View Full Version : Wish list.

12-04-2005, 07:08 PM
My wishlist if anyone can help me out. I have Chronic Fatigue so I barely have enough engery to get up in the morning. Staying awake is a challenge for me. Plus the horrible joint pain from not being able to walk that much. So if anyone could help me get some of this stuff before I go in september. Does anyone also know if they let wheel chairs in the tour? :guilty: .

-Seagull hat.
-Thunder Mountain Teleporters.
-Pirates of the Caribbean Insider Tour pin.
-VIP code for my Fiance.
-Teleportation Magic for my Fiance.
-40 Barrel Seat chairs.
-50 to 60 Rope Dividers.
-20 to 30 Gray Boxes.
-5 Coffin Teleporters.