View Full Version : uh oh Punk Raul or was that Pinboy? I forgot

09-20-2001, 11:28 AM
On my way to WDW once again. Will post to let you guys and gals know what we are spotting on lanyards. Will not be returning to Melbourne until later. Will find a 'puter somewhere though. :smile:

Hope I can find one so I can join chat tonight

Nat, isn't it time for a new post regarding tonight's pin chat? or are we thinking alike again and you are creating that post at the same time stamp I am typing this one?

Look forward to "seeing" all tonight.

Until I get to talk to that mischevious pinboy and tell him about the board rules for 10k or less total gif and/or jpg usage, I will keep my clipart off and let him use mine. :grin:

Ed, See how that character is getting you in "dutch" for hiding the board rules from you???

09-20-2001, 02:32 PM
Lucky you.. pin scanning and some normallcy!
Can I ask a silly question?

Who the heck is ED?


09-20-2001, 02:52 PM
"Ed" is the alter ego of Raul and Pinboy....he is the one that picks up the pieces when
they get him in trouble....it is a never ending job..

09-21-2001, 11:52 AM
Thanks for the heads up!
thought I was missing something.. Ed only seems to pop up when there is "trouble" :)