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PrincessTrisha 07-01-2006 09:59 AM

The fabulous dining adventures of Trisha and Connie
I had every intention of writing these reviews the moment I got home but things just seemed to get away from me. So I finally got some time, so here they are......

First off, it was my mother and myself. It was supposed to be a solo trip just for me (I was made indeterminate at my government job so I wanted to celebrate) but my mother was practically distraught that she wasn’t invited to come along (I usually bring my mom and dad to WDW with me - I figured they paid for enough family trips when I was young, it’s payback time now that I can afford it). Oh and just as an FYI, my mother does no planning - her attitude is anything is fine for her (except no spicy / heavily spiced food / she doesn’t really like steak / she is allergic to most shellfish / nothing flavoured with alcohol / not a burger, chicken finger or french fry fan - but oh anything
else is fine, lol.) We were on the dining plan for most of the trip (while at OKW) but for the first three days we were at BWI and not on the dining plan.

So to begin.........

We arrived on Thursday afternoon (around 4:30pm) and checked in at the BWI. The plan was to find something on the boardwalk or beach club area (like Spoodles, ESPN, B&C) but it had been a long drive so we settled for room service.

We each ordered the Waterfront Wrap (Bacon, ham, turkey, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and chive cream cheese rolled in a flour tortilla). I got mine with fries and mom got fruit with hers. We also each ordered a house salad.

The servings were huge (there was a whole plate of fries and the wraps were stuffed! The salads were the size of dinner plates). It was all very fresh and tasty. It came with little jars of every condiment you could think of and a linen table cloth and napkins. We decided that if we were to order it again, we would order 1 Wrap and 1 Salad and split it between the two of us.

The total came to around $42 (including tax, service charge and 18% tip) but the waiter who brought it to the room was so helpful, and polite and talked at great length to my mother (who can talk a blue streak if you let her) so I gave him an extra $6 tip.

Would not hesitate to order room service from BWI (in fact we did so one more time).

On Friday we spent the day shopping in Orlando and DTD. We were going to go to the Rainforest Café but it just seemed so loud and noisy. I saw the sign for Capt Jack’s so we went there instead. Mom had the tuna sandwich (on foccicia bread instead of croissant) with clam chowder and I had the grilled grouper with Napa valley coleslaw. Oh, and we each had a diet coke.

The sandwiches were good but nothing special. This is the one place where we had bad service. The waitress took our order and delivered the drinks, then the sandwiches, but she never checked to see if everything was okay, and she did not provide us with any refills on the drinks. I had to flag down another server to get the bill. With tax and tip (still about 15% because as my mother says I am a sucker) it came to about $28. I would have liked dessert but it was just not worth the hassle.

After we finished shopping we went back to the hotel and then headed down to the boardwalk. After taking a look around we stopped in at the Boardwalk Bakery and picked up some sweets. We got a banana split cake and a brownie cheesecake. It came to just over $8. We saved these for later along with our leftovers from room service the night before.

Saturday was extra magic hours at MGM (and Star Wars weekend) so we headed out at 7:30 am with no breakfast. After a few spins on star tours and a couple of character autographs we were ready for some nourishment. We were passing by ABC commissary and they had there breakfast menu out. We shared the yogurt parfait with a lemon-cranberry muffin and an orange juice. I also purchased a large diet coke since it was already superhot out and I was very thirsty.

It was actually quite good. If it had not been so hot out I don’t think it would have been enough for the two of us - but the heat seemed to kill my appetite. It came to around $8 and we wrapped the OJ in a napkin (because of condensation) and had that about an hour later.

More to come............

PrincessTrisha 07-01-2006 10:13 AM

For lunch I had made reservations at the Brown Derby (because there is no way on the DDP I would use two credits here). We checked in just after 1pm and were seated at 1:30 (our actual ADR time).

I had the barbeque chicken with salad (with green goddess dressing). The chicken was moist but my mom tried it and pronounced it too spicy for her because of the sauce. I enjoyed it though. The dressing is a little “tart”(?) I don’t know if that is the exact word to use but it had a bite to it.

My mom had the Cobb Salad with no avocado (she doesn’t like it) but she loves blue cheese so she really enjoyed it. It was a little too strong for my tastes but I didn’t order it, lol.

My mom and I both ordered dessert, the grapefruit cake and the vanilla bean creme brulee. The creme brulee was good (not the best we ended up having this week but it was good) but I found the grapefruit cake disappointing. I like tart citrus and this was not tart at all, I actually found it find of dull and bland. Maybe my expectations were too high but I would certainly not rush back for it.

The waitress started slow but once we started talking to her, she seemed to warm up. She seemed kind of perturbed when we both ordered salads (it was lunch time) but when the table next to us just wanted to order appetizers for lunch (and the waitress just kept saying, it’s a very small serving - it’s just one little piece, etc) I guess she figured we were her best chance for a tip. And when we ordered a dessert each she became practically ecstatic.

The total came to around $56 with a 20% tip.

Would I go back you ask? Well, probably not. There was nothing wrong with the restaurant / food, it just wasn't all that special for the price.

More to come............

Shell0616 07-01-2006 10:40 AM

Thank you so much for your review and pictures!

It sounds like you and your mom had a great trip....

Carol Ann 07-01-2006 10:51 AM

yummy yummy. Can't wait for the next installment! Thanks for the pictures!

mdhkitten 07-01-2006 11:01 AM

Great reviews and pics! You're making me hungry! popcorn:: I'm sorry to hear that you weren't impressed by the grapefruit cake :( was one of my favorites! :teeth:

ufgator 07-01-2006 11:24 AM

Thanks for your great reviews and pictures so far! I've never ordered room service from any of the WDW resorts before and was curious about it. At the Brown Derby, was the green goddess dressing good? Do you know if it is like the Seven Seas one?

disneysailor 07-01-2006 01:06 PM

Thanks for all the details and pictures. I can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip/food!

gems_smiling 07-01-2006 01:23 PM

Nice reviews and pictures. Cant wait to read the rest.

Bev J 07-01-2006 02:08 PM

Love to see the pics, it makes a big difference to see the items ordered!
Looking forward to more


PrincessTrisha 07-01-2006 02:41 PM

For dinner we once again ordered room service but this time we ordered the supreme pizza and chicken wings. The total came to around $32 and it was well worth every penny. We had the same server bring the meal to the room so I felt like I should give him an extra tip like I did 2 nights before so I tacked on an extra $4. It was really good pizza. The wings were joined (so not the little drumettes and tips but the whole wing) and very meaty. There was plenty of leftovers for breakfast the next day (mmmm cold pizza).

PrincessTrisha 07-01-2006 02:47 PM

After our cold pizza breakfast, we headed over and checked in to OKW and picked up are cards with the dining plan credits. Thank goodness! It was nice not to worry about the check anymore!

Our first DDP meal was at Le Cellier for a late lunch (2pm).

To start my mother had the cheese plate and I had the mussels. My mother has enjoyed the cheese plate here before and it again did not disappoint. As I said, she likes blue cheese so this is right up her alley. The mussels were amazing! They are served “chowder style” with potatoes and bacon. I took them all out of the shells and enjoyed it like a soup. It was one of the dining
highlights of the trip.

For entrees my mom had the shrimp with pasta / spinach / sun dried tomatoes. She ate only a little bit and we had the rest packed to go (we were staying in a DVC Studio so yea! For the microwave.) I had the petit filet with mashed potatoes (the potatoes I shared with mom because she had never had them before and they were very good).

For dessert I got the chocolate moose and mom got the maple creme brulee. My mom had the brulee before and enjoyed it so much she knew going into the restaurant that she was getting it for dessert (hence, not eating her shrimp pasta). I had a few bites of the chocolate moose but was disappointed in my choice. I got it because I had seen pictures and thought it was cute and I like chocolate but after a couple of bites, you could tell that it was made for a child’s palette (basically just like a thick chocolate pudding). It actually seemed to be a little dried out (maybe because of the cookie crumbs on the outside?).

Service was top notch, drinks were refilled promptly and dishes cleared quickly after each course. Despite being one of the busiest restaurants we went to, the servers were friendly and talkative and very competent.

Still more to come....

momof2disprincesses 07-01-2006 02:51 PM

L-O-V-E all the pictures! :love:

You describe the food so well and then by adding pictures, I feel I can practically taste it all ... I'm drooling.

In fact, you made me so hungry I had to raid the pantry and the best I could come up with was a pop-tart to share with dd14. I can't wait to be in WDW again!!!

PrincessTrisha 07-01-2006 02:52 PM


Originally Posted by ufgator
Thanks for your great reviews and pictures so far! I've never ordered room service from any of the WDW resorts before and was curious about it. At the Brown Derby, was the green goddess dressing good? Do you know if it is like the Seven Seas one?

I've not had the Seven Seas dressing so I can't compare. What I can tell you is that the Goddess dressing is like a creamy vinegrette. The salad looks like ceasar salad but tastes completely different.

I really did want to like the cake - maybe it was just an off day - or after the salad dressing maybe I just couldn't taste as much grapefruit.

PrincessTrisha 07-01-2006 03:35 PM

Because of information grazed from the DIS I knew that OKW didn’t have a food court and after viewing their menu on allearsnet, I knew that to use all of our counter service credits I would have to find an acceptable food court. Right around the corner from OKW is POFQ and because we had a car it was very convenient. So on our way back from Epcot we stopped here and bought
some refillable mugs (because I intended to use this food court several times and I love me some diet coke!)

We still weren’t really hungry after our big lunch but because we had the microwave we stopped and picked up a meal for a little later. We got the ½ chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and corn with corn bread and a fruit bowl for dessert (or breakfast the next day). They have the best mashed potatoes at WDW (it may have something to do with the fact that I don't make mashed potatoes at home :rotfl: )

For breakfast the next day we ate the leftover shrimp pasta from le Cellier and headed out to do more shopping. I was looking for an animal snow globe as a baby shower gift so eventually we ended up at AKL to check out their store. We had stayed at this hotel last Nov/Dec so I knew that they had a decent food court as well.

We split the fried shrimp dinner with fries (for me) and coleslaw (for mom) and a piece of cheesecake with strawberry sauce and of course a bottle of diet coke. The shrimps were nice and plump but they did have a heavy breading on them. Fries are fries, and the coleslaw was the creamy kind. The cheesecake was good, and it was nice that the sauce comes on the side since
my mom likes it and I don’t (I am a plain cheesecake kind of person).

We went back to the hotel for a bit to swim and work up an appetite before heading over to the Grand Floridian for tea.

I had peppermint tea, lemon poundcake and trifle and my mom got the Buckingham palace with the sandwiches (which she shared with me - such a good mom!) And the scone / jam tart and two pastries.

It was wonderful and a very nice “girly” thing to do. The poundcake is soaked (well at least sprinkled) with real lemon juice so it has a nice sweet/tart mix going. The trifle had grand Marnier flavour in it which if I had know I probably would not have ordered it (I am also not a big fan of alcohol flavouring). The sandwiches were nice and the scone was warm and fresh. The pastries were good (and that says a lot since my mom used to be a pastry chef and I myself
owned/operated a bakery for 2 years.)

Still more to come......

Shell0616 07-01-2006 03:57 PM

I have always wanted to do a formal tea. My ds11 however would never forgive me!
Thanks so much for the wonderful descriptions and pictures.

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