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Milla 11-09-2007 06:15 PM

Our january trip tp NY, Disney Wonder and DWD!!!Lots of pics!!!
I decided to start my pre-trip report now that I have only 59 days left until the big day!!:cool1: The reasons why I'm writing this are:
-My family cannot stand me talking about Disney anymore.
-I think that people here at DIS are very nice and could give me some valuable tips
-I really think that I'm going to explode if I don't share all my worries with someone.

This trip will be my 15th birthday gift so I'm planning everything to be perfect. While we are there, mom and dad will also celebrate their 20th anniversary.Therefore, for this trip to be everyone's cup of tea, our etinerary is:
-From 01/09 to 01/12= NY City
-From 01/12 to 01/13= Port Orleans Riverside
-From 01/12 to 01/17= 4 nights Disney Cruise
-From 01/17 to 01/22= Yacht Club Resort
-From 01/22 to 01/25= POP Century Resort

That means 4 days of NY (my mom's dream city) and then 13 days of pure Disney magic!!!!

Well...Guess now it's time for me to introduce the family...

ME - My name is Camilla, but you can call me Cami or Milla and....I'm the birthday girl!!!I'm also the greater Disney freak I've ever known. I was not like that before but then I started plannig this trip and got to know the boards and now I'm completely obsessed with all things Disney. I could also say that I'm a Disney snob:snooty: ,always trying the best resorts and restaurants in The World!! Here is my pic
MOM - She is also a disney freak, but a controlled one!! She is a Disney snob too but as she has to follow the mom role she is the one to put my feet back on land!! She is my best friend(together with my sisters) and sometimes she really doesn't act like a mother.As most of us, she becomes a big kid when she is at Disney. Here's a pic to prove
DAD - He is not a Disney freak, although he really enjoys going to the world.He is the one who would rather go to Europe this year, but as it is MY birthday I decide where we are going:snooty:Althoug he doesn't show all his excitment I'm sure that he loves going to Disney and has lots of fun there!!Here is a fun pic
Dessa - That's my big sister and the reason why we went to Disney last year, her 15th birthday(uh...I'm starting to see a pattern here!!:rotfl: ) She is definetly my best friend above all and we have the best time together. I wouldn't say she's a Disney freak, but she's definetly a characters' freak. She loves them all!!!Speacially Woody, The Bauty and the Beast and,I think her favourite, Goofy!!!Here's a great pic of her(and it's not during MNSSHP:rotfl2: )
Nati - She is my little sister. Right now she is 10 but her birthday is coming real soon, the november 19th!!!!She just loves Disney and is really excited about how fast time is runnig!!!Everyday she wakes up early just to cross one more day on our countdown calendar(photos later)!!!!She is the one who really prefers the value resorts over the others.She says that they are really nicely decorated and just makes her feel at Disney!!I'm quite sure her favourite characters are the princesses, but right now she is just obsessed with High School Musical!!!There she is:

Well...I think that's enough for you to know us!!! Here's a pic of all the family together

Ps. I want to know if you guys want lots of pics or just a few. I really love seing other people's pics but I know that I'm gonna get out of control and post zillions of pics:rolleyes1 , so i wanted to know if you are ok with it!!!

Milla 11-09-2007 08:32 PM

ADR's made!!!!
I'm so excited!!!
I just made my ADRs!!!
I could not choose amny restaurats since we didn't get the dining plan, but I'm really happy with the ones I chose!Our food etinerary is arranged like this:

01/18 - Breakfest at Chef Mickey
01/19 - Diner t Planet Hollywood
01/21 - Dinner at Ohana'
01/22 - Lunch at Sci-Fi Dine in

From what I've seen these are my favourite restaurants but I'm still trying to convince my mom about the Coral Reef.And then there is also my Surprise Restaurant which as the name says it's a surprise and I have no idea what to expect but I'm sooooo excited about it!!:cool1:
On the other days we're deciding where to eat at the parks, but I really want to try Pinocchio and Casey's.
last year we had no idea about all the opitions so we'd just eat at some random place everytime.That just happened because we had only about 5 days to plan everything so these little things just went out of control!:sad2:

That's it just wanted to post my ADR's. And if someone has any suggestions about places to eat that are not table service I would be very thankful!!:thumbsup2

Milla 11-11-2007 07:06 AM

Ok...I'm a little worried because noone wants to post anything but I'm gonna keep moving forward!! - -As Walt used to say!!!

Just posting to say that yesterday I saw that Disney had release the Pirates and princesses party days, so I just had to buy the tickets.Last years we were there during MVMCP but we didn't know about any of that and now I couldn't let anything out of my etinerary
I got pretty lucky because there is only one day during our stay in which the party is scheduled to occur, and that's the 21th.
So now I have to change my ADR's for Ohana' to the 20th!!!But everything is under control!!!!!
That's it!!!!
PLEASE post something!!!!!

wishuponastarforever 11-11-2007 07:22 AM

Milla - I love your enthusiasium. Your trip sounds like a dream come true.
I know you and your family will have a wonderful time.

The Disney Cruise is spectacular. The Disney ships are the most beautiful. My husband and I love the cruise as much as we love the parks.

Don't give up on people posting. Alot of people just like to read. You have a sweet gift expressing yourself. Just keep posting and we'll keep enjoying.

Happy early Birthday.:cake: :bday: party:

Milla 11-11-2007 07:28 AM


Originally Posted by wishuponastarforever (Post 21724368)
Milla - I love your enthusiasium. Your trip sounds like a dream come true.
I know you and your family will have a wonderful time.

The Disney Cruise is spectacular. The Disney ships are the most beautiful. My husband and I love the cruise as much as we love the parks.

Don't give up on people posting. Alot of people just like to read. You have a sweet gift expressing yourself. Just keep posting and we'll keep enjoying.

Happy early Birthday.:cake: :bday: party:

:welcome: to my trip report!!!!!!!
THaks for posting!!!!!
You wrote very kind things, you sound like a CM!!;)
I'll keep on posting and hope you keep on enjoying!!!!:thumbsup2

disneydance 11-11-2007 11:24 AM

Great job and its sounds like your going to have a great just a FYI this may be moved to the Pre-Trip board by and mod because thats where it belongs

Dan Murphy 11-11-2007 04:04 PM

What a great report so far, Milla. I was excited just reading it; I think I am oout pf breath just reading it, LOL. You have a lovely looking family and I love that strike a pose you have there in front of the Castle, cool!! :cool1:

Keep that excitement going up to and all through your trip, you will carry dad right along. An early Happy Birthday to you too.

Thanks much for sharing, Milla, or is it Cami, I always love to see the joy and essence of Disney in everybody, especially young folks like yourself. :teeth:


Disneyland_Mama 11-11-2007 05:20 PM

I'm in! I love getting in on the PTR's when they've just started.

As far as CS eateries, you might want to try Sunshine Season in EP - they have lots of different food items to choose from. Check out the menus on allearsnet.

I hope you have a magical trip and can't wait to read all about it. :goodvibes

bettyann29 11-11-2007 08:57 PM

Your family sounds like fun..

That dress your sister is wearing is so pretty.. Did she have trouble riding rides in it? I bet she got a few stares since it wasnt MNSSHP.. :lmao:

I just recently got into reading TR's.. I LOVE seeing pictures..

New York is my DS14's dream place to go.. we are finally taking him there over July 4th next year and he is so thrilled.. on the top of our list is seeing a NYY game, so Im hoping they have one while we're there..

Disney is my dream place :goodvibes The value resorts is also my daughters favorite hotels.. although thats all she's ever been to.. :lmao: :rotfl2: but I think they would still be her favorite even if she visited the moderates or deluxe.. ok, maybe not deluxe.. :rotfl:

Cant wait to hear more..

Milla 11-12-2007 10:17 AM

Hey bettyann29 :welcome:
I Loved your comments!!!
Actually my sister only wore that dress to take a few pictures, but it was really funny!!!

My little sister loves the value resorts but she didn't stay at any of the others neither.But even after seing all the pictures sh's still more excited about the POP than the others!!!
She is really thrilled with the pool at Yacht Club though!!!!

Right now I have lots of stuff to do but Im gonna update th report later with more pictures!!!
See ya:wizard:

Milla 11-12-2007 10:20 AM

Hey Disneyland_Mama :welcome: and thanks for the tip!!!!!

I'll definetly chek that out!!!!

Keep on reading the report

Milla 11-13-2007 04:33 PM

Passing to post our countdown calendar!!!!:cool1:
And..we are almost ending this one!!!:woohoo:

These are the calendars that my little sister runs every moring to cross one more day;)

By the way...I stated working on my Door decoration so I'll probably post some pictures later!!!
They are coming out better than I expected, although I don't know what I'm gonna do with them exactly!!!:confused3

Need some help!!!:goodvibes

Milla 11-13-2007 04:46 PM

Ok I know that the november calendar is 2 days late( uhu!!!:cool1: :goodvibes ) but I just didn't have time to take another pic!!!!

Milla 11-23-2007 06:54 PM

Ok so I know my trip report is getting kinda boring but I'll try to make it better;)
I'm in my last week of classes so in about 9 days I'll be ready to dedicate myself completely to this report!!!!It's just that now I have to study to the final exams and I'm also preparing some stuff which wqas supposed to be a window decor to use in my trip but I'm starting to think that it would be a nice gift to give to those CM that make our trip magical somehow (Gosh I'll have to make tons of them):scared: It's soooooooooo beautiful!!!!!:love:
You guys have got to see them(pics later)!!
Right now I'm trying to make my etinerary beacuse i definetly want to go at least ywice in each park, but I just don't know how!!!!! Besides Ive got to have a free day to go to the city's mall and OUTLETS!!!!!!!:woohoo:
I spent the last week without posting because my grandparents came to visit us so I had LOTS of stuff to do!!!I'm so tired!!!!:headache:
I'm so excited about the WDW and cruise parts that I totally forgot to plan what to do in NY!!!
I guess I'll just get there with no plans:rolleyes1

Gotta go!!Have a biology report to do!!!

See ya:thumbsup2

Dan Murphy 11-25-2007 06:51 PM

VERY cool, Milla, what a neat idea!!!!! I like it. :thumbsup2 :cool1:

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