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nebo 01-02-2008 03:13 PM

Honey, I Shrunk the Checkbook, Really final, some Feb shots, 7-27, pg82.
Hugh Hefner, Ray Kroc. (McDonald's)

Two American institutions.

Know what they have in common?

They are both from Chicago, which is where I am from.
I and Smidgy, my wife, aka Diane.
Sorry, Smidgy and I.

Some day I hope to be institutionalized as well.


Oh, by the way, there was another fellow that also came from here.

Walter Elias Disney

Oct. 1st, Port Orleans, Riverside:
"Honey, I'm not sure you're gonna like this", I said while gazing at the Muddy Rivers sign over the pool bar.

"Just don't say, you've b"

"I've been thinking"

"AIEEEEEE!" she screamed. "NO, NO, NO, we can't come back in December, we just can't".
"Besides, we've been here three times already this year". "You're nuts!"

Unfortunately, this WAS going as planned. Time to get my A game on the court, choke up on the bat, find the open receiver if you will.

"But we HAVE to! It's already booked!. And we never came once between 94 and 02. And we never came once in 04, besides, we already made the downpayment of 200." "Plus, gas prices will be lower, and we have the room at ASMusic for 48 a night!" "You can barely get a Motel 6 for that price, much less a Disney resort."

I was firing.

I was also out of breath.

And she was faltering.

"But it doesn't matter", she had regrouped on me, "We can get the downpayment back since we haven't paid the balance yet."
"Besides, we only booked it in case we didn't go on the trip when your company closed."

She was right, we knew where I worked that my company would go out of business by december, but when it closed on september 1st, I was a tad unhappy, got a room at Pop for AAA rate, and then got 3 nights at the Dolphin for 125 a night.

And we went.

This "argument" is taking place on the last day of our free dining trip at Riverside. Our bags are packed, and sitting with Magical Depress, and we are having a cocktail waiting for the bus to arrive.

It happens like this:
When the new codes for free dining or room onlys come out, we are all over them like paparazzi on Britney. In April, Diane was up at six in the morning booking the free dining, and in August I nailed the 48 a night at ASMusic for the second week in December.

Just in case.

You know what? It's a lot easier to book a Disney vacation than it is to cancel one.

Trust me, I know.
Oh boy, do I know.

In August, the little bar where Smidgy worked for over ten years, changed owners, who brought in their own people. She was out. Then the bank called in the loan on the place where I worked for 27 years, and I was out.

Now, my reasoning is since we're both out of jobs, and if we start new ones right away there won't be any vacation time, why not go when we have the chance?

This was of course, painstakingly explained to her again, my eyes still not leaving the Muddy Rivers sign.

"At 48 a night, that comes to about 1500 a month, that's a lot of people's mortgage! That's how cheap it is. And with the refillable mugs, all the cofee, tea and pop we can drink"

She was slipping again.

"But I still have some housecleaning customers I don't want to lose, and,,,"

"Plus our "home" would come with 2 pools." She reeled back against the ropes, and tried to get back in the fight.


"And a maid!" I almost have her now.

As she tried to get off the mat, with the ref counting her out, I gave her the knockout blows:


She threw in the towel.

Game, Set, Match!


Hi, my name is Steve, aka Nebo, a dumb nickname I've had since a teenager, and I will be your host on this trip for the holidays.
We are early fifties empty nesters, and true Disney holics.

This report will focus on what it's like to be at Disney for the holiday season, with photos mostly geared towards the decorations.
This was a very special trip also for us. Of all the times we've been to Disney, we have never been here for the holidays.
Plus, we realize it may be a very long time till we are able to return.

A thing about our itinerary though.

And me.

I am famous for tinkering with a trip, I just can't help it.

The phrase "I've been thinking", brings much anguish and trepidation to Diane.

While it is true that we booked 8 nights at ASMusic for 48 a night, it didn't stay that way. The original plan was to go as cheap as possible, and believe me, I know cheap.

You know, drive down, bring the big cooler, sandwiches in the room, corners cut at all costs.


But, again, I had to tinker.

I added a night, room only, so we wouldn't have to hit Chicago on a friday on the return trip.

Then one day I got curious, called central reservations and inquired about AAA rates for French Quarter but only got ten bucks off the 150 rack rate.

So I hung up and tried again.

This cast member, bless his heart, could get me a FQ room for 115 a night!

It took a bit of work, but he was able to cancel 3 nights off the ASMu package, and turn them into room onlys at FQ.

Then I cancelled the "added" room only night at Music, and put one more at FQ. A week later I did it again with the package.

So, the package is shrinking, and the French Quarter is growing.

(hmm, that probably didn't come out right)

This is why Diane prefers to fly, the dates get locked in, and I have very little to be able to tinker with.

But wait, there's more!

You can only buy the Dining Plan with a package, and for the entire length of stay of the package.
8 nights was out of the question, but since the package part of the trip is down to 5?

She hadn't thought of this, and I had to open my big mouth.
Within two hours, she was on the phone making dinner ressies.

So here's what we ended up with:

Leave very early tuesday the 4th, drive as far as we can and get a room.
Wednsday on to Kissimee, another room and check in thursday morning bright and early at ASMusic.

5 nights Music, with the dining plan.
4 nights French Quarter, on the starving plan.

More on our plans later.

A word about myself and this report. I almost blended this into my last report, then thought maybe it should start fresh, a lot of folks don't like to join a report that started 6 months ago.

So those of you who are wondering what it's like there in the holiday season, or those who wonder what it's like when you are older, and not having to drag the stroller on the bus, I think you will find this a fun and informative read.

Ok, fun, anyway.

Once again, you are all welcome to come along, and as we say here in the Chicago area, post early and post often.
The Santa Fe is pulling out at 2:30 in the morning, don't make me have to honk the horn for you! .......steve

(hmm, that 5 nights and 4 nights isn't symetrical, maybe when we get to FQ I'll ask and see if we can add a night, you know, just in case they actually still have a room open. nah, that'l never happen, better not even bring it up.)

Piglets Mommy 01-02-2008 04:07 PM

Wow Nebo! I can't believe I'm the first one here!!! I'm hooked already! I can't wait to read more! There is nothing better than Disney at Christmas time, and I'm sure it will be even better Nebostyle!:thumbsup2

winkers 01-02-2008 04:10 PM

Aha! I found you! Now I have to go back and read!

winkers 01-02-2008 04:12 PM


winkers 01-02-2008 04:13 PM

I found the first typo, what do I win????

winkers 01-02-2008 04:25 PM

No, I am not trying to shamelessly up my post count! My freakin computer is going crazy!..............Now that's out of my system

Who is Ray Kroc?

GreatLakes5 01-02-2008 04:33 PM

You had me at the founder of Mc Donald's.....throw in a Chicago Dog for Portillo's & I'm in for the duration..... :surfweb:

jcc0621 01-02-2008 04:45 PM


Originally Posted by nebo (Post 22367412)
Ray Kroc.



Originally Posted by nebo (Post 22367412)
Some day I hope to be institutionalized as well.

Ain't touching that with a 10 foot pole:rolleyes1


Originally Posted by nebo (Post 22367412)
"I've been thinking"

Ususally when I say this Jim pulls out his wallet:confused3


Originally Posted by nebo (Post 22367412)
Now, my reasoning is since we're both out of jobs, and if we start new ones right away there won't be any vacation time, why not go when we have the chance?

Sounds reasonale to me;)


Originally Posted by nebo (Post 22367412)
I am famous for tinkering with a trip, I just can't help it.

I think this is an illness we all suffer from:rolleyes:

:banana: :banana: I found the TR, even though you didn't put a link in your old one. You were trying to avoid me weren't ya! What, do you think I am stalker or something:cool2:

Seriously, looking forward to hearing about DIsney at Christmas!popcorn::

Disney 4-ever 01-02-2008 05:48 PM

Whew, made it. :cool1: Thank God you gave us the tip on finding your new report. :worship: I am so excited. :banana: :yay:

Goofyfan1 01-02-2008 06:42 PM

I found it:cool1: And am on board for the ride:woohoo:

Heluvsme 01-02-2008 06:51 PM

Oh good!! I love your reports!

lovebuzzandwoody 01-02-2008 06:58 PM

:worship: I am here Oh, Fearless Leader!


lexmelinda 01-02-2008 07:29 PM


I'm not done with the other one.....dangit!

I'm behindish.....I'm sorry!

But I'm in for this one too!


tiggerwannabe 01-02-2008 07:49 PM


Present and accounted for...

lgcountry 01-02-2008 10:24 PM

I'm here, wouldn't miss it for the World.

Oh wait, I will miss part of it, we leave for the World on the 11th.

Oh well, it's only a 5 day trip for us this time, and I can and will catch up again.

Yippee! A new Nebo TR and and a trip. What a combo.:yay:

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