View Full Version : Husband's gift exchange...I am sooo excited!!!

12-17-2005, 11:47 AM
My DH's office did a rather odd gift exchange this year. Whatever your gift was had to weigh 1 pound. Since there are about 8 men and 4 women, he didn't want to bring any food, chocolates etc. So, since I had to take DD to a church function one night, I ran errands until her pick up time. I got DH a 16 oz hammer for his gift. DH thought that was a great idea.

But, back to my excitement. DH received 1 pound of clothespins for his present. DH and I started off married with one pack of clothespins...16 years ago. We've lost probably 2 a year, so now we are down to about 2 left. We really needed clothespins. So, that in itself was really cool! But to add the icing on this cake, so to speak, the person who picked out this gift (I'm thinking it was DH's boss's wife) showed a little humor in it, and picked up a package of the really teeny tiny clothespins - the are about 1" tall. I have always wanted to make some cards with this type of clothespin, but just could never justify the expense of a package for 1 or 2 cards. Now, I have 100 teeny tiny clothespins!...WOOHOO!

Back to the hammer, it went to a fairly recently divorced coworker, who had no tools, becuase her ex got them all. So, she was pretty excited about not needing to borrow one when she needed one.

12-17-2005, 11:57 AM
I'm glad you both got something you needed! :teeth: (And the hammer lady too ;) )

However, given that I'm old and have gotten to the point where I hear & see/read things wrong all the time, this is NOT what I thought this thread was about. :rotfl: I thought you were excited because you got to exchange your husband!! Can you tell I'm irritated with mine right now?!? LOL

12-17-2005, 12:29 PM
Hee, exchanging husbands. The problem with that is the one you get might not be better than the one you are exchanging! :rotfl:

I took some chenille rope and wrapped it around a railing in our house and used those tiny clothespins to attach our Christmas cards. They are very useful: hope you have fun with them!