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ChrisLei 06-29-2007 08:35 PM

Tink's At It Again! A Trip of 3 Celebrations! : Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique UPDT11/28/07
OK, I must confess....

I REALLY REALLY was planning on waiting to start this trip report at the 100 day mark...

I tried....

I tried to devert my attention by keeping myself busy reading other trip reports.....

I tried again by busying myself with writing my better late than never trip report about our last Magical Vacation to the World....

I Tried and Tried as I Might....


The fever set in....and I will just let go submit to it....

I absolutely love to DIS. I get a slew of valuable information. But I love most reading the magical memories that others have experienced. The more detailed the better. I feel as though I was a part of it all. And the pics making it all the more real!

Another fave of mine, is getting to know people. IRL and online. So during my trip report, don't be surprised if you get a question or two thrown out at you. I genuinely love hearing others memories, ideas, or tips.

I am a compulsive planner. I make lists and check it twice (That's why I make a great Santa's helper! :thumbsup2 ) So this trippie will be chock full of lists, and ideas, and all that good stuff!

So let me start my magical Fairytale Dream!


Me: 34 years old (will be turning 35 on Day 3 of our trip...I get to celebrate it at DISNEY!!!) SAHM of two amazing kids. I am THE Family Planner Extrodianaire. Even my siblings call me to plan things out for them. Planning things makes me happy! A day only has 24 hours, and time is precious. Yes, definite Type A personality here. Maybe even a little Obsessive Compulsive too. But I wouldn't have it any other way! Don't underestimate this Tink....

When I am not obsessively planning what to do next, I am scrapbooking. I am a HUGE scrapbooker. I love it so much that I created a scrapbooking swap board. And to prove how obsessive I am planning, I already have my whole Disney vacation album set and ready to go with Disney swaps I have hostessed or joined!

Not only are Prince Charming (Donald at times) and I celebrating our 10th Anniversary on this trip, but I will be turning 35 on November 2nd!!! I can't wait! I never thought I would be celebrating my birthday at Disney!

DH- 34 years old. My hard-working, patient, loveable Prince Charming. He is the man who took my childhood dream of being a SAHM and with careful planning, made sure it became a reality. He's the best dad every kid asks for...he is involved and takes joy in spending his weekends and time off with his family.

DD- 8 years old. She is the ipitome of a Princess. I guess all these years of treating her and telling her she's one has conditioned her to believing it. LOL She is extremely friendly, sensitive, and loving. She is such a girly-girl. Princess ArieL is also a Family Planning Extrodinaire in training. She came up with her list of must do's and must see's and has a hand in making certain they are in the agenda.

When little miss Princess ArieL (I know, I know, it looks like a typo every time I write ArieL, but trust me it is on purpose. Her real name starts with an L so I thought it be fitting to jazz up her fairytale name a bit) is not ordering her little brother around, she is a prima ballerina! She lives and breathes dance! She has been attending dance classes for 4 years now and loves every minute if it. I know I may be partial, but she lights up on stage! She is counting down the days till she can join the competition team. Unfortunately, since at the moment I am a SAHM, and I take budgeting very seriously, we can not afford the extra $1500 expense it would cost for us to have her in it. She is extremely understanding, and says she will count the days till she can.

DS- 4 years old. (Will be celebrating his 5th birthday on the Disney Cruise!) He is our high octane, full of energy, fun-loving Stitch. Like Stitch, he can get himself into loads of trouble...but you can't stay mad at him for long. He is extremely loveable and affectionate.

Stitch is also the reluctant preschooler and soccer player. What is hilarious is that he hasn't even started regular school yet and he says "AWWW, Mom school takes FOREVER." He does the same for soccer too! He runs around the field "pretending" to go after the ball, but I think he does it just to please us. Gotta love him!

Ladies & Gentlemen, this is the cast of characters.

Up Next: The Fairytale Dream Begins.....

ChrisLei 06-29-2007 08:41 PM

A Fairytale Dream in the Making.......

Once Upon A Time....Prince Charming, Tink, Princess ArieL, & Stitch were in the middle of thier 1st Family Vacation to the World when Tink turned to Prince Charming and said....

"You know, in 2 years we will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary. You know what I think would be a perfect idea?"

Prince Charming looked into my eyes and saw the wheels of planning going already. He can read me like a book! He can so see when the wheels of my ever so obsessive planning pretty little mind of mine is working.

"What are you thinking of?" he asked.

I give him a big smile and with a twinkle in my eye said, "Wouldn't it be an awesome idea if we could celebrate our 10th the same way we celebrated our honeymoon? I mean, we always did say we would thoroughly enjoy going back on a cruise. But wait! And you know what would make it even better, hun?!?! Celebrating the Big 10, with a cruise with the kids, AND at the Happiest Place on Earth!":cloud9:

He gave me one of those looks....:rolleyes1 You know, the ones that say, we have been on vacation at the Happiest Place on Earth for the past 3 days and you are already planning the next trip here. I don't know.....

"Hun, we can take a 4 day cruise, then spend 3 days here with the Big Cheese! The kids would have a blast, and since it is thier first time cruising we are taking a shorter cruise...huh, honey,what do you say? Huh? Huh? Huh?" I said.

Prince Charming likes to make the world think that he isn't a huge Disney fan. But he is the first one to know when the next Disney Movie is in the theater or when the next video is going on sale. I can not count how many times I saw the little kid in him when we talked about this vacation and nevermind during the trip!

So with a twinkle in his eyes he reponded, "We'll see.."

A few hours later, on our way back to our room at the Carribbean Beach Resort he asks "Do you happen to know how much a land and sea vacation would run us?"

Without missing a beat I answered "I don't know exactly but I can jump on it when we get back home!"

WOOHOO!!!! We are going back to Disney World!!!!:woohoo:

UP NEXT: 8 months later.....

ChrisLei 06-29-2007 09:29 PM

When we returned back home, I called the Travel Agent Extrodianaire, the Hostess With the Mostest, Celeste. Unfortunately, she couldn't give us any solid numbers since the trip was close to two years away. She said to contact her in 8-9 months when the AAA rates are released.....

Awww, so the wait was on....

8 months later.....

Prince Charming, Princess L, Stitch, and I have settled into eating our dinner one evening, and after the usual chat about how our lazy days of summer have been going, and our plans for the beach for the weekend, I clear my throat and look at Prince Charming in the eye.

Tink; Honey, remember our talk about our 10th Anniversary?

Prince Charming: (chewing his steak) Um Hmm.

Tink: Well, remember when we returned and I tried to find a quote, it was too early. Well, I found out with Celeste that we can get a quote this month...

Prince Charming: Who's Celeste?

Tink: (looking at him like he had 2 heads) Uh, Hun, she's Our AAA Vacation Planner...remember??

Prince Charming: (laughs) You don't forget a name do you?

Tink: ([/COLOR]blushes) No, not really. Especially when they save us loads of money!

Prince Charming: (pensive) You sure the kids won't get sick? I mean they've never been on a ship....

Princess L: A Ship?? I want to go!

Stitch: Me too!

Prince Charming: What do you think we are talking about?

Princess L & Stitch: The Disney Cruise!!!!!

Prince Charming: (looks at me) rallying up support for your cause??

Tink: (innocently) No, what makes you think that???

Prince Charming: (smiles and lets out a hearty laugh and gets that twinkle in his eye) Allright, give the lady a call.

Tink: mean it, I can call Celeste!

Prince Charming: Yes. This means no excessive spending before the trip.

Tink, Princess L, & Stitch: WOOHOO!!!! WE'RE GOING TO DISNEY!!!!!

UP NEXT Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed....

ChrisLei 06-29-2007 09:33 PM

The next morning, I watched as the clock ticked away the minutes. :hourglass I know that Celeste doesn't get into work till about 9am. That didn't matter, I woke up from the excitement of planning at 7am. At 8:30am, Princess L and Stitch made thier way downstairs and I set them up for breakfast.

"Mommy is going to call the nice lady that gets great deals for Disney trips, so when you see me on the phone please don't bother Mommy okay? " I told my two.

"Of course Mommy!" piped Princess L. " I will make sure Stitch is Very Very quiet!"

I was a little afraid to ask "How" she was going to manage to accomplish this:scared: .... but figured, what the heck! I will have total silence!

The moment the clock struck 9am, I started dialing. The phone rang, once, twice, three times....I was beginning to think a voicemail would answer. :sad2: But on the 4th ring, Celeste cheery voice answered. :goodvibes I reintroduced myself to her and told her she got us awesome deal last time we booked through her for our 1st vacation as a family, and how excellent her recommendation for the dining plan was. She was excited to hear all this.

I told her the reason for my call. We were ready to take a trip back to Disney, this time with the Disney Cruise. I told her the resort we wanted to stay at (Port Orleans French Quarters) for the land portion, and that the stay would absolutely HAVE to have the dining plan. This simplified our lives last time we were there. I then told her how many days we wanted to go on the cruise, and what level we wanted to stay (Category 8). I also told her we would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have the dining plan again. Not to mention the awesome restaurants we went to that we probably wouldn't have if we were paying per person.

Celeste told me she would get back to me with the best prices.

Now we sit and wait.....

UP NEXT: The Wait Is On....

ChrisLei 06-29-2007 09:40 PM

Of course I didn't want to sit waiting by the phone. That would drive me bonkers! :eek: So I packed a picnic lunch, packed up the sandpails, and headed to the beach with Princess ArieL and Stitch. A few hours at the beach would do us some good. We jumped into the Atlantic for a while, had lunch, and I decided to relax while Stitch and Princess ArieL played along the waters edge.

While laying on the sand, I day-dreamed of laying on a deck chair on the cruise sipping Mai Tai while the kids frolicked in the pool.:beach:

That lasted a whole 2 minutes, when I felt sand hit my face and a little hand materialize in front of me holding something that looked totally icky!

Stitch: Look what I found!

Tink: EEWWWW! What's that!

Stitch: (laughing) Mommy! It's a jellyfish!

Tink: YUCK! Wish I had a Mai Tai right now!:drinking1

Stitch: What's a Mai Tai???

Tink: Never mind.

Once I started seeing that Stitch was intending to "collect" these dead jellyfish as souveniers, I decided it was time to go. Besides I was anxious to see if Celeste had called back. :upsidedow I should have given her my cell number!

We took the 15 minute ride back home and I rushed in past the kids to the answering machine. The light was blinking!!! Two messages!!!! :dance3: I slam my finger down on the playback and that whimsical voice of Celeste chimes in. She runs down the prices on the land portion, then gives me the quote for a category 8. Great! I wrote everything down and was about to pick up the phone when....

Beep! Next Message....

It's Celeste again. This time she tells me that she wanted to give me the option to book with a room that just opened up. A Category 10, Secret Porthole Room, the view has a little obstruction but the savings would be $400! But I would have to call her by the end of the day since she can only put a temporary hold on it!

I boot up the computer and make my way to DIS boards. I do a search on "Secret Porthole Rooms". Some are heavily obstructed, but there was a room I saw pics of that looked perfect. Room 5020. Very little obstruction.

I called Prince Charming and told him of Celeste's finds. He said the magical words. "Book it!" :cool1:

I call Celeste and get her voicemail. I tell her we are very interested and would like to know the Secret Porthole Room Number.

20 minutes later she calls back. The Secret Porthole Room Number is.......5020!!!! WOOHOOO!!!! I happily gave her my credit card number and she sent me the confirmation emails! We are booked from November 1st-4th at Port Orleans French Quarters, and then being whisked away on a WONDERful 4 day cruise to the Bahamas!

:banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

ChrisLei 06-29-2007 09:46 PM

A Little Disney History......

Lets go back....

A Long, long ago....

I have been a Disney fan since the first time I walked through the turnstyle at the Magic Kingdom and I looked down Main Street and saw the beautiful majestic Cinderella Castle. Before that, I had never really heard of Disney before that day.

AAAGHAST!!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Moi had never ever heard what Magic Kingdom was. Sure I knew who Mickey Mouse was. I was Minnie for Halloween one year (remember the costume with the hard plastic mask held onto your face with a rubber band type string? It had two small slits for the eyes and a teeny pinhole for you to breath through which never was big enough for a sufficient amount of oxygen, and a slit for the mouth that if you dared stick your tongue through it you were bound to cut it! Yes folks, we survived!) But the house of mouse, nope never heard of it.

To be perfectly honest, I never knew the typical suburban family went away on vacations. For us, summer vacations were spent locally, enjoying the occasional day trips to the state parks and pools,which was what my mom could afford. Our carefree summer days were spent riding our bikes around the neighborhood. My parents divorced when I was 5, and my mom remarried and did her very best to provide for my brother and I. My dad only really saw my brother and I on holidays and for functions where he wanted to "show off" his children. So honestly, we didn't REALLY know him. He took vacations with his new wife, but we were never invited to come along. Fortunately, since we didn't know what it was to take vacations, we didn't really miss it. Mom made our summers fun by entertaining us on a budget.

Even though I didn't have the picture perfect relationship with my dad I wanted, I did develop the paternal tie with his brother, Uncle Disney (since he has worked there for 25 years I thought that name was fitting). He was the Dad I wish my father was. So when he moved from NY to FL, I was devastated. He always inquired about me, and the year after he moved, he came to visit, and asked if I wanted to spend a month in FL. I said sure and took the long drive back with him and Mrs. Disney.

I had a wonderful summer! That first year I spent most of my time in the pool while he worked, but once he arrived home we would chat. During the weekends he would take me to the movies and to Chuck E Cheese. It was the best vacation I had ever had....till the following year!

During the fall, Uncle Disney started working for the Mouse. The following spring, he asked if I would like to go visit again and I gave him an excited "Yes!", not knowing what was in store for me. He came to visit my grandma and to pick me up. I took the ride back and along the way he asked if I had heard of Disney World. "No" I reponded. And he went on to describe a wonderland to me. The rest of the trip I tried to imagine what it was like. Could it be like Rye Playland? (This is a local small amusement park). A 9 year old could not imagine the amusement park at such a grand scale!

On that warm summer day in July( I am sure it was blistering hot, but when you're a kid, it doesn't affect you), I was in awe! To this day Uncle Disney remembers the first time he saw my eyes fill with the magic! We rode Space Mountain and I giggled and screamed in delight! We went through Haunted Mansion and I covered my eyes but peeked all the while. It was simply amazing. And every single summer after that till I was 15, I wished the days to go by quickly so that I can return to Uncle Disney and the Mouse. Each summer I would take as many as 5 day trips to the Magic Kingdom (and once they opened, Epcot).

Below is a pic of me at Epcot. Once I turned 15 I started getting involved in Chorus, and Dance, and Pageants, so my summers at Uncle Disney had to stop.

I did return again at age 19, and although I thought maybe it wouldn't be the same, once I walked onto Main Street the magic was still in my heart.

Once Prince Charming and I got married, we were busy saving money for our first home. Then Princess ArieL came along. I took a trip to visit my Mom (who had moved to FL), my dad, and of course Uncle Disney. She was a mere 5 months, but Uncle Disney wanted to have the honors of introducing her to the mouse.

Three years later, he did the same with Stitch.

The tradition of Uncle Disney being the first to show our family the Disney Magic lives on!

QUESTION #1: What was your first Disney experience like?

DisneyPRPrincess 06-29-2007 09:57 PM

Sounds like an awesome start to a pretrip report! You have a lovely family!

I will be in the World at the same time you will be AND I will be on the same cruise! How cool is that!

My first time was with my family when I was about 10. I can relate to your awe with the castle. I felt the same way. After that I always dreamed of living in it. I am hoping that the dream team will grant me that wish to sleep in it. Ahhh to dream!

ChrisLei 06-29-2007 10:12 PM


Originally Posted by DisneyPRPrincess (Post 19474284)
Sounds like an awesome start to a pretrip report! You have a lovely family!

I will be in the World at the same time you will be AND I will be on the same cruise! How cool is that!

My first time was with my family when I was about 10. I can relate to your awe with the castle. I felt the same way. After that I always dreamed of living in it. I am hoping that the dream team will grant me that wish to sleep in it. Ahhh to dream!

:welcome: Yippee my first official reader!

The castle gets me everytime. When I saw it last time all dolled up in the gold finery, I got all choked up! It was amazing! I think I took 40 pics of it. Prince Charming was not at all pleased! LOL

Wow that is great that we are going to the World at the same time! It really is the best time of year. I love the weather in November. I am not a heat lover AT ALL!!!

rentayenta 06-30-2007 08:58 AM

:thumbsup2 Land and Sea, how incredible. I love reading the history of falling in love with Disney and your family is beautiful!

ChrisLei 06-30-2007 10:21 AM


Originally Posted by rentayenta (Post 19478750)
:thumbsup2 Land and Sea, how incredible. I love reading the history of falling in love with Disney and your family is beautiful!

Thank you for the compliment!

I love to hear how people fell in love with Disney too. I can't say it enough, but once you go through those gates, you are transported back in time to how you felt as a kid. No worries, no cares, just good old fashioned fun!

ChrisLei 06-30-2007 12:38 PM

OK so I decided to change up the title for this trippie. I don't know, I had writer's block when it came to the title. So my sis was reading it over this morning:

Sis- I think your title makes it sound more like a whimsical romantic wishy washy story. I mean, not that that isn't great and all. But you are a fun energetic spunky type of gal!

It was all I could come up with at the time....:confused3

Sis- You need something more......I don't know.....catchy.

Tink- What do you suggest?

Sis- Well, doesn't Prince Charming always say "You're at it again!" when he sees that you are feverishly working on plans for the trip?

Tink- Yeah.....

Sis- Tink's at it again! There, I got your title!

Tink- That sounds nice!

Hence the new name for the pre-trippie was born!

Hope everyone likes it.

Up Next: Our First Experience of the Magic!

lauren_elizabeth 06-30-2007 12:47 PM

Yay! I'm loving it so far!

And I can't wait to hear how the Disney Cruise went....
that's one thing I really want to do soon!

ChrisLei 06-30-2007 05:01 PM


Originally Posted by lauren_elizabeth (Post 19481939)
Yay! I'm loving it so far!

And I can't wait to hear how the Disney Cruise went....
that's one thing I really want to do soon!

Thank you Lauren!

Congratulations on the baby-to-be! And the baby will be here before the holidays! How exciting! Have any names picked out yet?

ChrisLei 06-30-2007 05:12 PM

Now you all must be thinking......Is this Tink suffering from selective memory loss? :faint: She just told us a couple of posts ago that she has been going to Disney since she was a kid....her hubby has been there once as a child and once while they were dating....and each child has been cordially introduced to the mouse. So what gives?:confused3

But I have to add that each of the visits the kids made were sans Prince Charming. :sad1: Our family had never gone to Disney together. So in the early Spring of 2005 we started discussing taking a day trip to the World for the first time as a family.

Well what started off as a day trip or two, eventually turned into a a magical 6 day vacation.:cheer2:

It started innocently enough... we had inquired with Uncle Disney if he can get us a 2 night discount on a stay on property. Unfortunately, since we would be visiting family during Thanksgiving vacation, the mouse has those dates blocked out to cast members. :rolleyes1 RATS!

A few days later he told us about a promotion that Disney was having called "Magic Your Way". He told us it was very affordable for a family of 4. So I looked into it. Wow, what a dream it would be to actually stay on Disney property! I didn't get my hopes up since the promotion called for staying 6 nights.

Each night I would dream of how wonderful it would be to stay on property. My Uncle Disney had once taken me to look around the Carribean Beach. I thought it was paradise in the middle of Orlando!

Since we are AAA members, I decided to check out their discounts. That is where I met our friend, travel agent extrodinaire, Celeste. Her prices were WAY below the Disney quote and would save us a few hundred bucks. Did I mention it would ALSO include DINING??? I had seen tons of pics of character dining, what an awesome thing if we did that!:goodvibes

So I casually approached Prince Charming with the idea, and the rest is history! (You can read my better late than never trip report to hear all about our awesome vacation).:rotfl:

It was while I was planning that trip that I became a DIS junkie. I have a friend, who happens to be my partner on the Scrapbooking & Swaps message board that I have, who is really really really NUTS 4 Disney. So being that she stayed on site before and had utilized the dining plan too I asked her for tips and advice.

And that my friends, is when she led me to my new obsession...The DISBOARDS!!!!:thumbsup2

The tips I recieved were priceless! After that, I recommended the DIS board to every one of my friends that would be visiting Disney. What can I say, I love sharing good news with others!

It was truly magical. It was during that magical vacation that the spark for this upcoming vacation came to pass!

QUESTION: How did you learn about the DIS Boards?

Avivasmom 06-30-2007 06:29 PM

How cool a Disney cruise and and Disney World all at once. What more can you ask for.

We have spent the past 3 anniversaries at Disney...this will be the 4th year and it will be our 11th!!

What a good looking family you have. Cannot wait to read more.

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