

I have a question for us June 09 people - From WL can we take a boat to the Contemporary for the character breakfast? My concern is if the breakfast is at 8 am, will the boat be running by then. I understand there is no resort to resort bus transportation.:confused3

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