View Full Version : My Hunt For Inferno

11-18-2005, 01:13 AM
My Hunt For Inferno!

Krystal set sail for inferno.Going everywhere possible.One day, she landed on a island with alot of people with inferno!They understood that inferno is becoming less rare, since staff are giving it out.But they did know alot of people wanted it.So they asked her what her offer was.Of course, she didn't hesitate.She was prepared!So she pulled out her piece of paper, and handed it to them.They read it slowly.It said:

Krystal's Offer For Inferno
Red Scoreboard
Gold Penny Press
Gold Scoreboard
Gold Turnstile
Wanted Poster
Green HDKL Poster
Spider Web Divider
Full Herbie Suit
And if needed, I could throw in Seagull hat

They gasped.They thought it was a pretty good offer.They all looked at eachother.They said....TO BE CONTINUED!
Will the people on the island say yes or no?Find out soon to see what happens!

Anyways, that's my offer.I hope I can find an inferno.Tell me if I need to add.