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rtphokie 01-07-2008 12:49 AM

2010 Photo Contest Winners List
Best of 2010

1st Rides (Jan 25 - Jan 31)
GoofyontheHiSeas, Rides

2nd Kids of the World (Sep 6 - Sep 12)

3rd Your favorite photo from your last trip

Disboards Weekly Walt Disney World Photo Contest Rules and Topics 2010

Contest Rules:
Contest will run from Monday to midnight Sunday eastern. Submit your entries before that time to ensure they are included.

A new thread will be made for each contest. Post your entry as a reply to that thread. Refer back to this post for links to the contests, and voting threads.

To post your photo, first upload it to a photo hosting site (see tips below for ideas), click on the button and enter the URL of the image (it should end in jpg, gif, png, etc).
  • Photos must be your work. Please no PhotoPass photos (or photos of PhotoPass monitors).
  • 1 submission per member, per contest.
  • Once you post your picture, please do not replace it.
  • Winning photos (top 3) may not be submitted to future contests.
  • Photos larger than 800x600 will not be included in voting
  • Pictures may be taken at any time for any contest. Unless otherwise specified in the contest, photos may be taken at any Disney park, resort, ship, store or other Disney related location worldwide. Photos taken on an Adventures By Disney may also be entered.
  • Voting will start generally within 12-18 hours after the contest ends. If there are less than 12 entries, 1 poll will be posted, and will be open for 7 days If more than 12 there will be more polls with a final poll consisting of the leaders from the previous polls. To ensure that there is no more than 2 rounds of voting for any one contest, only the first 144 entries will be eligible for voting.
  • No breaking park rules in taking of photos. (no flash on dark rides, no unauthorized backstage shots, no venturing off the paths, etc.)

Minor enhancement of photos is permitted (see below), but images that have been significantly modified or appear unnatural will be disqualified.

Modifications Not Permitted:
  • No borders or frames may be added to images.
  • Adding or replacing elements in an image is not permitted.
  • Artistic filters are not permitted (with the exception of conversion to B&W)

Permitted Modifications:
  • Images may be cropped, resized and rotated as necessary.
  • Red-eye removal
  • One-step enhancement (such as "AutoFix", "QuickFix", "Auto Levels", etc.)
  • Minor use of filters to sharpen, soften, blur, despeckle, or remove noise.
  • Minor use of corrective functions to improve the natural appearance of the image, such as white balance, levels, contrast, brightness, curves, intensity, tone, hue, saturation, lightness, value, color balance, desaturation and tint. If it can be done in a step or two its okay, if it takes you 20 minutes to edit the photo, its no longer "minor".

  • You can check the size of an image in Internet Explorer by right clicking on the image and selecting Properties, the size will be shown in the box that popsup. Firefox users can right click on the image and select view image, the size will be displayed in the title bar.
  • Some ideas for photo hosting sites are available here.

Contest Schedule
Past years and results
Top 10 camera manufacturers
  1. Canon (398 entries)
  2. Nikon (229 entries)
  3. Sony (130 entries)
  4. Pentax (61 entries)
  5. Olympus (48 entries)
  6. Kodak (40 entries)
  7. Fuji (26 entries)
  8. Panasonic (6 entries)
  9. Minolta Co., Ltd. (3 entries)
  10. KONICA MINOLTA (2 entries)
Top 10 camera models
  1. Canon EOS (127 entries)
  2. NIKON D90 (41 entries)
  3. NIKON D300 (40 entries)
  4. Canon PowerShot SD55 (37 entries)
  5. NIKON D5000 (34 entries)
  6. Canon EOS 30D (32 entries)
  7. Canon PowerShot A610 (31 entries)
  8. DSLR-A850 (25 entries)
  9. NIKON D40 (25 entries)
  10. Canon EOS 40D (23 entries)
above list is based on exif information from photo contest entries in 2010

Top 10 image hosting websites
  1. (894 entries)
  2. (315 entries)
  3. (231 entries)
  4. (151 entries)
  5. (52 entries)
  6. (51 entries)
  7. (36 entries)
  8. (29 entries)
  9. (26 entries)
  10. (25 entries)
above list is based on URL information from photo contest entries in 2010

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