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Iris 05-24-2008 08:47 AM

POTCO Guild Name and Member List: Dis/VMK/Pirate Titles
Ok, lets start a list of Guilds and members to make it easy for everybody to find each other. This thread will only be for member names/list.

Our Guild is: Rocking Our Roos
KrazyPete (Dis)---------KrazyPete (VMK)-----------Bloodthirsty Shark (Pirate)
Threeboysmom (Dis)----Pinkgirlygirl (VMK)----------Pink GirlyGirl (Pirate)
Iris (Dis)---------------cruiselinefan (VMK)---------Cruiselinefan (Pirate)
Matty_D (Dis)----------Matty_D (VMK)-------------Matty (Pirate)
CAJUNWDWFAN (Dis)---JEDIYODA (VMK)------------Pirate Master Jedi (Pirate)
Rushdude(Dis)----------DaRushDude (VMK)---------Alex Rushdude (Pirate)
CrazySteph (Dis)-------CrazySteph (VMK)----------CrazySteph (Pirate)
Tigressjewel(Dis)-------Tigressjewel(VMK)----------Jewel Tigerpaw(Pirate)
RicksCafe(Dis)----------RicksCafe(VMK)------------Tricks (Pirate)
Moger(Dis)-------------zsert(VMK)----------------Johnny Daggerskull(Pirate)
bevgray (Dis)----------Tinkerblue (VMK)-----------Jade Shadowtiger (Pirate)

The Elite Dis Members
GoofyWaterCoaster(Dis)--GoofyWaterCoaster(VMK)--Goopy Water Coaster(Pirates)
GoofyWaterCoaster(Dis)--GoofyWaterCoaster(VMK)--Captain Water Coaster
seaturtledude(Dis)-------seaturtledude(VMK)--------Edward Stormeagle
wwedude(Dis)-----------wwedude(VMK)-------------Bill Treasurestealer
thesupersmartguy(Dis)---thesupersmartguy(VMK)----Jason Crestfoote
Sir_Quikslvr(Dis)---------Sir_Quikslvr(VMK)----------Sir Quikslvr(Pirates)
Silentpedro IGN(Dis)------Silentpedro(?)(VMK)--------Silentpedro(Pirates)
LittleMermaidsMom(Dis)---SparklePixie(VMK)----------Esmerelda Lockmorgan(Pirates)
Cowboys_Girl(Dis)--------Cowboysgirl(VMK)----------Samantha Redsteel(Pirate)
The_VMK_Teddybaer(DIS)-Teddybaer(VMK)-----------Venus Fox(Pirates)
Mean Queen(DIS)-------------------------------------Jade Firefly(Pirates)

Guild:Destiny's Hand
AdventurersClub (DIS)-----HathowayB (VMK)----------Hathaway (POTCO)

Guild: Raging Rogues
ShadowKittyKat(Dis)-------Shadow.Ca(VMK)---------- Shadow Cat(Pirates)

Guild:The Elite Dis
ShadowKittyKat(Dis) ----- Shadow.Cat(VMK)----------Angelfish(Pirates)

ShadowKittyKat(Dis)-------Shadow.Cat(VMK)--------- Hurricane(Pirates)

Guild-Savvy Pirates
curlee-Q(dis)-------------curlee-Q (vmk)---------Curls of Doom (pirates)
curlee-Q(dis)-------------curlee-Q (vmk)---------Curly Q (pirates)
Chedstro (dis)------------Coriander (VMK)--------Coriander (POTCO)
bobrichmond (dis)---------OutOfMyMind (VMK)----Corianders Toy (POTCO)

guild- Second Generation
whs_singingrose (dis)----- CoralHibiscus(vmk)--- - Coral RoyalQueen (pirates)
whs_singingrose (dis)----- CoralHibiscus(vmk)--- - Elphaba (pirates)
whs_singingrose (dis)----- CoralHibiscus(vmk)--- - Kristen (pirates)

Guild: Treasure Sharks
rickyratsmom (dis)--- SneekyTiki (vmk)----- SneekyTiki (first officer level 40)

Guild: Ravage Sharks
rickyratsmom (dis)--- SneekyTiki (vmk)------Ricky Ragondin Aime (level 26)

rickyratsmom (dis )-----SneekyTiki (vmk) -------Contessa Rummy McKraken (havent started yet lol)
DudeZeke#2(DIS)------DudeZeke(VMK)---------Captain Zeke(pirates)
Adventuredayle(dis)----Adventuredayle(VMK)-----Blilly Saildavis(Pirates)
tinkabellspirate(DIS)----??? (VMK)---------------themgrind & piratepal

Guild: Flying Eagles
Babypandaroo(DIS)-----alpharanda(VMK)-------kat(Pirates) & miressa(pirates-no guild)

Guild: VK Brigands (all VMKers)
DIS: Diva of Dragons---VMK:FeyDolphy-------Pirates: Naia Seawalker

Guild: Savage Wolf
Barbday62 (DIS)------PrincessConfused(VMK)-Elizabeth Love Heart (Pirates)

Guild: Babes of the Sea
JamminJoey (Dis)-----JamminJoey (VMK)---JamminJoey (Pirate)

Guild: Emerald Sea Gang
VickV(DIS)-----------VictoriaT(VMK)-------Anne Sunwalker and Anna Sunwalker(Pirates)

Guild: Wolf Armys

Guild: The Eight
Pilikia97(DIS)---------Pilikia(VMK)-----------Kaileah Ithilien(Pirates)
???(DIS)-------------VegasMonarch (vmk)--Veronica (pirates)

Please let us know who you are in the game. I can't tell you how great it was last night to meet up with other VMK/Dis players.

WWEDUDE 05-24-2008 10:06 AM

The Elite Dis Members
GoofyWaterCoaster...GoofyWaterCoaster...Captain Water Coaster
seaturtledude...seaturtledude(?)...Edward Stormeagle
wwedude...wwedude...Bill Treasurestealer
thesupersmartguy...thesupersmartguy...Jason Crestfoote
Sir_Quikslvr...Sir_Quikslvr...Sir Quikslvr
Silentpedro IGN...Silentpedro(?)...Silentpedro
LittleMermaidsMom...SparklePixie...Esmerelda Lockmorgan
Cowboys_Girl...Cowboysgirl...Samantha Redsteel

Non-Elite Dis Member

DudeZeke#2...DudeZeke...Captain Zeke

If I left you out or made a mistake please PM me.

ShadowKittyKat 05-24-2008 10:55 AM

These are my pirates, all in the same guild lol

Guild: Perfect Storm
ShadowKittyKat - Shadow.Cat - Shadow Cat
ShadowKittyKat - Shadow.Cat - Tornado
ShadowKittyKat - Shadow.Cat - Hurricane

curlee-Q 05-24-2008 12:46 PM

My pirates are:

Guild-Savvy Pirates

curlee-Q(dis)~ curlee-Q (vmk)~ Curls of Doom (pirates)

curlee-Q(dis)~ curlee-Q (vmk)~ Curly Q (pirates)

whs_singingrose 05-24-2008 12:58 PM

My Pirates are:

guild- Second Generation
whs_singingrose (dis)- CoralHibiscus(vmk) - Coral RoyalQueen (pirates)
whs_singingrose (dis)- CoralHibiscus(vmk) - Elphaba (pirates)
whs_singingrose (dis)- CoralHibiscus(vmk) - Kristen (pirates)

and I may make CoralHibiscus on Pirates to so people will automatically know who I am.

vmkfan13 05-24-2008 01:09 PM

Don't play POTCO anymore but..
flyboyv VMK, PirateFly TESTserver

Babypandaroo 05-24-2008 03:46 PM

POTCO Guild Name and Member List: Dis/VMK/Pirate Titles
On vmk i was alpharanda. On potc online game im kat level 13 or Miressa level 6.
My guild for kat is the flying eagles. nothing as of yet for miressa ;)

rickyratsmom 05-24-2008 05:32 PM

Arrgh!! Me Pirates be:

Guild: Treasure Sharks

rickyratsmom (dis) SneekyTiki (vmk) SneekyTiki (first officer level 40)

Guild: Ravage Sharks

rickyratsmom (dis) SneekyTiki (vmk) Ricky Ragondin Aime (level 26)


rickyratsmom (dis ) SneekyTiki (vmk) Contessa Rummy McKraken (havent started yet lol)

jmdude 05-25-2008 03:50 AM

my pirate name is supersonic guild wolf armys

Diva of Dragons 05-25-2008 05:47 AM

DIS: Diva of Dragons
VMK: FeyDolphy
Pirates: Naia Seawalker
Guild: VK Brigands (all VMKers)

adventuredayle 05-25-2008 07:23 AM

Adventuredayle(dis) Adventuredayle(VMK) Blilly Saildavis(Pirates)

I Allso Play VFK And My Name Is Adventuredayle And On CP (Club Penguin)
Title Is VMKmad

And Runescape Dayle Rocks1

tinkabellspirate 05-25-2008 09:11 AM

POTC: themgrind, piratepal
Guild : :confused3

GoofyWaterCoaster 05-25-2008 09:22 AM

For The Elite Dis
LittleMermaidsMom...SparklePixie...Esmerelda Lockmorgan
Cowboys_Girl...Cowboys girl...Samantha Redsteel

BobRichmond 05-25-2008 10:27 AM


Originally Posted by curlee-Q (Post 25299771)
....Guild-Savvy Pirates
curlee-Q(dis)~ curlee-Q (vmk)~ Curls of Doom (pirates)
curlee-Q(dis)~ curlee-Q (vmk)~ Curly Q (pirates)

Also in the Savvy Pirates guild:
Chedstro (dis) ~ Coriander (VMK) ~ Coriander (POTCO)
bobrichmond (dis) ~ OutOfMyMind (VMK) ~ Corianders Toy (POTCO)

bevgray 05-26-2008 02:39 PM

Just started playing. I can see why it appeals. Nice rousing RPG/Adventure game. I haven't joined a guild yet but would be glad to join one of the DIS guilds.

bevgray (Dis)----Tinkerblue (VMK)----Jade Shadowtiger (POTC)

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