View Full Version : anyone from UK on Halloween Magic Voyage-please help with daughter's school project!

09-24-2001, 02:31 AM
My daughter (7) has to do a journal for missing 1 1/2 week of school for our trip. If anyone from the UK will be on our Magic Voyage could you please bring UK postcards for her to include-just e-mail me and I will give instructions on how to route to her onboard.

09-24-2001, 05:15 PM
Hi there :) I'm sorry for the lack of replies but most of us are on the UK DIS - I am not aware of any of the UK DISers going on this cruise, but would sending you postcards by mail be of any use?
To post on the UK DIS, just go to www.wdwinfo.co.uk/boards (you will need to register there) & you are welcome to mail me too :)

Pixie Power!
10-17-2001, 04:28 AM

I wont be one the cruise but i can post you some no problem - PM me with the details, what type do you need ect.

Its no problem - glad to help