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Lisa loves Pooh
01-09-2006, 07:00 PM
Okay--everyone keeps telling me it is probably plantar fasciitis. (Those whom I"ve been asking opinions).

But it doesn't make sense--this is a sudden onset of pain yesterday just from standing. It does not alleviate with rest. I am starting to use my crutches a little bit b/c pressure can cause a sudden increase in pain--no swelling or bruising, so I'm loss.

The best pictures I found on the web are these--and it hurts on the lateral side...midfoot. It is beginning to radiate to the top of the foot. :confused3



I ran the half fine--did have foot pain. Thought it to be from the surfaces. Both feet hurt equally--basically fine yesterday a.m. then all of a sudden my right foot b/c practically impossible to walk on at moments.

In the pics--pain is midfoot top of the the photo and just that side--it i doesn't cross into the middle of the foot or the inside (arch area) of the foot at all--so if I'm reading the pics right--not even crossing into the plantar fascia. :confused3

01-09-2006, 07:05 PM
It really does sound like some sort of tendinitis(which may or may not be plantar fasciitis). Even if is it "only" plantar fasciitis, the pain can be debilitating. I spent three years on & off crutches and in casts for uncomplicated PF and the pain could be excrutiating. At any rate, I think you need to have it checked to make sure you don't have a stress fracture. Until you can see a doctor rest, ice it, elevate it, & take anti-inflammatories round the clock.

Lisa loves Pooh
01-09-2006, 07:18 PM
funny you mention stress fracture--b/c that is what I've been describing it feels like as there is nothing else going on if you know what I mean. I always joke about my body feeling broken--but I'm serious when I say that it feels like something broke. Not a strain, not a tear--just like something "broke".

01-10-2006, 11:07 AM
If your onset of pain came very quickly, it could also be a partially torn PF. A visit to the Dr. (preferably a sports orthopedic Dr., IMO ) is definitely in order.

Probably just R-I-C-E is the treatment if it is Plantar Fascietis or a mildly torn PF.

Rest is the key. Ya' can't pretend it didn't happen.

When my PF tore, it came absolutely out of nowhere. No warning at all. And the pain was excruciating. 2 months into it, it still aches when I really stress my foot, but it is getting better.


My Dr. says I am being "very aggressive" with my foot (translation: I am using it too much), and progress is slow but steady.

It could be a fracture, but the s/s you mention parallel mine pretty closely.

Good luck, be still, use ice and nsaids & get to the Doctor.

01-10-2006, 11:32 AM
I've been struggling with PF since October and it sounds like you could have it also. Mine developed suddenly after running Disney's Race for the Taste 10K in October. Before that time I had no previous foot pain at all.
I would recommend R-I-C-E also. Some PT might help you out too.
It could also be a heel spur. You'd have to get an x-ray to rule it out. Hopefully it is only PF, as a heel spur is worse. Maybe a stress fracture?
Give it a while to settle and then go see an ortho or a sports med doc. I hope you're able to resolve it on your own quickly!!

Lisa loves Pooh
01-10-2006, 02:30 PM
The pain is radiating to the top of my foot and into my toes. mid foot, heel and arch are unaffected byt this.

I have my special shoe on that I had on hand anyway.

The pics above--where they have little pointers to the PF--no pain at all in any of those spots. It is all along that bone that is running along the top of the pic in the foot.

I have 13 days off from activity anyway-so there is no rush to get back into anything.

Still cannot figure out if my foot has any swelling. My feet are huge anyway---so a bit difficult to see even mild swelling b/c I have huge feet.

01-10-2006, 03:52 PM
The pain is radiating to the top of my foot and into my toes. mid foot, heel and arch are unaffected byt this.

After I ran my first half marathon, I had agonizing pain on top of my foot where you described. I was diagnosed with a sort of tendinitis on the top of my foot that was caused by a change in elevations (hills).

Stand on your tiptoes on the foot that hurts. Try to lower your heel to the ground. If it is painful or impossible, it could be a ligament or tendon strain. Try to sit in a chair and bring your affected foot up and rest it on your other knee. Stretch your toes, one by one, downward and hold for 15 seconds each. Repeat three times. This will stretch out the tendons that run along the top of your feet.

I remember at the time I thought my foot was broke since it hurt so bad. Now I remember after each race if I feel a twinge to stretch ASAP.
Ibuprofen should help also.

Best of luck!!!

01-10-2006, 07:39 PM
Top of the foot, into the toes...hmmm, that almost sounds like a neuroma. That's a small nerve tumor that causes swelling and pain in the forefoot. It is easily aggravated because the nerves go through some small tunnels to get from the mid-foot to the toes. If one gets swollen due to irritation it causes great pain, even electrical-type charges when you step. It's not cancer and it's not hard to diagnose & fix. The bottom line is, you ran a race and now you have pain. My layman's diagnosis is "something is wrong" and you need to find out what. Call a sports physician and have the foot checked. The sooner the better, because your feet are your foundations--small, unrepaired injuries can lead to major problems down the road

Cathy--regrets every day not having her ruptured tendon repaired promptly

Lisa loves Pooh
01-11-2006, 03:03 PM
Saw Doc today--I always love seeing them when things are getting better. B/c I then think they think I'm loopy or something.

In any case--she poked and prodded and there was no pain of course (achy afterwards though). She gave me an order for an x-ray and MRI to do next week if I'm still having issues.

We decided to have me wear the special shoe b/c the foot seems to be totally fine when I walk while wearing it. Flexing is the biggest issue right now. No serious pain--but definitely a noticeable ache that just ain't normal. So the issue position is when driving the van.

If it eases up, I will not do the MRI/X-ray--however to be safe rather than sorry--I may just treat it like a Stress fracture and do non-impact activities for 6 weeks.

Sensory checking indicated that there probably isn't a nerve issue. And as suspected--the pain is in the totally wrong place to consider PF.