View Full Version : Ebay,USPS-Track & confirm with Priority Mail?

the kabuki
12-07-2005, 01:34 PM
Does anyone know if the track & confirm feature can be used when sending packages through USPS using priority mail, or is this only available on Express Mail which is the more expensive option?

One more while I'm thinking about it, do most sellers' prefer to use Express Mail or Priority Mail?

Alice's Mom
12-07-2005, 01:36 PM
Yes you can add it to priority mail, I do it all the time with my ebay sends. I am pretty sure you can add it to any mail sent any means through USPS.

the kabuki
12-07-2005, 01:42 PM
I kept searching after I finished posting and came up with this at USPS site:
Tracking a Package vs Confirming the Delivery of a Package

Tracking services provide detailed information. You will see the item scanned at acceptance, as it travels, and when it is delivered. Tracking information is available for Express Mail® mailpieces only (including Global Express Guaranteed®™* and Global Express Mail™*).

Services that confirm delivery are designed to be a low cost alternative to full tracking. Instead of seeing the acceptance information and updated scans as the item is enroute delivery confirmation services provide assurance of delivery or of attempted delivery. This service is available with the purchase of the following:

Delivery Confirmation™ service.
Signature Confirmation® service.
Certified Mail™ service.
Registered Mail™ service.
International Registered Mail™ service.
Track and Confirm online

Related information:

Regular mail (such as Priority Mail® or Parcel Post® items) can NOT be tracked or verified as to delivery status unless one of the extra services stated above was purchased when the mailpiece was mailed.

Edited to add: Ok went back again and reread. Services that confirm delivery are designed to be a low cost alternative to full tracking

so I guess I answered my own question, little slow today :blush: