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Buzz2001 02-25-2008 05:20 AM

Welcome to Coronado Springs FAQ Thread


1) RUMOR - WI-FI will eventually be offered throughout the resort.

2) RUMOR - The Pepper Market will undergo some changes in the future. A date has not been set but that will be the next big project at CSR. Spring Foods is looking to transform the Pepper Market into a Boma style buffet.

3) NEWS - The marina at CSR will only be open on a seasonal basis. Here are the dates through summer of 2009.

November 23-29, 2008
December 21, 2008 - January 3, 2009
February 15-21, 2009
April 5-18, 2009
June 24 - July 11, 2009

4) UPDATE - The changeover to QUEEN BEDS is complete. All the buildings have already been updated to queen beds. There are 100 rooms around the resort that do not but all the others are complete. These 100 rooms are being converted to KING rooms so that is why they still have the double beds.

5) Coronado Springs will be replacing the double beds with queens and new furniture to suit modern tastes; but still in theme. Another 100 rooms will get upgraded to king beds. Cabana 9b will be transformed into a club level building with rooms described below. The décor is still being tweaked, so cast members still have not seen the prototypes; but construction will start next month. The aim is to provide a level of experience that is equal or better to most upper end resorts outside of Disney. For instance, all of the rooms now are getting modern flat screen TV’s. Tables are being replaced with desks so that floor space is preserved after putting in larger QUEEN beds. Most of these updates are done with great stealth, so visiting guests will not be aware that changes are happening. New rooms will just magically appear and some buildings simply won’t be available for a short period. Walt Disney World, as you would expect, is getting itself set to continue to be the best vacation destination in the world. Some accommodations are getting a little out of date, so Disney is moving up to the future.

Business Club Level services include personalized Front Desk and Guest Services, turndown service and a lounge with continental breakfast, midday snacks and evening wine (additional fee) and cheese. All Business Club Level Rooms have two queen-size beds or one king-size bed, desk and chair, vanity area with sink, a ceiling fan and a bathroom. All rooms are non-smoking. Amenities include DVD player, in-room wall safe, voice mail, data port, hairdryer, iron, ironing board, mini-fridge, robes and coffee maker. A crib is available upon request. Wheelchair-accessible rooms are available. These rooms offer views of the lake, courtyard or parking lot. No structural changes except for removing some walls to create the lounge. Some amenities will be upgraded on the club level. There will be an upscale décor and tiled lavatory, tub, and toilet areas. WI-FI will eventually be throughout the whole resort.


  • Ground breaking - August 30, 1995
  • Grand Opening - August 1, 1997
  • Architects: Designed under the direction of Walt Disney Imagineering
    • Design Architect: Graham Gund Architiects of Cambridge, MA
    • Architect of Record: Glover Smith Bode, Inc. of Oklahoma City, OK
    • Landscape Architect: E.D.A.W.
    • Interior Decor: Daroff Designs
  • The chairs located in the guest tooms were imported from Argentina and are made of ironwood
  • 46,000 cubic yards of concrete and more than 3,000 tons of rebar were used in the construction of the guest room buildings
  • Coronado Circle is 1.65 miles in length, this is the roadway that the buses use
  • The Esplanade is .97 miles in length, this is the path around Lago Dorado
  • Lago Dorado (Lake of Gold) is a 15 acre, 25 foot deep crafted lake.
  • Paint: more than 200 varieties/colors of paint were used for CSR.
  • Trees planted at the resort came from 10 different states and were imported from as far away as Palm Springs, CA.
  • Pallet Mulch: the mulch used in the landscape beds consists of shredded wood from recycled pallets.

Buzz2001 02-25-2008 05:21 AM

Yes, CSR is a large resort but it also doesn't share services with other resorts and offers some deluxe amenities because it's a convention resort. CSR is not WDW's only convention resort. The Grand Floridian, Yacht & Beach Clubs, Boardwalk and the Contemporary are all Disney convention resorts. The Swan and Dolphin are convention resorts as well.

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CSR offers a salon, spa, workout facility, full menu room service, a courtesy coach to assist in getting to and from the main building, and is the only moderate to offer suites.

The Pepper Market is a great spot to eat. If you're on the dining plan, you won't find a better CS spot at WDW. Huge portions, great choices and tasty food. Lunch/Dinner Menu

Best Food Court - Voted by DIS'ers CLICK HERE

Pepper Market Photos CLICK HERE

CSR is situated around a 15 acre lake (vs. CBR which surrounds a 45 acre lake). At night, it's a great place for a romantic walk around the Lago Dorado, across the lighted bridge to the hammocks on the white sandy beach.

CSR has terrific transportation. It doesn't share with any other resort (like POR / POFQ) and it only has 4 bus stops within the resort (vs 7 at CBR). And since CSR is centrally located, you'll have a quick ride to all the parks. And being a convention resort, the buses seem less crowded because guests are busy with their conventions.

CSR is the most central to the 3 parks. The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World in part three "Selecting your Hotel" it states that the commuting times to the parks from CSR are: 7:30 to MK; 4:00 to Epcot; 4:45 to MGM; and 4:45 to Animal Kingdom! As a comparison from POR it is 12:00 to MK; 8:00 to Epcot; 12:30 to MGM; and 16:15 to AK. See the map below.

CSR has the best pool of the mods and probably the second best on WDW property. It offers a great slide (123 ft long), an arcade, a sand volleyball court, and a playground at the main pool area.

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Review from!!

Coronado Springs is my Best Value choice in the Moderate category. It has several advantages compared with the other Moderate resorts. It is newer, so there has been less wear-and-tear on everything. Also, Coronado Springs is a convention hotel, so it has a few extra amenities not offered at the other Moderates, including a salon, a health club and a more upscale food court.

The theming is radically different in the three areas of Coronado Springs. You can request a specific area when booking but there is no guarantee you'll get your request.
  • The Spanish-style Casitas at Coronado Springs are very peaceful, with courtyards featuring tiled fountains. Casitas Buildings 1, 3 and 2 (in that order) are the closest to the restaurants and services. Casitas Building 4 contains the salon and health club, if those are important to you.
  • The Cabanas at Coronado Springs have a beachy Caribbean feeling. Cabanas Building 8A is very close to the feature pool, which may be a blessing (convenience) or a curse (noise, light). Cabanas Building 9B is closest to the marina and relatively convenient to the restaurants and services.
  • The Ranchos at Coronado Springs feel quiet and secluded -- some would say isolated -- and feature desert landscaping and pueblo-style architecture. They look closest to the main pool on a map, but in actuality they are separated from the rest of the property by a swamp, so it can be a fairly long walk from these buildings to the pool, and a very long walk to the restaurants.

Buzz2001 02-25-2008 05:22 AM

CSR has 3 types of suites and they are costly. Jr suite, VIP suite and an executive suite. All the suites are located in the casitas with the exception of 2 jr suites located in the cabanas, one in 8b and one in 9b. The double bed jr suite would fit six because the wall unit in the second room is a murphy bed. Jr suite is two rooms together, the VIP is 3 regular rooms together, and the executive is 5 rooms together.

* The resort has about 30 junior suites, which are basically two connecting standard rooms. The bedroom includes either one king bed or two double beds and the second room is set up as a living room with a sleeper sofa or Murphy (Sico) bed. There are two bathrooms. Junior suites have an occupancy of 4 or 6 people and cost more than 2 standard rooms.

* There are also 10 "VIP" one-bedroom suites. These are equivalent in space to 3 standard rooms knocked together. There is a standard bedroom with one king bed or two double beds, plus a full bath. The living room is equivalent in size to two standard rooms and includes two seating areas, a wet bar with small refrigerator, a full bathroom and a dining table for four people. It has either a sleeper sofa or a Murphy (Sico) bed, bringing the occupancy to 4 or 6 people. The VIP suites are set up primarily for entertaining and are generally used by senior managers staying at the resort for conventions. VIP suites are priced at more than 4 times the cost of a standard room.

* Finally, there are a 6 "Executive" two-bedroom suites. These are equivalent in space to 5 standard rooms knocked together. The first bedroom has a king bed plus a full bath with whirlpool tub. The second bedroom has two double beds plus a full bath. The large living room offers two seating areas, a half-bath, a free-standing wet bar with small refrigerator and a dining table for six people. The living room includes either a sleeper sofa or a Murphy (Sico) bed, bringing the occupancy to 6 people.The Executive suites are set up primarily for entertaining and are generally used by executives staying at the resort for conventions. Executive suites are priced at more than 6 times the cost of a standard room.

Executive Suite

Junior Suite - Queen beds

Junior Suite - King bed

VIP Suite - Queen beds

VIP Suite - King bed

Buzz2001 02-25-2008 05:23 AM


Buzz2001 02-25-2008 05:25 AM

Guest room locations
Many guests read or hear about cabana 9b or low numbered casita buildings but not all guests will be able to get a room in those buildings or may need a room in those buildings. These are not necessarily the best locations for every guest, in fact not best for most. (As of 11/2008, cabana 9b will no longer be available as a standard/waterview room building. This building is being converted to CLUB LEVEL rooms.)

For conventioneers the Casitas 1 or 3 are often the best. These are close to the convention center; but quite a distance from pools and bus stops.

For adult couples, especially honeymooners or those celebrating anniversaries Casitas 4 or 5 with a water view is exceptional. Casita 4 has the quiet pool, fitness center, spa, salon, and both are close to bus stop #2.

For “leisure guests with children” here are some great locations; Cabana 8a, Rancho 7b, Cabana 8b, 9a, Rancho 6b, and that order. Nearness to El Centro is usually of no importance to many guests. It's much more important to be close to the park bus stops and the “Dig Site”. Leisure guests may come to El Centro once or twice; but they will be at the buses twice a day (at least) and the pool often when they are at the resort.

For adults or large families who wish to be close to a park bus stop and to a “quieter pool” but are not interested in the theme pool, building 7a is great and has close proximity to parking.

Building 2 also is close to parking and usually one of the quietest buildings, especially from the 4th floor. The fourth floor of building actually includes part of the upper floors of building 3 and has easy access to the convention center by way of the elevator courtyard of building 1 (especially in a rainstorm).

In other words, there is no “best location for everyone”. Each building has its own plusses and minuses. The cast members will be happy to guide you into the building that fits your needs best……..if you let them know what those needs and expectations may be.

Also, for a reality check…….when there is a large convention……not everyone is going to get a room next to the convention center. In fact, most of the rooming blocks are set up by the group having the convention long before any of the convention guests arrive…… Sometimes, there is little cast member latitude on changing those assignments.

As always, if there are special needs that must be addressed, fax the resort a week before arrival. Be sure you are faxing to the resort and not to Walt Disney Travel Company, their booking agency. The resort cast is best able to accommodate special needs. Often guests call the reservation desk with these requests and do not understand that this is not the resort; but a central reservation desk for ALL of Walt Disney World. The fax number is available by calling Walt Disney World information and asking for the front desk operations fax number.

Cabana 9b is close to bus stop 1 and the main building with a short walk to the Dig Site (main pool) over the wooden bridge. (As of 11/2008, cabana 9b will no longer be available as a standard/waterview room building. This building is being converted to CLUB LEVEL rooms.)

Cabana 8a is close to the Dig Site (and playground) and bus stop 4 with a short walk to the main building (closest to the pool).

Cabana 8b and 9a are in between the 2 above (9a has a quiet pool).

Ranchos 7b has a quiet pool, is close to the Dig Site and bus stop 4 with a bit longer walk to the main building. 7b is behind cabana 8a.

Casita 1 is attached to the main building and is very close to the restaurants.

Casita 3 has great courtyard and fountain views.

Casita 5 has some nice fountain and lake views and is close to the Dig Site but farther from the main building. Close to bus stop #2.

Buzz2001 02-25-2008 05:28 AM

Bus Stops
Hollywood Studios - Bus Stop 6 (1st stop) - 6 min ride once leaving resort
AK - Bus Stop 8 (middle) - 6 min ride once leaving resort
MK - Bus Stop 10 (1st) - 10 min ride once leaving resort
Epcot - Bus Stop 7 (2nd) - 7 min ride once leaving resort
BB - Bus Stop 6 (middle) - 3 min ride once leaving resort

Buzz2001 02-25-2008 05:29 AM


Buzz2001 02-25-2008 05:34 AM


* No sharing bus service with other resorts and only 4 internal stops
* Centrally located with short rides to the parks
* Largest hot tub on WDW property
* BEST main pool area of all the mods with bar, snack bar, playground and kiddie pool
* 3 quiet pools
* New internal shuttle service eliminates long walks to any of the villages
* High speed internet service
* WiFi available too
* Free use of the gym
* Spa and salon available
* Coffeemaker in the room
* Iron and ironing board
* full room service menu
* 2 arcades
* beautifully landscaped
* central air, not a noisey wall unit


* double beds, kings size beds and suites are available (wish they had queens beds)
* only one sink


* The Pepper Market is either a love it or hate it place. We love it but some guests just don't care for the set up.
* Convention resort - some guests don't like seeing other guests at work. Doesn't bother us and helps keep the buses empty. GF, Cont, BW, Y & B Club are also convention resorts.

Buzz2001 02-25-2008 05:37 AM

CSR is one of the six Walt Disney World Resorts to get a green thumbs up. :thumbsup2

Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom Lodge has been certified for the Florida "green lodging" program, the sixth Disney hotel to earn that distinction for environmentally friendly practices. Among the hotel's green features: a towel and linen reuse program to conserve energy and water, an advanced computerized energy management system and a recycling program for visitors and staff.

Started in March 2004, the program is a voluntary initiative from the state Department of Environmental Protection. It establishes environmental guidelines for hotels and motels to conserve natural resources and prevent pollution.

As reward for the designation, Florida recommends Green Lodges to companies and trade organizations seeking environmentally conscious lodging and convention facilities. With the addition of the Animal Kingdom property, the program has 13 hotels certified, with 14 in the process of becoming certified.

Others at Walt Disney World are: the Coronado Springs Resort
, BoardWalk Inn, Port Orleans Resort, Pop Century Resort and Caribbean Beach Resort.

Buzz2001 02-25-2008 05:39 AM

Birthday Decorations


Originally Posted by breebella (Post 20243639)
Anyway, I just had to share how "extra" special Disney made my DDs birthday. While she was napping late Monday afternoon there was a knock at door. It was CM with a birthday bouquet of balloons and a card. The card read, "Happy 5th birthday Isabella, love Minnie XOXOX with 5 x 7 photo of Minnie. When she awoke, I told her Minnie came while she was sleeping and dropped this off.



Originally Posted by adaygaby (Post 21503115)
After his nap, we got ready and I sent DH to the bus stop before me so I could decorate the table in our room. I had ordered a cake previously in the week and asked to have it delivered to the room in the evening. When we got back to the room around midnight we found a birthday cake and a birthday greeting from Mickey Mouse along with some balloons (greeting card with balloons was CM from check-in extra special thing :) )

Buzz2001 02-25-2008 05:42 AM

Pepper Market Menu

Buzz2001 02-25-2008 05:42 AM

Maya Grill Menu

Buzz2001 02-25-2008 05:43 AM

In Room Service


All Day Dining

Buzz2001 02-25-2008 05:44 AM

In Room Dining

Buzz2001 02-25-2008 05:45 AM

In Room Dining - Wine List

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