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Tinkerbell_Tiffany 05-19-2006 11:10 PM

I thought we could do a thread of the inside of the restaurants.
I would love to see some pics of how cool they are and table setup and anything you got! :Pinkbounc :woohoo:

Let's have Fun! :banana: :cheer2:

AussieAngel 05-20-2006 01:50 AM

I like this idea!

I was just wondering last night about what the restaurants actually look like, and how big they are...

I've seen so many cool photos of the food, but hardly any of the actual restaurants! Inside or outside!

Tinkerbell_Tiffany 05-20-2006 02:55 PM

bump! :)

CamColt 05-20-2006 06:52 PM

These arent the greatest of pictures, but here goes...

Kitchen at Mama Melrose

Yachtsman Steakhouse

TwoOldPoohs 05-20-2006 07:03 PM

Oooh, I have some!
From my two favorite restaurants ...
and Jiko:

tx2tn 05-20-2006 08:02 PM

I hope pasting this picture works :confused3

This is Chef's de France in EPCOT.

Amyrlin 05-20-2006 08:13 PM

I woul love a piccy of CG is anyone has one :)

tx2tn 05-20-2006 08:34 PM

This is all I have. It is your view from CG

Amyrlin 05-20-2006 08:54 PM

Thanks :)

FINFAN 05-20-2006 10:28 PM

I know OURLAUGHINGPLACE.COM has some neat reviews and pictures on their site...pretty helpful.


Camp Rd. Lady 05-21-2006 05:13 AM

I love this idea keep those pictures coming! :love:

Goobergal99 05-21-2006 07:39 AM

keep on comin!

Jrabbit910 05-21-2006 09:18 AM

Japanese in Epcot... YUM

lajones81 05-21-2006 11:05 AM

This is the great thread! Thanks for the pictures! :)

daannzzz 05-21-2006 11:27 AM

Le Cellier:

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