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kilee 02-27-2006 11:45 PM

****Pet Friendly Info****
Since many of us like to have our furbabies accompany us on vacation. I figured it would be a good idea to have some info in a handy spot.

The following is a start and we'll be adding to it. If you have any info you think would be useful, or you see some info. that is outdated please feel free to PM me.

Best Friend Kennels This is the only kennel on Disney property.
The WDW theme park kennels have been closed.

(The following has been taken from the DIS homepage--

Here is the basic info about the WDW Kennels and Pet Services:

Walt Disney World has Kennels available for guests that are traveling with their family pet. Walt Disney World is a member of the "American Boarding Kennel Association".

Below find all the kennel locations that are in Walt Disney World that are available to you.

Kennel Locations:

Magic Kingdom Area: Ticket and Transportation Center- closed
(407) 824-6568 (8-273-6568) Kennel is open from 1 hour prior to park opening to one hour after park closing.
(407) 560-6229 (8-224-6229) open from 1 hour prior to park opening to one hour after park closing.
Disney-MGM Studios-closed
(407) 560-4282 (8-264-4282) open from 1 hour prior to park opening to one hour after park closing.
Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park-closed
(407) 938-2100 (8-263-2100) open from 1 hour prior to park opening to one hour after park closing.
Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground-closed
(407) 824-2735 (8-283-2735) 7:30am-8:00pm
Note: All Kennels offer overnight boarding


Kennel Price:

$10 per pet per day
$15 per pet overnight (for DAY guests at ALL kennels)
$13 per pet overnight (for RESORT guests at ALL kennels)


Kennel Requirements:

Walt Disney World is a member of the "American Boarding Kennel Association"
Dogs must have proof of the following vaccinations administered by a licensed Veterinarian:
Rabies, D.H.P.(Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza), Parvovirus and Bordetella
Cats must have proof of the following vaccinations administered by a licensed Veterinarian:
Rabies Panleukopenia, Rhinotracheitis and Calcivirus
All guests are required to walk their pet at least once in the morning and evening (twice a day.) Dogs less than a year old are required to be walked at least three times a day.
All dogs and cats have to be a minimum of 8 weeks old to be kenneled.
No native wildlife or exotic species are allowed in kennels.


Kennel Sizes:

Small pet kennel--25.5" x 20" x 23.3"
Medium pet kennel--34" x 34" x 34"
Large pet kennel--55" x 45" x 36"
Outside kennels (available on request)-- large kennels, sizes vary slightly
Pets cannot be kept in a car during the day; the car WILL be broken into and the pet(s) removed. This is against Florida law, and the person will be fined $5000 if a pet is found in a car. Pets in campers with air conditioning are not included under this law.


Kennel Service:

Boarding of guests' pets.
Feeding is available, but guests are advised to walk and exercise their own pets.
No veterinary services are offered. Guests will be referred to an Orlando animal clinic if problems arise.
Camping with pets is permitted in select Full Hook-up campsites at an additional charge, based upon availability at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground.
Restrictions apply and pets are not permitted in Wilderness Cabins or campsites not within designated pet loops.
Guests should request a pet site when booking reservations.
The charge is $5.00 per day, per site (not per pet).
Pets must meet vaccination requirements
Fort Wilderness guests may also leave their pets at the Kennel during the day for $6.00

kilee 02-27-2006 11:50 PM

Here is some information I was able to find about pet services at Universal Studio's. Remember that one thing about their onsite hotels-- they all allow pets. Which is a great alternative for travelers planning to visit Universal.

Information on Universal's Kennels:

Guests can board their pets for the day (no overnight boarding) at the Studio Kennel. Located in the parking structure, boarding costs $10.00 per pet per day and will close 2 hours after the last park closes. There is a phone outside the kennel to contact security to assist in picking up a pet after the kennel has closed.

Guests must provide food and return periodically to walk their pet(s). Upon arrival to the parking garage, ask the toll-plaza attendant for directions to the Studio Kennel.

As for Sea World---- here is some info for their kennel services as well:

If you want to take your family to see Shamu and the wonders of aquatic life, this is the place. But if you want to take your pets, the farthest they'll get is the Sea World kennel. Here's the rundown: the kennels are air conditioned. You'll need to walk your own animal sometime during the day, since personnel doesn't perform that service. If you bring food with your animal, they will feed him. And you don't need to bring a bowl; Sea World has oceans of them.

Kennel Rate: $4 per day.
You will need to know the dates that your pet has had his shots, but no actual proof is demanded. Pets must be picked up no later than 1/2 hour after the park closes.
Park Admission: $40.95 for adults; $33.90 for children ages 3-9. Plus tax. This is the single day/single park rate. Special rates are available for multiple day/multiple park packages.

kilee 02-27-2006 11:52 PM

The following is a list of Hotels in the Orlando Area that are known to allow pets. Please PM w/ any changes or additions you may be aware of (thank you):

Embassy Suites Lake Buena Vista
Celebration World Resort
All Universal Hotels
Sheraton Safari
Comfort Inn Lake Buena Vista
Masters Inn Maingate
La Quinta Inn
Buena Vista Suites
Days Inn East of Universal Studios
Westin Grand Bohemian
Omni @ Champions Gate
Extended Stay Deluxe Suites
Red Roof Inn Orlando Convention Center
Residence Inn
Motel 6 International Drive

**Some of these resorts may require deposits. Some might also have weight limits. Lastly, remember that many hotels are now requiring the pet not be left alone during the day. Rather some are requiring the pet be kenneled during the day if you will not be w/ them. In these cases many of the parks allow you to kennel your pets for just the day.

kilee 02-27-2006 11:54 PM

Here is some great research done by another DIS member on rental villas that allow pets:

(We want to thank DIS member-- drgnfly30 for the following quoted info)

I've been extensively searching for pool homes that would accomodate my dog Bojangles... I've finally booked with the following Villa- It had everything we wanted, location, fenced in yard, pool, hot tub...I dealt directly with the owner & so far it's been a breeze...

While I haven't stayed at any of these homes... here are some links to pet friendly houses that responded to my inquiries.. I sent out about 20 or so & received about a 40% response rate... Most seemed very welcoming of pets!

I did receive some Condo/Townhouse responses (I deleted those before I thought of sharing)... I have a barker so a house was a must for us!

kilee 12-04-2006 08:47 PM

Here is some great new information provided by DIS member, Luvchefmic.

I have been using Extended Stay Deluxe Suites for years when I don't stay on Disney property, the closest to WDW is on Palm Parkway in Lake Buena Vista a few miles from AK Park. There is another one on John Young Pkwy in Orlando about 9 miles from WDW main gates. There are others also in Orlando I believe.

There is a onetime fee of $75 for a matter how long the stay..& weight limit which is great as my boy below is a 70 lb English Pointer! The places are immaculate...never a doggy smell

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