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zurgswife 07-22-2006 05:55 PM

Official Birthday/Anniversary Cake thread

New "Cake Hotline" for ordering special occassion cakes!

5/29/07: DINE: New "Cake Hotline" for Guests requesting celebratory cakes at most Table Service dining locations. The Cake Hotline number is 407-827-2253 and requires 48 hours notice.

1900 Park Fare 407-824-2978
AKL 407-938-3000
Akershus- Norway 407-560-5179
Alfredo 407-827-8428
Beach Club 407-934-8000
Boardwalk Bakery 407-939-5175
Brown Derby 407-560-5376
Cali Gril 407-824-1576
Chef's de France (provide a Choc mousse cake already there)
Chef Mickey's 407-824-1520
Contemporary 407-824-1000
Coral Reef 407-560-6784
CRT 407-824-7091
Crystal Palace 407-824-7091
Donald's Breakfastosauras 407-938-2905
GF Bakery407-824-2474.
GF Private Dining 407-824-2578, 407-824-2474
GF 407-824-3000
GARDEN GRILLE: 407 560 6071
Hoop De Doo 407-824-2660
LeCellier 407-560-6857
Marrakesh 407-827-5330
MK 407-824-4005 or 407-824-7091
Narcoossee’s 407-824-2978
MGM 407-560-3551
O'hana's 407-824-2165
Poly 407-824-2000
OKW 407-824-1198
Olivia's 407-824-7700
Roma 407-827-8417
Rose & Crown 407-560-3657
San Angel Inn 407-827-8040
Sci-Fi 407-560-3360
WCC 407-824-2660
WL Bakery 407-824-2090
WL 407-824-3200
Yacht club 407-924-7000, (407) 934-3160

Note all resorts have their own bakeries (mostly the deluxes and home away from homes do) and no, there are no bakeries (except the one on the Boardwalk) that you can walk up to and buy a cake from. You would need to pre-order the cake and have it delivered somewhere (your room or a restaurant in that resort).


$12.50 6 inches
$25.00 8 inches (Feeds 8)
$40.00 10 inches (feeds 10)
$25 Mini Castle Cakes
$50 Zebrea Striped Cake AKL (has been reported to be $30)
$14 Glass Slipper Dessert ($12.50 at CRT)
$50+ White Choc Mickey w/tuxedo strawberries

Glass Slipper dessert available at GF restuarants and CRT not included in DDP MUST BE PREORDERED at least 48hrs

Also the Choc Mickey and Strawberries can also be ordered at the GF.

Castle cake only available at GF restuarants order 48 in advance

White Chocolate topper $35

GF Anniverary Cake $45 plus $15 for white chocolate topper

CRT told me they could put almost any character on the cake except Pooh and friends and pixar

6" cakes can not be customized and can be ordered when arriving at your resturant. These cakes will only say Happy Birthday.

GF Private Dining - only customize 10" or larger. They will add a name to smaller cakes but the options are white cake with white frosting or chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.


2 Weeks prior no less then 48 hrs

If you want to try and order something special at your resort, call in-room dining if you have it because they are the ones who can tell you what's available.


They will not put anything in your room before you check into your room.


If your dining experience is less than 72 hours away, you can order a "delicious and festive 6" cake upon your arrival." You may place your order with the podium Host or Hostess when you check in for your dining reservation. The cost of the cake is $12.50 plus tax.

More than 72 hours, from your dining experience you can special order a cake.

8" (serves 10) $25 plus tax
10: (serves 16) $40 plus tax
1/4 Full Sheet Cake (serves 20) $55 plus tax
1/2 Full Sheet Cake (serves 40) $80 plus tax

You can choose chocolate or vanilla cake AND standard buttercream icing or chocolate buttercream icing.

You can add the edible character(s) image that you want to the cake for a price of $8 for each image. They apologize but Winnie the Pooh characters are NOT available at this time.

You can add an inscription to the above cakes (e.g., Happy Birthday Joe, Happy Anniversary Dick and Jane). BUT only 2 names can be inscribed on an individual cake.

There is also the Mickey Mouse (Head) Cake. Mickey Mouse Cake $45 plus tax. NOTE: Inscriptions are NOT available on the Mickey Cake.


Originally Posted by trolleymom (Post 15782897)
I just called the MK bakery and was told that they can make milk free cakes! She thinks that they can put a design on it also. I asked for an Ariel design. This is the first time that I will not have to make my own birthday cake!

fax: 407-824-5530
voicemail: 407-824-7091

There is no phone number to talk to a real live person. But allegedly someone will call you back during business hours 8am-4pm ET, closed weekends and federal holidays.

zurgswife 07-22-2006 05:56 PM

Cake 1a


Originally Posted by Momma Rabbit
This is a pic of a b-day cake I bought my husband at the boardwalk bakery. I thought it was pretty cute.

This cake was purchased for DD while dining at 1900 Park Fare.

Cake 1b


Originally Posted by Disneynutbsv
This was a cake we had at WCC. Sorry but we had already cut it, lol, before I remembered to take the picture. It was chocolate with chocolate frosting and slivers of chocolate all over the cake,mmmm, it was so yummy! It was supposed to cost us $25 but our server let us have it on the dining plan instead of ordering desserts (it was our choice either we could have dessert and pay for the cake or no dessert and cake was included in dining plan..of course we said "YES!!"). I'm not sure if they would do that normally though...but it was a good way of boosting his tip :teeth:


Originally Posted by martha46 (Post 15644516)
This is a 10" cake, exclusive of any additional decoration, I ordered for my DIL's birthday. Whipped cream, vanilla cake, and choc mousse filling.



Originally Posted by Brier Rose (Post 18244652)
Here's a picture of the cake that we'll hopefully have for DD's 16th bday party.We're doing a Beach Party themed Private Dinner at the GF SummerHouse and Small Beach.

I say hopefully because this is a picture that the GF sent me to give me an idea of what they could do.

I told them I wanted it EXACTLY like the picture!! I just fell in love!:love:
Our cake will have only two layers though. Other than that it should look the same.

There are only going to me 14 of us, and while we'll still have some wasted cake (maybe;) ) the 3 layers would have served about 75 people!:eek:
I don't even I could eat that much cake!:lmao:

If it was $165 for the WHOLE cake I would be jumping up and down!!

It's $165 for JUST THE TOPPER!!

The cake done with 2 tiers instead of the 3 pictured, and WITH the topper would be $525.00!


Originally Posted by Brier Rose (Post 18277973)
I thought I'd share this one with y'all too in case anyone need ideas for an Under the Sea type theme.

This is one WITHOUT the castle on top. Isn't it amazing how real those seahorses look!

zurgswife 07-22-2006 05:57 PM

Cake 2a


Originally Posted by Snurk71
Here is a cake from the GF bakery. I think it was an 8" cake that said it would feed 8 (easily), $40 delivered to the room.

Cake 2 b and c


Originally Posted by mlill
Hi! I love this thread! I can't wait for our next trip so I can order another cake! :goodvibes That mini castle cake is soooo cute! :lovestruc

I have special ordered cakes from the Grand Floridian Bakery twice before. Both times I arranged to have the cake at our traditional 1st night dinner at California Grill. The first cake was a white chocolate cake with milk chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries. Yummmy! We were celebrating my daughter's 13th B-day.

The second cake was a white chocolate cake with white chocolate buttercreme frosting. Very yummy!!! We were celebrating our anniversary. Both cakes were $25 and the price was just added to our bill. I'm not sure if they still do it this way, because it's been a couple of years.


2 c

Originally Posted by Ms.Grumpy (Post 18308501)


Originally Posted by olbear (Post 18341346)
I just found these pictures today, And I don't think I've posted them. This was my birthday cake from 2005 at 1900 Park Faire at the GF. It was a 6 inch yellow cake with white chocolate mousse and fresh raspberries inbetween the layers and frosted with buttercreme icing. Since they can't do "pooh", I had them do a hunny pot with hunny coming out. It was made out of molding chocolate. Not sure what the hunny was made out of. It was delicious as usual.


zurgswife 07-22-2006 05:58 PM

Cake 3a


Originally Posted by Snurk71
And here is a Mickey cake from the GF Bakery (same $40 delivered to the room). This one was hand-piped (a little different from the one above from the Boardwalk Bakery).

Cakes 3b,c d, e


Originally Posted by scanne
Cake from WL Private Dining - July 17, 2006
Vanilla cake filled with chocolate mousse and covered in chocolate frosting.

Cake from MK Bakery for DS's birthday. Vanilla cake with vanilla filling and buttercream frosting. July 22, 2006. The Haunted Mansion cake was $25.00 for the 8" cake and $8.00 for the image. So $33.00 altogether before tax. I have the DDE, so they took 20% off, as well.

Cake from GF Bakery. White cake with white chocolate mousse filling and white buttercream. The topper is all white chocolate and completely edible. This was for my DD's birthday. July 21, 2006

"Regular" (not a special order) cake from Kona Cafe. Vanilla cake with white frosting - NOT buttercream. I could taste the shortening in the frosting. My mom got this for me for my birthday. July 20, 2006

We had lots of cake on this trip. So much that I told my DH NOT to get me a birthday cake for my real birthday which is August 2nd.

zurgswife 07-22-2006 05:58 PM

Cake 4


Originally Posted by dphie28
We had 2 bdays on our trip last week. I ordered cakes using the numbers Disney Dining gave me for the respective restaurants. On 7/4 we had a wonderful cake from Ohana and on 7/8 we got the 2nd cake at Sci Fi. Both were DELICIOUS and HUGE! They said they would serve 8 people and we all had huge slices and had over half a cake remaining.

Ohana's Cake (with edible chocolate Mickey's and Mickey sprinkles around the outside).

Sci Fi with a smooth fudge icing- YUM!!! We were too full to eat it after lunch so they sent it over to Pizza Planet where we planned to have dinner for no extra charge!

Cake 4b

Originally Posted by kjs1976
Here's pics of my cake from CRT that I had ordered specially from the info on this thread!!! It was beautiful and delicious!
I don't know if this was posted anywhere on this thread but don't forget when ordering that there is tax and 18% gratuity charged for cakes!!!!!!

Cake 4C

Originally Posted by briar*rose
Here is a picture of the cake I had ordered for my friends birthday at 'Ohana...

It was Vanilla Cake, Fruit Mousse Filling and Whipped Cream frosting. I wasn't too keen on the "fruit mousse" at first but it was my friends choice since it was her birthday and....


The cake was moist, the whipped cream was extra creamy and yummy and the fruit mousse was actually really, really good, not too sweet or too overpowering...I should have never doubted the Disney Bakers....shame on me haha :rotfl:



Originally Posted by Cielei (Post 18395648)
Thank you for all of the wonderful information in this thread. I just returned from our trip and ordered the vanilla cake with vanilla icing from Chef Mickey's for my son's 4th birthday. I actually asked them for another image and they were very happy to accomidate me and it was perfect for my little pirate's birthday!

zurgswife 07-22-2006 05:59 PM

Cake 5a


Originally Posted by peachgirl
I posted this on the other thread, then saw where the cake pics were being organized here's our cake. We loved it! It was a 6",chocolate w/chocolate filling and rolled fondant. The cake was $25, castle $15 and fondant $15 for a total of $55. It could easily feed 6 people.


ordered the mini-castle cake from the GF bakery last week for my family. it was only $25. it's tiny but after a big dinner it was just enough for the 5 of us. plus we were able to hit the MK and do all the rides not feeling over stuffed!



Originally Posted by momofdbsdc (Post 18556650)
Here is the cake I ordered for our Vow Renewal. It was $40 (they had quoted me $60 on the phone) I thought the cake was a little dry, but everyone else loved it!

zurgswife 07-22-2006 06:00 PM

Cake 6

From Misatroo

bday brownie

AKL bday

AKL zebra strips bday
Bday biergarten

Cake 6b

Originally Posted by robinb
Here is my daughter's 10" birthday cake at 1900 Park Faire. It was $40 (minus 20% DDE discount plus 18% gratuity) and it was supposed to serve 16 people. That was probably a good estimate since 8 of us finished half of it. I planned for 12 people, but most of my sister's family had to go home early because my nephew was sick.

The cake was vanilla with buttercream frosting. The inside was a raspberry/whipped cream. It was *great*. I ordered it via the GF Bakery.

zurgswife 07-22-2006 06:01 PM

Cake 7


Originally Posted by newchic99
We had our birthday celebration at Mama Melrose. I called the restaurant 1 week early. I had ordered the 6 inch cake that served 4 for $12.50. However , they forgot about it. They went to the Brown Derby after we got there to get one. The one we got was larger. We shared with the next table and they passed it on to the next table. We did only pay $12.50 though. The cake was very good. I ordered vanilla. Here is a pic of my friend with her cake.

Cake 7b
[QUOTE=carone0318]Hi all, we are back and I have pictures of dh's b-day cake that I ordered for dinner at LTT. It was perfect and tasty too. The only thing was, they said that they could do a marble cake and what they gave me wasn't marble, but one layer vanilla, one chocolate and another vanilla layer. After we ate dinner we had fastpasses for SplMtn and LTT held the cake for us while we rode rides and then I picked it up on the way out. We ordered a Chip & Dale cake and the picture of Chip & Dale was a screen picture, so it was very visible. The lettering on the cake was a chocolate fudge! It was an 8" cake ($25) and the screening for the character was $8, but LTT only charged me $26 and change, so I guess they didn't charge for the character screening.

Cake 7 C

Originally Posted by jcemom
We picked up a cake from the GF Bakery last Saturday for my DD's 4th birthday. It was just as we 8 inch vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream frosting, filled with custard and fresh strawberries, decorated with a white chocolate screen-printed Mickey and Minnie, with hearts and flowers at the base. It cost 40.00...expensive compared to cakes here at home, but as far as Disney prices go it seemed a reasonable cost to get what we wanted. It would only have been 25.00 but the Mickey and Minnie decoration was an extra 15.00 on top of the cost of the cake. It was very good.

zurgswife 07-22-2006 06:01 PM

Cake 8


Originally Posted by BBGirl
OK Trying this. CHef Mickey's
Hey I think it worked THANKS :banana:

Cake 8 B

Originally Posted by maciec
Here are some of pictures of the cake that we had at the Plaza for my ds' 3rd birthday on 10/17. It was 3 layers white cake with with buttercream icing. Mickey was on top. The cake was enough to feed 6 adults, 2 children, and an infant. We gave 1 piece to the waiter and the rest to the people sitting next to us.

It was actually pretty cool what they did at the Plaza. The waiter came out with the cake and yelled "Hey everybody guess what?" and a couple of people yelled "what" and he chastized those that didn't answer and said it again. Once everyone yelled back he said something along the lines of "We have a very special guest celebrating his 3rd birthday! Let's all sing happy birthday to Nicholas" and the whole place started singing. I was so happy. It was very special.

Anyway, here they are ...

Cake 8 C

Originally Posted by rhiannonwales
Hey all,
Just got back yesterday from our trip. We had a cake from the YC for our Illuminations cruise. I forgot to take a pic of it straight on, but heres a pic from a distance. The cake was fantastic, all chocolate, with blackberries, raspberries and blueberries on top with chocolate leaves garnishing it. It was really good, very chocolatey and moist.

PS with tax the cost was about 35.00. It fed6 people and we still had almost half a cake left. IF you are considering a Iluminations cruise with a cake, it was totally worth it. We had a great Capt, Nicole, see if you can request her.

zurgswife 07-22-2006 06:02 PM

cake 9


Originally Posted by Cendrillon
We celebrated my sister's 21st birthday last week (Sept. 6th) at the MK. We had no reservations for lunch and ended up going to Tony's Town Square and were very pleasantly surprised. We told the hostess when we requested a table that we were celebrating a birthday and they told us to sit for a moment while they prepared a table. A minute later, they ushered us to a nice table in the atrium area that was well decorated with Mickey shaped confetti and streamers. And for dessert, instead of the usual cupcake, they brought her a huge sundae of vanilla gelato with a chocolate shell and crispy topping (I didn't get a chance to try the topping but I was told that it was nuts, not peanuts, and crushed cookies, like amaretti). That sundae was one of my Mom's favorite desserts on the entire trip and we had a LOT of amazing desserts.

At 'Ohana that evening, my sister received the usual Mickey cupcake. It was pretty and nice, but not particularly as tasty or impressive as the sundae. To finish off the day, we had ordered one of the tiny Cinderella Castle cakes (from Grand Floridian bakery) and a plate of tuxedo strawberries to be delivered to our room at the Poly. We knew that we wouldn't be able to eat a whole regular cake, so the tiny cake was perfect and the bakery did a stunning job with it. It was chocolate cake with a white chocolate mousse between the layers and then white icing with a white chocolate castle. They placed a thin white sheet of parchment in front of it that looked like a scroll and wrote Happy Birthday in beautiful chocolate script.

Originally we had wanted to order a Tigger cake, but were told that it would cost $50 for the cake and another $20 or so for custom decorations. So buying the tiny but impressive looking castle cake for $25 turned out to be a great alternative.

Cake 9 B

Originally Posted by mimif1
Thanks to all the info here, I ordered a cake for our anniversary and had it at 1900 Park Fare. I asked for an 8" chocolate cake with chocolate icing, a chocolate flower and the castle. It cost $25 for the cake + $15 for the topper for a total of $40. We had five people and ate less than half. It was delicious and beautiful. Sorry the pictures aren't the best!

Cake 9 C

Originally Posted by mlill
Hi! We just got back from a week in WDW for Halloween! I called California Grill about two weeks before our trip and ordered a custom cake to have after our dinner on Oct. 29th. I got the 8" vanilla cake with white chocolate mouse and white chocolate icing. It was $25 (minus the 20% off with the Disney Dining Experience card) and was added onto our bill at dinner. I told them to decorate it for Halloween, and here is what it looked like...

I was very happy with the way it turned out! The kids loved it and the cake was delicious!


zurgswife 07-22-2006 06:03 PM

cake 10

Here is a link to one I ordered from the GF at 1900 Park Fair in 2004

Cake 10B

Originally Posted by DarlingDumbo
I ordered a Thank you cake for my mom after reading this thread. The cake was beautiful with the exception of some misunderstading (The CP's computer was down) Here it is!

Cake 10C

Originally Posted by jenjersnap
We're back from my birthday trip. The cake was fabulous! They delivered it to our room at the BC, exactly at the pre-arranged time. The 10" was huge! We ate on it all week and ended up throwing some of it out. FYI, it was too big for the fridges in the room.

Anyway, it was yellow cake with strawberry custard filling. It had a layer of chocolate buttercream on top and ganache on top of that. It was delicious.

Here are pics (cross your fingers, it works)

zurgswife 07-22-2006 06:04 PM

Cake 11


Originally Posted by Ash aka sky
My daughters first birthday cake and card at the Crystal Palcae... the CM's (esp Piglet) made it an excellent party for her.

The cake cost $13 we did not pre-order we just mentioned it at check in. The cake was supposed to be 6 inches but it was plenty for 8 of us.


Cake 11B

Originally Posted by carone0318
Hi all, we are back and I have pictures of dh's b-day cake that I ordered for dinner at LTT. It was perfect and tasty too. The only thing was, they said that they could do a marble cake and what they gave me wasn't marble, but one layer vanilla, one chocolate and another vanilla layer. After we ate dinner we had fastpasses for SplMtn and LTT held the cake for us while we rode rides and then I picked it up on the way out. We ordered a Chip & Dale cake and the picture of Chip & Dale was a screen picture, so it was very visible. The lettering on the cake was a chocolate fudge! It was an 8" cake ($25) and the screening for the character was $8, but LTT only charged me $26 and change, so I guess they didn't charge for the character screening.

I tried to get a close up of the screening, hope you can all see it.


Originally Posted by Rhongepooh (Post 15766161)
This is a picture of the cake I ordered from the Contemporary for my daughter's graduation. It was a 10 inch cake and we ate on it all week and only ate 1/2 of it. I would have LOVED to have taken the rest home but didn't have anyway of getting it there in one piece. It was chocolate with white chocolate mousse inside and white buttercream frosting with Ariel. Hope the picture comes out. . .opps I forgot it was $50 in all. . . $40 for the cake and $10 for the Ariel design

zurgswife 07-22-2006 06:04 PM

Cake 12


Originally Posted by lillygator
ok here's DD's cake and slipper....they did not put the pop on the cake as discussed...

I will say the cake was AWESOME!! It had custard and strawberry filling and was vanilla was better than my $2k wedding cake and well worth the money....unfortunately it was half wasted.

My pics did not turn out so hot...hopefully my mom got better ones.


Originally Posted by Longsx3 (Post 15767960)
Here is a picture of DDs cake for her 6th Bday party at the BC Sandcastle Club in 2002

The candy pile looked like a treasure chest.

zurgswife 07-22-2006 06:06 PM

Cake 13


Originally Posted by Mickey4me!
We just returned from WDW where we celebrated DH's 50th bday. I wanted to have a cake delivered to the room (we stayed at BWV) and had a heck of a time finding out how to make it happen. I called DVC, who had me call BWV who had me call Boardwalk Bakery who had me call Room Service! They were very helpful and I gave them the time and date I wanted it delivered. They had two sizes and and I opted for the larger one. I also had a choice of chocolate with choc. mousse or vanilla cake with white choc. mouse. Not sure how much it was as I gave them my CC over the phone. Shortly after we checked in, I got a call on my cell from Diane in room service asking if we had checked in and confirming my room number. The cake was delivered that evening at the specified time and was a big hit. It was presented on a large serving tray with party hats and horns, a cake server and plates, forks and napkins. They also included a candle and book of matches. Here's a pic:

Last year we were staying at the WLV for DH's birthday and had reserved the Wishes B'day cruise for his "big" day. This is the cake that came with the cruise. Again, I had choices and the lady from speciality dining called me prior to the cruise to discuss my options.

Both cakes were very yummy!

13 B

Originally Posted by 4orm (Post 18944259)
We've bought the miniwedding cake at the GF and at the Boardwalk Bakery.
I have't heard much mention of the Boardwalk Bakery... are they will making the mini cakes?
I love that it's a perfect replica of our wedding cake :)

13 C

Originally Posted by Cinderella Fan (Post 18969362)
We headed to WDW in April with a couple of DH's students for Nationals. They had never been to WDW, so I had this cake waiting for them at the GF. It was SO good! White cake with bavarian cream and raspberries.... :goodvibes



Originally Posted by disfanatiks (Post 18974647)
DH and I celebrated our anniversary at Citrico's last Friday night. I ordered a cake from GF and also for our daughter who became a Senior that day and also was selected for the two top vocal groups at her Arts High School, I ordered the Cinderella Slipper Dessert.

The detail on the cake was just beautiful..

She just loved it and was very surprised.

zurgswife 07-22-2006 06:07 PM

Cake 14a


Originally Posted by shelton463
This is the anniversary cake I ordered for my in-laws at Whispering Canyon Cafe. I was given the option of a standard chocolate cake with white icing for $12.95 or a 6" custom made one for $20. I chose the custom made and selected chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and buttercream icing. I could have opted for other cake flavors (white, marble, etc.) or a raspberry filling instead of chocolate mousse, and the icing options were buttercream, whipped cream, ganache, or chocolate icing. It was one of the most delicious cakes I've EVER tasted, and I'm a sweets-loving, cake-eating kinda girl :rotfl2: It was almost more like a torte actually. There were 4 layers of cake alternating with 3 layers of mousse between them and a nice thick layer of icing on top & sides :earseek: The buttercream was awesome...not too sweet, not gritty/sugary and really smooth & creamy. I would highly recommend ordering a cake from WCC if you're celebrating a special occasion there! We had 4 adults and 2 kids, and the 6" cake was plenty big enough. We ate a little more than 1/2 of it there and they gladly put the leftovers into a box for us.


Originally Posted by olbear
Here we are with this years anniversary cake. This was taken this past friday 7/28 at 1900 Park Faire. It was a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and fresh strawberries. It was a beauty and yummo too!
And no, it wasn't my birthday. Our server just wanted to "crown us".


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