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Goldeelox9 02-11-2007 10:36 PM

Lisa's Magical Trip
I visited Disney in January 2006, in addition to 5 other trips. Last summer I heard of the Year of a Million Dreams and I got the bug to visit again. I always visit in January because I love the low crowds and mild weather. I emailed Pete and asked him if he wanted to go to Disney with me, he replied with ďHow much does it cost?Ē I told him not to worry about that. He agreed to go with me and I was so excited. He had never been to my favorite place in the world and he had no prior desire to visit WDW. I booked our trip with Jessica at the Magic for Less Travel. I have used her before and she is wonderful. My Dad had mentioned he wanted to go with us and it kinda snowballed into a big group trip. It took many emails to Jessica and many calls to 407-WDW-DINE to rearrange ADRís.

Cast of Characters:

Lisa (Me) - Age 28 - Self proclaimed Disney Expert
Pete (My Dear Boyfriend) - Age 30 - Disney Virgin

Laura (My Sister) - Age 25 - Take it or Leave it DIsney Fan
Brandon (Brother in Law) - Age 23 - One Prior Trip

Gil (My Dad & Biggest Kid of all) - Age 54 - Loves fun and his Kids
Joyce (My Dadís Girlfriend) - Age 58
Edna (Joyceís Daughter) - Age 33 - Never visited Disney

Goldeelox9 02-11-2007 10:37 PM

Travel Day 1/31/07
Pete and I woke up and finished our last minute packing. We then went to Breakfast and I was talking non stop. I was so excited. We went to BWI Airport around 4:00. We were flying Southwest and I had checked us in the night before and we had “A” tickets. Our flight was at 5:55pm. The flight was not full so luckily Pete and I had a row to ourselves. We landed at MCO Airport around 8:30pm. We were using Disney’s Magical Express so we did not need to get our luggage, we just headed downstairs to the Magical Express Busses. After a quick check in we were on our way to Pop Century Hotel. I had stayed there last year and loved it. Dad. Laura & I Checked in and after a little switching around we had rooms in the 60’s Section on the 4th floor. After checking in we headed to the Everything Pop food court. Pete, Dad, Edna, Brandon and I had Burgers, Laura got the Chicken Alfredo & Miss Joyce had the Chicken FIngers. I had a little bit of explaining to do to catch them all up to speed on the Disney Dining Plan, but it went smooth. We headed up to our rooms and relaxed until our luggage arrived around 12:30am. It took a while, but it was ok. After I unpacked I crashed into bed. It was a great travel day if I do say so myself!

Goldeelox9 02-11-2007 10:39 PM

Day Two - February 1, 2007 - MGM & Disney Vacation Club & Downtown Disney
My Dad, Miss Joyce, Laura, Brandon & Edna headed for Disney-MGM Studios today while Pete and I slept in. Pete and I finally got up and headed to Everything POP for some breakfast and the first of MANY shopping stops. Pete had the Adult Breakfast Platter and I had a Bagel and Sausage. After eating we stopped by the Disney Vacation Club Booth to set up a time for our tour. We went back to our room and showed and got dressed. The Disney Vacation Club Van was picking us up at 12:10pm in the front of the hotel to head over to Saratoga Springs Resort. We toured the resort and fell in love. I am pretty sure we will buy into the DIsney Vacation Club, with in the next year or two. Pete loved the international Travel and I loved the Disney Trips. Pete fell in love with the Saratoga Spring Resort. Our one hour tour took over two hours because we were so interested in everything. We ended the tour with a Ice Cream Sundae and a picture. The Disney Vacation Club van picked us up and took us over to Downtown Disney. I almost fell getting out of the Van, LOL. We headed into the World of Disney. Pete was impressed about the size of the store. We each got a Tee Shirt, I got a pair of earings and some post cards. Pete got a Pen and a Hat and a Hat for his dad. We also got a picture with 4 pins in it for only $15, this could have been because we spent so much money in there! LOL. When we left that store we walked around and checked it all out. Downtown Disney is so nice. It was peaceful when we were there too. Pete loved the the Legos. Then we headed into Once upon a Toy so Pete could built his own Light Saber. He was like a kid in a candy shop. He got a Yoda and a Jedi Mickey fighter set also. He told me he wished he got to come to Disney as a kid. I was so excited, he was loving it, almost as much as I do. We went to Earl of Sandwich for lunch. It was so good. I had the Club and Pete had the Itailian Sandwich. I am really glad Disney has switched to brewed Iced Tea instead of instant, it was so refreshing. We had a leisurely lunch talking and planning. After lunch we stepped outside and it was POURING! We sat for a while and watched the people rush around. I love people watching. We headed into the Pin Shop and bought our ponchos, with Mickey on the back and Pete started falling in love with the pins. Needless to say we each left Walk Disney World with Pin Lanyards and 5 or 6 pins a piece. LOL We headed to the Buses after putting on our ponchos. We didnít have really long to wait for a bus. When we got back to Pop we changed into our swim suits and headed to the pool. The 60ís Flower Pool was packed so Pete and I decided to head over to the Bowling Pin Pool in the 50ís section. The water was so warm. We swam and talked about the Disney Vacation club for hours. all of a sudden we discovered it was almost 9:00pm. We went back to the room to change so we could go and get some dinner. We ran into my Dad and gang at the rooms, they were getting ready to go to the Flower Pool. Pete and I changed into our sweat clothes and we had Dinner at Everything Pop. I had a Burger and he had the Chicken Alfrado. After eating Pete went to the gift shop (see a trend here) and I met up with everyone near the pool. We all shared my desert of Apple slices and Caramel, Miss Joyce and Edna turned in early cause they were cold. I took pictures of my Dad, Laura & Brandon jumping into the pool, it was fun just hanging out. Pete joined us and we hung out until they turned into Popsicles. Pete and I headed to bed because tomorrow we had plans to have breakfast at the Castle with some princesses.

Goldeelox9 02-11-2007 10:40 PM

Day three - February 2, 2007 - Magic Kingdom
Today is the day I was looking forward to the most. We woke up and it was pouring. I was so upset. I took my shower and got dressed anyway, then woke Pete up. He showed and dressed. We wore our matching Disney World shirts. The rain had stopped, but Pete wore his flip flops because his tennis shoes were still wet from yesterday and I wore capri pants because the day before my pants got soaked. We headed out to the buses and we were waiting in line for the Magic Kingdom bus at 7:15. I was so excited. Pete was going to get to see the Magic Kingdom as his first park. We got off the bus and headed over to the gates. Pete was impressed. We walked under the train station and walked so that the Castle was in view and I started crying. It happens every time. It is so magical. The park was empty and wet and we slowly walked up to the Castle. We stopped for a lot of pictures. We slowly looked at all of the storefronts. We checked into the Castle and went into the room to meet Cinderella. We got pictures and started up the curving staircase. At the top of the stairs we got our magic wand and our sword and our wishing stars. We had a great table and a great waiter. We got pictures with Snow White, the Fairy Godmother, Jasmine and Belle. We finished up breakfast, mmmm the cream cheese stuffed french toast is to die for. It was 5 after 9:00am when we exited from the back of the castle. I headed right to Tinkís Treasureís to try to wake Tinkerbell up. She was already awake though. Fantasyland was empty so we wanted to get some of the long line rides out of the way first. The first ride we rode was Peter Pan. This was Peteís favorite ride in all of Walt Disney World. We seen two little kids and we gave them our wand and swords. They thanked us and their parents seemed surprised. After Peter Panís Flight we went to Snow Whiteís Scary Adventures. Next we got in line to meet Ariel. She was so pretty and so nice. The line for Itís a small world was nonexistent so that was our next ride. With Pooh being closed this was the last ride in Fantasyland we wanted to do. We left there and headed over to the Haunted Mansion, it had NO LINE! This turned out to be the pattern for our wonderful trip! Laura called me while we were in the Haunted mansion so I called her back and we met up outside the castle by Cinderellaís fountain. Pete and Brandon had to take a try at Pulling the Sword from the Stone. Now that we were a group of 7 we went on into Mickey's Philharmagic. Everyone loved it. When that was done Pete and I wanted to see the Hall of Presidents while the rest did some rides in Fantasyland. Pete and I had just missed a showing of the Presidents so we ducked into the Christmas shop. A Christmas Ornament was one of the souvenirs that I wanted from Disney World. We each picked out glass Mickey Ears and had them personalized. Pete really enjoyed the Hall of Presidents. We had to stop so he could get his picture all locked up in the head and hand locker. Then we rushed to meet everyone else at Splash Mountain after getting fast passes for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Pete wanted the front seat on Splash so you know he was riding alone. I rode with Dad and Laura and Brandon rode behind us. Miss Joyce and Edna sat out. Pete got soaked! My Dad was cracking up, it was pretty funny. We were hoping he would dry out on BTMRR, but no luck there. He was wet! We were all hungry after those mountains so Pete and Brandon got Turkey legs and we sat down to rest while Dad, Miss Joyce and Edna went to see the Country Bears. I almost got my toes bitten off by one of the hungry birds in Fonteirland while I was putting on my socks. Next up was the Tiki Room followed by Dole Whips. These are so good! I crave them from home every once in a while Then we flew over Agrabah on Aladdin's Magic Carpets. While we were talking I found out my Dad and sister had never been on the Jungle Cruise. Well you know that had to be next. They all loved the Corny Jokes. We still had not waited in a single line! I was really excited to see the new updates in Pirates of the Caribbean. That was next on our list. Everyone loved it. Johnny Depp looked so life like! The Parade was just starting so Pete, Laura, Brandon and I headed to the Train to ride to Toon Town while Dad, Miss Joyce and Edna checked out the the Parade. Pete and I stayed on an extra loop around the track, and Laura and Brandon got off at Main Street to go to the fire house. I had read about them collecting Patches so Laura took her fire house patch to add. We all met back up to go meet Mickey Mouse. We also met Goofy, Minnie & Pluto in the Tent. We had some frozen Lemonade while we waited. It was starting to get late so we split up again. Pete and I went to my favorite attraction of all time, the Carousel of Progress, while everyone else went to Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. We had to have dinner in different places tonight, because they added on to the trip late. Pete and I rode the People Mover while they all headed to the Liberty Tree Tavern. Pete and I had a special dinner planned at Tonyís Town Square. It was fabulous, We both had Steak and for desert I had my favorite Creme Brulee and Pete had Chocolate Tiramasu. It was almost Fireworks time and I was so excited. We stopped into the store, where Pete got a mouse pad then we met everyone else for Wishes. Fireworks in the Magic Kingdom are amazing. We sat on the curb near the flagpole. They were so wonderful. Pete loved them of course. I got some good pictures too. There was no parade tonight, that was sad, but we will be back. The whole park was rushing to the exit so Pete and I hopped on the Monorail and we got to ride in the front seat thanks to a very nice lady who gave up her seat. There was only one free seat up front, so Pete was going to ride alone upfront with this other family, but one of the Moms got out so I could ride up front too. Thank you so much! We got Copilots licenses because it was our first time. We got off at Epcot, Epcot was having Extra Magic Hours, but we were beat so we just headed to the busses. We got back to the hotel and picked up our packages from the day before, then we hit the sheets. It was late and I was tired!

Goldeelox9 02-11-2007 10:40 PM

Day Four- February 3 - Animal Kingdom & Polynesian Luau
Today was the Day that my Dad and Pete were looking forward to the most. Animal Kingdom! Pete and I got up early and met up with Laura and Brandon in the Food COurt. We had breakfast and sat and waited for Dad and Miss Joyce and Edna, and waited and waited, then I started getting MAD. I wanted to be on the bus by 9:00am. Didnít happen. We ended up getting to the bus by 9:30. We got to Animal Kingdom and got the tree pictures taken. We were waiting for our turn to get a close picture taken and and a family of a Mom, Dad and two little boys were getting their pictures taken. My Dad started jumping around behind the photographer to get the kids to smile. The two year old jumped out of his Dadís arms and ran to my Dad and through his arms around my Dad. We were all laughing so hard. He thought my Dad was a character. How Funny! We then headed on to Dino Land USA to ride the Primeval Whirl, Miss Joyce and Edna went t o see Winnie the Pooh and friends. After that we all met up and went to see the New Finding Nemo the Musical show. It was very good, I was surprised. We had great center seats. We tried to sneak some pictures, but they didnít turn out. We left from under the sea and headed to Asia to the new Exhibition Everest ride. We had a bit of a wait here, maybe 20 minutes, but I would have waited an hour. It was GREAT! The best roller coaster I have ever been on. It was so great, so fast and scary! We got lucky and got to see DeVine walking around. It was so cool. She amazes me! Then we went on to the Harambe Village in Africa and had Pretzels while we were walking up to the Safari. Pete and Dad really enjoyed that! It was fun as always. I was starving still so we had lunch next in the Tusker House. I have the Roasted Chicken and Pete, Laura and Brandon had the Fried Chicken Sandwiches, while Dad had the turkey wrap. The dining plan saved us so much money. Mine and Peteís bill would have been $28 just for lunch. It was getting late and we were all kinda tired so we skipped the Lion King show. We were heading to a Bugs Life before we went home for naps. This show is always a fan favorite and my Dad and Pete had never seen it and cracked up when the Bugs left before the humans. LOL We went on a long walk to the busses. I could not wait until I got back to Pop for a shower and a nap. Dad, Miss Joyce, Laura, Brandon and Edna went back to MGM to see the Stunt show.

We met in the lobby to catch a cab to the Polynesian Hotel for the Luau. WOW talk about fun! It was a great show and dinner was Ribs, Chicken, Salad, Rice, Veggie and a Chocolate Volcano for desert. Everyone enjoyed the show. I loved the Fire eater guy and the fast hipped hula girls. If we would have went to the earlier show we would have been able to see the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the shore of the Polynesian Hotel. After the show Pete and I walked around and checked out the hotel. Pete fell in love with it like I did last year. I think next year when we go back (oh yeah we are going back) we may try and stay at the Polynesian. I am usually a value hotel girl, but this one was so nice. I would also like to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Pete and I found a comfy seat in the lobby near the waterfall and we sat for almost an hour and talked, we talked about our trip, the Disney Vacation Club, how much we love each other. He is just the greatest guy I have ever met! I love him so deeply it is scary! We then headed back to our hotel to turn in early. It was another Great day!

Goldeelox9 02-11-2007 10:41 PM

Day 5 - February 4, 2007 - Epcot
Epcot is one of my most favorite parks, well next to the Magic Kingdom of course. Today is the day that Dad, Laura, Brandon, Miss Joyce and Edna are going home, so they had to check out all all this morning. Dad, Miss Joyce and Edna slept in, so Laura, Brandon, Pete and I headed to Epcot pretty early, there were some things we wanted to see early to avoid lines and to just get going. In Animal Kingdom yesterday I pulled something in my leg so it was hurting really bad. I couldnít sit out of Epcot though, so I pushed on. We got into Epcot and had the pictures taken with the Spaceship Earth Ball. Then we headed to the Seas with Nemo and Friends. Wow the finding Nemo ride was great, I loved the way they combined the cartoon fish and the real fish! WOW. We had no line (again) so we were quick in and out. Then after checking out the Nemo themed store we went right to the Land. We did the new non-human Living with the Land. Honestly I didnít miss the narrators at all. Pete was really interested in the greenhouse part. While we were on this ride my Dad called and the rest of the Crew had arrived in Epcot. They headed right to the Land so we could all do Soarin together. OH.MY.GOD. What an amazing ride, I could have rode it over and over. After this ride Miss Joyce and Edna went their own way while the rest of us went over to Mission Space. Dad was kinda Scared and we tried to calm him down. I love this ride, the first time I rode it (over 3 years ago) I think we stood in line way over an hour, this time minutes! In the end Dad and Pete both said they would never do it again. My Dad said if we had to fly back from Mars he was going to get out and walk...LOL. Laura, Brandon and I loved it! It was great! Laura wanted to ride Test Track and Pete and I wanted to ride the boat across the lake in the middle, so those three went to Test Track and Pete and I had a relaxing, stomach calming ride across the water into Germany, this is where we had Lunch Plans. Pete is German (well not from Germany, but you know) and his mom cooks pretty good german food. He was looking forward to the Buffet and the show. We checked out the shops and decided on getting a Cook Book for his Mom. We checked in and Laura, Brandon and Dad got there right on time. We were seated with a nice man traveling alone, he was a Disney veteran so it was really great to talk to him. The show was surprisingly good and the food was excellent. The Meatballs were some of the best I have ever had and the pretzel Bread, MMM MMM! Pete and Brandon each had 1.5 liters of German Beer so they were feeling good. After lunch it was about 12:30 and we decided to split up. I hugged and kisses my family and wished them a safe trip home. I was kinda sad to see my Dad and Laura and Brandon go. I was so happy they were able to come with us, I cherish the family time I have with them so much! Pete and I rode the boat back so we could start our world tour in Mexico. We started talking to a nice couple from CA on the boat. The man had a Jedi Mickey Pin and Pete knew he needed one. So started our Pin hunt. We visited every Pin shop around Epcot and Pete collected a few. We started to get the whole PIn thing, how fun! Next time I will be buying some from Ebay to trade! So we went to Mexico and since the Ride there was closed it was a quick Mexican Tour. After that we headed for Norway. Itís been years since I thoroughly checked out each Country. We went in all the shops and decided to check out the Maelstrom boat ride. It was kinda lame. Pete wanted to try on hats in each country so we kept our eyes open for hats. The trip between Norway and China was really short. It was fun to see all of the Chinese Art. We missed Mulan though. After China is the weird Outpost section. We did check out the pins here and ran into Miss Joyce and Edna. We said good bye to them and wished them safe travel. We were really going through the all of the Countries quickly. There were NO crowds, which I attribute to Super Bowl Sunday. It was great. Back in Germany we met Snow White and Dopey! I was so excited. They were really nice. In Germany we didnít have to stop much because we had explored it the first time around. Pete stopped into one of the shops and got us some German Chocolate. YUMMY! We sat on a bench and enjoyed our surroundings and ate our candy. It was nice to relax some! We went to Italy and wow I loved it. Such pretty buildings. We got a great glass of wine after posing for a bunch of pictures. It was desert wine so we had to have some dark chocolate with it. It was great. It was kinda like Raspberry flavored. If anyone knows the name of it please email me and let me know. We sat some in Italy and sucked up the culture a bit before we headed off to the USA. I wanted to do the show here, but Pete was afraid we would miss some of the other countries, so we skipped it, I mean we do live in America 365 days a year, so if we had to skip something USA was it. We did however stop at the Pin store. In Japan Pete got pooped on by a bird. LOL I laughed so hard, he was ok with it. I cleaned him up with the Clorox wipes. I took some pictures while he shopped. My boy is a crazy gift shop lover. Japan is being remodeled a bit! Morocco was next and who did we run into but Jasmine, Aladdin and The Genie. The art in Morocco was cool, it was neat to look around down the little Moroccan streets. Epcot really transports you to other Countries! When we got to France we checked out the shops and talked to a really nice guy about his Segway. Wow how cool are they? We were way early in our tour of the world. I thought it would take longer. We crossed over the bridge after sitting for about a 1/2 hour and went to the UK. This place is so cool. We posed for pictures in the phone booths. Pete got a Beer here also. Cause his 1.5 liters wasnít enough in Germany. It was getting dark now and still almost an how before our dinner reservations at Le Cellier in Canada. We took our time looking around the UK and Pete thinks he would have liked to hang out here some in the day light. We checked in almost a full hour early for dinner, but it was no problem. Here we had the best meal of our trip. The great bread was really warm and fresh. We both had the famous Cheddar Cheese soup for an Appetizer. Pete had the 14 oz. New York Strip and I had the Mushroom Filet Migon. Mine was well done and I could cut it with my butter knife! YUM! We also had special Mango smoothies. Then the chore of picking desert (gotta love the meal plan). It was not hard for me, I had the Creme Brulee and Pete had the Chocolate Whiskey Cake. YUMMY. Our bill would have been $108 with out Disney Dining! We were so full so we waddled our way to a bench in the UK, down on the water next to the Fish and Chip place. We had about an hour to wait and it was freezing. Now anyone who has been to Epcot knows how small the crowds were if we got a seat on a bench! I called my best gal pal Shannon to tell her all about the trip and Pete went to buy us a blanket in Canada, a nice Sheep Skin Blanket! A nice family from Canada sat next to us, they had driven all the way to Walt Disney World. The fireworks were so great, and so much greater up close like this. When they were finally over we started the long walk to the busses. We had to stop at the Pin shops on the way, but no Jedi Mickey was to be found in Epcot. It was a late night. It was after 11 by the time we got back to our resort. I was so tired and my sore leg was killing me. I think I will always try to vacation during the Super Bowl, WOW what low crowds! I was asleep in about 2.5 minutes, My Minnie Mouse doll and me all snuggled up together

Goldeelox9 02-11-2007 10:42 PM

Day 6 - February 6, 2007 - Disney MGM Studios
The wake up call came at 7:00am and I picked up and hung up the phone instantly! I didnít want to think about getting up yet. My leg was killing me and I was tired! You really need to plan a day of rest in the middle of your trip! Pete was as tired as I was and begged me for more sleep. We were just beat! Next year we are going to start getting into shape way before we leave. Pete suggested we skip out on MGM, it was the park he was looking forward to the least, but there is no way I could miss Fantasmic! NO WAY! We had lunch planned for the Prime TIme 50ís cafe at 11:00 so we had to get up and shower and get dressed. We really just wanted to snuggle up together, but it was our last day of vacation so we pulled our tired selves up and headed on to The Disney MGM Studios. We get there and were happy to find that the bus stops were so close, with my sore leg and Peteís blister we had decided to make this a slow day. Surprisingly we did get it all done though, almost the entire park in only 7 hours! We got to the 50ís prime time cafe and Pete was blown away with the coolness of it all. They called us to our table and it was a great one with a good TV right there. We got Blackberry sodas to drink and I got the fried Herb Cheese and pete got the onion rings for an appetizer. For our main course I got the Chicken sandwich with Ham and swiss on it and Pete got the famous fried chicken. Our waiter ďCousin JimĒ brought us our view master to pick our deserts. Pete got the smores and I got the angle food cake and berries. Of course we shared. It was a fun place to eat. Our bill would have been $75 with out Disney Dining. How can you pass up this great dining plan is beyond me. We left lunch and walked right into the Indiana Jones Stunt Show. No line, again! Then we headed on to the Start Wars section. My little Stars Wars fan enjoyed him self here. From there we went to the Muppets 3D show, didnít it used to be the Muppets 4D show? It was fun to see Peteís reaction to this! After that is was drizzling, it rain everyday we were here, but it didnít bother us one bit! We sat under an umbrella a few minutes, then walked the streets of America. We stopped in the coffee shop so Pete could get a coffee. I got a water. We went and found a bench for the parade and shared a Macadamia Nut Praline, while we waited. The parade started and I remembered how this was my favorite parade. The cars are great! I was sad to see that Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater werenít in it! After the Parade we went to the Pin stand under the big hat and finally bought Pin Lanyards. I had almost $100 in Disney Dollars left so I treated us each to a few pins. Wish I would have done this early in the trip. We checked out the hand prints in front of the Great Movie ride before heading inside to check it out. I got the gangster, I always get the cowboy hijacking my ride vehicle so I was happy! Pete was happy cause he didnít know one way or the other! After this we went to see the Backlot tour. It was shorten to make room for the Stunt show. I miss Residential Street. When we left there Pete got to meet Sorcerer Mickey, his favorite. The joy in his eyes melted my heart! After that we had just missed a little mermaid show, so we decided this would have to wait til next year. I love this show so much, but I wanted to get on Rockin Roller Coaster and The Tower of Terror before Fantasmic, so I gave it up (This time). We went to Rockin Roller Coaster and used our instant fast passes from the Disney Vacation Club tour. What a great ride. I knew Pete would love it and he did. We got a few pictures in front of the big Guitar. We hurried over to Tower of Terror. The line was about 20 minutes, but so worth the wait. Pete was so scared when he came out of his seat! I laughed so hard and my neighbor and I grabbed hands. LOL When we left there we went into the Hollywood Hills Theater to get a seat! I have usually entered by the filling station with the Fantasmic Dinner package tickets and I think the looong walk is shorter entering the entrance by Beauty and the Beast. I got us seats and Pete got us hot dogs and a pretzel to share. I called my Dad to find out who was picking us up from the Airport. The Fantasmic started. God I love this show. Itís so great! I was glad Pete liked it too. I got the soundtrack so we can enjoy it from home. We went to the Christmas store when the show was over and got two more Christmas Ornaments and a Picture Frame. I have a frame from all my trips (not including the one from when I was 3, but I am working on it) with a picture of the people I went with in them on a shelf. We walked and got some pictures of the Hat before heading to the bus. Pete had to stand on the bus ride home, I felt bad for him cause i knew he had a blister. I offered him my seat, but he was like no way, you sit! I was so sad when we got back to the hotel. It was our last night. I went and got the front desk to check up in online and Pete went to pick up his purchases from Epcot, and a few last minute souvenirs, I told you my boy liked shopping. We met in the food court and got the last of our counter service meals to go. I ate in the hotel room and crashed! Packing could wait until the morning. Pete went back to the front to check on a lost package and I went right to sleep. I donít even remember him coming back and getting into bed!

Goldeelox9 02-11-2007 10:43 PM

Day Seven - February 6, 2007 - Going Home
I so did not want to get up this morning. When I finally did I started packing and Pete went to get us breakfast from the food court. I packed us all up. We had quite a few soaps and Shampoos for Give Kids The World. I will send them a box when I get home. We checked and double checked to make sure we didnít forget anything and we went down and got good seats by the pool. Of course our last day was sunny and warm. We had about an hour wait until our Magical Express Bus came. Wow I was really getting sad. At 11:45 we headed over to the Bus and Pete ran to get Money from the ATM for tips and whatnot. When Pete came back the bus for the Cruise Line showed up and we talked about maybe taking a Land/Sea trip next time. We were pretty quite on the way to the airport, we were both tired and sad to be leaving the vacation world here in FL. My sister called to tell me to was like 12 degrees at home. Great! We checked in at the air port and went to the Southwest gate to get in line, we had ďBĒ ticket and wanted a row to ourselves. I sat in line while Pete got us lunch. It wasnít long until we were boarding and heading home. I read my book, The Keys to The Kingdom on the flight home. I recommend it to all Disney Loverís young and old! We got in to Baltimore and it was freezing. We called my Dad who picked us in in a few minutes and within 15 minutes we were home and vacation was over!

Final Thoughts

This was a great Vacation. I have taken many trips to disney, but this one was extra special. This was the trip that I turned Pete into a Disney LOVER. I love him so very much and to be able to share this Magical Vacation with the love of my life was so great! I have a few tips. Get tons of Disney Photo Pass Pictures Taken, and make sure you get them to take a shot with your camera too! Buy a pair of Crocs, real ones, Disney Crocs, or regular ones. They are the best, no blisters for me! Make your dining reservations early. Take breaks often. These the some of the most important things I have learned!

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