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disneyholic family
11-15-2005, 08:21 AM
i've made it to my laptop in between massive fits of coughing - i had a flu shot, but my body doesn't seem to have recognized that fact....been in bed for the last two days, barely able to crawl out...

but enough of me...

my husband's secretary has reservations for her husband and granddaughter for 2 days at WDW (i know...too short - but that's another story)..
in any case, when i checked the dates that they'll be there i noticed that there's a Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party on the one full day they're there (the day i suggested they go to the MK)....

since i've never been to one i don't know what to advise her.....whether to go or not...
it will be her husband (about 60 years old) and his 9 year old granddaughter...

so for anyone who's been to the party the following questions:

1.) what do you think?
I'm leaning towards recommending that they go to it....

2.) Is it fun?

3.) Do you only need the party ticket?....that is, you don't need a regular ticket as well?....just the party ticket?

4.)on the disney site it says that it's from 7 to midnight....is it like the halloween party , where they start letting people in at 4 in the afternoon.

thanks in advance for all the info...

11-15-2005, 08:28 AM
Yes, we've been and absolutely loved it ! Probably our best ever trip to MK. Amazing parade and just a wonderful experience. Their 9 year old is at the ideal age to take it all in as long as she is OK with staying up late - I seem to recall it was quite a late night as the parade was on twice and we saw the second one and did rides during the first as there were no lines. There are shows, characters dressed up for the holidays ... it really is fantastic.

11-15-2005, 08:34 AM
We are trying the MVMCP for the first time on December 18th :)

Check out this thread on the main DIS planning board that goes into details of what to expect:


I'm looking forward to the experience :)

disneyholic family
11-15-2005, 08:44 AM
thanks so much for the information..
i'm going to cut and paste your answers and send it off to her in an email...
unbelievably, she isn't going because she's afraid to fly!!!...
so it's just her husband and granddaugther...

he's never been, so i'm trying to get him prepared since it will be for such a short time....

it sounds like a great idea for them to go to the MVMCP.....especially if there are no lines.......i guess the trick will be to go to bed early the night before and maybe to take a nap in the afternoon if possible...

11-15-2005, 09:38 AM
There wil be some lines for rides during MVMCP - although there are a limited number of guests, it's still pretty crowded from the reports I've read, especially at the weekend parties.

Lines for the free cocoa and cookie, and family photos will be quite long, so best to get these as soon as possible.

11-15-2005, 11:10 AM
FYI they will need to purchase a special ticket for the evening. On entry to the park they will be given a wristband which will show their eligibility for the free cocoa, cookies etc and to get in to the shows.

It might be better to spend the day in a park other than MK and then move onto MK for MVMCP late afternoon (we were let in for this event at about 5pm)


11-15-2005, 01:12 PM
We are going to mvmcp twice this year!! we went last year and loved it.

its very much worth the money and we had great fun.

11-15-2005, 03:21 PM
It is great fun and the parade is fantastic :)

11-15-2005, 03:46 PM
Its a brilliant night:)

11-15-2005, 03:50 PM
We've been once, in 2001 and it was lovely. It was busy but the atmoshere was great. We had a lovely photo taken (which arrived home before we did) and the cookies and hot chocolate were fab. As others have said the parade was brilliant too.

11-15-2005, 04:11 PM
Depends on how close to Xmas you go! we went the first week in december in 2002 and the lines were ok, about 15mins.

It was a really good night though, free hot choc and a picture and the special parade and fireworks were really good!

Im going next year for my wedding and cannot wait!

disneyholic family
11-15-2005, 05:18 PM
hi all....dragged myself back to the laptop....
i can't sleep......my fever's up and i can't stop coughing....i won't be surprised if i've cracked a rib or two or three...
i'm such a baby when i'm sick...anyone know home remedies for coughing?...i can't take any cold/cough medicines due to drug interactions....but i'm willing to try home remedies....

anyway....i've passed on the information, but when i spoke with them i thought that maybe they should just go to the MK for opening on that sunday and leave in the afternoon (instead of going to the party in the evening)....
i was thinking it will be just too tiring for them to go late at night..
since this is their first trip ever to WDW, i think maybe it would be best for them to go during the day, and take it easy and do what they can....
if the hours are too long they won't enjoy themselves anyway...

they're buying a two day ticket, so now i'm trying to figure out what other park they should go visit....on sunday they'll go to the MK....they'll have a ticket to visit a park on monday (they fly out of MCO at 7 PM), but i'm not sure which one they should go to....

11-17-2005, 04:50 PM
We've been twice to MVMCP - 1999 & 2004 - and loved it!

If your friends aren't going to make it there though, they'll still be able to see some of the shows they run during the party as they are the same as the ones done in the parks through the day. :goodvibes

Maybe MGM would be a good choice for their second day :confused3 - they would get to see Fantasmic and the Osborne Spectacle of Lights! :teeth:

11-17-2005, 05:50 PM
We have booked for the 29/11 for the first time,never been at this time of year so its new too us.Im looking forward to it. :cheer2:

disneyholic family
11-18-2005, 05:25 AM
thanks everyone...
i wrote up everything you said and emailed it to my husband's secretary (she's actually located in the states, though we're overseas)..
anyway, she gave all the stuff to her husband (the one going to WDW with his 9 year old granddaughter) and he decided to go for the party...

i hear that he's very excited about the trip now...the trip started out as his gift to his granddaughter...something nice for her.....but now from what i hear, he's every bit as excited as she is....(i've written pages and pages of emails for him, telling all about stuff they can do for free - he's on a very tight budget)..

anyway, this is what he's thinking of doing --
they arrive in the afternoon on saturday - they'll check in (at the all star), grab a quick bite to eat after their long trip down to Orlando, and head off for Epcot (he decided on Epcot - i just gave descriptions of the various parks and he decided on epcot)....

on sunday they'll sleep late and then ride the monorails around WDW (checking out the varous christmas decorations etc.)...
back to the all star for lunch and then in the late afternoon (whenever they allow you to enter MK) they'll head off for the MK....

then on monday (their flight is at 7:30 PM from MCO) they've chosen AK as their park for the day....

they've asked me to write up an itinerary for each park, which i'm working on now...

i'm having a great time.....almost as much fun as planning my own trip....

they've never ever been to WDW before (he's about 60), so it's really a trip of a lifetime for him....
i'm really excited for them....

11-18-2005, 11:20 AM
There is something so exciting about someone's first trip to WDW!! I hope they have a great trip Beth :)

11-20-2005, 06:11 AM
We went to MVMCP twice during December 2003 trip, but going just the once during our trip this year (on Dec. 13th).

The highlight for me by a mile was Mickey's Parade. Once MVMCP ends, it becomes the 3pm parade (replacing SADCT), but it's much better at night. Plus, you have the 'snow'!

# Toyland toyland. Dear little girl and boy land.

Oh no, you've started me off. That'll be me singing all day now :banana:

disneyholic family
11-20-2005, 06:37 AM
We went to MVMCP twice during December 2003 trip, but going just the once during our trip this year (on Dec. 13th).

The highlight for me by a mile was Mickey's Parade. Once MVMCP ends, it becomes the 3pm parade (replacing SADCT), but it's much better at night. Plus, you have the 'snow'!

# Toyland toyland. Dear little girl and boy land.

Oh no, you've started me off. That'll be me singing all day now :banana:

my two must sees for them are the parade and holiday wishes......
since you've done this before perhaps you can answer a few questions:

1. how does the free picture work? do they get one free picture of whatever pictures they've had taken?

2. where are the cocoa and cookies given out?

3. do you remember what the schedule was when you went last?...when were wishes and the parade?

4. were all the attractions open, or just some of them?

thanks in advance...

11-20-2005, 06:46 AM
my two must sees for them are the parade and holiday wishes......
since you've done this before perhaps you can answer a few questions:

1. how does the free picture work? do they get one free picture of whatever pictures they've had taken? You go to a specified location and then line up for your "turn" with the photographer. We had ours done in The Timekeeper's location in Tomorrowland

2. where are the cocoa and cookies given out? Multiple locations - all shown on map! We used the Tomorrowland Noodle Terrace for ours :) (well that's what it's called now ;)

3. do you remember what the schedule was when you went last?...when were wishes and the parade? Can't remember, sorry.

4. were all the attractions open, or just some of them? I think all but we stayed in Main Street, Fantasyland & Tomorrowland so I can't say 100%
thanks in advance...

Beth - this from what I remember of MVMCP last year, HTH :)

11-20-2005, 06:49 AM
Excerpt from my trip report, our MVMCP night... may or may not help!

We wrap up very warm as when we leave it is positively cold! We have a PS booked for the Liberty Tree Tavern for 5.15 as I had thought the Thanksgiving fare there would be a lovely way to start the evening.

We were on the bus and on our way by 4.30. The girls had wanted to “dress up” for tonight but there was absolutely no way they would have been warm enough. We arrive at MK in record time, exchange our party tickets for wristbands, pick up a leaflet so we can plan the night’s events and are soon making our way up Main Street towards Liberty Square.


When we got to LTT it seemed very busy but we were ushered inside quickly. There seemed to be hundreds of people in the lobby and I wondered how long it would be before we got a table. Well, I’m never quite sure how Disney PS’s work but we only stood there for about 30 seconds when our name was called. Needless to say I felt very guilty about all the other people who had obviously been waiting for some time, but not guilty enough to offer them our table ;)

The LTT has very pleasant surroundings; all dark wood and what I imagine as “colonial” décor. It is quite big but with lots of different areas so it feels vaguely intimate. It was extremely busy but we had a very nice server who welcomed us and explained how things worked. There was some lovely bread with delicious honey (?) butter and salad. Soon the main course arrived, Patriot’s Platter - A generous serving of roasted turkey breast, carved beef, and smoked pork loin chops, accompanied with Tavern-made mashed potatoes, market vegetables, herb bread stuffing, and Stouffer's Macaroni and Cheese. Well, had we been a table of four it would have been a generous serving but we seemed to have the same sized plate of food (for six) that tables of two or three did. Consequently we ran out of mashed potato immediately (as in there was only enough for Julie & Derek and the girls) and unfortunately our server didn’t appear for quite some time after this. We ran out of meat too and he did replenish both the mash and the meat when we spotted him but it was a bit annoying having to wait so long for any mash. Did we look like we were on the Atkins Diet, perhaps? ;)

I popped to the restroom (why are there only two cubicles for the ladies in this huge restaurant? There was a queue of about twelve people, and when there are only two toilets, twelve people take a long time to shift!) and when I came back I was disappointed that I had missed some of the characters. I’ll let Jon tell you about this but let me just say that Erin made her pleasure at seeing Minnie for the first time this holiday well known to the entire restaurant. The character interaction here was a lot of fun and the costumes really good.


I took Erin to the restroom (fortunately the line had gone down by now) and saw Allie waiting in the lobby so we had a brief conversation over the balcony (think Romeo and Juliet here ;)) and double checked the time for our Wishes cruise tomorrow.

As time was getting on and we wanted to get to the party we ate our pudding which was very nice! Apple Crisp and ice cream. Very flavoursome. This was also served family style and it was a bit sloppy (think hot Apple Crisp and icecream); I personally would have preferred six individual bowls but I appreciate this would have taken away from the whole theme of family style dining!

Derek was kindly paying for this meal as Julie had done a Car Boot Sale with her stuff and some of ours and the money she made was for this meal. There was a bit of a song and dance about the tip which went along these lines: Derek asked me how much tip he should leave, so I told him what I felt was appropriate. I then went out of the room to get something and he asked Jon the same question, and Jon gave him the same answer. He then turned to the people on the table next to us and asked them! This probably seems like a little thing but this sort of scenario was constant throughout the holiday and by this stage it was really starting to get on our nerves. Every little thing had to be deliberated for a lengthy time before a decision could be made, with advice sought from all quarters. Having decided what tip to leave we then had a ten minute debate about how to pay. All on credit card? Credit card for the food and tip in dollars? Travellers Cheques and Dollars? If Travellers Cheque, which value? Or should they just use dollars? We were all sat there in our coats by this time and I’m afraid I had to bite my tongue from saying “Just pay the bill! Or I’ll pay it! But let’s GO!”

We headed towards Tomorrowland, catching the Castle Forecourt Stage enroute which was excellent. It didn’t seem that busy tonight and there was a really nice atmosphere in the park. We headed to the Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas show and that was great! Festive Minnie & Mickey and best of all, Santa Goofy. My favourite part was when the bears performed the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

We then went to get our “free” photo taken and although the queue looked quite hefty, it moved pretty quickly. We were all getting really cold by now so picked up Hot Chocolate & cookies (the warmth of the cup was wonderful on my numb hands) and went to watch the parade from Main Street.

The parade was fantastic but unfortunately my photos did not come out very well, so I will spare you these :teeth:

We shot back to Tomorrowland to collect a limited edition pin for MVMCP for us and a couple of others – they are really cool with Stitch on. The CM told us that they had run out of pins at the Emporium and she was not far from running out herself. This seemed a bit strange to me as it was still quite early in the night. They marked our wristbands to show we had bought the pins.

It was almost time for Wishes and we got a great spot in front of the Plaza, with seats! It was absolutely perishing by this time, but even that did not take away from the amazing spectacle that is Wishes. The soundtrack and narration are perfectly timed to compliment the fireworks, with all the best loved Disney songs involved. I could not believe this display; the pictures they created in the sky were incredible. The way the castle is used as a backdrop and as part of the show is fantastic. For me, this is just a totally “Disney” experience and personally I preferred this to Illuminations (though you are welcome to disagree). Absolutely unmissable.

We popped back to Tomorrowland for a few rides on Buzz (no wait at all) and then to Fantasyland for the usual suspects. Nobody was enjoying themselves any more as it was just far too cold so although the night was young (ten to eleven) we took the decision to go back to ASMo and thaw out! We were very lucky that a bus came almost immediately and we were soon tucked up in bed in the warm, trying to re-establish some feeling in our extremities. We laughed about how ironic it was that one of the coldest nights of the year we had experienced should be in Florida, and how we had never been that cold before. Well, we would come to realise what really cold was very shortly….


disneyholic family
11-20-2005, 09:11 AM
thanks Miffy....a great report...thanks for posting that..
and by the way, i totally agree with you about Wishes....that IS Disney for us...

do you know if they do for the MVMCP what they do for for halloween party...that is, herd everyone into tomorrowland between 6 and 7 PM?
that's what i heard they do for the halloween party...

how cold was it?....one year we were there in december (my kids were toddlers back then) when it was so cold they had to wear their snow suits, mittens, boots and balaclavas....i have the pictures to prove it...

hopefully, it'll be nice for the 3 days this grandfather and granddaugther are there...

11-20-2005, 11:33 AM
Beth - yes they did the "herd into Tomorrowland bit" LOL.

It was very very very cold that night - in fact for a week of our visit the day time temps were in the 50s!! We saw very little typical Florida weather, LOL

disneyholic family
11-21-2005, 03:07 AM
Beth - yes they did the "herd into Tomorrowland bit" LOL.

It was very very very cold that night - in fact for a week of our visit the day time temps were in the 50s!! We saw very little typical Florida weather, LOL

the time we were there when it was cold, it actually dipped below freezing (the citrus crop in much of florida was destroyed that week....it was about in 1988 or '89).....but given that at the time we were still living in Michigan, it wasn't bad for us....and the parks were totally empty, so that was the great flip side...

a few more questions:

when do they give you your wrist band? when you enter the park? or at specified wrist band locations? (like on EMH nights)..

how do they manage to get everyone into tomorrowland? and how do they throw out the people without wristbands?

11-21-2005, 01:11 PM
Hi Beth,

It was given to you as you were admitted, if that makes sense (on the gate).

I'm not sure how they "got rid" ;) of non ticket holders, only that they checked all wrists and would not let anyone without a band onto rides etc.

I'm also not sure how they got people into Tomorrowland actually - I know it happened from overhearing conversations but we were in LTT at the time.

Sorry not much help :(

disneyholic family
11-21-2005, 01:33 PM

i'm going to advise them to enter as soon as they're permitted to on the MVMCP ticket (either 4:00 or 5:00, from what i've heard)....(since this will be their only visit to the MK, so they kind of have a lot to do in a short span of time)...

the question is what to suggest to them to do before the party...
i imagine that at that time on a Sunday there will be long lines for lots of things..
so i thought of sending them into adventureland (in an attempt to limit the amount of walking and backtracking) to Pirates and the Tiki Birds, then maybe to the country bears (which i think have xmas songs at that time, not their regular repertoire), then on to the haunted mansion if there's time...

once the party begins i think they should start with the performance in the galaxy theatre in tomorrowland (assuming there is one) ...then maybe the parade and then wishes....so between those 3 things, i'd like them to get some attractions out of the way before the party starts...

what do you think about starting them in adventureland when they first get into the park (before the party starts)...