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12-05-2005, 10:22 AM
and I will be at Disney! Too funny this forum is here. Just this morning I was thinking about how excited I am about my trip. My husband is SO over me talking about it (he tolerates my Disney obsession and allows me to plan all of the trips - such a good man!). Even my 5 year old is over talking about it because she just wants to go NOW. :)

But, 31 days and counting and I will be at BWV for 9 days. Yippee. Doing the happy banana dance! :banana:

And... all of my Christmas shopping is done. My tree is up. The cleaning lady is at my house today... wow, I am in control this year! :rotfl: Oh yes, and I ran a 5K race on Saturday in preparation for my Disney 5K. If I can finish a 5K in 10 degree temperatures and feel just fine, I am SO ready to run through Epcot. :cheer2:

12-05-2005, 11:02 AM
WOW! You really are organized. I admire you for being able to finish a 5K run in such cold temperatures. Good for you!

My husband is Disney impaired and although he humors my addiction, I have no one to talk to about my trips either.

You can always come talk to us :)


12-05-2005, 11:07 AM
Thanks Katholyn!

Yes - it was a challenge for the 5K - but it was so much fun. We got a group together - 5 of us. Our families went out on the course and cheered us on. I ran with my sister and we chatted the whole time. Too fun. We have decided we are making our whole families do it next year. Besides, it is for a good cause - the Arthritis foundation. Since I had never run a formal 5K before, this will help with my Disney 5K. It is sure to be a ton of fun!

Also - thanks for letting me spread my Disney joy! I just love planning my trips - probably as much as going. I love helping others plan trips too. I briefly thought about becoming a Disney travel agent, but then it would be a "job" - so I just plan trips for friends for free. Usually earns me many thanks and a bottle of wine or two. I'll take it!