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09-22-2001, 05:51 PM
I want to say thank you to a very special person, Darlene. She made my day. In fact Darlene you made my year. I got home from work today to find a box in my mail. In side it was a little round case and inside that was a very special little gift. She had given me a watch... Not just any watch but a very special watch. It was a Best Guess watch from Disney. Along with it where some words to warm my heart. Darlene you are always here... In my heart... God Bless :)

Thank you Darlene. And the cheese soup... Is on me :)

09-22-2001, 09:15 PM
Can I cut in on your thank you and send one of my own.

Darlene, you get my vote for President of the Peach Society. (sorry MIke)
Or I will nominate you into our little Caballero group.

You go out of your way to make everyone happy on these boards. You sent a wonderful pin swap pin, You sent Nat his watch, and I never announced it on the boards but she did the same for me too.
And your birthday pin has a special place in my book.

Last month she sent me the cutest little clip on watch. I showed it to everyone at our last CT mini meet and they were all jealous.

We love you Darlene................... Peggie

09-22-2001, 10:18 PM
Your welcome to everyone. I am a Fairy God Mother in training and when I do become the Fairy God Mother I will make everyone's dreams and wishes come true.

Nat, I am glad you like your "door Prize" from the Pin Meet. I thought it was a great watch and thought you might enjoy it. And I am going to take you up on that cheese soup offer.

Peggie, look at all the wonderful things you do for everyone. It was just a little Thank You for being so nice.

And I truly believe that I got more pleasure out of giving Robyn the Continuing the Traditions pin then she got receiving it.

And I am quite thrilled to be the Vice Peachident - a great honor indeed.

Now I hope I remembered to get all the pins that people ask for at the Disney Store today.

It is tough being a Fairy God Mother in training.