View Full Version : Checked with my DS...and pins are there except 1

09-23-2001, 01:42 PM
Does anyone still need anything besides number 1....let me know and i will try to get them for you. No promises as I cant get there until tomorrow. But I can try for you. Send me an email or post here with your name, email addy, pin number and amount of pins you need.


09-23-2001, 02:56 PM
I checked the three stores near me. Walt is long gone, and now #7 is as well (Mickey's image on a TV). Some stores are sold out of the pin bags.

Me? I'll see what I can do to help next week. I'll be there when they open and am sure will be out by 10:10. I plan to wear an armor to struggle with the porkies, so I can be able to get the single two fudgin', common, rack pins I am interested in... ::sigh:: :rolleyes: