View Full Version : Canadian cheddar cheese soup question

12-15-2005, 02:24 PM
I got the F&W recipe book just to have the recipe for the cheddar cheese soup from Canada. Well looking at the recipe I see it calls for Canadian black diamond white cheddar cheese and Moosehead Canadian Ale. The Ale shouldnt be a problem to get but I haven't been able to get the the cheese yet. Has anyone succesfully found either of these anywhere, like a supermarket? My other question is if anyoe has substituted either of these items with another brand? If so which ones and how did it turn out?

12-16-2005, 09:46 PM
I know they sell Black Diamond white cheddar at Sam's Club, so maybe Walmart carries it too.

12-17-2005, 05:05 AM
Any strong cheddar cheese should be OK - make sure it says mature or extra mature, if not vintage!