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Momof2Disneyboys 07-01-2008 03:26 PM

January 2009. . . Calling all Snowbirds ~ Part I !!!
January 2009. . . Anyone else going???

Hello! :wave: This will be my family's 4th trip to WDW!!! We've never been in January before and don't really know what to expect! We've been in October once and May twice, so we are looking forward to lower temperatures and lower crowds! :goodvibes

We don't have any plans set in stone yet, but I am working on it! I think I will wait for the 2009 rates to come out before I do anything. I am looking for airfare already though!

So here's our tentative plans: 7 days/6 nights, January 21 - 27, possibly getting the DDP one more time before DS9 turns 10 and would be charged as an adult!

Going in the winter will be a new experience for us!

Anyone else going in January and want to chat about our plans to make the time go faster??? :yay:

*Added 7/23/08 ~ The official - When are you going in January poll -

Remmy 07-01-2008 04:20 PM

Going in January 2009 too

My family is planning on going in January 2009 too. We are planning on staying at the Pop from January 25-February 7. We are hoping for a large family gathering but must wait to hear if all have saved enough money.

We have gone twice before, once as a couple, last time in 2006 with kids. The first time we went was at Christmas (never again, too crowded for us) and the last time in 2006 with kids in February through President's Day weekend. We found the time before the weekend good but once the holiday hit and thereafter to be crowded for us.

I hope you have a great time and I would love to hear your ideas. This is the first time at the Pop for us and the first time with the dining plan (what we hope to book). Those last two times we stayed at Fort Wilderness with extended family and ate with them at their trailers. We have only eaten at Garden Grill which is on our list this time, and Trail's End which is good but not on our list to do this time.


Momof2Disneyboys 07-01-2008 04:40 PM

Hi Remmy! Glad to have you aboard!!

I am hoping for small crowds in January too. That's the main reason we are trying January! Plus we are looking forward to not dragging from the heat all day everyday. This year we went in the middle of May and it was in the mid-90's all week! :scared1: Too hot!

We didn't get the DDP the first time, but got it the on the 2nd & 3rd trip. So we have ate at a lot of the restaurants, TS and CS. As a matter of fact I just got done doing a dining report from May:

So if you have any questions on Disney restaurants I would be glad to give you my opinions and experiences!

trixiequilts 07-01-2008 11:36 PM

We're in! Our dates are January 21-28. It will be our first visit to WDW. We're staying in a studio at Animal Kingdom Villas. :cool1: We already have our airfare (actually got a price and flights I'm overjoyed about with NW) and our ressie all set. What a relief! I knew nothing about WDW when I started planning this trip, boy have I learned a lot. My DD8 and I are super excited :cheer2: about the trip, but DH and DD6 aren't into the spirit yet. :confused3 The only problem we're having right now is that we want to do everything and eat everywhere!!!:rotfl2:

Can't wait to hear about everybody else's plans!

sixisenough 07-02-2008 12:05 AM

Hello, We are going also Jan 17-24th and staying at AKL in a 2br suite. We actually have always gone that time of year. We went last year the first week in Feb and stayed at the POP, when we got back we decided to join DVC and are so excited to be going on our first trip to our home resort:)

We are using our developer points and are leaving July 24 for our first summer trip as a family and staying at Ft Wilderness. I finally have all my ADR's for this trip and now it is time to start planning the Jan vacation. We are taking the kids out of school for 4 days and celebrating my son's 10th B-day.

We LOVE that time of year, the weather is fabulous as are the crowds, this will be my first experience going on a holiday weekend, so I am sure it will be a little busier. Feel free to ask me any questions, I am getting to be a pro at this disney planning, it is my new hobby, especially the dining part. We are doing the deluxe plan on this summer trip, so we are going to some neat places. WE are also just going to do the water parks and enjoy visiting the resorts. I will enjoy talking with all of you, Evonne:wizard:

Seahunt 07-02-2008 01:44 AM

;) I'm sure you know this, but just a reminder FYI for AKL DVC Jan-April 2009:

"As the development of Kidani Village continues at Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas, crews are preparing to complete the new savanna and acclimate the animals to their new habitat. To accommodate this important process, animals are not scheduled to be on Sunset Savanna from Jan. 15-April 15, 2009.

Members and Guests who reserve a savanna-view room during this time will be advised of this process, and confirmations for those bookings will include a notation to that affect. Approximately 30 days prior to arrival, the resort will determine, based on occupancy and booking date order, which Members will be assigned to a Sunset Savanna view room. Member Services will notify affected Members, who, after their stay, will receive a Vacation Point credit reflecting the difference between a savanna view and standard view. As a reminder, animals on the other savannas can be viewed from multiple public locations at the resort."


Momof2Disneyboys 07-02-2008 03:06 PM

Hello fellow January travelers! :goodvibes

Well looks like we've got a few of us going in January! :cool1: I'm getting very excited!! The best (and hardest) part is that we are not telling our kids until Christmas morning!! :santa: It will be their Christmas present! They won't suspect a thing either since we were just there in May. I keep telling them that I'm not sure if we'll even be able to make it in 2009 at all! :lmao:

So where's everyone thinking about eating at? We are thinking about these TS's: LeCellier (again), Mama Melrose (again), Tusker House Donald's Breakfast, Plaza Restaurant, 1900 Park Fare, and ??? . . . . Any suggestions for our last TS???

There are lots of rumors out there about the 2009 packages and the DDP, so we'll see! Hopefully we will get some great offers!! :wizard:

Is anyone going to try to do a photopass share? I did this in May and it worked out great!

Momof2Disneyboys 07-02-2008 03:14 PM

Okay, let's see who we've got so far!

Momof2disneyboys ~ Jan 21-27 ASMo
Remmy ~ Jan 25-Feb 7 POP
Trixiequilts ~ Jan 21-28 AKL
Sixisenough ~ Jan 17-24 AKL

Now we need a name for our group (and some more people!). . . The last countdown chat I was in was for May and we called ourselves the MAYers! And this was our sign --> :snooty: ! The JANUARYers doesn't quite sound right. . . Hmm. . . We'll have to work on that one. . . Anyone got any suggestions??? Would this be our sign -->:cold: ??? HaHa :rotfl: it's not that cold in January is it Sixisenough? Please tell us all that you can about January! The weather, the crowds, everything! Is it warm enough for swimming? Do we need to bring winter coats? How long is a normal wait time for a ride/attraction? :yay:

tinkerbelluk 07-02-2008 06:40 PM

January is a good time to visit disney if you don't like crowds, the longest i waited in line for an attraction when i was playing rather than working in the parks was 15 minutes in January and that was at 10am for soaring. The longest wait time i saw on the boards was 45 mins, also for soarin' which at peak times i've seen 180 min plus on the display

tink1978 07-02-2008 06:43 PM

I am going in January as well. We are staying at POFQ from January 1-7, 2009. :cool1:

cinderellamom123 07-02-2008 07:23 PM

I'm In
We went Jan 07. We had 60 degree days, we had 80 degree days. It was crazy. Check before you go and pack accordingly. I must say, I would rather have it cooler than warmer. My girls would complain all day if they were hot. No problems with ADRs or waits. It was great.

Momof2Disneyboys 07-02-2008 07:56 PM

:welcome: to our new January friends!!

Yes, we are looking forward to the cooler weather in January! I'm thinking we will be able to cover so much more ground when we are not all so hot and tired from the heat and humidity, even with the shorter park hours in January.

Are there usually a lot of rehabs/closures of major attractions in January?

Remmy 07-02-2008 09:56 PM

Remmy's List of Table Service Restaurants
This is our list and not in order of preference or on which day we will be going. Even though it is to be less crowded, we hope we can get all our ADRs.

1. Boma-Supper 8. Crystal Palace-Supper
2. 'Ohana-Breakfast 9. Garden Grill-Supper
3. 'Ohana-Supper 10. Tusker House-Breakfast
4. Chef Mickey's-Supper 11. 1900 Park Fare-supper
5. Le Cellier-Supper 12. Hollywood and Vine-Fantasmic
6. Coral Reef-Supper 13. Yak and Yeti-Supper
7. Whispering Canyon-Supper 14. ???????

We have most choices picked out. As you can tell we are going for character meals and kid friendly restaurants.

How do you make your ADRs without knowing the park hours? Disney has yet to release the hours as of last time I checked. I worry that we won't be maximizing the Extra hours and miss out. (I may be over paranoid on this.) We live way up north of Disney,and it is a big expense to us and can only make a trip every 3 years or more.

As for weather, as long as we don't see snow, we are happy. That is another reason on why we have picked January. What may seem cold or chillier to some, may seem warm to us. We can't wait to go.

Any suggestions on our choices. We really liked the Garden Grill but the rest will be a new experience for us.

Thanks Remmy

trixiequilts 07-02-2008 11:38 PM

Restaurant Ideas
I'm planning on 7 TS meals (if we do DDP), and unfortunately I have more than 7 ideas: 1900 Park Fare (dinner), Le Cellier (dinner), Boma (breakfast AND dinner), Biergarten (lunch OR dinner), Teppan Edo (dinner), Raglan Road (dinner), O'hana (breakfast), Whispering Canyon Cafe (dinner), Tusker House (breakfast), and Mama Melrose's (dinner). Obviously, this list has to be reduced. :sad: If we don't do DDP, this list will shrink very significantly. Some of this will depend on the children's menus as well...I just printed out all of the menus for my DDs/DH to check out.

Someone told me ;) that kids don't always have to order from the children's menu on DDP at counter service. Is that pretty well known? Did you have that happen everywhere or just some places? Did anyone give you a hassle about it (because the brochure states in both the CS and TS areas that children must order from children's menu where available)?

I guess that's it for now. Have a great long weekend everybody!

sixisenough 07-03-2008 01:24 AM

Good evening~The weather can be in the 70-80's (what we had this past trip), but it can get cool in evenings, 60's, even 50's. It is is such a pleasant escape from Illinois weather. My kids always swim, the pools are heated, they like to go at night. It is too cold for me, so that is when hubby and I get some poolside drinks and watch them wear themselves out for bed.:cool1:
Even if park hours are not posted, go ahead and make your ADR's for what you think it will be, you can always change. Last year the only one we had a problem with was Garden Grille, it was supposed to be our first night and our plane was delayed due to lovely Chicago weather, so we missed it and were not able to get an ADR for the rest of the trip. My son wants to go there for his B-day this time, so I will be making right away. You can pretty much plan on Epcot being open until at least 9pm. AK will close at 5 that time of year, except for the Extra Magic hour, MK will be open till 9 or 10 on weekends, but will close between 7-8 during week. We did enjoy the Magic evening there, the park closed at 7 and stayed open until 11 for resort guests, we got Dumbo out of the way with about a 20 min wait, which is very good that late
in the day.
As far as using the kids CS meals, at Cosmic Rays, my son was able to order off the adult menu, but I believe that was the only one we tried at. They keep separate tabs on your receipts. Has anyone done the deluxe plan before??
I will give you some reviews when we get back, we leave in 3 weeks and are doing alot of the resort restraunts this trip, Park Fare, Narcosses, Citricos, HDR, Whispering Canyon (my son has requested to do this one again, he loved the skillet!!!), Beaches and Cream(which is one of our Family's favs, 3rd time here), Ohanas, Konas, Trails End, Olivias, Captain Jacks,Bomas, Jikos, ESPN Club..... You can see this trip is all about the food, I don't want to even know how much weight I am going to gain.

Some of other good experiences last trip was at Tusker House-great characters, my daughters loved it and it was great to go to AK when no one was there, so beautiful and peaceful. UK counter service, great fish and chips, great atmosphere there. Crystal Palace was fun as always, but very crazy. We did not enjoy the POP food court, not a good idea to do when your are trying to get off for the day, unless you are very early morning people. Cali Grill treated us wonderful with kids, but disappointed the fireworks had been changed, so we did not get to see those from the view.

That;s all for now, time for some sleep, I have such a hard time getting off the Dis at night. :cloud9:

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