View Full Version : Quest items *Got what I wanted - offer closed*

11-14-2005, 11:18 AM
I really don't trade on VMK. As most of you know, CapeCAD and I prefer to just give away the extras that we get.

However, I do have some quest items that I don't want, and there are some specific things that I DO want, I'll see if anyone wants to trade. lol

Here is what I have:

Haunted Mansion Conservatory Room code
Prince Phillips Briarstone
Haunted Mansion Graveyard Tree
Madame Leota's Crystal Ball Collection (the ball alone costs 2000 credits)
Haunted Mansion Rocking Chair
Master Gracey's Grandfather Clock
Haunted Mansion Ghostly Organ

All of the above items I believe are all of the items from the Haunted Mansion Quest at WDW.

I want:

All of the Pirate Quest items.

Anyone want to trade, Quest for Quest? :)


11-14-2005, 02:56 PM
I got what I wanted, this trade offer is closed.