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MIB999999 10-31-2001 07:24 PM

MIB tips for left and right hand lanes
Hope no one minds but there have been numerous requests on the pm and on the boards for tips. This will not be the difinitive final word on how to max-out on the points since i think only the designer knows that.
Since i hit the 999,999 4 out of every 15 times i ride i will share all that i know and have learned. (I can see the free Mythos meals by hustling people going down the drain.)

First i divide the game into five areas with scoring ranges for each.
AREA 1) THE TRAINING AREA: 40,000 TO 61,000
AREA 3) THE AMBUSH: 414,000 TO 614,000
AREA 4) THE RUN FOR THE BUG: 800,000 TO 999,999
AREA 5) EATEN BY THE BUG: 999,999 TO 1,137,000

Basic guidelines:
1) always hold the trigger on the gun. even if you aim at the ceiling every ten NOISES that the gun makes is worth 1,050 points. SO NEVER LET GO OF THE TRIGGER.

2) With very few exceptions that i will note in the upcoming threads AIM FOR THE EYES or BETWEEN THE EYES. the do-right and dufus tape shows you can shoot the shoulder or neck area. You can if you want to stay the low score in the car.

3) free tip: the best cars to max out on the score are LEFT SIDE ROWS ONE AND TWO and RIGHT SIDE ROWS THREE AND FOUR. Now before you all try to get in only those cars, i have hit the 999,999 from all four cars in both front and back rows. i just find it easier to hit the 1,137,000 from these two cars.

I will stop here for now and see there are any objections to this plan by the moderators, or any specific questions. I will if allowed post a new thread every week or so. dealing with the stratagy for right and left car in each area.

well MsDisney you asked for it

sha_lyn 10-31-2001 10:01 PM

MIB.. We haven't set a date for our next trip but DS would love for you to give him the pointers in person if you will be in the parks when we go. He couldn't believe that you get the high score often.

MsDisney 10-31-2001 10:18 PM

Thanks MIB!!! Yes, I DID ask for it!!! I'm going to get the printer going tomorrow so I can have this stuff (and Barry's tips) in a handy folder. They're going to think I'm very odd studying outside of MIB! LOL

Why would they have a problem with tips for getting a great score? I mean, having some clue is one thing...actually being ABLE to memorize and follow through is another thing altogether, so it's not like suddenly the game will be ruined by the info!

Well, anyway...I'm glad to see this thread!!! And I'm thinking there should be an onsite class the weekend of the 10th/11th too! :D I would imagine the weekends are busy, do you do the single riders line? It was funny seeing mention of do-right and dufus, we've only been through the regular line once...over a year ago! You might say we're spoiled! :rolleyes:

Thanks!!! And I look forward to more!!!

BansheeBlue 11-01-2001 06:27 AM

Awesome tips!
Aw man! I wish I had all these kick butt tips when I was there on the 28th for HHN! We got to ride two times in quick succession and a third ride before we headed home! I at least tromped the boyfriend by 150k 2 out of three times. Heh!

So, pardon my ignorance, but am I guessing here that you get a free dinner at Mythos if you score 999,999?

I am so with MsDisney, I'm gonna be printing out these tips and memorizing them for our next trip in Feb....

EUROPA 11-01-2001 08:36 AM

I thnk the free dinner comes for the many challanges that MIB gets from some locals.

Tips would be nice....I leave for US/IOA in a a few weeks....that ride is such a sensory overload that it's almost impossilbe to score high the first few times you ride it.

MIB999999 11-01-2001 08:47 PM

question for all of you: do we put it all on this thread????

sha-lyn: I will be eating my thru epcot 11/3 and ducking while the hurricane comes thru 11/4. I will be there 11/11 and then probably each saturday thereafter except for 12/8. just let me know and if i can be there i will.

MsDisney: i will be there 11/11 so bring it on, school will be in session!!! Yes i almost always ride single rider unless there is a meet and we all decide to ride in the same car.

BansheeBlue: EUROPA is correct. i was dreaming of hustling tourons for free dinners at Mythos. If you hit the 999,999 on MIB all you get is the option to purchase the photo which occured in the ambush area in case you were wondering where it is taken

EUROPA: you are correct about the sensory overload; first time riders that get more than 250,000 are doing very well but the fun of the ride is watching it all unfold. I can go thru and not fire a shot and just watch all the animatronics and scenery and be very content with the ride.

This thread will be all about the score however, Because if it was just for fun then why do they keep score!!!!:smooth:

sha_lyn 11-01-2001 09:59 PM

thanks, we will be down there sometime before the special runs out (if they still have rooms avaliable LOL)
Ds just joined the DIS tonight. I finally booted him off the teen board to post here.
I'll direct him over to this thread tomorrow.

MsDisney 11-01-2001 10:03 PM

MIB - No matter to me where you post...whatever is easiest!
I was sort of planning on going on Sat. the 10th since Sunday I have a standing football thing going on. (no, I don't play, but I like to watch...the game, that is) Hmmm...

Well, it sounds like either way, I'll be able to get some first hand tips from the MIB master, at some point in the near future!

I, for one, want to say that I really appreciate the time you are giving to this cause...and I agree about enjoying the ride either way, but the competitive nature in me doesn't allow me to do any less than try to kick some serious alien butt!!! :D

MIB agent in training

BansheeBlue 11-02-2001 06:14 AM

*sheepish grin*
ok, so no free dinner at Mythos. THAT would be nice though huh?

And yeah I was wondering where/when exactly the pic was taken. I cracked up when we looked at our pics all three times last Sunday, my boyfriend and I looked so damned serious in them, probably because we were intent on kicking each other's *****.... heh!

Drool, drool, now I wanna go back again just to do least we have Annual Passes in case we wanna be crazy and go for a weekend :)

MIB999999 11-02-2001 08:58 PM

Ok, i will start this instruction manual 11/4 on this thread.
I plan to take the game AREA 1 thru AREA 5.
I will detail AREA 1 for right and left track starting then. Now these will be detailed so the post will be long each time.

BansheeBlue: The picture is taken right before the aliens come to life in the ambush area. TIP: the big alien dead ahead of you is not worth squat point wise. I assume you will read this thread and not let your boyfriend see it till long after you have trounced him soundly!!!!

MsDisney: that standing football thing sounds intriguing:D

you do all realize that the whole point of this is the high score controls the flashy thing:jester:

MsDisney 11-02-2001 10:47 PM

Thanks MIB! I look forward to these classes!!! I only hope you don't USE the flashy thing on us when we get all this info stored up in our brains!!!:cool:

I'm going to decline comment on the standing football thing so as not to incriminate myself...:rolleyes:


MIB999999 11-03-2001 10:03 PM

Left Hand Track: As you enter the training area the alien on the right pulling the levers is not part of the game so ignore him. The best target is on the left wall on the second story. Hit the red dot below the chin of the target face as many times as you can, do not come off it until you can no longer see it. This is done for two reasons: 1) he is worth a lot of points for multiple hits. 2) this is the target you use to "sight in" your gun. So while you are racking up big points you are also getting the feel for how your gun aim needs to be adjusted. After you have passed by the first target concentrate on the second story ones dead ahead in the first section. After you finish the first section look to the left on the floor for the alien pivoting out of the wall. hit him once and then go up to the second floor for the alien swinging like a pendulum. hit him once. Aim high for the swinging alien just above the car. Hit him once. Now look straight ahead and hit the target on the floor close to the left hand wall. hit him once and then move 2 degrees to the right and hit the other floor target that has just started to move towards your car. Hit him once and then aim for one of the wall tragets on your right at about 1:00. pick one and stay on it until the training session is over.

Right Hand track: follow the left hand track instructions while in the first section of AREA 1. After you finish the first section look to the right on the floor for the moving alien. Hit him once. Look ahead and slightly to the right for the alien swinging like a pendulum in the wall, not the one overhead. Hit him once and then go to the one over head for a single hit. Now aim across court to the two aliens on the floor on the left hand side of the room. Hit each one once. Now look straight ahead and pick one of the four wall targets and hit the red dot on one and stay on it until the traing session is over.

Remember your trigger is always pulled and multiple hits add up fast.

for both tracks this AREA is the only one where you will aim for the red dots on the tragets instead of the eyes. the red dots are on the chest of the alien.
The best score i have had in the area is 62,000. You want to come out of this area with 50,000 plus if you want to have a shot at the 999,999.

HINT: just because your guns are not shooting after the training session is over is no sign to relax. take a deep breath and get ready. The guns will start shooting before the AREA 2 aliens are ready so draw a bead on ol' four eye stalks right between the front set of stalks and start firing the second the guns are again active. You will have time to look at your score for the AREA 1 run but do not look to long cause the guns are active seconds after the score reappears.

About the guns: there are two types and i have hit the 999,999 with both. As a rule the noisy cricket II does not aim very well, but if it is right on it is as good of a gun as you can have. I prefer the larger gun and have found the aims to be more true but all will take a bit of adjusting on your part. Each gun should have sound effects that you can hear when you hit a target so you have both a sight and sound confirmation that you have hit the target. CAUTION: if you grow use to the sound efect it will cause you problems when the sound effect on a particular gun is not working, so get use to how your gun aim is set. :bounce:

Since Michelle has decided not to decide where she is going i will be honing the ol' MIB skills 11/4. i will be at the MIB at about 10:30 and MYTHOS at 12:30. Of course as barry knows i will be having a cinnimon roll first thing at CMB.

MIB999999 11-04-2001 08:20 PM

AREA 2 Handbook
This area is the longest and will require much detail to cover it completely.
Left Hand Track: Your guns will activate before you can see the targets so be shooting and rechecking your aim. Immediately after you clear the wall on your right, aim for the alien with four eyestalks. Aim for the head at dead center of the front two eyestalks. If you can keep him bobing up and down you will score some points. As the car travels shoot the middle of the upper lip of the two blue aliens right in front of the car. The minute you can see the alien sitting on the fire hydrant between the two tracks aim for his eye and keep shooting until the car is past him and you can no longer shoot his eye. Immediately aim straight ahead to the far end of the track, in the lower window at the right side of the building. shoot this alien once and his eyes will turn yellow. Immediately go up to the second story on your right 90 degrees and shoot the alien 5 times. This alien's eyes turn red when you hit him and there is the sound effect of breaking glass each time you hit him. Go back 90 degrees to the left and hit the trargets in either of the second story windows. By this time the car is spinning. After the car is done spinning, go back upstairs to the target in the left window. hit him once and pivot your aim 180 degrees to the three aliens on the left in the windows. I go for the second window and hit him right between the eyes. if for some reason his eyes do not change to red then to white switch back to the right side of the track and shoot the alien with the flower pot on its head. Now you have a choice of three targets coming up. And one that Barry likes to shoot.
1: the upper window on the right with the curtians over it. Hit this window in the lower left pane, in the upper right corner of that pane. Do not come off of it until the car pivots around to head into the ambush area.
2: the door straight ahead with the verticle blinds, shoot for the left eye of the alien target.
3: there will be an alien appear in the window on the second floor of the building straight ahead. This window is above the alien that shoots the water over your car when you shoot his eyes.
BARRY'S TARGET: The car to the left side of your vehicle has a big purple alien that pops out from under the hood. There is another alien hiding behind the drivers side door.

the number 3 target is touchy. If you do not get his eyes to turn red right away switch to one of the other two targets.

My favored method is hit 2 until i see the 3 target pop up i keep shooting him as long as his eyes keep changing and then switch to 1.
You are now entering the ambush area and should have between 214,000 and 325,000 points.

Right Hand Track: This side has its advantages and drawbacks so play it as best you can. this side requires the most precise execution. You are in the best position to hit ol' 4 eyestalk right between the front stalks in the head cause your track has an unrestricted view of him as he comes up. If you can keep him boboing up and down with good accurate shooting you are robbing the left hand car of points since they will never have a shot at the scoring area of this alien. after he is down for good ( his eyestalks are no longer green, the lights go out) aim at the PEKINESE on the newspaper stand counter along the right hand wall. You will have to pivot in your seat to even see him and if you are in the front row center or left hand seat you will be hard pressed to even see him. Hit him in the head as long as your gun keeps scoring. Pivot left and hit the alien on the fire hydrant in the area between the two tracks. Pivot back to the right up to the second story and hit the target between the eyes. one shot only. Pivot straight ahead and hit the alien in the lower story window of the building. hit him once and turn 90 degrees to the right and hit the alien in the second story window that has the eyes that turn red and the breaking glass sound. hit him five times. By this time your car is spinning.
When the spin is done go upstairs to the right hand side and hit the target in the left window. Drop down to the first floor and pop each of the lower windows once.
above the flowerpot up on the second story is a window that has horizontial blinds. there is an alien there with a target area between the third and fourth louvers ( counting from the bottom up) If can sqeeze a shot up there the blinds might open and you then have a clear shot at the red target. If not come back down and hit the flower pot and then the alien that is hiding under it. Now at this pint you will have the same 1, 2, 3 target selections. You will not have BARRY'S TARGET since the left hand car will be blocking your view. I go for the alien behind the door with the verticle blinds and watch fore the alien on the second floor above the water squirter alien. If his eyes do not change to red i go for the window with the curtians.

The big alien straight ahead is impressive but like most tempting targets in this game the point value is nil. Let the amatures shoot him.

Again at this point you need to be at 214,000 to 325,000 going into the ambush.

ANY QUESTIONS SO FAR?????:confused:

MIB999999 11-06-2001 09:15 PM

This area is very short and simple with more do not's than do's.

Left Hand Track: While traveling down this alley way i frequently lean out and shoot back at the window mentioned in AREA 2 as long as possible. WHATEVER YOU DO KEEP THE TRIGGER PULLED. This is the most target rich side of this AREA. The big alien dead ahead will rise up and say SIX AGAINST ONE EH!. At this point the picture will be taken and all the aliens will activate. Do not shoot for the big alien eyes. no points. All of the aliens in this area are armed and to score points you must hit the sensor in the middle of the gun barrel of each alien. Since the big alien is waving his guns around they are a difficult target to hit. HIT AS MANY GUNS AS YOU CAN. also look up above for the alien moving from building to building on a clothesline. Pop him a couple of shots in the **** just before the spin takes place. As you finish the spin you will see the chess scene. Ignore the chess players and the chess board. On the left side are trees with four pairs of green eyes in them. pick a set of eyes and stay on them. aim for right between the eyes. as you move out of range of one pair of eyes shift your aim to another set and stay on them untill your gun stops working. You are now entering the scan area. In the first scanner you can wave to the people on the other side and they can see you. The second screen is the alien insertion into the car and real big points are about to come into play in AREA 4.

Right Hand Track: This side has a shorter interval between the end of AREA 2 and the point where the big alien dead ahead says " SIX AGAINST ON EH!. From this point on for this area the instructions are the same as those for the Left Hand Track. as you come out of the spin on this track you will see dead ahead the blockade and the alien swinging on it. NO POINTS. IGNORE IT. Look to the far left side and pick out a set of eyes in the trees and shoot them until the gun stops working beacuse of the scan area. Aim for right between the eyes. No points are able to be scored during the scan so sit back, make funny faces at the other car and take a break cause the high point area is just a few feet away.

You should come out of the ambush area with between 414,000 and 614,000.

Your gun will become active again just as you clear the scanner so have it ready and the trigger pulled.

Anyone know what it should be aiming for as you clear the last scanner?????

JessicaR 11-06-2001 09:27 PM

MIB9's! Incredible information:bounce:

Would we be aiming at the opposite cars exhaust ports? Is this where I spin like crazy?

I am printing this out and will study it prior to next trip!! Yipeeeeeee! Thank you so much for these incredible lessons:)

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