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RachelTori 09-06-2008 02:20 PM

Concierge/Club Level Information (Sept 2008)
Welcome to the new Concierge/Club Level Information thread! This is a work-in-progress so please feel free to join in. Ask questions, make comments, share tips and information or tell me when I need to make corrections! I will update posts #1 & 2 on a regular basis. :)

All of Disney’s Deluxe resorts offer concierge level service for an additional fee. In recent years, WDW has preferred the term “Club Level” as there is also a Lobby Concierge, which has caused a bit of confusion from time to time.

The non-Disney owned Swan & Dolphin Resorts no longer offer Concierge or Club Level service.

The Itinerary Planning Office (IPO) will not have your address and phone number if you book through a travel agent or online. You should call them and let them know you are coming. Most of us like to make contact with IPO as soon as we make our resort reservations.

The following are WDW’s Deluxe Resorts and their common abbreviations on the DIS:

AKL – Animal Kingdom Lodge
BC – Beach Club Resort
BWI – Boardwalk Inn
CR – Contemporary Resort
GF – Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
Poly – Polynesian Resort
WL – Wilderness Lodge
YC – Yacht Club Resort

All of the resorts, with the exception of AKL, share IPO’s. CR & GF share; BC/YC/BWI share; Poly & WL share.

Concierge Email Contact Information:

AKL: animal.kingdom.lodge.itinerary.plann...neyworl
BC: m
WL: m
YC: m

Please do not contact the IPO until you have a confirmed reservation.

When sending an email, you should receive a generic response within several hours. This will let you know your email was received and that someone will be contacting you soon. Within a day or 2, you should receive a personalized email response from a member of the IPO team.

Concierge Phone Contact Information:

AKL:.....(407) 938-4755 - fax (407) 938-4759
BC:......(407) 934-1448 - fax (407) 934-1487
BWI:....(407) 934-1448 - fax (407) 934-1487
CR:......(407) 824-1775 - fax (407) 824-3461
GF:......(407) 824-1775 - fax (407) 824-3461
Poly:....(407) 824-2466 - fax (407) 824-3162
WL:......(407) 934-5348 - fax (407) 824-3162
YC:......(407) 824-2466 - fax (407) 824-3162

IPO is available to answer the phones 9:00am to 6:00pm Eastern. (thanks PNO4TE :))

Tipping Guideline: Thank you to TheRustyScupper, for the following information (9/22/08)

"1) Concierge (and Front Desk) CM's can be fired for taking cash tips.
2) They are supposed to refuse up to three times.
. . . if you ask a fourth time, they take it
. . . but, they must immediately turn it over to a manager
3) The tip goes into a fund, and the manager buys donuts or coffee for all.
4) If they do not turn in the cash, it can be immediate termination.

NOTE: They can accept gifts of up to $75 value (like candy, doll, etc)."

11/22/2008: Boardwalk Inn rooms:
Thanks to tete01830: "Heard back from IPO about the standard room Club Level views. They are GV, PL, or BW view on the 3rd and 4th floor. A request can be submitted but not guaranteed...."

Thanks to paladin: "The BWI deluxe rooms do all have Boardwalk view - some are on the third floor, some are on the fourth (which is where the lounge is). Standard CL rooms are also on both the third and fourth floor.
The deluxe rooms all have two queen beds and a sleep sofa (not sure if it is a double or a queen).
There are two televisions (unless they changed this with the recent rehab). The "extra" part of the room is set up as a sitting area with a lamp, sleep sofa, coffee table, chair and armoire with second television. It's a fairly large area, so it does make the room quite a bit larger than the standard rooms - it has a nice roomy feeling."

Here's a link to the "Club Level Lounge Photos" thread started by CR Resort Fan 4 Life:

Thanks to KatMark - "Coronado Springs Resort -- New Unofficial FAQ Thread -- July 2009": Cabanas 9B is now “Club Service” for convention guests. When there is no convention being held at the CSR, the rooms in Cabanas 9B are available to regular resort guests (however, they do not have use of the Club Level services).

NEED A CAKE? Cakes to Pick Up: Thanks to ohMom for posting this link from the cake chatter thread:

See post #2 for Tips! :)

RachelTori 09-06-2008 02:22 PM

Helpful Tips
Here I will add helpful tips we learn as this thread grows. :)

Tip #1: Include your reservation # and dates in the subject line of the email. It makes IPO’s job a little easier.

Tip #2: When booking more than 6 months in advance, get your requests (ADRs, safaris, tours, Cirque tickets, etc.) to the IPO 2 to 3 weeks in advance of the 180 day mark. Make sure IPO has your credit card # for any reservations they will be making which require either pre-payment (such as CRT) or a credit card guarantee (such as the Sunrise or Sunset Safaris)

Tip #3: Thanks to Maxie86 for providing this information from Allears:
Wildlife Discovery Excursions
Animal Kingdom

Guests staying on the concierge level at a Walt Disney World Deluxe Resort can take advantage of a unique tour called Wildlife Discovery Excursions. An animal expert will accompany you in a specially designed climate controlled vehicle for a one hour journey into the 110 acre savannah at Disney's Animal Kingdom. (Tours began February 2005).

This tour is very educational and full of information regarding Disney's animal programs. You stop at pre-selected locations in the savannah for photo opportunities. The tour is held rain or shine (unless the weather is severe). During our tour it rained quite heavily at times, however the animals were out all over the savannah.

Small groups (14 maximum) head out for this adventure twice a day at a cost of $45 each. A portion of the proceeds are donated to the Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund. Advance reservations are required. Contact your concierge or resort itinerary planner at your deluxe Disney resort.

Tip #4: Thanks to CR Resort Fan 4 Life for the following: A tip for those who might not be familiar with the IPO CM's and the Club Level CM's. "I just wanted to say for those who have never stayed Club Level before that if you have contacted the IPO department for your Resort by phone or e-mail and are getting no responses from them, don't think that is the fault of the Cast Members who are working at the Club Level lounges at the Deluxe Resorts. The main reason is that the IPO Cast Members and the Club Level Cast Members are completely different from one another. So the Cast Members who work at the Resorts will have nothing to do with planning your ADR's and everything else you have requested before you arrive. So if the IPO never contacted you don't take any frustrations out on the Cast Members who work at the Resorts because it was not their fault."

Tips #5, 6 & 7: Thanks to jaycns who included these tips in her fantastic trip report "17 Days of Wishes Come to Life - A Sept. 08 WDW and DCL Adventure"
(Wilderness Lodge Club Level)
"Tips and suggestions...ummm...loads of them. The biggest one is to leave a day (or even just a morning or evening if it is all you can manage)open to explore the lodge, it was so much fun, they have all sorts of nooks and crannies with fireplaces, comfy sofas, writing desks, little alcoves to enjoy, it is so much fun to explore the WL.

Another tip, jump right on securing a reservation to eat at Artist Point for your anniversary meal if you don't have any other plans yet. It was a very romantic meal and they went out of there way to make us feel special on our anniversary.

Last "quick tip" is to use the IPO to set up any sort of surprise you might be hoping for. They have a way of making things happen. Also, if you can think of any special gift for your dh, they can purchase it for you and have it left in your room. An associated tip is to make sure to double check your plans once you are on site. There seems to have been a bit of a break down communication wise between the IPO and the on-site staff in some instances."

Tip #8: Thanks to west&east (Karen): "About a week after we booked our akl cl room, I called the ipo. The email address that they had for me was way old- the address from about 5 years ago which was the last time I visited Disney. Even though I used my new email address when I made my reservation (and the confirmation was successfully sent to my new email address), the info the IPO received had the old email. He updated it when I called him. Moral of the story is not to hesitate to call or email the IPO. They are very helpful and provide great service."

Tip #9: Thanks to CR Resort Fan 4 Life for this tip: CL guests do not need to go to the resort lobby to check-in. When you arrive, tell a bell service CM that you are staying Club Level. They will call the lounge to say you've arrived and a bellman will take you and your luggage to the lounge for check-in.

Tip #10: Also thanks to CR Resort Fan 4 Life for this tip: If Club Level guests have anything they purchase sent back to where they are staying, they can pick it up from the Cast Members' desk in the lounge or one of the CM's will bring it to your room. So there is no need to pick it up at one of the stores in your resort, which is where they are sent if you don't stay Club Level.

Tip #11 (5/4/2009): Thanks to WendyisDarling for sharing her experience having IPO book ADRs for a split stay. This is from post #2034 on page 136:

"This is the time when I would tell all those that ask "Is CL worth the $"...Yes.
We have a split stay with different confirmation numbers (all are CL). IPO able to make ADR's for the first 10 days at the first 90 day mark despite moving to different resort with different numbers. Now they make what we need each day for the remainder of our trip and send me an updated itinerary each day.

I do understand if the entire trip is not CL, this won't work.

Making ADRs and such is the primary reason we stay CL. YC/BC has done a great job so far. They did have to move Le Cellier from our first night to another because there was only one night available! Not sure if this was for near the time we requested or during the four nights we are at BC rather than 10 full nights. Regardless, I'm glad I didn't have to figure that out on the phone. I don't know if one could do this if calling themselves, but they made two ADR's that night the one for Le Cellier and the one we originally requested for that night, so we could decide which we preferred. Plus, made an ADR for our TS originally planned on the night they moved LC, so that eve. had something scheduled.
I'm just not good at doing this stuff on the spot on the phone. If calling would I have been able to make 2 ADR's for the same time?

I have to give it to YC/BC IPO's fast response time. With the day to day ADR's I have emailed asking for a change as late as one day prior to before they could schedule and they were on top of it. No waiting two or three days for them to get back to me."

Tip #12 thanks to CR Resort Fan 4 Life: "Tip for Contemporary Club Level guests: Even though these are not offered with their other drinks that they put out in the lounge, you can ask the Cast Members for mini bottles of Nesquik Chocolate Milk that they keep in their storage room. However they only get a limited supply each day so by the time you ask they might have no more left."

Tip #13 thanks to CR Resort Fan 4 Life: "Club Level tip for those at the Contemporary with the Bay Lake View: If you're staying in an Atrium Club - Bay Lake View and want to watch Wishes, go to the lounge on the 12th floor to watch them and they also pipe in the music over there. The same thing can be done for guests staying with a Bay Lake View on the Tower Club 14th floor and the music is also piped in up there."

Tip #14: Don't assume IPO will contact you! Take the initiative and send them an email with your Confirmation # and Dates. You can request they email you the standard form at that time. The form is helpful if you're not sure what IPO can do for you. ;) Make sure you have made contact with IPO at least a week or 2 before your 90-days out. (On 10/27/2009, that will change to 180-days out!)

More tips coming soon! ;)

MomsOf2boys 09-06-2008 02:33 PM

Great Start!!!

PNO4TE 09-06-2008 03:16 PM

Way to take the bull by the horns, Laura!
I know if anyone can keep this going it will be you! :thumbsup2

earthelves 09-06-2008 03:46 PM

Way To Go Laura:thumbsup2

See Ya Real Soon:)

:goodvibes :goodvibes

SeaSpray 09-06-2008 04:26 PM

The new thread looks great, thanks so much!!!! :cheer2: :cheer2: :cheer2:

CR Resort Fan 4 Life 09-06-2008 04:39 PM

Here are some pictures of the 12th floor Atrium Club lounge at the Contemporary.

RachelTori 09-06-2008 05:00 PM

Thanks everyone for your kind words and support! :goodvibes

Awesome pictures, CR Resort Fan 4 Life. Thanks so much for sharing! :thumbsup2

(I'm still trying to verify the phone numbers so if anyone sees that I've listed one incorrectly, please let me know. Thanks! :))

nascargirl 09-06-2008 05:03 PM

Subscribing to this wonderful new thread. We love staying CL @ the BWI three times a year so I would be happy to add comments if need be.:thumbsup2

Dawn68PA 09-06-2008 05:03 PM

Great thread so far :thumbsup2

Thanks for the pics :goodvibes Any pics of the BC CL lounge out there? :worship:

I look forward to reading all the information that gets posted so we are well prepared for our first CL stay next year! :goodvibes

scrappinmom 09-06-2008 05:07 PM

Thanks so much for restarting this!

Staying at CL AKL for the first time in March - would LOVE to see some pics!!!

disneyfreak2 09-06-2008 05:09 PM

Thanks for restarting...

Next Christmas will be my first time staying CL. Any advise??? What should I expect? Will be staying at the WL Deluxe CL..


CR Resort Fan 4 Life 09-06-2008 05:20 PM


Originally Posted by RachelTori (Post 27401782)
Awesome pictures, CR Resort Fan 4 Life. Thanks so much for sharing! :thumbsup2

You're welcome.

paladin 09-06-2008 05:55 PM

Thanks for re-starting this, RachelTori and great pictures, CR Resort Fan 4 Life.

I can't wait to see some pictures from the updates at BWI. I have seen the pictures of the standard rooms, but would love to see the lounge and the deluxe rooms when someone has any to share.

jaycns 09-06-2008 06:29 PM

Assorted shots in AKL's concierge lounge. Sorry that my family seems to be "intruding" on most of them. ;) :lmao: The last picture was taken from a balcony off of the hall near the elevators on the 6th floor (right outside the concierge lounge).

Here are some gifts left for our family by the concierge team:

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