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exwdwcm 08-07-2006 08:28 PM

NEW DAY 4 UP- Two 30-somethings@ WDW- artificial insemination before the mouse!
:rotfl: I know, way too much info huh? but you're intrigued right? it's like a train wreck you can't look away from! artificial insemination? what does that have to do with the mouse? I'll tell you.......well in a minute....I promise I'll get there! :thumbsup2 :rotfl: I've been inspired by some of these great trip reports which include great background and detail to enhance the overall story (thanks mods!) :thumbsup2 Hopefully you will find my story somewhat won't suck, but I am no ZZUB either! I mean, who is? :cool1:

Well this is my pre-trip report! I figure best to get it done now, so I can jump right in with the good stuff upon my return. And well, I am busy the next week and a half, so I better get this done now. So hang on to your hats and glasses, this is going to be a wild ride! pirate:

So, some introductions would be nice, wouldn't they?


Michelle- princess: that's me, otherwise known as exwdwcm. I am 32, happily married and trying to start a family! note keyword here, trying....for like a year! We have two boston terriers that serve as our 'babies' for now. I work in marketing/public relations for a defense contractor in TX. I love, love, love disney, in fact, i loved it so much, I gave up a semester of school (just 3 hours short of graduating) to do the WDW college program 10 years ago. I also enjoy playing soccer, working out and spending time with my family- we are very close.

DH- pirate: not a big disney nut. In fact, i was shocked he agreed to go. DH is 34 and works in finance/real estate for a small firm. He is fair skinned, which will be meaningful later as I predict I will be later telling a story about how sunburned he gets. He does a lot of ebaying and puts up with my disney habit. DH enjoys lifting weights and working out- he's an ex-power lifter.

We've been married 5 years, but have been together for 13 years total. we met through a mutual friend while on spring break in south padre island in 1993, the spring break of my freshman year of college. We've pretty much started living together soon after and life just got in the way of getting married. we wanted to finish school, get good careers going etc. We finally tied the knot in Las Vegas (my DH's disney world!), at Mandalay Bay in 2001. It was a lovely wedding with about 45 folks that came out. No way I could talk him into a disney wedding! lol but we both love vegas, so that's the way we went.'s a nice wedding pic- viva las vegas baby! :smokin:

DH has been to WDW once, he went with me, my sister, my great aunt and a few cousins about 11 years ago. We had a good time, stayed in a Wilderness Cabin, spent about 7 days there..... but he gets tired of the 'circus' as he calls it, that often goes along with large groups on vacation. The in-decision of large groups, sharing a small room/space with all the family etc. Plus DH is kinda quiet, and well my family is super loud, obnoxious and funny. It all starts to wear on him after a while. So I've left him behind on my last few trips, while I just tagged along with my family. It worked best for both of us- I wasn't busy entertaining him and making sure he was having a good time- instead, i got to have a good time with my family.
Well my love for disney began as a small child. My parents scraped to get by and provide for us 3 girls. We drove our station wagon to Florida from Dallas and stayed in Fort Wilderness with our pop up camper. We had a blast. I still remember reading the planning books with our family before the trip. Of course, the DIS didn't exist then, heck, the internet wasn't really around either! So birnbaum's it was. We've been on multiple family trips since then. Usually every few years. I did do the WDWCP as I mentioned earlier- I worked at Disney MGM Studios during the 25th anniversary in the fall of 1996. I worked at Hollywood and Vine cafeteria- yes, it was a cafeteria back then, no buffet or characters. I had a terrible pink/sea green costume with matching cafeteria lady hairnet. The job was hard and I was basically paid nothing by the time they took the rent out. But I loved it. It was the most memorable experience in my life to date. I still keep in touch with my roommates. Ironically, 3 of them still work at disney and never finished 'college' much for the 'college' program! :rotfl: :confused3 I get to go to Orlando every April on business for a technology show at the Gaylord Palms. I've built in a few days here and there at WDW while I travel out there each year. I've forced my coworkers to eat on disney property more times than I can count. It's great having the company pick up the tab for California Grill! My last trip was with my family in December 2005, just about 7 months ago. DH didn't go.

thanks to People Magazine! :rotfl:'s a more recent pic- from this past halloween- yes, i am over 30 and dressed as tinkerbell, what can I say, I am a little crazy! and DH, well it is a costume, I promise that is not his real hair! lol
So, as I mentioned, DH hasn't been to WDW in 11 years. I was just there. My family and I had an awesome trip, enjoying seeing the world through my 3 year old niece's eyes. But I came home and suffered from post WDW syndrome. If 'hurried women's syndrome' can be real, then so can post WDW syndrome! :rotfl: :rotfl2: Not to offend any of your 'hurried women' out there. :banana: Anyways- I was depressed. So I did our trip report, i ordered my pictures, I did my scrapbook. It was all so sad. I wanted to go again. I really missed having my DH there on our trip. My sister had her DH there, and it made me miss sharing the magic with mine. So the months go by and I start seeing the commercials for $1500 for a family of four. It intrigues me a little, but I think, no, we can't afford it. We are saving to buy more furniture for our house we just bought 2 years ago. So I let the idea go.

Then I bought a People Magazine and was reading all the silly gossip etc. Then I saw it, it was fate, was an ad for WDW, offering free dining! Oh what do my eyes behold! It has to be a sign. So i tear it out and start looking into the costs.....i mention the idea to DH. He says sure. What, sure? I thought I would have to bargain certain 'favors' to get him to go! I think a trip for just the 2 of us would be awesome. He is totally on board. Not crazy with excitement like me, but for DH, just saying sure was a big deal to me! So the insane planning beings. Did I mention I am a virgo? you other virgos out there know what I mean......type A, anal planner, detail oriented.....yep, that is me. to a fault. and DH will tell ya! Everything has to be put in its place and every trip must have a detailed itenerary!

More to come......stay tuned.... popcorn::

exwdwcm 08-07-2006 09:02 PM

alright, alright, i am a tease....i I'll finish and won't leave you hanging with the whole artificial insemination thing. I've been posting on the community board in the TTC thread. For all you out there, that is trying to conceive. yes, there are threads for everything. I've found some helpful and wonderful ladies on that thread to share my experience with.

anyways- my whole family thought a trip just for DH and I to WDW would be great, just what we need. Everyone knows we have been trying to have a baby for the last year basically. and of course, everyone has advice-

"Oh, just stop trying and it will happen."
"Go on vacation, relax."
"Don't think about it."

all good advice, but i hear the clock ticking loudly, and besides, i want to hurry up and have some kiddos, so I can share the magic with them one day. So we finally decided to see a specialist. after tons of tests on me and DH, fertility drugs etc., we dove in with this great doc. And, so we are going to give artificial insemination a try. Funny thing is, it will happen right before our WDW vacation. I go to the doc this wednesday for some tests, and they will probably do the procedure on thursday or Friday of this week if things look right. So I could actually be pregnant, in the very early stages anyways on our trip. Or so I hope. But it is a catch-22. What about Expedition everest? What about all the thrill rides I love so much and even more important, what about those yummy lava coladas at the Poly? What will I ever do?

Well for now, we will ask the doc's advice on whether to take it easy or not. I'd give up all the rides for this bit of magic to happen. :wizard: so we will see. send some pixie dust my way.

So that's the story......we couldn't pass up a chance to relax, possibly bring home a little magical 'souveneir' and of course, the free dining. we love to eat. couldn't pass that up!

2 thirtysomethings, on a romantic get away to relax (yeah right, mrs commando here!) :rotfl2: .

Here are our details:

Friday, August 18th- Wednesday, August 19th
5 nights/6 days (that is all I could get DH to do! lol)
Carribean Beach Resort
6 day park hoppers (might add on plus/waterpark on site)
Free dining

We are thrilled. We booked with Dreams unlimited, who were awesome. We are renting a car through National, emerald aisle (business travel does pay off sometimes!) and we managed to book our flights on American for free using my miles....(again, thanks business travel!). We fly out of DFW, where we live about 20 minutes away from. I plan to drive everywhere, we are too impatient for the buses, and I know my way around from living/working there way back when.

We have ADRs at:
Le Cellier for lunch
Crystal Palace for breakfast
Chefs de france for dinner
Ohana for dinner
Liberty Tree Tavern for dinner
Sci Fi Dine In for dinner

DH is an early riser, and I can be when I am at disney (i know you know what I mean!). So we plan to be at parks by opening, leave by 2pm or so, nap/swim at the hotel or do a few hours at TL or BB. Back to another park in the evening. We are going to attempt to do MGM late night EMH, Epcot late night EMH and MK late night EMH. If it sucks and is crowded, hey, we will just leave. no biggie. But it's worth a try and we can maybe see the less visited attractions during those extra hours. So that's the plan.

romance, food, potential baby in the making, more food, some thrill rides to make DH sick, and more food to make us both sick! who could ask for more.

Stay tuned and I'll keep you posted on any surprises as we approach our trip- only 10 days away! thanks for reading my silly and whacked out PRE trip report. I promise it will get better! :wizard:

noahynav 08-07-2006 11:34 PM

Good luck with the TTC. I will pray for you! I have been there before, it took me 4 years and a miscarriage to conceive my second son, who I finally conceived with the help of Clomid. He was so worth the wait....I am sure you'll know what I mean very soon!

Have fun on your trip, and hurry back to the DIS with the rest of your report. Can't wait to read all about it!

Disney owl 08-08-2006 05:56 AM

Great start

sounds interesting, have a great holiday & fingers crossed for you & your DH

Karenj2 08-08-2006 09:50 AM

Great pre-trip report! You had me hooked.

After trying to have kids for 8 years (unsuccessfully), I've learned not to let TTC interfere with life. If you want to ride on EE, or try wine pairing at V&As, just do it. If this is your time to have a kid, it'll work for you.

I'll still wish you lots of luck and pixie dust!! :thumbsup2

remfam5 08-08-2006 10:11 AM

Luvin' your pre trippie!!
And sending a bunch of pixie "baby" dust your way!
pixiedust: pixiedust: pixiedust: pixiedust: pixiedust: pixiedust: pixiedust: pixiedust: pixiedust:

A little from TINK too!
:tinker: :tinker: :tinker: :tinker: :tinker: :tinker: :tinker: :tinker: :tinker:

Have a great time !

pumba 08-08-2006 10:28 AM

I will keep you guys in my thoughts of a successful trip and happiness with it too.......My neice did the procedure and has three beautiful kids to prove it......triplets .....

MyTalula 08-08-2006 11:08 AM

Oh I'm hooked, as a 5-1/2yr TTC vet, I want to wish you luck and let you know I'm here for the ride and can't wait to hear how it all turns out.

Finally for us it took 1 round IVF/ICSI to get our magical DD4 and I'd do it all again in a heartbeat!

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Tons of Pixie Dust Too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:wizard: :wizard: :wizard: :wizard: :wizard: :wizard: :wizard:

exwdwcm 08-08-2006 12:06 PM


Originally Posted by pumba
I will keep you guys in my thoughts of a successful trip and happiness with it too.......My neice did the procedure and has three beautiful kids to prove it......triplets .....

triplets? oh no, don't say that, DH would just die! for the IUI, the multiple chance isn't huge like with in-vitro. But i wouldn't mind some twins! (of course I say that :rotfl:

thanks for all the well wishes and thoughts! I'll keep everyone posted!

Convert 08-09-2006 07:21 AM

Have a great trip and sending baby dust your way!

Mischa 08-09-2006 11:02 AM

Great pre-trip report. Good luck with the TTC.

My dh & I have been married for 15 years (just spent our anniversary at WDW this past May) and have been TTCing for over 10 years (unsuccessfully, but have been finding out why we haven't been able to - I guess that's a good thing). :confused3 Anyway, we still haven't given up hope and after seeing "Wishes" (three times) I'm not giving up yet!

Can't wait to hear about the trip (and if there will be (at least) three of you on your next trip!) Good luck! pixiedust:

LadyJade 08-09-2006 11:34 AM

I got PG at Disney 2 years ago
My DH and I had been TTC for 3 years. We went to a fertility specialist in Jan. 04(I am convinced that the only thing this guy specialized in was making money) who found nothing wrong with us, but wanted to perform ovary drilling on me (I later found out that this procedure is actually responsible for making TTC much more difficult, if not imposible). So we decided to wait and try by ourselves again... :hourglass forward 5 months...we are at WDW...having lots of fun inside and out of the parks (if you know what I mean). We got home, and 2 months later we discover we were pregnant. :sunny:

When we told our doctor when and where this happened, he was not surprised, in fact he explained an article he read about a couple who TTC for 5 years, and discovered that after going to WDW they were pregnant. Their doctors were astounded. I guess in the end it was determined that some of the rides they went on (roller coasters that go upside down) provided enough of a gravitational pull to help things along. I wonder if that is what happened in my case... :cool1:

exwdwcm 08-09-2006 02:04 PM


Originally Posted by LadyJade

When we told our doctor when and where this happened, he was not surprised, in fact he explained an article he read about a couple who TTC for 5 years, and discovered that after going to WDW they were pregnant. Their doctors were astounded. I guess in the end it was determined that some of the rides they went on (roller coasters that go upside down) provided enough of a gravitational pull to help things along. I wonder if that is what happened in my case... :cool1:

well maybe that is a good reason to go ahead and ride the coasters then! lots of trips on RnR i guess! :banana: :cheer2:

thanks for all the well wishes guys! just had an appt this am and it is looking good- 7 good eggs forming (but oh no, that means increased multiples risk!)we will probably do the procedure on Friday or Saturday! exactly a week before we leave! :thumbsup2 princess:

Jennifer48 08-09-2006 03:38 PM

Ok I'm in. I can't wait to see how your husband does in WDW and how your TTC fans out!

Prayers and Pixie Dust your way for a "little souviener."
:wizard: pixiedust: :tinker: :butterfly

Smileybug 08-09-2006 04:15 PM

Disney is such a magical place!!! Here's to sending you more pixie dust :smickey: pixiedust:

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