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CAJUNBLAZE 06-08-2007 02:15 PM

More info for ecv users
I just listened to my first webcast, and I was glad to hear that is wasnt just a plug for wdw. Honest opions!!!
I dont know exactly were to post, but I would like to hear more live info on using ecvs in the park.
I am one, who is questioning the use of an ecv, and would love to know the in and outs of using one in the different parks. Where you can park them for eateries, rides, and shows. How to deal with inconsiderate people. Using the wdw transportation system. Renting on site or off site. These are just a few questions of many!
I have posted and read many posts in the disabilities board, but would like to hear your panel discuss this. I understand one of you happens to use an ecv at the parks and I think your insight would be great, especially as a panel discussion with the other panelist.
I have never been to wdw and am taking my family for the first time in Sept. I am capable of walking, but not for long distances or for long periods of time. Through these boards, it seems there are alot of people that should use ecvs, but like me they are either intimadated by other peoples opions and reactions, or just a hard decision because of pride. Hearing suggestions and what to expect from those that use them, I am sure, would convince people to use them and have a better vacation for them and their families.

DisneyKevin 06-08-2007 10:24 PM

Hi David, this is Kevin.

While I myself do not use an ECV, I frequently am in the park with my Mom who does use one out of necessity. It's always either the ECV or a wheelchair as she can not walk due to an auto accident.

I have never seen or heard anyone being rude or disrespectful in either case. I'd probably go carnival ape crazy if they did...after's Mom.

She has frequently said that WDW is one of the most handicapped accessible places she has ever been. There are very few barriers for a wheelchair or an ECV. That being said, there are places that you can not go in a wheelchaor or an ECV and must be able to transfer. While not a complete list by any must be able to transfer to ride Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain etc.

There are places to park you ECV (or as Bob says... pocking his scootah) at each attraction or restaurant. There have also been times that she has stayed in the ECV in restaurants. will depend on the restaurant, how crowded it is etc. She has said that it's much easier in a chair as opposed to an ECV as you sit more normally in a wheelchair for dining purposes. In an ECV, you must pull up to a table sideways and then turn the chair part. You usually sit too high to be comfortable. There can also be limited space to manuever. People are usually enormously helpful in these situations, but I can imagine that it makes her uncomfortable to make everyone in the restaurant move to accommodate her.

A semi recent addition to the parks are what is known as "family restrooms". These are large room size restrooms and are terrific for folks in chairs or ECVs. They are especially handy when someone needs help from a person of a different gender. As anyone in wheelchair can tell some cases, even supposedly hanidicapped accessible bathrrooms are not truly accessible. This is especially true when they retro-fit older restrooms.

I am sorry that I cant really answer the parts about renting offsit or WDW transportation as we are local. I'm sure someone will fill in the gaps I have left.

If there is any specific question you think I might be able to answer...let me know.


CAJUNBLAZE 06-08-2007 10:40 PM

Kevin, Thanks for the reply, I love the show, wouldn't be surprised if I find you on my xm one day!

It was an accident (motorcycle) for me also. I am lucking in that I can somewhat walk and get in and out of rides.

Bob does have a very funny way of saying "pocking his scootah".

Ya'll keep up the good work and I keep my mouse ears open!!!

ps I was really excited that you posted a reply!:cool1:

WebmasterBob 06-09-2007 08:22 AM

Hi CajunBlaze, I love :love: the question you bring to the Round Just to let you know I am working on a plan :teacher: to bring you up close and personal with your question. :car: Can't say any more but it is really really big stuff.:scared1:It is going to be bigger than my Dole Whip research project.

CAJUNBLAZE 06-09-2007 11:29 AM

I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!:woohoo:

How lucky can one poster be!! Not only to get a great response from Kevin, but also "da man" Bawb!!!!!!!:banana: :banana: :banana:

If you could please keep me posted, I would really hate to miss anything that you would put together.

Can't wait!

doconeill 06-09-2007 02:39 PM

My FiL may use an ECV while we are down there in December. He had hip replacement a couple of years ago and just can't get around that fast and walk that much. It's mainly to get from here to there - not for any access to rides or anything like that.

I have read the stories about inconsiderate ECV users...and I even witnessed it last time. We were walking from Adventureland to the Hub, and moving the other way was a largish man on an ECV, who RAN OVER another man's foot! He knew he did it, but he didn't stop, slow down, or say anything - he just continued on with a look on his face like its everyone else's fault for being in his way.

The victim was in obvious pain and his family yelled for the ECV user to stop, but he just kept going.

It is important for people to be aware of and considerate of ECV users, but it has to go the other way as well. Courtesy given is courtesy earned.

CAJUNBLAZE 06-14-2007 09:22 AM

Hey Bob and Kevin,

Love:love: the idea of the "scootah cam".
I just wish I could have been with yall this week and put a cam on mine. Drag racing with Bob down Main St in MK:drive: , dodging the water in Epcot with the kid's fun fountains:boat: , creating our own "stunt" show in MGM :moped: , and then finally in AK getting to use our ecvs as buggys on Kilimanjaro:scared1: !!!

The reviews are just great, and I didnt want to miss out on any past reviews, so I went back and played ALL of the older podcasts. It took 4 days!!(and got little work done)

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