View Full Version : My *NEW* Offer for Inferno

Captain Brain
11-21-2005, 10:33 PM

I know that the Inferno magic pin is quite rare but,I wish to acquire it!My offer is ALL of the following:

Gray HM suit(no hat)
Black HM suit(full)
Orange Flips
Purple Flips
Several Blackheart pins(tell me how many!!)
Teleportation magic
Purple Carpet Chair
Celebration pin
Fantasyland Retro pin
HM leota pin
Space Suit Full
Yellow HKDL chair
Peter Pan hat(maybe)
Sorcerer Ears
HKDL Shirt
Green Explorer shirt w/out camera
Yellow explorer shirl w/ camera

If I must,I shall add more!


P.S.This was hard for me to do because,I can't trade my gifts so I had to take out a lot of my stuff!