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11-29-2005, 04:55 AM
Ive read on the boards that (if i have understood it correctly - and theres quite often the possibility that i havent!!) that for the evening EMH's you need to get a wrist band. How does this work? And if you are in the parks during normal times do you then have to leave and re-enter? And what about the early hours for the mornings. Are there no wristbands for them? If i carry on at this rate i'll be covered in the blummin' things!! :flower:
Also, i see the EMH for AK is on 17th when we go - does this mean they will let you in an hour early as the last time we went for AK early opening - it didnt!! and it was sooooo boring waiting at those gates!

11-29-2005, 06:28 AM
Hi Widget :)

No need to exit & re-enter - from two hours before park close, just look for the Cast Members distributing the wristbands at various locations - we picked ours up from just inside the International Gateway entrance, but they are also at the main entrance, Future World East Breezeway, Future World West Breezeway, Future World Bridge leading to Showcase Plaza and Mexico Bridge.

One CM swipes your resort ID to ensure it's current and the next one puts the wristband.

You do not get wristbands for the morning EMH -EE - you show your resort ID and your park admission to enter :)

11-29-2005, 01:37 PM
Just to add to Shirley's post (Hi Shirley :wave2: ),

The process is very well organised but we found the queues were quite long at the location closest to the park entrance. If you went further into the park there were much less in the way of queues :)

For example, at MGM there was a large queue (which no doubt still cleared quickly anyway) at the location next to the entrance to Hollywood Blvd, but we headed up to a different location up by Echo lake and there was no queue at all :)

11-30-2005, 08:49 AM
So, are they limited on how many they will allow to stay on the EMH's? Thanks for the responses by the way. At this rate i will have to get another notebook to keep all these great answers in!!

11-30-2005, 03:27 PM
Not as far as I know widget, it is available to all onsite guests.

There is some sort of time limit to get your tickets though - I forget exactly what it was but it was a generous space of time (something like, you have 2 hours prior to normal park closing to get your wristbands)

PS It's not 2 hours, I can't remember what it was! Anyone else know?

Claire L
11-30-2005, 03:34 PM
I am sure Miffy is right about the 2 hours before and for about an hour after normal closing time you can still get the wristbands as we got ours well after Illuminations one night.
Claire ;)