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AZ JazzyJ
09-23-2001, 09:50 AM
As word began to leak out regarding the Disney Store Walt Disney’s 100 Years of Dreams Pin Series, I had determined this was one collection I would be passing on. I decided to be safe; I would not even venture over to look at the pictures of the pins. But then one day I received an e-mail from DaisyCrazy saying that Taylor and Jordan wanted a few of these pins from the first week but they would not be near a Disney Store. I offered to help not knowing exactly what I was committing to. Next, I came home to find the newsletter from the Disney Club stuck to the front of my computer screen. There on the bottom of page 3 was an article about the upcoming pin series. I was curious where this newsletter had come from. Surprisingly enough, it was planted there by Adventure Girl. Seems she was going through the mail and came across this and thought I would be interested. I explained to her that this was not going to be pretty and perhaps it would be best if we put the newsletter down and step away from the paper. She immediately began to explain that we could not let Taylor and Jordan down and we just HAD to go see if we could get their pins. Reluctantly, I agreed. We awoke early Saturday morning and with the children still nestled in their beds we made our way to the local mall. We arrived before the doors opened. I felt a sense of dread after hearing all the stories of how psychotic people were at other Disney Stores around the country. Trina though was determined. With 20 minutes before the door opening, Trina began to eye the competition. The young man with the unshaven face whose eyes darted from store to store, he was obviously a pin shark. We would have to deal with him. The little old lady with the large shopping bag and the walker was someone we would have to contend with as well. Having been on my share of the Post-Thanksgiving Day Shopping trips, I knew the kind of damage those walkers could inflict on my bare shins. Then there was the woman with the 5 boys all the ages of 7-9 who insisted on being in some sort of conga line from the dark side. They were walking back and forth in front of the closed chain doors of the Disney Store running sticks across the grate like some sort of prison B-movie. It was clear the mother brought these children along to use as a diversion to keep others away as she cleaned up at the pin rack. Then there was the woman with the notebook and the DVC T-shirt whose eyes seemed just a little to close together. And what exactly is up with her having only one eye brow that goes over both eyes? The minutes ticked down on the clock and I could swear that I saw a tumbleweed roll down the deserted mall hallway. I am not positive but I think I heard the theme song from A Fistful of Dollars playing in the background. With two minutes before store opening, beard boy got up and made his way to the Hallmark store. A closet Christmas ornament collector, I should have known. The Cast Members came to the gate to begin to open the door. The diversion boys were pretty excited and rattling the cages like animals before feeding time. Just as the gates were beginning to open, I reached into my pocket and scattered $0.37 in change across the floor. The boys immediately forgot about their well-laid plans and dove into the hallway to retrieve the money. It was just too easy. As Trina wove her way through the aisles towards the pin display, DVC T-shirt Mamma was in hot pursuit. At the last moment, the Disney Gods looked favorable upon us as DVC was met by Snow White who just HAD to show her the lanyard she was wearing with pins on it. Foiled by a CM dressed as a princess, that has gotta hurt. She never even saw it coming. In the mean time, I was walking directly in front of walker babe attempting to help her find her way into the store and to the plush animals. How was I supposed to know she didn’t even want to go to the Disney Store? She should have said something and there was no reason to stomp on my toe and ram that walker into my right shin! By the time I caught up to Adventure Girl limping and wondering if I would have to tell her to save herself and forget about me, she had made her way to the pin display and in her hand were 4 gleaming One Man’s Dream pins, a Mickey Plane Crazy Pin, and a TV Mickey pin that Taylor had wanted. She also had a few pins for each of the five kids and a pin bag, a Buzz Lightyear Halloween costume, an Eeyore T-shirt, a Tigger Halloween candy bag, an Eeyore Halloween beanie baby, and a Spy Kids DVD. I stood there in shock as the store had been open a total of 5 minutes. A tear of joy rolled down my cheek in unison with the tear of blood that rolled from the nasty gash now swelling in my right shin. As we made our way over to the check stand to pay for our loot, people were crowded around the pin display grabbing pins and tossing small children to the side like a napkin at a pie-eating contest. As we were leaving, we met face-to-face with DVC T-shirt mamma. Her one eyebrow curled up like a caterpillar in the fetal position. The two women stared each other down knowing full well this would not be the last encounter these antagonists would have. I swear I could almost hear one of them say, “This town ain’t big enough for the both of us”. All I know for sure is that this round went to the woman in the white Diamondbacks shirt (the good girls always wear Diamondbacks shirts). With our saddle bags loaded with Disney sacks, we headed off into the sunrise knowing we were safe for yet another week.


09-23-2001, 10:03 AM
Jeff only 14 weeks to go... Shin pads and steel toed boots:)

09-23-2001, 01:53 PM
From Beauregard: As Judith read to me the story of your adventure on Saturday, the image of the tumbleweed in the mall immediately brought to mind that whistled song and visions of Clint needing a shave. Of course, Judith had no clue what I was talking about, so I took the oppotunity to write this post personally. I do believe you are missing your calling in life. Or do you secretly do the writing for Robin Williams, et al? Good luck for the following 14 weeks.

09-23-2001, 01:54 PM
This must be a guy thing ... where's Trina? Has she seen al lthe neat Hallmark Disney stuff?

09-23-2001, 04:10 PM
...yeah, yeah, yeah, Jeff.....ever thought about joining the Whiner's Club? ;) ;) You think *you* had it bad? While you and Adventure Girl were risking your 2 lives and 8 limbs in the AZ desert on our behalf.........uh, make that while you were safely ensconced in the air-conditioned comfort of a safe, modern mall, fighting off, what, 2 or 3 scrawny adults and a handful of easily distracted kids, *we* were risking our 3 lives and 12 limbs in much more treacherous territory, on your behalf, might I remind you. Yes, that's right, week after week at the crack of dawn, we take on the toughest of the tough, the baddest of the bad----pin trading "Trade Parade" junkies, shark and minnow alike, in the shoulder-to-shoulder, blistering heat and drenching humidity of WDW's parks and resorts. No easy task mind you, but hey, what are friends for? :D

We've also had a few tense moments recently......thought we'd lost Jordan a time or two in those deep, dark, shark infested waters (" I was only pin trading with those nice people over there, Mom".....uh oh.....count your pins, dear...), and then there was the time not long ago when Taylor *almost* traded your Parade pin # 3 for a Rubber Goofy head pin ( "...but Mom, Jeff will like this one much better, won't he? He said he wanted one....." )...

But all in all, we're happy to report that this week's Parade and Ariel/Shark Wanna Trade pins made it through the battle unscathed (whew...), so it's four weeks down, one to go. Wish us luck, cross your fingers, and say a prayer, as we dive back in, all in the name of friendship! And BTW, what're ya doin' next Saturday? :D


09-23-2001, 06:01 PM
Wow Jeff, quite the experience where you were. People were quite civilized at the store I went to.

shirley 38
09-23-2001, 10:35 PM
Wow Jeff, glad you made it through it alright. I know how you must have felt. Well I was on the other end in the disney store. I was the one selling the pins to the Pin People.
It was good to have a counter between them and me.
Good Show as always.