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12-05-2005, 09:17 AM
this is your place for talking sporting events! Share your tips for training, workout gear, what to pack in your fanny pack, etc! Ask questions to other WISHers that have experience in competiting in an event you are considering registering for! Post your training plan and goals. Plan with other WISHers the little details like pre-event dinners, t-shirts, meets, and so on!

Please note regarding fundraising sporting events, per the DISboard guidelines found here:

(http://www.wdwinfo.com/guidelines.htm) FOR SALE For sale ads are strictly prohibited on any of the DISboards. Anyone posting such ads will have their post deleted. This same policy applies to links to your ebay/auction listings . "For sale" posts includes requests for donations. If you are participating in or wish to promote a charitable event, please email the webmaster at webmaster@wdwinfo.com for permission first. (You will be asked to provide proof that the organization is legitimate.) Until your request is approved, we ask that you do not post about it on the boards

In order to post about your fundraising (Team in training, etc) you must first get approval from Webmaster Pete, this includes a post, a thread and/or within your signature. Send information about your event and organization to webmaster@wdwinfo.com prior to posting. Any posts/threads soliciting for fundraising contributions without approval will be removed until approval is obtained.

WISH mods want this board to be what our WISH community wants it to be! Have an idea or suggestion -- feel free to PM a mod :wave2: