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Hudson5&Lennon3 12-05-2007 09:45 PM

~~~ May 16, 2009 ~~~ Western Magic ~~~
~~~ May 16, 2009 ~~~ Western Magic ~~~
Welcome Aboard!

Since no one has started a cruise meet thread since the new itinerary came out yesterday, I think I will start it. We are so excited! :yay:

If you'll be joining us on this cruise, please check in and let us know who you are! :wave2:

Our DS's will be 7 & 5 at the time of the cruise, so technically, I won't be "Hudson5&Lennon3" anymore. I will unofficially be Hudson7&Lennon5. :laughing:


~~~Below is a list of those DIS'ers who have joined our thread. I will do my best to keep it up-to-date based on the info posted in the thread or sent to me via PM. You can add whatever other info you want me to put also (stateroom/deck #, early/late seating, excursion/Palo plans, family photos, hotel before the cruise, any previous DCL cruises, ANYTHING you want us to know, etc.). FOR A LIST OF THOSE DISERS THAT HAVE LINKED RESERVATIONS FOR DINNER, SEE THE END OF POST #2!!!~~~
Val (35) & Justin (38)
DS Hudson (7) & DS Lennon (5)
Deck 5/Cat 8 (5518)/Main dining
Grand Island, Nebraska
Previous DCL: Western 04-21-07
Friday night: Radisson with 10 AM shuttle to port
Palo: Wed-dinner @ 6 PM; not sure yet about trying to schedule brunch onboard
Excursions: KW-electric car & FKLP tour; GC-none; Coz-none; CC-bikes?, rays?, floats?
(not DIS'ers :sad2: )
Val's DMom (Pat) & DStepDad (John)
Deck 5/Cat 8 (5516)/Main dining
Grand Island, Nebraska
1st DCL cruise
Friday night: Radisson wtih 10 AM shuttle to port
Nik's Mom
Sherri & DH
DS Nik (10) & DS Noah (7)
They have decided to reschedule their cruise :sad: We will miss you!!
DS (11), DD (8), & DD (7)
Early dining
DD (8) & DD (7)
Deck 7/Cat 10
(? DIS'ers ?)
starlawyermom's FIL & MIL
(? DIS'ers ?)
starlawyermom's BIL & SIL
DD (5), DD (4), & DD (3)
Gordon & Carrie
DD Lacy (14)
DMom Helen & DDad Chuck
DNephew Alex (11)
Previous DCL: 4-night two years ago
Excursions: KW-GPS walk; GC-nautilus undersea tour & reef snorkel; Coz-Dolphin Discovery; CC-snorkel
Chuck, Alex, and Helen:
Liz & Jason
DS Brayden (6) & DS Bryce (2)
Deck 6/Early dining
They had to cancel due to a baby coming! :) But we will miss you!
2 Eagle Mom
Jane & Jim
Deck 7
Martinez, CA
Excursions: Key West trolley tour & FKLP Tour; Grand Cayman Shipwreck and Snorkel Tour (10:15am - 12:55pm); Cozumel Mexican Cuisine Workshop; CC-Serenity Bay & Bike Rental
Spa: Sun-massage @ 9:15 AM
Palo: Thurs-brunch @ 11 AM
DD (6 during the cruise!)
Deck 7/Cat 11
Early dining
Sara & Dennis
Joel (9)
Deck 7
Main dining
Excursions: KW-on our own; GC-Boatswain's Adventure Marine Park; Coz-Dolphin push, pull, and swim; CC-stingrays
Sue & DH
DS (20), DSGF (20), DD (26)
DSIL & her DD, DGD (4), DGD (9 mo)
Early dining
Excursions: KW-trolley; GC-Captain Marvin's; Coz-?; CC-parasailing
Lynsey (25) & Jason (27)
No kids
Southern West Virginia
Early dining/Gty 12
Palo: Sun-brunch @ 10 AM
Excursions: GC-Island Tour @ 11:30 AM; Coz-maybe 3 reef snorkel; CC-maybe Getaway Pkg
Spa: Mon-Metabolic Testing @ 9:30 AM; Thurs-Couples Wellbeing Massage @ 3:15 PM
Shawan & John
Adults only this time
North Carolina
Late dining
Excursions: KW-Parasail w/Fury Water Adventures and/or Pirate Museum; GC-Wave Runner Stingray City Adventure; Coz-Playa Uvas Clear Kayak & Snorkel Tour; CC-Beach Day, rent floats, etc.
Celebrations: May 17th-First anniversary; May 18th-Shawan's Birthday
Previous Cruises: RCCL Western - May 2008
Palo: Sun-dinner; Mon-brunch
Spa: Thurs-Rasul
Steve & DW
New York
Loucinda (32 on sail date) and Adam (36)
No children
Alcoa, Tennessee
Early Dining
Cat 12
Previous cruises: DCL Western September 2005; Carnival Miracle, August 2006 (Honeymoon cruise to GC, Coz, CMaya, and Belize); Carnival Destiny, May 2007 (30th Birthday cruise to St. T, Dominica, Barbados, St. Lucia, and Antigua)
Friday night: Radisson with 10am shuttle.
Celebrations: Saturday 05-16-09 is Cinda's 32nd Birthday!
Palo: Tues-dinner @ 6:00 PM; Thurs-brunch @ 10:30 AM
Excursions: Key West: Rent bikes and ride to Fort Zachary Taylor. Explore and snorkel there. Then off for FKLP (maybe with the group depending on the time) and a little ambling around the port area... (CVS for wine...) My cell is 904-318-9614 if anyone needs to call for meeting up! Grand Cayman: Take a cab to Cemetary Beach and snorkel there at Cemetary Reef. From there, we will walk down 7 Mile Beach towards the ship/port and snorkel at multiple stops. (Cheeseburger Reef, Cali Shipwreck, and a couple of others I found online). This is our Palo night for now, though is subject to change based on our dining rotation. Cozumel: Take a cab to Nachi Cocum for the day and do the 9am Palancar Reef snorkelling trip. We'll also be hoping to find our flavored tequilas/mezcals here. CC: No plans. Just enjoy ourselves!
Spa: Mon-couples massage @ 2 PM; Tues-Rasul @ 3:30 PM
Crystal (51) & Don (55)
DS Brandon (20)
Category 6
Late Dining
Sarasota, FL
V & John
Samantha (6) & Haley (4)
V's DMom & DSis
Siesta Key, FL
Main dining
Excursions: Key West - Trolley Tour and Butterfly and probably some restaurants for a few cold ones; Grand Cayman - Rays, Reef and Rum Point Tour; Cozumel - Tour of the island via hired driver and ending the day Paradise Pointl CC - think we are riding bikes and hitting the beach - I think John and my sister want to parasail.
Palo: brunch; dinner (when?)
Kathy & John
Sean (21), Andrew (19)
5629 & 5630/cat 6 & inside room
Late dining
Tink113 and Quasar281
Amanda & Jason
My Mom (Carole) Tink113smom & dad (Bob) *
My younger Bro (22) (Kevin) & his GF (Melissa) *
My Big Bro (Rob) * & SIL (Alison) ali004*
Nephew #1 (8) (Bobby or Robert) * & Nephew #2 (6) (Adam) *
* = 1st time cruisers
Falls Church, VA
Main dining
Friday: Driving from VA
Celebrations: Carole & Bob's 40th Anniversary
Palo: Dinner - Thurs, Brunch ??? not sure yet
Excursions: Key West - Walking around a bit, possibly back to the ship early; GC - jewelry shopping (Got my best deals here) Maybe catch a cab to hell; Coz - Either Paradise Beach or Chankanaab park
Rob, Alison, Bobby, and Adam:
Tim & DW
DD (12)
Lake Ridge, VA
Tim (48) & Donna (48)
Kids: Nathan (22) Hannah (19)
From: Tennessee
Deck 2 / Cat. 9 (rooms 2072 and 2074) Upgraded from a Cat. 12
Previous Cruise: None
Friday Night: Residence Inn
Palo: Thursday Night (may change) and Brunch and High Tea one day
Excursions: KW-walk around, GC-Snorkeling, Reefs, and Rum Point, Coz-rent a VW, CC-Nothing planned (snorkeling and laying around)
Late dining
Celebrations: DD 20 on May 19th
Celebrations: DS graduating from college
Phil (23) & Kelly (25)
Michael (1.5)
Early dining
Cat 12
Crystal (41) & Darin (45)
Charissa (18), Trent (16 on May 21st!), Coral (10)
Early dining
Previous DCL: Wonder Eastern 2002, Wonder Eastern 2003, Magic Western 2006
Celebrations: DS 16 on Thurs, May 21st
Excursions: KW-Smathers Beach & then To Cheeseburger for lunch and good beer. I want to shop a little also; GC-will also do the beach, but i read Seven mile beach is way better then Rum Beach; Coz-Four Elements excursion, which includes Zipline, bike riding, hiking, swimming, and some culture stuff; CC--I hope to do some snorkeling.
Jamie (27)
Mom (46), Step dad (46)
little Brother (8)
son (7)
Southaven, Mississippi
Stateroom #: 6043 and 6045/Category 11: Standard Inside Stateroom
Main Dinner Seating
Excursions: Key West GPS Walking tour; Grand Cayman Grand Island Tour; Cozumel Jungle Hike; CC Nothing planned
Palo Dinner-Wed
Spa: Alone time-Thurs
DW (33) & DH (36)
Cat 12
Late dining
Kathy & Brian
Jake (19) and his friend Johnny
Two GTY 12 (because I'm a "frugal" Accountant, hoping for an upgrade!)
Late dining
Friday night: Beach Club Villas
Palo: Tues-dinner @ 8:30 PM; Thurs-brunch @ 11 AM
Kristin & Michael
DS Keaton (9) & DS Declan (5)
Late dining, hoping for early (on the waitlist)
Ottawa, Canada
Andy (20) & DGF Ashley (18)
Ontario, Canada (driving!)
Late dining
Friday night: Riverside Inn
Previous DCL: Jan/6/08 Wonder 4 night
Excursions: KW-Trolly Tickets and explore on our own!; GC-"Grand Cayman Island Tour @ 11:30 AM "I really want to see the turtle farm and Visit "Hell"; Coz-no idea what to do, i dont know what to expect!!!; CC-rent two bikes and do come Geocashing!! (there are 3 that i found!!) Then sit on the beach and Relax!!!
Spa: Sat-Elemis Sole Delight Foot Treatment with Pedicure (for Ashley) at 1:45pm


Hudson5&Lennon3 12-10-2007 06:15 PM



Anne & Frank
Costal North Carolina
Cat 12
Celebrations: 33rd Anniversary
Mati (38) & Yoni (34-35)
DD Sabrina (7) & DS Kai (4)
Cat 6 (6568)
Main dining
Friday night: Swan
Celebrations: Yoni's 35th birthday on Thurs
Excursions: KW-hang out! & KLP; GC-morning island tour (Mati & Sabrina) and diving for Yoni; Coz-Nachi Cocom; CC-stingrays & just hang out on the beach!
Palo: Sun-brunch @ 11 AM; Mon-tea; Thurs-dinner @ 8 PM
Spa: Thurs-couples massage
Alberto & Carol
DS Guiherme (10) & DD Gabriela (7)
My parents
A friend, his wife and one kid
Cat 12 x 3
Palo: Dinner-Fri @ 8:30
Tiffany (28) & Adrien (30)
Marissa (8) & Adrien Jr. (4)
Houston, TX
Main Dining
Kym (33) & DH (38)
DD (6) & DD (3)
Cat 5 (7598)
Main dining
Previous DCL: Western x 2, Eastern x 1
Excursions: KW-staying on the boat!; GC-enjoy 7 mile beach; Coz-might do Dolphin Discovery at Chankanaab; CC-?
Sonya (31) & Tony (30)
No kids
Norwich, England
Cat 9/2578
Late dining
Excursions: KW-walk to the Southernmost bit. No other plans apart from eating one of the key lime pies on a stick I keep reading about!; GC-DH wants to do the Sea Trek and I have not found a way to talk him out of it so looks like I'm doing that!; Coz-the Tulum Tour - I really want to see these, but the trip does sound a bit long and possibly dull!!!!; CC-Getaway Pkg
Palo: Thurs-dinner @ 7 PM
Spa: Mon-couples massage @ 10:45 AM
Tammy & DD (6)
Mom & Niece (19)
Previous DCL: 3-day (1998) & 4-day (2002)
Friday night: Hyatt
Excursions: GC-Pirate Encounter; CC-bike rental
Palo: Mon-tea
Johnathan (36)& DMom Patt (60)
Smyrna, GA
Previous DCL: 4-day Wonder 2005
Palo: Sun-brunch @ 10 AM; Wed-dinner @ 6 PM
Belinda (31) & Shawn (30)
Lawton, OK
Gty 12
Late dining
Previous DCL: 3 others, including Eastern last time
Celebrations: Thurs-vow renewal wedding (5/21) at 5:30pm on secret deck 7!! (as of right now, crossing fingers that weather is perfect so maybe you guys can sneek a peak from above)
Palo: On our VR night, we have Palo for our post ceremony at 7pm.
Excursoins: GC-morning island tour; Cozumel-Fury catamaran sail,snorkel and beach party
DD (6)
Previous DCL: 2 others
JorDan aka Princess JorDanella (25) & Chad (30)
No kids
Cat 12
Previous DCL: 1 Eastern, 2 Western for JorDan, 1st for Chad
Celebrations: 5 yr Wedding anniversary!
Fri night: Travelodge Inn & Suites
Early Dining
Excursions: Key West-renting Sea Doo's, then walking around Key West; Grand Cayman- Island tour with Stringray City (It's a must!! I love my Stingrays); Cozumel- Scuba Diving, not sure where though. Anyone else scuba??????; Castaway Cay- Serinity Bay
Palo: None
Spa: Rain Forest Pass
No info given yet
Chasity & DFi Gus (both early 30's)
Southern California
Previous DCL: this will be our 1st cruise!!!
Celebrations: We're also celebrating our 10th Anniversary together!!
Late Dinner Seating
Palo: Sun 5/17 Dinner @ 6:00pm
Excursions: Cozumel Dune Buggy & Snorkel Tour; CC-bike rentals
Spa: Thurs 5/21 Metabolic Testing 9:30am for Chasity & 10:15 for Gus
Would like to do Spinning classes & jog the deck 4 track as well.
Amy & John
Lauryn (9) & Andrew (5)
Oakale, CT
Main seating
Previous cruising on Royal carribean & Carnival
Megan & DH
DD Taylor (11) & DS Chase (3 1/2)
My mom- Nancy
My brother- Michael
His wife- Jackie
Their son Mikey (5 1/2)
Their son ryan (2 1/2)
Grandpop- Joe!
Previous DCL: Wonder in 2008
Friday night: Radisson
Celebrations: Megan's DH's birthday on Sunday!
Demetris (32) & Kerwin (35)
Devin (9) & Demi (3)
Kevin (Kerwin's twin bro) & Aida
DS Christian (3)
Cat 12's
Previous DCL: Eastern Halloween 2007
Demetris & Kerwin's pic
Kevin & Aida's pic
Shauna (27) & Mike (30)
Christopher (3, almost 4)
Miami, FL
Late dining
Celebrations: 10th anniversary
Previous DCL: Wonder 2007 & 2009, Magic Eastern 2008
Desiree & Brian
DS (12) & DD (10)
Brian's parents
Friends with DD (10) & DS (7)
Deck 5
Previous DCL: November 2008
Celebrations: Sun-12th Anniversary
Palo: Sun-dinner
Spa: Sun-Exotic Rasul
Nick & Janice
Nick's DMom Joan & DBro Marc
Cat 12 x 2
New Brunswick, Canada
1st DCL
Amy & DH
DD (12), DS (9), & DD (10 months)
Friday night: Residence Inn
Celebrations: DS 9th birthday on Saturday
Marcy Mouse
Marcy (34) & Chris (36)
Adults only
Cat 12
Excursions: KW-walk around; GC-city tour; Coz-zip line & snorkel, beach?; CC-?
dta87 and maplemouse
From Williamsburg, VA:
David (dta87) & Susan
DD Hayley (19), DS Graham (17), DD Olivia (15)
From Tennesee:
Margaret (maplemouse) & Bob
DD - Sarah
From California:
DMom - Terry & DDad - Andy
DSis - Nancy
DSis - Michele
DSis - Donna
DN - Taylor
DN - Madison (11)
Friday night: David's family-driving and will be at the CIS trying to get the earliest shuttle. Margaret's family-driving that morning hopefully at port opening. California-flying in the night before and staying at the MCO Hyatt.
From top left to right: Dave, Susan, Hayley, Olivia, Michele, Donna, Nancy. Bottom row: Graham, Terry, Andy.
And another photo at Colonial Williamsburg left to right: Hayley, Dave, Susan, Margaret, and Sarah:
Bob, Margaret, and Sarah
Kim (32) & Chris (33)
Chelsea (4)
Hagerstown, MD
Prevoius DCL: 1st DCL but six previous on others
Celebrations: Chris' Birthday May 12th!
mom and dad first time cruisers from florida
bill and mary and 2 dd from mass
ken and michelle and 3 dd from arkansas
DD (5)
New York
1st Disney cruise
Gty 12
Excursions: KW-maybe trying the aquarium & walking around; GC-Sea Grape; Coz-Nachi Cocum; CC-?
40-Something Kid
Barbara, 51 (I am still "40-Something," 40-Eleven to be exact)
DSis Mary Ellen, 48
DNiece Alexandra, 15
DNiece Calista, 5 (6 on May 22!!)
McLean, VA
Early seating
#8022 (Cat 3)
Celebrations: Calista's 6th birthday on Fri
Excursions: We have not scheduled any excursions yet, but might go see the dolphins in Cozumel. Key West is so great just to walk around and soak up the relaxed feeling.
Mary Ellen & Barbara:
Alexandra & Calista on left:
Barbara & Calista:
Robin & David
No kids
Central Florida
1st DCL
Celebrations: Anniversary on Tues & Robin's Birthday on Thurs
Excursions: Key West - Just hanging out, since it's our home state and we've never been there yet; Grand Cayman - Seven Mile Beach Break; Cozumel - Cozumel Beach Break; Castaway Cay - Decided not to book anything, so we can just hang, have fun & explore. I plan on trying to kayak (or something like it) on one of the beaches, but I would like to do it more spur of the moment while there.
DD (7)
Southwest Desert
Friday night: Hyatt @ MCO
Kristi & DMom Patty
Excursions: Key West we booked nothing as we want to see the Hemmingway House; Grand Cayman is the Island Tour from 11:30-1:30; Cozumel is Cozumel Highlights and Mayan Ruins from 12:15-4:45; Castaway is a float rental day.
Skokie, IL
Rich (41) & Shelly (43)
Alyssa (9) & Alex (8)
(21) sailing with Mom
Cousin & her fiance
Naperville, IL
Previous DCL: 5 cruises on Wonder
Celebrations: College graduation!

Early dining "with kids" (requested APLLAPL):
Hudson5&Lennon3 (x2)
Tinkattude6 (x2)
lillygator (x2)

Early dining "without kids" (requested APLLAPL):

Late dining:
2 Eagle Mom

SpeedFigure 5th Anniversary on May 14th
Tazgirl1981 10th Anniversary
krishouse 12th Anniversary on 5/17
ottermouse 12th Anniversary on 5/17
shasess 1st Anniversary on 5/17
DisneyTripReports 20th Anniversary on 5/20
2 Eagle Scout 25th Anniversary
Mother_Hen 25th Anniversary
Bellamickey 10th Anniversary and Vow Renewal on 5/21
Dizneyholic 10th Anniversary on 5/12
Tink113sMom 40th Anniversary
adedward 33rd Anniversary in June
1littlespark Anniversary on 5/19

Nik's Mom 12-13-2007 09:11 PM

Hi! We just switched from the Eastern on 5/23 to the Western on 5/16/09! I am so excited. We just went on our first cruise this past May (4 night on the Wonder) and we're totally hooked!!!! I can't wait!

I am traveling with my dh and 2 sons (will be 10 and 7 at the time of the cruise). We're going to have to keep bumping this thread until others join in. I had to search a few pages to find you!

:banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

Nik's Mom 12-13-2007 09:12 PM

I just noticed that this is your 2nd Western cruise. Which excursions did you all go on last time?


Hudson5&Lennon3 12-13-2007 11:55 PM

Yay! :yay: I was beginning to wonder if we were the only ones booked so far! I didn't want to bump the thread too much and seem like I was obsessing with trying to get someone to join in. I've seen your posts around--I love your avatar! :laughing:

My mom & stepdad will also be joining us on our cruise. They wanted to come with in April, but since it was our anniversary cruise, they "let" us go by ourselves for that one. When we rebooked a dummy date onboard, we made their reservations, too. I seriously doubt they will be joining our thread. Whenever I told them about how I met others on our cruise before we even left, she thought that was too strange. :rolleyes2 I know she'll appreciate all the great tip, tricks, and info I've collected from the DIS, though.

Since our April cruise was our first ever, we didn't really know what to expect for excursions, especially with the boys only being 5 & 3. We didn't book a whole lot and decided to mostly just go with the flow. Most of them, especially when booked through Disney, you had to be 10+ or so. I can tell you what we planned to do and then what we actually did:

KW--planned on going to the aquarium; instead, just walked around with 2 crabby kids. :mad: They didn't understand that we were eventualy going to be going back to the boat. They were upset becuase they thought we were leaving it already. We should have gotten the ice cream right away that they wanted because it probably would have made them a lot less mad. On the way back to the boat, though, we did get a frozen chocolate-dipped key lime pie on a stick--HEAVEN! I can't wait for that again! :woohoo: I'm almost as excited for that as I am for CC! :rotfl2:

GC--we did book Stingray City with one snorkeling stop through Cap'n Marvin. There were 3 other families from the DIS that we went with. We knew the boys wouldn't be able to snorkel, so that wasn't a priority to us. We really just wanted to see the rays. We thought we were going to have to cancel, though, because at bedtime the night before GC, we were telling the boys about how we were going to swim with the rays, and DS3 got so nervous that he was sick to his stomach. :crazy2: We decided to go anyway, but I was the only one that got off the charter boat at SC. We didn't force them into the water with the rays like some of the others did. :eek: DH did snorkel for a bit at the next stop. I think they were too young for this excursion, but yours are older and would probably enjoy it. Maybe by then ours would enjoy it, too. Who knows. We then shopped a little, had lunch, and went back to the boat.

Coz--we took a taxi to Paradise Beach for a couple hours and had lots of fun. Then we went back to the shopping area near the port, looked around a little, and rode a donkey carriage back to the port. The boys LOVED that, too!

I don't know if we'll be booking/planning much for the ports again or not. They kinda backfired on us last time, but this was a whole new experience for all of us. I really think they would be ecstatic to just stay on the boat the whole time. We'll just wait and see what happens in the next 17 months, I guess.

When in May was your cruise? I think end of April/beginning of May is a great time to cruise weather-wise. We did end up in some kinda rocky waters, though. I think that's unusual for April, but we survived! We chose to go a little later for this one because I'm thinking (and hoping) that the day before the cruise will be the last day of school for our oldest. If he has to miss any school, it would only be the last day--if even that. Since we'll be disembarking over Memorial Day weekend, I think we're going to stay in FL for a few days afterward and try to hit some of WDW and also Kennedy Space Center. That's going to open up a whole new obsession with planning when I start going to the WDW boards. I don't know if I'm ready to dive into that yet or not. Have you been to WDW before? Will your kids have to miss any school for this cruise? It seems like our schools get out pretty early around here (Nebraska).

Do you know where your stateroom is? We chose almost the same one we had last time (same spot but other side of the ship). 5518--deck 5 forward, cat 8.

Well, Sherri, I'm sorry this got so long. Can you tell I'm excited that someone finally joined in?!?! :dance3: I've noticed there have been a handful of views to the thread, so maybe some lurkers will start posting now, too. :thumbsup2

Hudson5&Lennon3 12-13-2007 11:59 PM

Once I posted, I could see your sig again and where all you've been and when! Wow! :thumbsup2

Nik's Mom 12-14-2007 07:36 PM

Yes, we are obsessed with Disney. We got married at the Disneyland Hotel in 1996, then went to WDW for our honeymoon. Since our oldest ds was 2, we've been going every 2 years. I should buy into DVC.

We went on the Stingray excursion at Castaway Cay and the boys loved it! They are very cautious and I didn't think they would like it, but they loved the stingrays!

I'm just looking at the Western and what it has to offer. We have the added challenge of planning because both of our boys are on the autistic spectrum. They are high functioning, but they don't handle change very well. We always have to prepare them. To us, a cruise is the best way to see the World because every night the boys get to return to a ship that has become familiar to them!:thumbsup2

Things are pretty crazy for us because we will be moving to the Kansas City area in the next few months. I'm thinking that their last day of school will be the day before our cruise. We are also thinking of heading over to WDW for a couple of days after the cruise.

Hopefully we have more people joing our thread!:cool1:

By the way, are you really going to change your Dis user name? How do you do that? I've been on the Dis since 2001, when I only had one child. I'm not just Nik's Mom anymore. I'm Noah's Mom too!

Hudson5&Lennon3 12-15-2007 01:03 AM

Hey! We'll practically be neighbors! We're only about 4-5 hours away from KC. I got out my map to see where West Covina is. Some very good friends of ours used to live in SoCal. He's from here in Nebraska, but she was born and raised in Long Beach and is the ultimate Disney fan. I think I'm a close second, though! :laughing: We went to Cali for their wedding in '96 and stayed in San Clemente, which is where their wedding was--beautiful! They have since moved here to raise their kids. There are two families that they were pretty good friends with in Cali, and within a few months, they both packed up and moved here, too! Hopefully, you'll like it in this neck of the woods, too. What made you decide on the KC area?

I'm glad your boys enjoyed the stingrays on CC. Maybe we should try that next time since it's not out in the middle of the ocean like Cap'n Marvin's was. It was pretty windy that day, and the water was real choppy on that little boat. :scared: How long was the excursion and do you remember the cost? We rented snorkeling equipment on CC, but it was a little disappointing. (We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon and snorkeled there. CC was NOTHING compared to that.) Otherwise, we mostly just swam on CC. They went to Scuttle's Cove for a little bit as soon as we got off the ship so we could at least check out Serenity Bay.

Sounds like our schedules will be very similar with school just getting out before the cruise and then staying for a bit after the cruise! When will Noah turn 7? Hudson will be 7 in October. That's great that you've found a good way to take a vacation and benefit your sons' autism. Do they have Asperger's? (I work in the medical field, so I'm familiar with that.)

No, I'm not going to change my user name. I've seen other user names in reference to their kids that have added a line to their sig about what is different about their family now. I think if you change, you just create a new name and "start over" and end up losing your tags and your post count. Some people would guard those with their lives and don't want to lose them!

Nik's Mom 12-15-2007 05:00 PM

You know, I can't rememeber how much the stingray excursion was. It really wasn't that expensive though. It was an hour long. We chose the early time ( I think it was 9:30am) so that the water would be clear. You can stay in just waist deep water if you want. so it is perfect for little ones!

Nik's Mom 12-18-2007 08:22 PM

Just bumping up to page 1. Maybe we will be the only 2 families on the ship!;)

Hudson5&Lennon3 12-21-2007 07:23 PM

I'm beginning to wonder if anyone else will be joining us, too! Were you wondering if I was even still here? I haven't been around the boards at all this week. :eek: (Shocking, for me.) Unfortunately, the flu has hit me hard. :crazy2: The week before Christmas is NOT a good time to be sick!!!!! Anwyay...on to better things.

After Christmas, I think I'll start researching the WDW boards for our stay after the cruise. I don't really know where to start, though. When I first found the DCL boards, I spent every waking minute just absorbing the incredible amount of information on it. Am I ready for that kind of commitment again?!?! I DON'T KNOW YET!! :rotfl: I'm going to start with the free planning DVD and go from there, I think.

Well, I know the next few days will be pretty busy for us trying to get ready for a bunch of gatherings. I hope you and your family have a Very Wonderful Christmas! :santa: We're supposed to be getting ice/snow tonight. I'm hoping it won't be too bad. At least we won't be doing any travelling. We've already got quite a bit of snow on the ground, so we'll definitely have a White Christmas. I'm sure you'll have great weather! Sunny & 75? ;)

Hudson5&Lennon3 01-02-2008 10:34 PM

Bumping for some exposure. Are there any lurkers that want to stop by and say "Hi?"

Hudson5&Lennon3 01-07-2008 12:53 PM

Anyone? :rolleyes1 Anyone? :rolleyes1

Nik's Mom 01-07-2008 05:08 PM

Hi! Just me! Hopefully we'll get other Dis'rs to join us soon. How was your Holiday? We've been so busy getting our house ready to sell. We're almost done with the remodeling, then we'll put it up on the market.

Once this entire re-locationg thing ends, I'll go back into heavy vacation planning mode!:thumbsup2

Hudson5&Lennon3 01-13-2008 10:36 PM

Well, I think maybe some people are just lurking because I see the number of views for our thread has increased! I keep forgetting about not getting the email notifications anymore, so I forget to come and check. I just assume no emails means no posts. Oops!

Our Christmas was busy but fun. :santa: Santa brought the boys just what they wanted, so they're happy. :thumbsup2

My mom and I went to AAA yesterday to get some info since they had their "Disney Day" yesterday. We went through them last time, but I don't think we will this time. My mom wanted her own information about DCL and Florida in general. I think they're going to go down a few days before the cruise, and we'll stay for a few days after. Then we can each do our own separate things but still get to cruise together. Since she would never get online and check out the DIS, I'm going to order the new Passporter for her when it comes out. Then she can really start planning, too.

Good luck with the remodel/sell/move. What's your timeframe for being moved?

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