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ChrisLei 06-14-2007 02:24 PM

THe It's Never Too Late to Write a Trip Report Trippie- 11/20 through 26th, 2005
That's right, this trippie has been in the making since 2005! :eek: EEK!!! I have read many reports on the board and have loved every single one of them. And I always said I would set out to make one of my very own. Well, with returning from the trip right in the height of Christmas Shopping season....well, I kinda put it in the back burner. Then of course life got in the way...:laundy: Christmas led to spring....which led to summer vacation.....plans to start school to earn my certification and Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education...and not knowing how 11 years out of college, 2 kids, and a list of activities in which I have to shuttle the kids to or lead (I am also a Girl Scout Leader). WHOA! :scared: It's a miracle I got my head screwed on the right way!

But enough about that! Now I am ready to relive the Magic! :wizard: This will also be a great way for me to get even more excited about our upcoming trip to the World!

The Cast:
Let me begin by introducing you to the cast. We are a funloving family of four originally from the heart of the Big Apple, New York City. We relocated to the Jersey Shore in the Garden State almost 7 years ago. We surprisingly fell in love with it immediately. We love our little house, love the schools, the town, the activities....(I Did say we were funloving! LOL). We are also HUGE Disney fans. We have the Disney channel on all day, purchase all the movies the moment they are released, and make special trips into the city to visit The World Of Disney Store in order to experience a little magic at least twice a year. Unfortunately we are not one of the blessed families that gets to go to the World every year. To be exact, prior to this trip, we had not gone to Disney as a family at all. DH had gone twice as a child and one time once we became a couple. I had visited every year from the time I was 9 till I was about 21. (Lucky enough that my favorite uncle is a castmember!) DD had been there 2 times for day trips when visiting the grandparents, and DS went once as a 3 month old, again with the luk of having an uncle who is a castmember, so they were not planned trips, but free spur of the moment trips. But we have never experienced Disney just the four of us.

So without any further interruptions here are your Cast:

Tink-:tinker: Quite simply me. I am sweet and friendly until you push me to the limit. I can be one fiesty lady! LOL I am a self proclaimed OCD planaholic. I leave no I's undotted, no T's uncrossed. I love knowing what I will be doing at all times. I enjoy seeing things fall into place. I am the type that has a plan for the year on New Year's Eve. I feel like I have accomplished so much when I see them all get crossed off as Mission Accomplished.

Prince Donald- :donald: He is like Half & Half, just enough Prince Charming, with just as much Donald in him. He lets me do all the planning but will question every step of the way. I call him a closet Disney fan. He will tell you that Disney is no big deal, but just take a peek at him watching a parade, and you can see the twinkle in his eye!

Princess Ariel- princess: She is the epitome of a princess! She loves all things girly, is sweet, and kind, but with just enough sass. She was born for Disney. She has grown out of me calling her my baby girl....but does not mind at all, in fact strongly approves, me calling her princess.

Stitch/Experiment 626- :stitch2: My little man is your classic energizer bunny! From sun up to sun down, he keeps everyone in the house going. He also gets himself into some huge messes. But he can get himself out of it with that adorable dimpled smile. Stitch is fitting for this little guy!

The Start of The Dream Vacation:

After becoming parents, we decided that we would leave the big city behind for a quiet little existence in the suburbs. With housing cost astronomically high in NYC and taxes no better, we decided that we would move out of our homestate altogether. This meant moving somewhere that we were not familiar with. It also meant we had to make a big decision. Ariel's babysitters were either her grandma or my very close friend. Would I continue working and leave Ariel with a total stranger? She was a late talker so this meant she couldn't tell us if something was wrong. Not to mention child care costs are through the roof! So we made the decision that although we would miss my nice salary, we would be forfeiting it for a good cause. I would be seeing my little girl grow myself. Of course this meant we would have to be more frugal with our spending and not take vacations every year (who am I kidding???? Vacation would be few and far between! LOL) So we made our choices and add another child, we stick by our decision and are happy with it!

Since we had not taken a real vacation in 4 years, we started discussing going to Florida to visit my mom and dad (divorced and living on two ends of the state) as our next vacation. We planned to drive and visit with my mom for 3 days and then with my dad for 4. We knew that we would require a hotel stay for the visit with my dad since his place is really small. No matter. Everything was going as planned until.....

We see the Disney commercial on the television! The one with the family having fun at the resort and the parks and all that stuff. Yeah, well Ariel tells us, "Wow that looks like so much fun! Is that the hotel we will be staying at?" I immediately answered no. But Prince D looks at me and says "Hmm, I wonder how much it would cost to stay on property?" :goodvibes THe wheels of planning were cranked on! It has been a dream of mine to stay on property since I was a little girl. But of course my uncle worked there, so it was more cost effective to visit daily and stay at his house. Or when my whole family went we stayed at those motels along I92 that cost $30 a day. Rent a car was the way to and from the World those days. Besides at that time, staying on property were for the wealthy! LOL So I didn't get my hopes up and told Prince D I would run the numbers and call AAA and see what they can offer us.

Up Next: The Dream is Becoming a Reality!

ChrisLei 06-14-2007 03:55 PM

I wake up the next morning refreshed and ready to do my research. I call Prince D and he tells me to look into a trip starting on November 20th, and ending on the 26th. Sure thing! I scour the resorts onsite. Prince D already said if we are going for our first experience onsite he wants it to be at a moderate.:goodvibes Bless his heart! My dream is slowly becoming reality! I remember back when I was teen I went to work with my uncle he swung by the Carribean Beach Resort to drop something off to a friend. I instantly fell in love with the tropical oasis! I dreamed of laying on a hammock and watching the clouds go by......Here I am bursting with excitement looking up quotes on the Disney website. With their quote in mind I called AAA. I was connected to a cheery representative named Celeste. She took my dates and said she would call me back.

I paced the kitchen for what seemed like an eternity. (Good thing we have tile floors, for if we had carpeting, Prince D would know exactly what I was doing all day!) Finally the phone rings. It's Celeste! Her quote knocked my socks off! She was offering the same amount of days at The Carribean Beach Resort for $490 less than Disney was quoting me! WOOHOO :dance3: Then she springs one on me...."Would you be interested in the Magic Your Way PLUS Dining?" HUH? What is that?

At this point I had not been introduced to the DIS boards, and I had no clue what Magic Your Way PLUS Dining entailed. So she goes on to explain the benefits of it. One Counter Service, one Table Service, and 1 Snack per day, for the duration of your stay. Table Services include Character Meals, Signature Dining Experiences and all. WOW! Is all I could muster saying. She said she would put a courtesy hold while I called Prince D.

My little fingers couldn't dial straight! Could it be? Could we be going to Disney and staying on site at the resort of my childhood dreams, AND be able to dine with the Princesses, and Mickey and Pooh too?!?!?! The moment Prince Donald answers the phone this is what he was greeted with:

"Hi Hun, it's me! I went online and I researched how much our trip would cost booking through Disney and they quoted me at $xxxx.xx, so I called AAA and asked how much they would charge. I met a nice lady named Celeste, who said she would get back to me, and she did and she is saving us almost $500! And she told me about this option with meals and we can eat with the princesses, and Mickey and the gang, and Pooh too and we can go to a luau dinner if we want for 2 credits....and that would be twenty something dollars a day for each of us and we get lunch and snacks too!!! Can you believe that! Imagine that, I never dreamed we would eat with the characters! So what do you say??"

All Prince D said was "OK give me numbers".

So I did, and he said "Sounds like a great deal, Book it!"

OMG!!! We are going to Disney! And we are staying in the WORLD!!!! And we are going to eat with the characters! I was on cloud 9!:cloud9:

Next Up: All booked, Now what?

ChrisLei 06-14-2007 07:30 PM

So I called my new best friend, Celeste, and told her "We'll Take It!!!" She was really excited for us and knew we would have a blast.

Now we were all set up, and my obessive compulsive planning was taking over me! I looked through AOL Message Boards looking for any information I can get. Unfortunately the pickings are slim on those boards.:confused3 No problem, I decided that since I knew I was going to Disney I had to plan a scrapbook swap for it. Lucky thing I did! Posting that swap on the AOL board led me to meeting my now dear online buddy, Nutz4Dizney. And she really is nutz for Disney! She goes to Disney religiously every year and is a fountain of information regarding the happiest place on Earth. She was the one I have to thank for introducing me to the DIS boards. (Thanks Tra!) Once I came here once, I was thoroughly addicted!!!

:confused: I had no clue that in a few short weeks I needed to make dining reservations for the character dining experiences we wanted to do. I obtained awesome ideas on how to save money for Disney (#1 awesome idea! Starting a Disney change bank. We ended up saving $500+ of fun money just collecting change at the end of the day). The boards became my daily addiction!:rotfl: Soon enough I was talking DIS boards daily to Prince Donald and although he thought I was crazy, he appreciated all the information I was obtaining.

I ended up making a whole iteniary for the trip. It started with the dining reservations:

11/20- Chef Mickey's
11/21- Pizza Planet (saving TS for Luau)
11/22- Crystal Palace
11/23- Spirit of Aloha
11/24- Bomas
11/25- Lunch at Cinderella Castle

Now all I had to do was wait.......

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Countdown to Disney!

ChrisLei 06-15-2007 01:42 PM

Why is it that everytime you are super excited about going somewhere the days seem to feel like an eternity?

Now Ms. Uber Plannerholic was set. I had all our dining reservations set, and had a list of what we would be doing each day. We were ready. Since we were driving down, I had a cooler set the day before with all the snacks and essentials. The kids each had a backpack with activities, and Prince Donald made a trip to Target and purchased the DVD players for the car. (This ended up being a Godsend! It didn't quench the "Are we there yet?" but it did manage to entertain them and keep them quiet for a few hours at a time.) At the last minute, my brother, who was going through a rough patch with his girlfriend, decided to drive down with us. I was super excited since this meant Prince Donald didn't have to do the majority of the driving on his own.

We had planned to get up and be ready to go at 4am, we ended up actually leaving at 6am. With all the excitement and last minute preparation we didnt get to bed till 12am. So we figured a couple of hours later would not make much of a difference.

11/16-11/20/05 The drive down was uneventful. We arrived safely in Miami the following afternoon, and the next few days was spent with Mom and my sisters in Miami.

Up NEXT: The Magic Begins!

ChrisLei 06-15-2007 03:27 PM

The Magic Begins!
Sleeping arrangements were rather...crowded at Mom's house. My sister conveniently let go of her apartment and decided to take up residence in my mom's tiny apartment with my dear nephew. To make matters even more complicated, my sis invited our cousin to visit:rolleyes1 , THE SAME WEEK OUR FAMILY OF 4 PLUS MY Brother were arriving! Did I mention my mom's place is a one bedroom??? Yeah....well although it was very cramped, we did have a wonderful time. And the mere fact that we were counting down the days till we drove down to Orlando made it all worthwhile.

We had lunch with mom, packed up the van, and kissed them all goodbye at around 1pm. We were estimating that the drive would take us a little over 3 hours and we had 6:30 ressies for Chef Mickey's. The whole ride up to Orlando Stitch kept asking "I don't have to take a picture with Mickey do I? I'm scary of him." The months leading up to the trip we told Stitch that it would be nice to take a pic with the characters. As a preperation we took him to World of Disney store in NYC over the summer so he can attend the meet and greet with Mickey and Minnie. Well...that didn't go over well! Anyone who saw him that day, would've thought he was being tortured! Of course Ariel was all smiles! So I suppose he was relivng those moments as we were heading to Orlando. Again I gave him my same response "You don't have to, but it would be nice."

Everything was going as planned till we were an hour from The DIsney World Resort. SCHHHRRRREEEECHHHHH! Traffic had come to a halt. :mad: Not a crawl....a halt. There was no moving from this baby! I watched as the minutes ticked by and we inched forward. Then I started stressing.....What happens if we can't make the Chef Mickey's ressies? Ariel would be devastated! She was admiring the autograph book I made her and kept showing Stitch where she wanted each character to sign at. I was about to cry. Maybe we should have left after breakfast. But I wanted to spend a few more hours with Mom. :hug: Finally we inched past the hold up. A 3 car pileup! Once we drove around it we were in the clear! Thank Goodness!

One of our fondest memories of the car ride were seeing all the signs telling you you were approaching the Lake Buena Vista area. And the SIGN. Walt Disney World Resort! WOW, I had seen it millions of times but to see it and know that we were going to spend the next few days here. There was nothing like it. We made our way to the Carribean Beach Resort, and I just about cried. It was exactly like I remembered it. We were transported to the carribean islands! We went to the check in building and just as we were getting out of the car, a Disney Magical Express bus was arriving. I gave Prince Donald one look and said "Run! Get inside before they start deboarding the bus we have exactly 30 minutes to get checked in and get to the Contemporary resort!" So he did as I asked. Meanwhile I grabbed Ariel and Stitches hand and walked at a brisk pace after him.

Lucky thing I told him to run, just as I was getting to the doors, a whole slew of people were heading in right behind Prince Donald.:woohoo: He fortunately was first! The check in process was quick and painless. We were directed to the concierge to pick up our iteniaries and tickets for the Spirit of Aloha and we asked what was the Easiest way to get to the Contemporary. That is when we realized, we would have to take one bus to the Magic Kingdom and then take the monorail back to the Contemporary. Hmmm, we looked at the watch and we had exactly 20 minutes to get there. Guess we will be driving there. We got the map and jet set it out of there. We decided to go to the room to freshen up really quick and run a brush through Ariel and my hair. Then we were off.

Again we were doing good for time until......a hold up getting to the contemporary. Seems that there was a business convention starting that evening and there were loads of cars arriving. We had no luck finding parking and here we are 6:40pm and all the way at the end of the parking lot! Prince D grabbed Stitch and carried him all the way to Chef Mickey's. We take the elevators to the restaurant floor and make it to the check in area at 6:45pm. We are extremely apologetic to the CM and told her about the traffic. She greeted us with a smile, and told us not to worry. Seems alot of guests were late because of it too. She also told us it would be a couple of minutes.

Meanwhile, Stitch was looking around warrily. He didn't want any characters to pounce on him. LOL We waited about 10 minutes and were called over to take our picture with the big plate and utensils. I can't tell you how I felt taking that pic! This just made it all real! Our dream vacation was actually starting! We were then escorted over to Donald who came over to shake Ariel's hand. Stitch of course was hiding behind Prince D's legs and said "I DONT" WANT A PICTURE!" THe CM hostess laughed and walked us to our table. She warned us that characters were heading to our section so we may want to wait before going up to the buffet. Sure enough, Mickey, Chip, Minnie, and Goofy came in steady succession. And Mickey went right over to an unaware Stitch. I braced myself for the scream, but it never came. He actually smiled! And shook his hand! I was shocked...and relieved! We got our first pic of Stitch with the characters! :goodvibes We finished taking pics and made our way to the buffet. We were starving!

The meal was your traditional fare. Since we were hungry everything was delicious! And as we were eating our desserts the Chipmunks came back. Ariel says "Mom take the camera out, and take our pic." I looked at her and said "Honey, we took your pic with him already". She gave me a look and said in a whisper "MOM, we didn't take a picture with him yet....this is Dale!" OOPS! I had no clue! My dear Ariel schooled me on how to tell the difference after that. Who knew thier noses were different colors! LOL

When we were done, Stitch told me that he didnt get a picture with Donald. So we made it a point to go find him and get his picture taken. Who knows with 3 year olds, today could be my only day I can take pics of him with them. Tomorrow he may be back to his unpredictable 3 year old self and be camera shy again! Stuffed and exhausted, we made our way back to the car and back to our "home' for the next few days. We took our showers got into our jammies and were out before our head hit the pillow!

Up Next- MGM STUDIOS- Houston We Have a Problem!

solgent 06-15-2007 11:24 PM

Your TR is really fun. And it looks like you have an awesome trip planned for this year!

ChrisLei 06-16-2007 08:11 AM


Originally Posted by solgent (Post 19226095)
Your TR is really fun. And it looks like you have an awesome trip planned for this year!

Thank you so much! I know it may not be for everyone since it is old. But thanks so much for reading it. It is actually getting me more excited for the upcoming one. I want to start a pre-trippie for that one since I have had a blast planning that one too!

P.S. That is a beautiful pic of your girls in your signature. Have fun on your upcoming trip too!

mdsouth 06-16-2007 09:24 AM

Enjoying your report!
We were in WDW in May 2005. :thumbsup2 Like you it was our first family trip and we hope to get back in 2008 or 2009. :wizard: I like to take "Virtual vacations to Disney" through other people's trip reports. :surfweb: So, when I saw your trip report was from 2005 I had to check it out. Keep it coming!:cool1:

ChrisLei 06-16-2007 12:26 PM


The next morning I woke up at 6:30am feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. I am not sure if it was due to the mattresses being so comfy or if it was because Prince D and I finally had a bed to ourselves and didn't have to feel a knee, elbow, or foot nudging us all night!:rotfl2:

I decided I would take a walk around the resort, so I washed up and got dressed and whispered to Prince Donald what I was going to do. He just grunted a reply I am sure happy that I was not jumping up and down on the bed for him to wake up at this early hour. Our room was in Barbados. I figured it would be nice to take a walk toward Old Port Royale and take some pics of the resort bathed in the early morning sunshine. It was just as I imagined it. I was in awe. The Disney Imagineers are wonderful at what they do! I came across the beach and decided to sit there and bask in the glory of the new day. As I looked out at the water I reflected on how utterly happy I was at this moment. I never dreamed that we would ever stay on Disney property. And here I was today. :cloud9: Sure we fantasize about big trips we would like to take. But reality always brings our head down from the clouds. I decided I would enjoy every minute of this trip and remember it for a lifetime.

After my short break, I continued on my exploration. I looked at the theme pool and just knew that Ariel and Stitch would love going in there. Then I took a path that brought me to the hammocks! I debated on laying on one, but decided that I wanted to share the rocking on the hammocks for the first time with Ariel. At that moment I looked down at my watch and couldn't believe that I was out and about for 90 minutes already. Time sure does fly when you are in the Magic!

I walked back and entered the room and saw Ariel rubbing the sleep off her eyes. "Mom, I don't feel so good" Ariel said. This was followed with her running off to the bathroom! :scared1: Something did not sit well in her tummy. This was not good. As I was cleaning her up, Prince Donald promptly went into the bathroom to do the same. Ugh Oh! Please don't tell me we were all coming down with something. I ran to the van and took out my emergency kit. (As a girl scout leader, I live by the motto "Be Prepared". It's my mantra!) I gave both of them a Pepto Bismol chewable and prepared thier breakfast.....saltine crackers and sips of water. The saltine crackers were an afterthought when packing. I brought it along in case the kids got car sick. Lucky thing they were with us! Prince Donald and I were debating whether to use today instead of Wednesday as our off day, but Ariel looked at us and said "No, Mommy! We had planned today to go to MGM. We can't change the plans, PLEASE!" Yes, Ariel, is a creature of plans. Just like her mom! Stitch woke up at that instant and said he was ready to go. I took everyone's temperature and they all checked out. We started going over in our head and thought of what we ate that could've messed up thier stomachs. We realized that Prince Donald and Ariel were the only ones that had ice cream sundaes for dessert at Chef Mickey's so it could possibly have been the ice cream since Stitch and myself never felt ill.

So all dressed and ready to go, we headed to the bus stop. Prince D was so excited that he would be having a break from driving for the next few days. There was a HUGE line waiting. Lucky thing most of those waiting boarded the busses to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Our bus to MGM was half full. WHen we arrived I called my dad who had decided the night before that he would be joining us for the day. Ariel's request was to go to...what else...The Journey of the Little Mermaid. Dad was still at home so we decided we would take on a few attractions. There was practically no wait for most of the attractions that day. When we arrived at the Little Mermaid we walked straight in. Stitch was a bit afraid of the dark, and Ariel loved the whole show. We walked over to The Great Movie Ride and again walked right on. Ariel was afraid when our "tour guy" got captured. She looked at me and asked in a whisper "Mom, is there a way to get the bad guy off and rescue the good guy?" Since I knew the outcome and didn't want to spoil it, I looked at her and answered "I don't know sweetie, but lets sit tight and see what happens." She was ecstatic at the outcome! All was well in her world.

By the time we got off, Dad was making is way to the Sorcerer Hat. He fell instantly in love with the kids. The last time he had seen them was my last visit to FL when Stitch was 3 months and Ariel was 3. He was concerned that they would not want to be near him or would be shy. Was he excited when Stitch reached out his arms and Ariel gave him her hand. The rest of the day was heaven for Grandpa!

Stitch and Ariel watch the Disney Channel all day at home, so they loved every minute of seeing the preschool characters on stage, taking pics with Sully and Mike, posing with the Power Rangers, chatting with Kim Possible and Ron about thier next mission, and seeing the characters from Toy Story. But an event that they couldn't wait to go is eat at Pizza Planet. Ariel and Prince Donald were a bit weary of eating pizza so they passed and played games instead. Dad, Stitch and I sat and ate. I had heard lots of negatives about this place, but thankfully I didn't let that be the deciding factor. The pizza was the same as Pizza Hut. We enjoyed lunch, played some more games and then headed off to Star Tours.

Anyone that knows Stitch and Ariel, know that they are HUGE...and I mean HUGE, Star Wars fans. They can tell you every single character and what episode each one appears in. Dad was in awe! He could not believe the kids knowledge of Star Wars. After the ride the kids were giddy with excitement. Dad decided to purchase some Star Wars toys for Stitch. He was in heaven! He decided that he would get Ariel something more girly at another store. He was shocked that my children were not the tantrum types and he said I did a great job with them.:goodvibes

Since the parade was about to start in 30 minutes we decided to go stake out a spot. While we were sitting there, the skies opened up to one of Floridas famous afternoon thunder storms. I had packed some rain ponchos and sat still. Stitch carraige had a cover so he was nice and dry. Dad decided to use the time to take Ariel to the gift shop. He returned 20 minutes later and all smiles. Again in awe, he replayed what happened in the store. He asked Ariel to pick whatever she wanted. She looked around and picked a stuffed Jasmine doll. He looked at the price and told her she could pick something else. She looked at him and said "I could?!?!" He said yes. So she walked around the store and said "Can I get that Tinkerbell doll? It's ok if you can't today." He said his heart swelled. At that very moment another child was throwing a tantrum because they couldn't get 3 dolls, and the mom had two in her hands! He looked down at Ariel and told her "Of course sweetheart, keep being a considerate mindful little girl and you will get things when you can." Ariel's face when she walked out to me with her bag of not one but two goodies from Grandpa was priceless.

Since we had Ariel and Stitch and they were so young, we didn't do the TOT or the Rollercoaster. We did watch Beauty and the Beast. We made the line for Fantasmic. What we didn't anticipate that day was that the afternoon thunderstorm would drop the gorgeous 85 degree weather to a balmy 40 within a mere 3 hours. Prince Donald ended up buying Ariel and Stitch each a fleece blanket to wrap them in since we didn't have jackets with us. He bought me a fleece Tinkerbell pullover. And of course grandpa decided to buy the two a light up wand and Mickey while we waited. Did he spoil them that day! LOL

The tears flowed from my eyes as I watched Fantasmic. It was simply amazing! It is something I am so happy I did not miss. After it was over we walked through the Osbourne Lights. What an amazing story, and what an asset it is for Disney to have the display there. Ariel thought it was hilarious that soap suds were used to simulate snow! We did the quick looksee and decided to head back to the resort. Since Dad had his car we didn't have to wait for the busses. We grabbed a quick bite to eat at Old Port Royale since Prince D and Ariel's tummies were doing better and took the food back to the room. We all ate, bid Dad goodnight, and took our showers and went promptly off to bed. Ariel nodded out right away with her new princess Jasmine doll safely tucked under her arm.:hug:

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A Stroll Down Memory Lane @ The Magic Kingdom

ChrisLei 06-16-2007 12:31 PM


Originally Posted by mdsouth (Post 19229059)
We were in WDW in May 2005. :thumbsup2 Like you it was our first family trip and we hope to get back in 2008 or 2009. :wizard: I like to take "Virtual vacations to Disney" through other people's trip reports. :surfweb: So, when I saw your trip report was from 2005 I had to check it out. Keep it coming!:cool1:

Thank you! I also call them Virtual Vacations! It clearly is the Happiest Place on Earth!

ChrisLei 06-17-2007 08:26 AM

Day 3 11/22/05-

The night before we had set the wake up call for 7am. This way we had plenty of time to eat a quick breakfast, get dressed and be on our way to the Magic Kingdom before the park opened. I had read all about the Mickey wake up calls and was excited to wake up Ariel with it. In anticipation I woke up on my own at 6:50am. The minutes felt like hours ticking by! Finally the phone rang. I shook Ariel and told her to pick it up. She did, put it to her ear and said "Hello? Hello? Mom, there is no one on the line."I took the phone from her to listen, and dead silence.:confused3 That's odd. (We tried it every morning after, and had the same results. We got JIPPED! LOL)

I was so surprised to see Prince Donald get out of bed without having to nudge him a few times. He said he had a good night's rest and was ready to go. (Told you he is a closet Disney fan!:rotfl: ) It was Stitch that took some coaxing to get out of bed. He said "Mom it is still nighttime, I have to keep sleeping!" Oh no mister, we are getting ready. If he thought he was going to continue sleeping he was in for a surprise. Ariel and I started attacking him with kisses and quite quickly he had enough and ran for refuge to Prince Donald. We turned on the weather quickly and realized we were in the middle of a cold front! Lucky thing we had packed jeans and lightweight jackets!

I am not sure if I planned it so well, or it was because we took the park without the EMH or what, but the bus to the Magic Kingdom went half full again. And this was after it picked up from all the areas too! But because it took a while for the bus to arrive we missed the opening ceremony. No Biggie. I had a whole strategy. I wanted to head straight to Frontierland to get on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Ariel was ecstatic that she met the height requirements for this ride. And in her words, she wanted to "finally get to ride a big rollercoaster."

As we walked down Main Street I became pretty emotional. There was the castle....standing before me, all dressed up in its gold finery. It took my breath away. Prince Donald thought I was nuts when he saw a tear roll down my cheek. He doesn't quite understand the memories I have of DisneyWorld with my uncle. I remember taking my first picture from that very spot back when I was 9. Just then a CM interrupted my nostalgic moment.

CM-Hey little one, would you like to take a pic with Tink?
Ariel- Yes please! Where is she?
CM- Oh she is a fairy, and fairies are really tiny. You and I can't see her to well since she flies so fast.
Ariel- how can I take a picture with her then?
CM- Well, you see this camera? It's a special camera and takes pictures really fast. Tink loves to take pics with little cuties like yourself, so she will jump in the picture when I am ready to take it.
Ariel- So I can see her in the picture?
CM- Yes! Mom and Dad can get the picture later. Want to try?
Ariel- Mommy can we please?
Me- Of course Princess.

So the CM set us up for the picture. Ariel had her hands cupped together and smiled for the camera. When the CM handed me the card, she looked a bit perplexed and told me she didn't feel her. Tink is tiny, she weighs like a feather. I couldn't wait to show her the pic!

We continued towards Frontierland. Along the way we saw Jessie and Woody. With no lines! We ran over to take a pic. It was so much fun because Woody and Jessie posed with each one holding up one of Ariel's pony tails. It made for a great picture! We then walked over to Big Thunder Mountain. Prince D decided to stay with Stitch (who was NOT happy he couldn't ride) while Ariel and I went on. It was perfect, no lines! I think everyone hit Space Mountain first. As we were going up that first hill Ariel asked if the bats were real. :scared1: Then giggled the whole ride around! She loved it except for the bat part. Since it was downright chilly out, we bypassed the possibility of getting wet on Splash Mountain and worked our way to Indy Speedway.

Next Up- Part 2 Fast Cars, Ride Through Space, & A Grand Coronation!

mdsouth 06-17-2007 08:36 AM

It is so nice to read about grateful, polite kids.
It was great that your dad got to spend time with you all and get to know your children. I also liked reading about how polite and gracious the kids are. :thumbsup2

It is important for kids to learn to appreciate what they are given and to not expect things. My two kids were great on our trip as well. We bought them each Mickey ears, and one small stuffed Mickey Mouse each. They were very happy and did not beg for everything they saw. They each bought one other toy with their own money (a toy Disney bus less than $10.00 for my DS and a small stuffed Donald Duck for my DD). Only yesterday they were both playing with the same toys two years later. My DD actually still wears her Minnie ears all the time. She even wore them to preschool a few times around town. :cool1:

Note to other parents: The small stuffed characters are great because the kids can carry them around with them. Bigger isn'y always better!:thumbsup2

SnoopyDancer 06-17-2007 01:56 PM

I'm enjoying reading your trip report. Better late than never! :thumbsup2

ChrisLei 06-17-2007 03:45 PM


Originally Posted by mdsouth (Post 19241597)
It was great that your dad got to spend time with you all and get to know your children. I also liked reading about how polite and gracious the kids are. :thumbsup2

It is important for kids to learn to appreciate what they are given and to not expect things. My two kids were great on our trip as well. We bought them each Mickey ears, and one small stuffed Mickey Mouse each. They were very happy and did not beg for everything they saw. They each bought one other toy with their own money (a toy Disney bus less than $10.00 for my DS and a small stuffed Donald Duck for my DD). Only yesterday they were both playing with the same toys two years later. My DD actually still wears her Minnie ears all the time. She even wore them to preschool a few times around town. :cool1:

Note to other parents: The small stuffed characters are great because the kids can carry them around with them. Bigger isn'y always better!:thumbsup2

It really is important for them to learn appreciation. I find that when children get excessive amounts of anything, they don't appreciate it and they don't play with it much. Case in point, Ariel has 1 Webkins (new craze) she plays and cherishes that one dog as though it was gold. Her friend on the other hand has 9 of them. When asked if she loves playing with it, she shrugs, I played with it when I first got them, but now I don't play with it much really.

The ears are an awesome thing to get them! I am planning to get them each a pair on our upcoming trip. Does anyone know how much are they with the name engraved and where I can get them at?

ChrisLei 06-17-2007 03:45 PM


Originally Posted by SnoopyDancer (Post 19245247)
I'm enjoying reading your trip report. Better late than never! :thumbsup2

Thank you so much! My sentiments exactly! LOL;)

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