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10-22-2005, 10:55 PM
Hello everyone!

For those new to us, we're a group of people who are planning to participate in the 2006 and/or 2007 Disney Half or Full marathons. We range from non-running beginners to triathletes. Come join us!

Here's the Marathon FAQ, a great place to answer your marathon questions:
Disney Marathon FAQ (http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=725285)
And some websites for further running/walking info:
The John Bingham site:
Jeff Galloway's site:

Pacing Calculator (http://www.mcmillanrunning.com/Running%20University/Article%201/mcmillanrunningcalculator.htm)

Sorry to be short but we're in major hurricane anxiety mode right now (or maybe it's just me :blush: ). Right now, Wilma's still projected to land south of us, but it's 200 miles wide and after Charley, we know the course can change even up to an hour before it lands. We're going to see what's happening Sunday morning, then may evacuate north.

Good news is I did 7 miles today with an avg pace of 14:34. Consistency was NOT my middle name though...my split times were all over the place.

Good training everyone! I'll check back in when I can.

10-23-2005, 10:33 AM
:wizard: :grouphug: Mel :grouphug: :wizard: and the rest of you dealing with Wilma. I hope you're safe and sound.

Yesteday's LR was slow and painful. Friday night I crashed with DS at 8:30pm then I woke up at midnight and was a wake until 4AM. When the alarm rang at 5Am I considered not doing my LR. But IC barked, "what do you think you're doing, pick out those cute little clothes you like to wear and get your butt downstairs!" So I did. (Bree, it was a nice pink and black ensemble, perfectly matched ;) ) I was really, really cold and even though I wore gloves my hands were numb and painful. I couldn't even open my GU. I guess next time I'll put mittens over my gloves. But I got my fulll 16 miles in at an avg pace of 10:47. Quite a stark difference from my wonderful 10 miler just 18 hours earlier. I was so wiped out at the end I dreaded heading home to start party preparations. But much to my surprize, I recovered completely and had a great rest of the day. I feel great today. DD doesn't want to wog today so I will truly rest. I just checked weather.com. It was 31 deg F whenI started and 38 deg F when I finished. Its only going to get colder :cold:

I met a runner on the path who lives in Vermont. He was training for cross-country skiing marathons this winter. Sounds interesting. Do they have any of those near you, Lynn?

As for the discussion on what's too cold, my limiting factor is my lungs. If the air burns my lungs too much I can't run. It depends alot on windchill, but I think the coldest I've run in is 25 deg F. I suppose my tolerance is going to have to be better now that I'm a marathon runner! As for ice? Zero tolerance here. I will not run on any ice whatsoever. The cold is tough for players, too. I've had trouble with batteries freezing, but if you put the player on the inside and it gets too sweaty it can get destroyed (done that, too). And as for the nose... UGH. DD has already learned to bring tissues with her. I wish I was as smart as her. TG for long sleeves :blush:


10-23-2005, 12:40 PM
Well week 5 MFM had me only doing 3 miles today. I decided since it was so short I was going to see how fast I could go. I ran alot more this time trying to get below 14 for my pace. Well I forgot to hit lap at my warmup (which was 6 min 17-18 pace) so my avg was 14:16 for the 3 miles. I know after the warmup I avg less thatn 14. Felt good!

Good luck to all you in Wilma's path.

I'm going to start looking at bikes today. DH might be getting me one for Christmas. I decided since I do not plan on being competitive (only want to finish the tri) and the Danskin is the only one I will do then any decent bike should do.

Also going to check into swim lessons this week. I guess at the very least, it's good xt!

Lisa loves Pooh
10-23-2005, 01:06 PM
Doing a quick check in prior to us clearing off the pool deck and patio and doing our "hurricane" preps!

We're officially under a hurricane warning and expected to be on the cusp of hurricane winds. So there will be no orthopedist tomorrow and I have to ride it out at my house--wahhhhhh!!!!! Last hurricane I road out was Hugo--which for me was just an excuse to sleep since it came at night, LOL! Our home was in the eye for that.

I am thankful to also have flood insurance 'cause you never know what these suckers will do. We are not a flood zone--but those 'canes can be so darn persnickety.

Have a fun rest of your weekend!

Around here--as pooh would say...it is going to be quite a blustery day tomorrow.

10-23-2005, 04:47 PM
Continued well wished to all of you in Wilma's way!

This was my hardest LR. Besides being 36 degrees when we started, everything hurt the first 2 miles. Btwn 2 and 3 it went down to only hip and clf on one leg. Around 7 hip and claf went awy. Calf cam back for last mile and a half. I did it, but would not want to have gone further. I did prove that I could work through the aches. Got to get rid of the cramp in my calf, though.

Here are some of my route pics.

This is where I start:
I see this in all my runs:
There's a cool gazebo to the left and you can see the river.

This is about the end point for runs over 40 minutes:


Got here for the first time on my 12-miler yesterday:

10-23-2005, 04:54 PM
Best wishes for all battling Wilma this weekend. I was supposed to go to Ft. Lauderdale on Thurdsay and come home today (it was a work trip). But it was cancelled on Wed. since at that time they were projecting Wilma to hit FL on Saturday night/Sunday morning.

So today I rode my exercise bike while watching the football game. The first half took 1hr. 40 miin. My legs were starting to feel like jelly. I think I burned extra calories since I was yelling at the tv while I was riding. Darn Eagles definitely had my heart rate up! :teeth:


10-23-2005, 05:07 PM
Good afternoon everyone!!

Tiff- I used to teack adult swim lessons all the time. I think you need to really do your research before selecting a class to make sure it fits what you are looking for. Feel free to PM me with any questions you may have.

Carrie- Spring Lake?? I would love to have that near my house. So pretty. Me-- I run through bland suburban subdivisions :teeth:

Friday and Saturday were very interesting. After my 12-miler I payed a fun game of "What hurts now?" It started off with my hip flexors. Then my hamstrings and knees started to ache. When I woke up on Saturday, it was my glutes and calves. Now pain, so much as aches, so no worries. I felt better today.

This afternoon I did my MFM plan 45 minutes (4 run/1 walk) and managed to get in 5.15 miles for an average pace of 8:44/mile. :) I took my own (and Plutos) advice and really watched my running pace and felt much better than my previous runs. I decided to push the 5th mile and split that in 7:59. My other miles were much more consistant than they usually are.

By my calculations we are about 11 weeks out-- I can't believe I've finally stuck with the training for this long. ( It is my 4th try, you know :teeth: )

Happy training all!
Solotraveler :earsboy:

10-23-2005, 05:23 PM
Carrie- Spring Lake?? I would love to have that near my house. So pretty. Me-- I run through bland suburban subdivisions :teeth:

I can neither confirm nor deny that, but good eye!

Friday and Saturday were very interesting. After my 12-miler I payed a fun game of "What hurts now?" It started off with my hip flexors. Then my hamstrings and knees started to ache. When I woke up on Saturday, it was my glutes and calves. Now pain, so much as aches, so no worries. I felt better today.
Yup, I'm in your Saturday now. Heels to churhch were NOT a good idea!

10-23-2005, 05:24 PM
I'm just getting back to posting after several weeks. Carrie's t-shirt message got me back.

I've been lurking a little. I did the Hartford half at the beginning of the month in a deluge and I haven't felt much like running since. I did 8 miles yesterday and should have done 16 today but it was drizzling and I couldn't motivate. I'll fit it in one morning this week since work is going to be light.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy week.

10-23-2005, 05:44 PM
I had a great LR yesterday. I did 7 miles in 1:36. I did walk 3/run 2 for the first 6 miles, then I ran the last mile. It felt great! I did it! :goodvibes

I love the photos Sunny and Carrie. Thanks for sharing! I sure miss the fall colors, but I do not miss the cold.

Lisa loves Pooh
10-23-2005, 06:32 PM
I'm soo going to have to take pictures of one of my routes...only, I can't run with my digital!

10-23-2005, 06:53 PM
The sun was out and the colors were gettign so nice, that I drove my route as much as I could. As I hobbled to wher I had to walk, I shunned myself and told myself I should be resting! ;)

10-23-2005, 07:10 PM
Back from weekend of resting while everyone else climbed. I took pics of the boy I'll post later. It was a good a rest.

Lynn - I would FREAK OUT if I looked down and saw a diver! I cannot stand to see things under me in the water. I can't even swim close to any of the markers because I don't want to see a chain!!!!!! I'm pretty sure if I saw a diver that would necessitate my rescue!!!

10-23-2005, 07:15 PM
wtpclc - those are beautiful pictures.....where do you run?

10-23-2005, 07:22 PM
Carrie, your pictures are great! Wish I had something that level and scenic, my routes are really bland.

Solo, I continue to be impressed by your speed with your intervals. You really must be moving!! That is great.

Mel, can't wait to see the pictures of the boy!

Heather, 7 miles, you are really coming along!! That is great that you had so much left you could run the last mile. :dog:

Tiff, your progress has been quite impressive as well! I remember when you were contemplating this journey...just look how far you have come. :flower:

I had a really slow long run on Friday 14 miles at 10:37 pace, I really felt that I had to force every step. Had a good rest day yesterday and iced and stretched 3 times during the day because I was really sore. My plan called for a 60 minute run today and ran a 9:17 pace that felt effortless. It is really amazing how you body responds differently in just 2 days. I am very encouraged now.

Lisa and everyone else in Florida. Stay safe. :grouphug:


10-23-2005, 07:42 PM
I have meaning to ask if anyone here knows of marathons that have the Clydesdale/Athena categories. I heard that some races have the Athena category at 140 lbs and others are over 170 lbs. Hmm, I meet the requirement for both weights. :rolleyes1

Where can I research these races? Anyone??

Lisa loves Pooh
10-23-2005, 08:52 PM
Just wanted to say--I like my orthapedist already.

He called me personally around noon to reschedule to Tuesday morning. Not an assistant, not a nurse, not a secretary--HIM. I told hubby he sounded like a "hotty" on the phone.

He says I would have better luck finding a hotty guy doctor...he says he has yet to find a hotty girl one. Well, that ain't a bad thing, dear!

10-23-2005, 09:33 PM
Today was another bust as my leg hurt like heck once again. I did some light walk/run on the tm but couldn't maintain my pace nor milage. I have another chiro apt Monday evening so hopefully that will do something.

I'm getting to the point of being way past discouraged with this.

:wizard: to all the rest of us that are having no fun with pain.

10-23-2005, 09:59 PM
Just checking in before the storm. My cold is getting better, but no long run for me this weekend. I did get a 3 mile walk in today without too much coughing. My times were 16:08, 16:00, and 15:22. The lightening and thunder were very pretty to see during my walk, but were getting a little too close for comfort during the last mile - can you tell I was in a hurry??? :scared1: DH did 17.5 on Saturday, and made great time - he's doing awesome!!! :love2: I think I will try to make up my long run (12m) on Wednesday if DS will cooperate in the stroller... the high is supposed to be around 68 - Yippeeee!!!! :cold: Perhaps I can plead my case to the grandparents to babysit so I can run in the nice, cool weather... ;)

I'll check in again tomorrow (or whenever we get power...) :wave2:

Happy training!!! :cheer2:

10-23-2005, 10:33 PM
Hey guys! Haven't posted in quite a while, but I have been keeping up with the threads (work may get busy quite a bit, but I always try to make time to read our marathon threads :) ).
Don't have too much time to post, just wanted to say that Krista and I are down here at WDW right now braving the beginning of Wilma (the outer bands of rain started about 7:30pm). And to think that we were in France eating pastries 3 hours ago. Parks are all closed tomorrow, but hopefully will re-open later in the day, or at least by Tuesday morning.
We both got our LRs in this morning. Krista did 4 and I did 12. Ran around the BW/YC/BC area. It's amazing how close MGM really is to the BW. It's only around 1/2 mile from the far end of the BW to the gates of MGM--it just seems so much further when you're walking to the park as opposed to running down that path with running shoes and a Garmin. :) It's crazy humid down here. If January is anywhere near this humid (and I know it shouldn't be), the marathon will be no less than dreadful to complete. Coolmax or not, we were both drenched with sweat at the end of our LRs. Regardless, I'd rather be running in Disney, even with the humidity, than anywhere else on earth.

Good to see everyone's doing so well. Hope all those injuries heal soon. I know how frustrating they can be.
Have a great week everyone. Will keep you guys updated on the hurricane down here (if for no other reason than to try to make everyone jealous that we're in Disney all week :cool1: ).

Happy training, everybody! 76 days till the fun begins...


10-24-2005, 07:21 AM
Colleen-Thanks! I've been working really hard. And as it gets closer, I am getting so excited that it makes me want to work even harder. There is no way that sweeper bus is catching me.

Minnie-I am so sorry you are having so much trouble. I hope you get it taken care of soon!

Carrie-those pics are beautiful. I wish I has somewhere pretty like that. Just my neighborhood & the track around a man made lake at DH work.

I hope all those in FL are doing ok riding out Wilma. I am so sick of these hurricanes!! I know you guys must be.

Today is my off day so I get to have lunch with a friend while kids are as school :Pinkbounc Have a great training week everyone!

10-24-2005, 07:50 AM
Funny, even though it will be beautiful still, I don't think many will be jealous when it's white! lol.

I hope everyone is safe and dry in FL!

Got 60 min to do tonight. Feeling much better than yesterday, but still have a slightly sore hip and sore calf. Trying to really hydrate today to help those muscles out.

Steve & Krista- Keeping up training at WDW deservs a woo hoo! It's got to be kind of inspirational too, though.

Have a great week everyone!

10-24-2005, 08:32 AM
I have meaning to ask if anyone here knows of marathons that have the Clydesdale/Athena categories. I heard that some races have the Athena category at 140 lbs and others are over 170 lbs. Hmm, I meet to requirement for both weights. :rolleyes1

Where can I research these races? Anyone??

I like "Athena". The weight divisions I always see are Clydesdale/Fillies :rolleyes: Ya, I'm a Fillie. My half had the C/F divisions. I don't know of any full marathons specifically. If there's a marathon you're interested in, check out their webpage or previous results and you'll be able to see if they have the weight division.

Carrie-- your route looks beautiful! I especially like the water scene. My route turns white, too :cold:

I feel great after a day of rest. Ready to run again :cool1:

10-24-2005, 09:22 AM
I am way behind. My dad passed away unexpectedly, :sad1: and I've spent the past week and a half in Florida with my mom. I managed to get last week's LR in a couple of days late, but I should have done 10 miles on Friday, and I haven't run at all since 5 miles on Wednesday. Today it is raining (northern band of Wilma moisture), and no way can I do 10 miles on a TM. I'm thinking 3 today, 10 tomorrow, and put off this week's LR until maybe Sunday. Grrr, once you get off schedule it is hard to make up ground. But priorities are priorities, and Mom needed me.

10-24-2005, 09:28 AM
lacool - Soo sorry for your loss. I'm sure your training will recover. You did have much more importatn things to deal with. Hope you and your mom are doing ok!

10-24-2005, 09:33 AM
Just a quick note to all the WISHERS in Wilma's path, pls. be safe & good luck. Hope it's over quick!


Didn't read the posts...Lacool, I am so sorry to hear about your loss, good thoughts are with you, hang in there!

10-24-2005, 10:27 AM
Just a reminder that it's the last day to order marathon shirts.

Details here: http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?p=10356023#post10356023

10-24-2005, 10:44 AM
Greetings everyone,

As part of my goofy training, I felt it was important to get a full marathon in so that I would know what to expect. So yesterday, my LR was a marathon! :banana: I can even walk today, and nothing is exceptionally sore today. I finished in about 5:45, which translates to just over 13 minutes/mile pace. Not bad for a first marathon. I took it nice and slow with lots of walk breaks (particularly over the 2nd half--see below) because WDW marathon is only a couple of months away.

Lessons learned during my marathon:

Start out slow! Other people have mentioned this, and I can add my experience as proof of their wisdom. My first half split was 2:23 (11 minute pace) and I was doing great. However, the hills between miles 10 and 16 at that pace caused my feet to hurt during the run, which slowed me down significantly over the 2nd half. I began to try different things to keep me moving--did some 3r/1w, did some run 500 steps/walk 250 steps, did some run to the next traffic signal/walk to the next traffic signal. Bottom line is the fact that I never stopped moving.

Don't get caught up with the speed of the people around you. This is related to the "Start out slow" rule. My running group was going at 11 minute pace, and I was planning on closer to 12:30 pace to save myself for the Goofy. I was caught up with the excitement of the race and the faster pace of my group, which caused me to go much faster than anticipated. Stick to your race plan.

Just because something didn't hurt on your longest long run, doesn't mean it won't happen on your marathon. I never developed any blisters on any of my long runs (some of them even faster than the 11 minute pace that I was running), but I got one by mile 8. I used the same socks, shoes, and everything as my 20-miler.

Does anyone take an 8-hour tylenol before they do a long run? I didn't, but I was wishing that I did. I am going to try one before my next long run to see how I respond to it.

Crossing the finish line with all of those cheering people is the greatest feeling in the world!!! That feeling made all of the aches and soreness go away.

My wife did the half yesterday, and set a PR! :banana: She finished under 3 hours. Her time was faster than my 2nd half split! I am so proud of her.

Happy training everyone, keep warm and dry!


10-24-2005, 10:53 AM
lacool-- So sorry for your loss. :hug: Take care of yourself.

Paul -- Awesome! Congratulations to you and your DW!!

Good luck to everyone in hurricane country. I can't imagine how uncertain and scary that is. Sending you :goodvibes: and :wizard:

Lisa loves Pooh
10-24-2005, 11:09 AM
lacool--sorry about your loss. Your training will recover but as someone said, you've got more important things going on. Don't forget that working out can be a great stress release. Even though it may not be a quality training workout--you may have some psychological benefit from the exercise.

Paul--yes, I will probably be taking a Tylenol-8 b/c of my injury. I would have last year as well for the marathon, but I was having trouble keeping things down due to the flu, so no drugs for me for the run! Congrats on your finish!

Very blustery day--I've been a bad girl and stepping outside..but we have no trees on our property...the ones that were on the edge last year were taken down by those hurricanes.

No damage, not much debris..winds in the 30s at a minimum. Neighbor behind us had one of her screen panels come loose. But nothing else to exciting to report.

Tiger Lily 03
10-24-2005, 11:59 AM
Prayers out to all involved in the path of Wilma.Yes, I definitely like the sound of Women running the World. I am very interested in that, but the Tri would be such a huge accomplishment for me that I am still really thinking about it. I have to have something to work towards so I donít become a couch potato again after the 1/2 is over. My friend (who is supportive, but doesnít understand this new interest of mine) said-why donít you just keep exercising to stay healthy. Well that is good in theory but not in my nature. I need a good reason to keep at it. If I wasnít doing the 1/2 I would never have walked 5 miles last weekend

I think the university has advanced adult swim classes. I am going to look into it. Also need to check out the very confusing bike situation. Getting healthy sure is getting expensive (especially when you factor in all these trips to WDW I will need to be doing) because of course I think marathon weekend needs to be an annual trip.

Today was a 40 min walk day. It was cold this a.m. so it was hard to get going below 15 min pace. I thought it was going to end up being a stonker but I ended up doing better than expected. Ave 14:41 incl warm up.

Tomorrow is a 3 mile LR. Not so long to me anymore. Will prob end up being more because I will need to get DS out for some training too. He is so excited about the 5k. That is a bonus side affect to all my training. DS7 is getting really into this racing thing too. I just loved your report! It sums it all so nicely. Yep! You got it all right! I am with you all the way. You have a great pace going and it is certain that you will be successful in January. I love your forward thinking.

Minnie, Iím sending prayers and PD your way. I hope your struggles can get settled down soon and that magically you find you are on your way again. Hope you can get through it all somehow. Iíd carry ya if I could.

Öand also planning a weekend trip for the Minnie Marathon. I just can't pass up a race called Women Run the World. :teeth:Loved your report as well. The divers waving sounded sweet. I looked for a USMS group here and apparently we donít swim in Cleveland OH. Not a great surprise. I so love the Women Run the World idea too. Wish I could make magic happen here and find a way to play for that one.

Terri, hoping you can continue on your path of no strain pain. Good idea of TV riding during the game.

Lisa, thinking of you and the ortho day. Sorry you had to miss it. Like your phone call post!

Cam, you are really on with that pace for sure. Thinking of you while you were waiting on those scores. That is stress for sure.

Pat, sorry that I canít recall the distance to MGM and back Ĺ mile maybe. Steve thanks for that post, I guess I remembered. It sounds like you will be staying at a resort near the Boardwalk? I know around the lake there at the Boardwalk is 0.8 of a mile. If you are in the area stop over at the Dolphin or the Swan for a brochure on a walking trek that they have mapped out. I have done their course and it keeps it interesting. Going around BW lake too many times gets boring to me. Better yet, I found the link to swandolphin.com and the 4 mile course is mapped out at this link: Joggin Map Swan Dolphin (http://www.swandolphin.com/nonflash/play/jogging_map.html)

Christa, I am glad to read of your progress.

I am sitting around not getting anything done as yet. I have had plans scuttled with the tendonitis and the inability to get to the gym to do anything at all. This week I hope will be the key to a better time of it.

Mel, you are making great progress. Hoping that you will find consistency soon. It will get there as long as you keep at it.

Sunny, I like what you said about cold weather running. I would say the same. I usually travel with a bandanna in my hand for the nose thing. Your pace is lightening. You will be finished with your nap by the time I get through the halfway point of the full. Dream of me will ya? I know I could use the happy thoughts tat day. ;)

Carrie, beautiful pics.

Solotraveler you are cruising for sure.

Colleen, your slow run would be lightening fast for me. You too will be finished napping b4 I get halfway through. Oh well, I am still hoping to make it. Who knows?

Crzy4pooh, well you had a light show on your trek! Iím thinking I would not have liked that very much for sure.

Steve and Krista! Hope you are having a great time. Great to hear from you and that you got your runs in.

lacool - Soo sorry for your loss. Prayers to you and family as you deal with all of it.

Paul, congratulations to you and DW! Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. I am reaching out for all the words that I can find. I am sometimes terrified of all of this.

I canít believe I just said that! But you know, itís true and I know it is a lot mental, I am so trying to work on my mental aspect to get me through that physical part. I guess my uncertainty is the physical. I need to get a lot longer trek in b4 so I can know I have it in me. When I got that longer trek in as I trained for the half I had the epiphany and then I KNEW. I am waiting for the moment in my marathon training.

10-24-2005, 12:41 PM
OK - I'm going to have to find a baby sitter this weekend to do a long run. I am planning on doing my 15 miler this week and there is a trail run in the local state park that is 15 miles!!!! Usually I run on Thurs, but since the tr is this weekend, I thought I might as well participate. The only problem is that Phil is on call and I'm striking out with sitters for the boy.

Here is a link to the boy's first mostly sucessful rock climb. By the way, I didn't try to get him to do this, he wanted to. I was fine with him running around in the dirt and playing with buzz and woody!!!!

10-24-2005, 12:46 PM
Melissa-- Awesome picture! He is a cutie! :lovestruc
If I lived closer, I'd be glad to babysit for you!
I miss when my son was that young! :sad:

10-24-2005, 12:56 PM
lacool- so terribly sorry for your loss.

tigerlily- you definitely have it in you!!

Things are not going as planned as far as the Goofy training goes. After 11 days of walking the parks on vacation at WDW earlier this month, which included the Race For the Taste 10K, followed by a Vegas/Disneyland trip this past week, I've developed what I think is either plantar faciitis or a heel spur on my left foot. The pain is becoming intolerable, so I am going to an orthopaedic on Thursday. I will continue to try to manage through the pain as best as I can. Continuing to ice it, ibuprofen, stretching, etc. I am getting anxious about getting it managed ASAP as I really need to ramp up the training from here on out...


10-24-2005, 01:19 PM
Good luck, Sara. I have had heel spurs and know that they are unbearably painful. Be sure to stretch that foot from the toe back as frequently as you remember it. You might also want to look for a footwheel and use that whenever you are sitting still. It helped me a lot.

10-24-2005, 01:59 PM
I am reaching out for all the words that I can find. I am sometimes terrified of all of this.

Lily, sometimes I have these thoughts as well. I was kind of feeling down this weekend and DH help me put things in perspective. I think it is MFM where Bingham quotes that only 1% (or less, can't remember) of the population will train and compete in a marathon. In our training, we are all doing so much more than the masses. We should all be extremely proud of ourselves. I am determined to make it through the training plan and hope my head is screwed on straight when it comes time for race day. JB also has a good article in Runner's World mag this month. I read it this morning and it was inspirational.

Also in Runner's World there is an article on the importance of potassium in training. I had a banana for breakfast before my 60 minute run yesterday and I really felt great. May just be psychological, but hey, I will take it. I can summarize the article is anyone is interested.


10-24-2005, 03:19 PM
Lacool-- I am so sorry to hear of your loss. As other's have said, you must do what is most important right now and let training fall into place later. Any exercise will do you good if you can get it in right now. My thoughts are with you.

MelR-- He is such a cutie!!!! You must be so proud! I hope you can find a sitter for the TR, that sounds like a great way to get the LR in.

Lilly-- I know exactly what you mean about wanting to have the "know for sure" feeling. You'll get it! I know you will :wizard: :wizard: :wizard: Here's :wizard: :wizard: :wizard: to send that tendonitis flying. Billy Blanks says, "the body doesn't lead, the body follows. The mind and the spirit lead". I can't tell you how many times I quote that to myself on a LR. Keep the optimism :flower:


10-24-2005, 05:33 PM
lacool- so sorry for your loss. there's still plenty of time so focus on what you need to right now and don't feel guilty.

lily- you can do it!!!! Never underestimate the importance of the mental aspect of training. Everyone has bad days but we just keep going. The reward will be that Donald or Mickey medal at that end but more importantly the feeling of accomplishment you get.

I hope the Floridians stayed safe today. We're supposed to get the remnants tomorrow with 2-4 inches of rain and winds up to 50 mph. I thought the 70-80 mph winds we got during the blizzard last winter were bad so I'm glad that we don't get what you guys in Florida do.

Congrats to the NM folks on your marathon and half marathon finishes.

Sunny- Home in upstate NY there is a 50K called Tug Hill Tourathon but I haven't raced cross country skiing since high school. The fitness level required to skate ski is impressive and I struggled last winter because I had gotten way out of shape between not having any goal races to keep me honest and being overwhelmed with the academic work. This year that won't happen and I'm looking forward to figuring out whether cross country ski workouts count as cross training or whether they substitute for a run or two. There's a local area called Harris Farms that sells glass bottled milk year round and is a cross country area during the winter to which I'll get a season's pass. Very pretty if you can stand the white stuff. I'm weird though because given a choice between going snowboarding or cross country skiing, I'll choose cross country every time. It's all my mom's fault- she gave in to my asking and got me my first skis at age 4. I didn't learn to downhill until I was 9, I think.

Did the 60 minutes on the training plan today, 6.23 miles. Realized that last week's total of 26 miles was the most I've ran in a week since the last time I did a marathon. Anyone detect why I never ran very well in races :rolleyes: It's amazing what happens when you actually follow a training plan rather than just randomly train. I'm going to follow that approach for triathlon season next year too. Should be interesting. There's a 10 miler Thanksgiving Day in the Syracuse area but it will depend on when Grandma is expecting us that day whether I get to do it.

:wizard: for the injuries and to everyone, keep plugging away.

10-24-2005, 08:03 PM
...but we made out alright.

THanks very much for the P&PD! We were lucky enough to be on the good side of the hurricane yet again. My parents evacuated last night up to our house once they predicted Wilma would be a cat 3 by landfall. DH and I did some plywood cross-training yesterday afternoon, but were driven in by some nasty lightning, so didn't get all the boards up. Santa may bring us real hurricane shutters this year. ;)
Wilma was a fast chick and was out of here by lunchtime today. Frances and Jeanne last year were much worse...they both pounded on us for two days. We lost a small tree this time...no major damage around town. Hope everyone else is okay too :wizard:

I did get my run in today...albeit in gusty winds. My pace was putzy...avg of 15:06. But it's fall now...down to 69 degrees. I doubt I'll get much sympathy from you guys, but I was out in long sleeves and pants today ;)

Steve...I think you and Krista will enjoy the next couple days much more. :earsboy: :earsgirl:

Carrie...LOVE the photos!

Solo...Carrie's right...30 degrees is MUCH too cold for me :cold: How do you do it?

Paul and Beckie...congrats on your respective races!

Leigh Ann...so sorry for your loss :grouphug:

Sara...good to see you back, but sorry to hear of the sore feet!

MelR...what a fabulous photo of the boy!

Cam...have you heard anything on the SAT scores yet? :goodvibes

Lily...I alternate between being terrified and feeling like I can take on the world. I know you'll be great in the marathon! I still want to be able to do the half like you did...with enough time to stop, take pics and enjoy the experience and not feel like I have to spend the whole time looking over my shoulder for the sweepers. Just let us know when you're ready to do your 20-miler...we'll be happy to cheer you on :cheer2:

Good training everyone!

10-24-2005, 08:18 PM
Hello - well after my depressed post on Saturday morning, I panicked - and ended up doing my scheduled 10 miles on Sunday instead of the 'I've got a half next week' 6 miles I planned. Made me feel better about the marathon, not so sure what'll happen next Sunday - I've been training at such a slow pace I've forgotten what running a 10 minute mile feels like, but that's the pace I've got to keep up for at least 11 of them to beat my time last year!! I have a feeling it's going to be messy - but I'll let you all know on Monday.

Hope everyone escaped the blustery day okay. Helen

Tiger Lily 03
10-24-2005, 09:23 PM
Melissa, great pic. I bet he was so happy. Hope you find that baby sitter.

Sara, hope you can get it all cleared up soon.

Helen, good luck.

Thank you all for your encouragement. I went to the gym today because it was rainy here. I did 6 miles on TM and kept it at 15 min mile pace. Wanted to go longer but DH was ready to leave and so I did. Glad I stopped early b/c new shoes were a bit bothersome anyway. Not sure if I need to return the shoes or work it out a bit more b/c ot the heel issues. Going to ortho tomorrow eve. Will see. He is NOT allowed to tell me to stop.

10-25-2005, 08:09 AM
lacool - Sending :grouphug: your way. So sorry for your loss!

Melissa - I LOVE the pictures! Your boy looks so much like my sister's boy. He is a cutie! Good luck on the 15 miles!

I have been in the mountains @ my grandmothers house. Was supposed to take the girls mountain biking Monday. (Would have attached the little bike things on the back of the bikes so they could "ride" too.) A beautiful ride. 17+ miles down the side of a mountain....but not too steep. Anyway...it was raining and sleeting a little so that was out. I would have gone but did not have anything to do with them and they are not evil queen as of yet. They are still very sweet princess: princess:. Anyway...the sun did come out b/4 we left for home and they got to fish a little. May post pictures if I get them from my sis and can figure out how to post them. DH can help.
I also did nothing running wise and ate like a cow! So I will have to step it up today a little...well maybe. Does heavy eating count as xtraining? :teeth:


10-25-2005, 09:04 AM
Hi Everyone!

Thanks to whoever posted that Billy Blanks quote--I needed that!

I have been getting in a better groove with the runs. Due to my busy schedule this week I have to switch my training around and do my LR today--8 miles. I am staying positive! Its also finally cooled down so I am excited to not sweat to death. Runs are so much easier in cool weather. I will also be experimenting with a gel for the first time today. I'll take it half way through--is that how its done??

If you haven't signed up for the Cliff Bar pacing groups--do it! I got a bunch of free samples mailed to me!

Other than that, not much to report. Stay strong everyone

10-25-2005, 09:18 AM
Nothing new to report here. I have slept in the past few days and skipped my workouts. Maybe tonight I will get those steps in.

One thing I forgot to post about my 7 mile LR this weekend. I did 1/2 the 1/2 in 1:30 so I am on pace to finish the 1/2 marathon in 3:00! That would be a dream come true for me. :cheer2: Okay, I guess I better get my body out and run tonight. :rolleyes:

Leigh Ann- So sorry to hear about your dad. :grouphug:

Helen- We will be cheering you on this weekend! You can do it! :cheer2:

10-25-2005, 09:45 AM
Cam...have you heard anything on the SAT scores yet?

Thanks for asking, Mel! And thanks to everyone who sent :goodvibes: and :wizard:. The results came out yesterday, and although they meet the minimum of her university of choice based on the old scoring system, the university has recently significantly upped its requirements. She was extremely disappointed because she'll have to sit for them again on 11/5 as a walk-in. We are doing everything we can to keep her positive -- I thought she was going to have a melt-down yesterday and completely paralyze herself for gearing up to do it again. I think she is doing okay now, but with a 17 year old girl, sometimes it's hard to distinguish between drama and panic. I don't think she is suited to applying "early decision" but it is what she is doing anyway, so if you guys could keep the :goodvibes: and :wizard: coming, I'd really, really appreciate it. :grouphug: You guys are the best!

Well, I did the 40 minutes last night on the TM because of torrential rain (now I am really wishing I'd bought that water repellent running jacket at EMS this past weekend when it was 20% off clearance! :sad: Did 2.7 in 40 minutes (14:49 pace). This Saturday is 5 mile LW and the weather is looking better. WOOHOO!!!

BTW -- when I leave work too tired to workout or want to sleep in on a Saturday morning instead of doing the LW, I keep thinking about Lily telling us we have to get in the steps and I think about all the discipline and training of all my "training buddies" here and I am so incredibly motivated. It is still hard for me to believe how much support and encouragement you all provide. Thank you so much!

10-25-2005, 10:02 AM
Hi Everyone!

Thanks to whoever posted that Billy Blanks quote--I needed that!

You can always count on me to bring Billy Blanks into it. He's my hero :love:

Cam-- :grouphug: and :wizard: for DD. The college app process is soooo stressful.

Heather-- dreams do come true :goodvibes You'll do it :cheer2:

I did 7.3 miles on the TM last night. Hit a nice piece of nirvana :goodvibes


10-25-2005, 11:33 AM
Went to the chiro again last night and was in too much pain to train once again. He did xrays this time and found a twist in my 3rd vertebrae that lead to a pinched sciatica nerve. He adjusted that and then did an ultrasound on my hip area down my thigh. I was okay for a couple hours and then the pain was back as it is again today.

I am not sure quite what to do at this point :confused3 . Do you think I could take a couple Aleve and keep training through the pain?? I really hate to loose all this valuable training time :guilty:

Lisa loves Pooh
10-25-2005, 03:08 PM
I am doing the big happy dance--but in such a hurry that I'm doing quick reply, otherwise a banana would be inserted......HERE!!!!

Saw the orthapedist today. Not a Dr. McDreamy (if you watch Gray's Anatomy--you'll know!!!!)...but not too shabby looking.

Any who--he was trying to figure out how to get me fixed for the marathon in January....I have a BIG tear. Yowzers! Anywho--I am on the surgical schedule for tomorrow to get the sucker cut away. 24 hours off the leg and then after that it is all about pain tolerance as the swelling goes down and such. But as soon as I feel able, I am back on two feet running again. Cycling until then. I am green lighted for whichever race--but whichever race I can tolerate, that is!

Toodles...one last stint on the treadmill for good measure. :)

Doing the happy dance!!!

Lisa loves Pooh
10-25-2005, 03:09 PM
Went to the chiro again last night and was in too much pain to train once again. He did xrays this time and found a twist in my 3rd vertebrae that lead to a pinched sciatica nerve. He adjusted that and then did an ultrasound on my hip area down my thigh. I was okay for a couple hours and then the pain was back as it is again today.

I am not sure quite what to do at this point :confused3 . Do you think I could take a couple Aleve and keep training through the pain?? I really hate to loose all this valuable training time :guilty:

Real quick--you'll have to ask your doctor. Some pain you can train through---some you can't. You need to know if your training will cause further damage. If not--then probably safe to train with what you can tolerate. Ask your chiro and see what he says.


10-25-2005, 03:28 PM
Lisa - I am so happy that you will be cleared for the marathon :cheer2: fof you!!!!! Here's a bunch of :wizard: for a quick recovery!

Thank you for the advise. I made another chiro apt for today where he'll do an additional ultrasound on the area once again. I'll ask him about the training though he is puzzled as to why the pain has not gone away. He's puzzled :earseek: that's not quite the word I'd use anymore :rotfl:

On the positive side I have plans to see a pt this weekend who is the triathalete I spoke of before. Hopefully she will have some suggestions!

10-25-2005, 03:34 PM
Thanks everyone for your condolences. Dad died of lung cancer, only a week and a half after being diagnosed. I would much rather that he passed that way, than suffered in pain for any length of time.

Back on topic, I did 3 miles yesterday and 10 today. I am supposed to rest the day before and day after my LR, but since I am behind schedule I skipped the day of rest. By the time I hit 8 miles, my legs were complaining about missing that day.

On the bright side, I did some unexpected training. I ran one block off the ocean, by some million dollar homes, many of which were having work done. I had my choice of port-a-potties, which came in handy around mile 6. I found the one with the least amount of scary workmen nearby. :rolleyes1

10-25-2005, 08:50 PM
Hi, everyone! Was scheduled for 40 minutes cross training today. Ended up riding the recumbent bike for 60 minutes because my book was so intriguing!

Have a great night,all!

10-25-2005, 09:09 PM
I am severly lacking time tonight. Everyone shuold have gotten payment info pms. letem know if you didn't. I'll likely be gone until Thursday, but will get back with yuo then.

Lisa - Prayers that everything goes well tomorrow and you recover quickly! What he lacks in looks he certainly made up for in scheduling! ;)

10-26-2005, 12:02 AM
lacool - My condolences to you and your family. I'm glad your Dad didn't suffer.

Lisa - ouch! Good luck with the surgery. Hope everything goes well.

I did my stint on the exercise bike again tonight. 60 minutes. Had planned to try a yoga workout, but couldn't get the DVD player to work. Will have to get that fixed.


10-26-2005, 07:22 AM
Well I did my 8 mile LR last night and it was awesome!!! The weather has finally cooled down and that made a HUGE difference. After last weeks 7 mile stonker I was nervouse about pushing to 8 but I felt great the entire run.

I even incorporated a Chocolate Powergel half way through. Hello--why didn't anyone tell me these tasted like choc frosting??? Yum!

Has anyone tried the Clif Shot Blocks yet? I was wondering how those were too.

Just 2 miles to do tonight (yeah!) so I might incorporate some yoga afterwards.

Lisa loves Pooh
10-26-2005, 07:59 AM
Stopping in to whine about no food, no drinks, no nothing via mouth today!!!

But woohoo--they are going to fix my knee...YIPPEE SKIPPY!!!!

10-26-2005, 08:28 AM
Hi all !
I cant believe I just ordered my marathon shirt. :Pinkbounc It's getting soooo close I can't wait.

I did xt yesterday pilates & WATP 3 mile tape. Today is a 40 min walk, probably at the track at DH work. I have to take DS to preschool, work at other DS library(across town) squeeze in walk, pick up DS from preschool, pick up other DS from school, we have 30 min to get homework done & then a Halloween party from 4-6. AHHH! This is my exciting, crazy week. Something every day. But I'm proud I'm not using it as an excuse not to exercise. That is getting priority! I also eat less when I'm busy, so that's good!

DH thinks you guys are costing him way too much. As if this running/walking thing wasnt expensive enough (did I mention I need another pair of shoes & some cold weather walking clothes) but now looking into doing the Tri & he's seen how much bikes cost. Even the low end ones, holy cow!

I found a Tri near me that would be perfect to start out on. It's in Nashville (1 1/2 hr away) & it's called Try-A-Tri . Very inviting for beginners. 200m swim in a pool, 8.5 mile bike & 2 mile run. I think I may go for that one if I dont think I can make it back to Orlando in May. I was very excited when I found it. Our city has one but it is further, has time constraints & doesnt seem as welcoming for newbies.

Sorry to go on so long. I am just getting very excited about all of this. :banana: Even considering a Tri is a huge deal for this former couch tater.

10-26-2005, 08:31 AM
Oh & I found some cheap, thin gloves for walking from Target. Set of 2 for $1.49. One pair pink the other----lime green!

10-26-2005, 08:45 AM
Lisa -- I am thinking about you today and wishing you the best!

Tiff -- That Tri sounds perfect! Your schedule today sounds like perfect cross-training for something like that! :teeth:

Carrie -- Thanks again for managing everything with the shirts. I can't even imagine how time consuming it has been and will be for you.

Okay, ready for another one of those strange "Cam questions"? I am scheduled for a 5mile LW on Saturday but am also hoping to do a 5K walk for Toys for Tots on Sunday. Does anyone forsee any problem with this? I could skip my walk on Monday to get in a rest day. Do you think that would be okay?

10-26-2005, 09:05 AM
Lisa - You are in my prayers today. Hope to hear soon that your surgery went well!

TiffJ - I just got a double pack of red retro striped and one red pair of gloves. Sadly, that excited me :flower:

Still no firm baby sitter for the trail run this we. I have a backup plan I am going to try today!

10-26-2005, 09:34 AM

It's not only okay, I would strongly recommend it. You're training your body to do more than usual, so the process is work hard, work easy, and rest. Go ahead and walk the 5 on Saturday in your usual hard charging manner, I suppose about 15 minutes per mile. This is a great pace for Disney, keeping you well ahead of the sweeps, and you need to know the effort necessary to sustain this pace for a long distance.

Then on Sunday come out and do it again, trying to maintain the same pace. You'll be fighting tired legs, but that's no different than those last 3 miles of the half. This will give you a bit of practice with carrying your strong pace when you are a bit fatigued physically and mentally, which you'll need on January 7.

And . . . my 2nd nightmare about the WDW half and full last night. This time I missed several turns and had to go back about 2 miles to pick up the correct course and run over the sensor mats. I suspect I'll be having some type of weird dream regularly between now and then. Wonderful.

Good luck all


10-26-2005, 09:50 AM
Thanks, Craig! I was looking for the official blessing on something that isn't covered in the MfM plan, so I really appreciate knowing it is not a big no-no.

Funny dream! I actually kind of lived something like that. On 9/18 I was doing a 5K and missed a turn. Another walker behind me yelled for me and caught me before I got too far off track. My vision is so bad that I couldn't see the markings on the ground without paying a lot of attention -- and I wasn't. And -- I was wearing my earphones so I was completely zoning, in my own world! :confused2: It's just ironic to me that accomplished athletes have these fears too! :hug:

10-26-2005, 09:54 AM
The chiro worked on me once again last night and you guessed it, it still hasn't made a difference. I could just :sad1: at this point! He recommended taking Capatlex E (vitamin E) 3xs a day. Has anyone heard of this?

I don't know if I should try to get in with my regular DR and see if she can do anything or wait to see the PT this weekend?

I am panicking at this point as I could not do my LR last week nor have I run at all this week due to the pain :earseek:

10-26-2005, 01:37 PM
I did interval training on the TM today. 6.6 miles total. 2 sets of 3 repeats of (.5 miles @ 7.5 mph with 90 sec recovery at 6.0 mph).

10-26-2005, 01:44 PM
Sunny -- Your "recovery" pace would kill me! :faint: Sounds awesome!

10-26-2005, 02:03 PM
:confused3 CAn I whine/beg ofr advice?

My hip stil hurts. It got better afew mile into the run on Saturday, but I hobbled quite a bit Monday for 60 minutes. Better for the last half, but hurt like the dickens later. Nototo bad yesterday. Cross-trained last night and was careful not to hurt it. OK until lunch today and now it hurts to walk enough that I cannot hide my hobble.

I am torm btwn resting it while I have an "easy" 6 this week and being ready for next week or seeing what I can do. I was thinking of 10 minte rule tonight and not continuingif I hobble (that can't be good for the rest of me). If it hurts now, though, I can't see that it won't hurt then.

The pain is muscular (not joint) it seems to go from the side (back part of side) of my lower hip to the front. Any ideas? Am I just being a whimp? I'm afraid that I'll take time off and not be better next week. It's been on and off for a couple weeks now. Let me know if you have any thoughts. I know I'm lazy at heart, but I've also come so far that I do not want to lose steam. DOn't want to make anything worse either.

10-26-2005, 03:10 PM
Lisa - many :wizard: :wizard: :wizard: to you!

Minnie - :wizard: :wizard: :wizard: to you too! You may want to see a doctor about this. It couldn't hurt! :confused3

Melissa - Striped gloves would excite me too! :rotfl:

Now my on going drama! Yesterday after my 4 mile run I looked @ my big toe and saw puss (Yuck) coming out of it. I have ingrown toenail problems. Anyway...called my Podiatric Doctor and he cut it out today. No running until at least Monday! :scared1: :faint: And no swimming until I go back on Nov 9th! :scared: :eek: :faint: However, Bree was a dear and ran a short LR with me this morning b/4 I went. Our pace was pretty good. Between 9:30 and 9:45. Would love to be able to do this 26.2 miles.


10-26-2005, 03:20 PM
Christa - I have also had the toe nail drama!! I had one that came off by itself and then one that Phil (my husband) pulled off for me after giving me the big needle in the toe!!!! You know I must trust him to allow that! I went biking the next day, but I didn't really have any area of infection and the other toe nail was growing in already anyway! Dh has his ingrown ones "fixed" a couple of times per year so they won't hurt in his rock climbing shoes! He doesn't let me do it though???? That just doesn't seem fair. I'm not medical so maybe that is why!!!!! Did you Dr. put the acid on the nail bed so it doesn't grow back in? They did that to phil's, but they grew back in!!! I think next time, he may have them remove the bed in that small area so that part won't get ingrown again. What are you doing with yourself?????? You could as the MD if you can ride!!! They even make clipless pedal sandals (not that they would protect your feet if you crashed, but you would never crash! I wish I could find a throbbing toe gif to insert here for you! I'm going to look for one

10-26-2005, 03:33 PM
Carrie - Seems like u and I have a similar problem. By any chance does it radiate on down your leg towards your knee? Mine comes and goes and today boy it has come! Just sitting here at my desk hurts like heck.

Good luck figuring out what the cause is. So far several chiro apts later I'm still in a ton of pain :confused3

10-26-2005, 03:44 PM
Carrie - Seems like u and I have a similar problem. By any chance does it radiate on down your leg towards your knee? Mine comes and goes and today boy it has come! Just sitting here at my desk hurts like heck.

Good luck figuring out what the cause is. So far several chiro apts later I'm still in a ton of pain :confused3
Sounds liek yours is worse. At its worst it kind of does that, but usually not when I'm just stiing still. Tehre's a local chiropractor that is a runner and has had olympic potentials as patients. I've been tempted to go see him

The coach (dh), just told me I'm going to rest and ice unitl Monday. Is it because he's tired of me whining? ;) I think I may do that and see how it feels Monday. Then, I'll think abouyt calling someone.

I hope they can get yours fixed soon Minnie!

10-26-2005, 03:49 PM
Christa - I couldn't find it! Hope your toe recovers QUICKLY!!!!!

10-26-2005, 05:01 PM
Carrie & Minnie - I'm sending good thoughts your way. :) Hope you both find out what the cause is. I'm somewhat in the same boat. I've got a muscle strain in the quad area. It bothers me from the groin down to mid inner thigh. Doesn't bother me when I ride the bike or the elliptical, but when I try to run, the pounding really bothers me. Been like this for 3 weeks. Dr. gave me 800 mg motrin to take every night and said to ice it after every workout.
I gave myself an ice massage last night and the leg felt good this morning. By lunch time it was starting to kick up.
Ugh! It doesn't seem to be anything major, but it is SO annoying. I'm planning on staying with the non-weight bearing workouts and ice for another week, then next weekend I'm going to give it a try with a good old-fashioned wog.

Hope you both are feeling better soon!


10-26-2005, 05:08 PM
Melissa - Thanks so much! I have had this done b/4 and it always grew back until I found this doctor. He is WONDERFUL and a runner. :cheer2: He did the other big toe and it never grew back so I went back to him with this one. My feet look :scared1: :scared1: though. :earseek: He did not care...said they did not look that bad with all the running and stuff I did. :rotfl2: RIGHT! Riding is fine so I guess I will do that.

Everyone send :wizard: :wizard: :wizard: to my sweet DD5 princess:. She is having surgery tomorrow 0845. Has her 2nd Hernia (sp?). Has to be put to sleep and stuff so will be with her recovering all weekend. I am glad we can take care of this, but hate it all the same. She is my baby!


10-26-2005, 05:22 PM
Christa -- I hope everything goes well for DD. Sending :hug: and :wizard:

Terri and Carrie -- wishing you a speedy recovery!

Lisa -- Are you home yet? Any news? How did things go?

I hope everyone who is supposed to be resting today is resting!

10-26-2005, 06:58 PM
:wizard: :wizard: :wizard: :wizard: :wizard: :wizard:
Did I get enough for everyone? It seems to be a bad week.
Lisa, I hope you're back on your feet quickly but be careful about pushing too hard(spoken as the veteran of 3 major knee surgeries).

Christa, take care of your little princess and I hope your toe feels better.

Carrie, sounds like your "coach" probably has the right idea. Rest, ice, stretching, and anti-inflammatories could all be helpful as this point.

Minnie- radiating pain isn't good. I think you need to move on to a different level health care provider from the chiro. The rule of thumb for primary care physicians and sports injuries is if you can't fix it in 3 visits, refer the person to a specialist. I think you're at that point.

MelR- Good luck finding a babysitter. If you get to do the trail run, don't forget to count it for extra miles/time since truly running trails is more challenging than running on roads.(That's how I always justify the slower times anyway) If I didn't live so far away(and am going to be in DC this weekend anyway), I'd watch him for you but... He's actually got more climbing experience than I do because I've never done it outside the rock gym.

Did tempo run B today which called for 2 10 min tempo runs separated by 2 minutes walking. With warm up and cool down, did 4.75 miles in about 45 minutes. Not quite Sunny's pace but still okay considering.

Friday morning have a 6 am flight from Manchester NH to Dulles. The "Medical Management of Endurance Events" symposium sponsored by the American Medical Athletic Association runs Friday afternoon and then Saturday morning. Plan on getting my 6 mile Sat run in somewhere in northern VA by my classmate's uncle's house as he's hosting the poor medical students this weekend. We are then volunteering as medical providers at the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday. What a hardship :rolleyes: This is what interests me and why I put up with some of the stuff that sucks about medical school. These types of experiences provide the light at the end of the tunnel.

Tiff- That try a tri sounds good if you can't justify another Disney trip. Danskin events really are pretty special though so if you can do it...

Mom(NYcpa) did a try a tri in Ottawa a few years ago. You should ask her what she thought. I jumped right into doing sprint distances but the undergrad institution I attended right out of high school for 2 years had a swimming requirement so that had forced me to become reasonably competent at distance free. I had ran all 4 years of high school and raced bikes for that un-named institution in MD on the Chesapeake Bay. I wasn't great at any of the events but I could do all three and therefore became a triathlete.

Good luck training everyone and here's an extra dose of PD for anyone I missed.

10-26-2005, 08:01 PM
Ackkk! I just spent $117 for our not so free sport. I ordered a jacket, wind pants, tights, and a pair of gloves from Sierra Trading Post and they are all Illuminite so I really didn't do too bad. After the time change this weekend, I will almost certainly be running after dark a couple days a week so it was kind of a necessary purchase. I have a reflective vest but now the pants, etc will be reflective too in big huge areas rather than just little bitty logos. So the new stuff kills 2 birds, warm stuff for cold weather and reflective for safety. A guy in the neighborhood at home would run pre-dawn and if you were lucky you might see the reflective patches on his shoes. Not safe, I don't want to be him as car-person doesn't tend to end well for the person. Mom and I always looked for him prior to backing out of the drive to go to work in the morning.

Cam- Have you talked to the admissions office where she wants to go to school? Maybe some of her other qualities such as grades and activities offset a SAT score that she isn't happy with. PD for the best possible outcome.

10-26-2005, 09:29 PM
I posted this on Jan 11, 2005 in an innocent little thread called "Anyone ready to start training for next year's marathon? "

So it is possible to walk it?? I walk 3mph now...having a hard time imagining that I'll be able to walk faster that far. I guess that's what training's for!

I walk 2 miles every other day now. If I can increase that by 1 mile each month, I should be fairly well on track by Nov, then can work on increasing speed. Does that sound reasonable to those of you that have done this before? Or should I work on increasing speed, then distance??

Tonight was 3.88 miles at avg pace of 14:34 (and much better consistency). Kinda fun to look back and see where I was when it all began :blush:

As for the free-ness of this sport, I'm asking Santa for gift certificates from roadrunnersports.com and Target for running stuff, other clothing stores since I'm outgrowing my old stuff ;)

10-26-2005, 10:22 PM
Lynn - I FOUND A BABYSITTER!!!!! I am not really worried about my pace this weekend. I have only done 2 previous trail runs. They were a 25k and a 21 miler. The 21 miler took about 4:38 but it had some big hills and some single track. I also had big fallen trees across the trail. This one has a post that it is not for trail newbies (which of course is me) but I'm going anyway bc I'm doing it with my friends and it is free!!!!! It is 15 miles, which is my LR distance this week. I think the trail has a ton of ups and downs and at one point we actually run through a waterfall. It is an old stagecoach trail. I am thinking about taking my camera just to get pics of the leaves and the views!!! I have the Illuminite tights and I decided that they were mostly a dud!! They didn't ever really look that reflective to me. I sometimes put a blinking bike light on my back. I think they even make small ones for runners. You could always go for the ultra cool look and wear a headlamp. I think they have them a Wal-mart for 10bucks!

Lisa - Hope to hear an update soon!!

10-27-2005, 08:10 AM
Lisa-good luck with your surgery. I hope you have a quick recovery. As good a shape as you are in I'm sure it will be.

Minnie-I agree with other on switching Dr's. Since you havent seen any improvement at all. I am so sorry you are going thru this. :grouphug:

Mel-It is cool to see how far we've come. Yesterday for my SR I had to cut it short to go get DS but I did 2 miles 14:06 pace. I couldn't have done that even a month ago! Imagine where we'll be in January. I just want to be comfortable enough with the pace so I can have fun, enjoy my surroundings & take a few character pics (who ever thought I would actually look forward to taking pics while I'm all sweaty)

MelR- I'm glad you found a babysitter. You are my hero with all these adventure races & stuff you do!

Christa- :wizard: for your DD. I know what its like having your kid go into surgery. It is definately nerveracking.

Carrie & Terri- you guys get better soon too!

10-27-2005, 08:48 AM
Christa, I am thinking about your DD this morning! :wizard: :wizard:

I hope everything is going well.


10-27-2005, 09:03 AM
Thanks for the well wishes all. Hip still bothered me last night and this morning, but I brought and ice pack to work with me. SOrry to whine, it's just gettign so close and that scares me a bit.

Christa - Prayers and pixie dust for you and your dd and her doctors this morning. That is soo hard, but I'm sure she'll be fine!

Lisa - Thinking about you too! Hope all went well!

Lynne - Big dog that you are had never run 25 miles in 1 week? I did not hit 25 last week, but I was not too far behind. Being that close to you has really made me feel like Ihave accomplished something! ;) :rotfl2: About your pruchases for thei "free" sport!

Mel - That is too funny! Has me thinking about teh "It's not the destination, it's the journey" thing.

We should all look back and see how far we've come. Not to mention, how many friends we made along the way! I didn't even know you then Mel!

In March, I had a hard time with 4/1 w/r. Then we switch to r/w in June. "How come those 1 minute runs seemed so long, but the 1 minute walsk seem so short?" Last Saturday, I ran 12 miles. I still cannot beleive it!

Lisa loves Pooh
10-27-2005, 09:24 AM
:banana: :banana: :banana:

Surgery went well. I have a healthy knee..WAHOO!!!! I could have sworn he said he took something else out that some people are born with and can cause problems later...but now not so sure if that was the drugs wearing off. That report will have to wait until later.

My leg will look like the Michelin man for 8 more hourse and then hubby can take off the dressings. I have tubes leading to bladders around my knee that hooks up to a cooler. Fill it with ice water and plug me in and AHHHHHHHH!!! I'll be using that for quite a while!!!!

On crutches...probably for 3-5 days. I will get hubby to buy me an exercise bike to get the cardio back up. First PT session is tomorrow. I will turn in my paperwork next week.

I had one darvaset yesterday and nothing else..it really doesn't hurt all that bad.

One more of these guys and I will sign off... :banana:

10-27-2005, 01:16 PM
Lisa, glad to hear that your surgery went well! :cool1:

Christa, :wizard: PD for you and your DD.

Hope everyone else with injuries is improving.

I am still plugging along here. I am very inspired by all of you. My progress just seems to be a lot slower than I'd like it to be. At least it's progress, though. I'm doing things now that I certainly could not have done 2 years ago when I started and I am still determined to be able to get to a pace where I feel I can sign up for the 2007 half and stay ahead of the sweepers. I know I can walk that far now but I also know that at this point I can't even come close to the pace so for now I will keep on training and keep reading about hte benefits of setting out to do something you never thought you could even attempt, never mind actually do. In the meantime, I am enjoying the journey and getting healthy in the process. I am very much looking forward to meeting so many of you at Trails End and cheering you along your way.

10-27-2005, 02:13 PM
Hey all! Just an update to let you know DD is doing well. She is in a little pain and very sleepy but all in all she is doing well. Thanks for all your prayers and :wizard: :wizard:.

Lisa - congrats on your knee!

Melissa - good luck on the race.

Hope everyone else is well and has a great LR or LW this weekend. Dh will have to do his by himself as I will have to stay home with DD and my bum toe! I WANT TO RUN! :sad1: Well I guess I will eat instead. (HAHA) :rotfl:


10-27-2005, 02:44 PM
Chirsta - so glad to hear that your daughter's sx went well. I was actually going to bring up the eating idea for the weekend! I was thinking that you should probably bank some calories for when you get to run again. You are going to be running like crazy after sittin at home for a few days and you will, of course, need to fill up your chocolate bank!!!

Lisa - great to hear you did ok. Hope your recovery is super quick!

The boy and i got flu shots yesterday and I think we ar both a little grumpy today. I'm hoping to get a nap and maybe we can sweeten up!! Phil got the boy a play dough doggie dr. toy for being so brave when he got his shot. Today on the way home from pre-school, he asked me if he could go by and see daddy and get another shot! :rotfl2: What a crazy boy!

10-27-2005, 03:18 PM
Just wanted to pop in and ask a quick question. When are we supposed to get our packets? Dh hasn't received anything yet and I thought it was this month?

10-27-2005, 03:35 PM
IIRC they are mailing them the end of this month. I haven't gotten mine either. I'm thinking we'll hear when someone here gets theirs! :D

10-27-2005, 04:41 PM
Lisa - Glad to hear surgery went well. Good luck with the recup.

Christa - Glad to hear daughter is recovering from her surgery, also.

Carrie - I know what you mean about whining. I feel like that's all I'm doing lately. But the doggone leg just won't heal fast enough for me. It's making me :crazy:


10-27-2005, 04:43 PM
IIRC they are mailing them the end of this month. I haven't gotten mine either. I'm thinking we'll hear when someone here gets theirs! :D

Thank you!

10-27-2005, 04:53 PM
Carrie & Terri - I know exactly what you are talking about. I feel like the biggest winer on the plant (at least the Wish one) lately. You are not alone!

Lisa - :cheer2: on your surgery. I'm sure you'll be back to training in no time.

Christa - :cheer2: for you on your DDs surgery. :wizard: for a quick recovery!

As for me I thank you all for your concern. After several unsuccessful attempts at the chiro (seems worse instead of better) I'm staying away for now. I'm going to see a PT and DR this weekend and hopefully they will have some suggestions. I've lived with this way to long to let it go any further. I researched sciatic pain on Runners World and it said that it won't just so away so I have to do something about it. I may try a light walk this evening and see how it goes on the TM.

10-27-2005, 04:54 PM
BTW - What is the packet that you all are referring to :confused3

Lisa loves Pooh
10-27-2005, 04:58 PM
BTW - What is the packet that you all are referring to :confused3

Disney will send you a race booklet--contains detailed info that will eventually be on the website. Your race card--with your # and waiver--is included as well. This is what you bring to the expo when collecting your bib and t-shirt and stuff.

Well--no more Michelin Man leg---the big buddah bandage is off...I'm a little wimp--so kept my eyes closed towards the end, but it isn't that bad. I see no swelling--but their is probably a little bit. We strapped the cooling bladder thing a ma jig back on and cold water is flowing once again.



10-27-2005, 05:00 PM
IIRC they are mailing them the end of this month. I haven't gotten mine either. I'm thinking we'll hear when someone here gets theirs! :D

But I want it now!!!! :teeth:

So sorry to hear about everyone with injuries this week. That is no fun at all. Hope everyone is up and moving soon.

Lisa- Glad to hear your surgery went well.

chimera- That's so neat about being able to look back and really see what big changes you've made. Sometimes I need to take a step back and see the big picture as well.

Yesterday for me was 45 minutes at 4 run/1 walk intervals. I managed 4.84 miles, so a 9:18/mile pace overall. I didn't get out to run until nearly 7pm... WAY too late for my personal preference. Luckily for tomorrow's long run I HAVE to get up early-- otherwise it's not getting done.

That's all for now...
Happy training all!
Solotraveler :earsboy:

10-27-2005, 05:42 PM
Cam- Have you talked to the admissions office where she wants to go to school? Maybe some of her other qualities such as grades and activities offset a SAT score that she isn't happy with. PD for the best possible outcome.

Thanks for asking, sweetie! Her "resume" is really impressive and the letters of recommendation she has gotten have brought me to tears. She just isn't an awesome student. But she is a phenomenally wonderful, sweet, generous young woman, so we are really hoping that will "sell" them on her. We learned this week that the university is seeking ivy league status, so their requirements are much higher than most other state universities. Just hoping for the best.

Well, I am leaving here very soon to try to get in 40 minutes walking and then speed/form drills. Iced my knee last night, but it is still painful. It wants to "lock" and the aleve didn't seem to improve it today. Hoping it will hold up tonight. Tomorrow night is cross training, 5mile LW on Saturday and 5K on Sunday. I guess this will show what I am really made of. I really wanna be a big :dog: , but deep down, I'm just a wimp and crybaby! :sad:

Lisa loves Pooh
10-27-2005, 05:43 PM
Going for a walk--a detailed report when I get back ;)

Lisa loves Pooh
10-27-2005, 05:59 PM
Whew--what a work out....it all started like this.....

Removed the cold water bladder. It proceeded to leak on me. That's okay--get myself wet so I don't overheat on my workout. No gu's or gatorade needed....I can go the distance without them.

Get the crutches. Get DD to pick up all the junk off the floor so I don't trip. Not quite ready to do hurdles just yet. Floor is cleared. Now must wait for hubby to stop playing the Sims. :hourglass

:rolleyes: :rolleyes1 :rolleyes: :confused3

:badpc: Okay...got the hubby. One step. Ooh--that feels weird. Take a second step. Hubby asks what it feels like. Oh just like my leg will snap. But that's okay--I was told apply weight is a-ok. Ok, honey--what step am I on? How am i supposed to know, he asks. No this is important, I have to write a detailed account of my workout--what step are we on??? Okay--this is step number three. Okay--at least I'm not flapping my arms like chicken wings as he claims I was doing earlier. Or maybe I looked like him --> :banana: . We go on to complete 10 steps. Wooohoo! Now back to the couch. This time with hubby behind me as he wasn't getting the hint as I step he is supposed to back up and stay out of my way. MEN!!! :rolleyes:

Okay--now he's behind--wow..I walk much faster now. I must be up to a half a mile an hour. :cheer2: Okay--10 steps back to the couch. Turn around and plop down on sofa.

Okay--knee bends. One, two....Hey what's that noise--three...ewwwwwww grossssssss.....my knee is making fart noises. Okay--exercise over today. That is just DISGUSTING!

I think I went 1/100th of a mile....woooohooooo! Not quite marathon pace. But hey--it's just the 1st day. pirate:

10-27-2005, 07:05 PM
Minnie - Good luck. I think you're right, it's time to consult someone else. I hope it works out for you. My aunt has a sciatica problem and I know she's in a lot of pain when it acts up.

Lisa - What's the matter? You don't like to hear snap, crackle an pop? :confused3 So what does a knee-fart sound like? :teeth:
Today was just the beginning. Tomorrow it'll be more steps and you'll be back to normal in no time. If hubby doesn't get out of the way, well, that's really what the crutches are for. ;)


10-27-2005, 07:53 PM
Christa-- So glad to hear DDs doing well. And so sorry to hear you can't run, I feel so bad for you, but even worse for your poor family :rotfl:

Lisa-- ouch and yuck! I'm glad you are in the recovery stage. Each day will be much better than the day before!!!!!

Chimera-- I did a similar thing. I reread my gym logs from this time last year. I was thrilled to be able to hold a 5.5 mph pace on the TM for 20 minutes! Its so important to stop and look at how far we've come. Sometimes we get so caught up in the Stonkers and forget today's worst stonker is better than last year's best run!

Today I did upper body weights and rowing. Tomorrow I'm doing an 8 miler with a friend from the gym. She's a super fast 5k-er (doesn't do distance) and I'm a slow distancer so we'll see how it goes!


10-27-2005, 09:41 PM
Lisa- that workout report was hilarious!! Before I read all of the 2nd post, I saw how close the posts were together & wondered how you got back from your walk so quickly :scratchin Then I read on & understood. Wow my body can pop/creak from time to time but I can honestly say I have never heard a knee fart :rotfl2:

Cam-I'm in the same boat for this weekend. I do my LR on Sunday which is supposed to be 6 miles this weekend & on Sat I have a 5K. I was thinking of just switching LR to Sat & doing 3 more miles later that day, but I guess that isnt the same thing. No time to whimp out on training now. Us little :dog: have to keep ahead of that stupid bus.

Solotraveler- I know what you mean. Getting that package just makes it more exciting & gets us 1 step closer! I have already told DH that I will be buying 1 of every kind of Marathon Weekend tshirt they have. I may have found some swimming lessons. I will have to go by the Aquatic Ctr next week to talk with them once they get the schedule out. I will probably have some questions for you then.

Christa-so glad your DD is doing good. Little ones are surprisingly ressiliant.

10-27-2005, 10:24 PM
Hi, everyone! My knee stood up to an hour of exercise. 5 minutes warmup, 40 minute LW, 4 sets of speed drills, then cool down. Not too bad. Left my Garmin in the car, so not sure of all the paces, but I am thinking not bad considering I could barely walk last night and my knee kept wanting to lock today. I'm sure I was at 15-16 min pace. :banana:

Congrats, Lisa!

ETA: For some reason, my Garmin didn't restart the lap after the five minute warmup, so I don't have the breakdown for that. But it did keep track of the fact that I had 3.63 miles total in 57:01, which is about 15:42 pace including the warmup which was over 18:20 pace (cautious about my knee) and then the 4 speed/form drills which were (on the one-minute fast walks) 12:08, 13:06, 12:28, 13:30.

10-27-2005, 10:57 PM
Blimey what a week, I nip off to write a couple of features and we have major surgery, back pains and knee farts (something I never, ever, want to hear trust me!!!), hope everyone is feeling better today.

All good my end - off to pick up my race pack for my half this weekend in a minute. I'm trying very hard to tell myself it'll all be okay, I've done this one three times already etc etc, but have a feeling it's going to be a toughie. Not only would I like to beat last years time (pah, unless I've got a Wilma sized tailwind that's doubtful!), but my arch nemesis at the running club thinks she's going to run it at a time 2 minutes faster than I realistically think I am. Have never forgiven her for passing me 5 metres outside the finishing shoot of another race -after I led her for 21.09 km!!!!! SO pressure is really on - mucho pixie dust please. Will check in gloating or weeping on Monday. Helen

10-28-2005, 08:27 AM
Good luck Helen!

Hope your dd continues to improve CHrista! A little one in any pain just kills me, :(

Thanks for the update Lisa! Up to 22 steps at a time for next week? ;) Glad all went well!

LOL about wanting the race packages. I debated whether or not to tell dh they were coming. I went with teh he'd rather be surprised than waiting ofr them otpion, so I'm the ony one in our household waiting anxiously.

OK, I'v ebeen walking so funny tha tmy knee is locking up on me. Goal today is to try to walk normal so I don't hurt anything else. I do think the hip is getting better, but I never really know when it will hurt so I've been babying it. 2 more days of rest and ice and hopefully all will be well again.

:wizard: for all who are hurting! Have a great weeknd everyone!

10-28-2005, 09:30 AM
Warning! This post contains whining!
I want to run! :rotfl2: Today is my normal LR day, but with my toe and Baby girl very sore there is no way I will be running. DH went to do his 10 miler alone and I pouted as he left. :sad: Am I a baby or what? Melissa you were right to feel sorry for my family. I did make smores last night though for xtraining. Melissa said I needed the chocolate and I trust her opinion b/c her DH is a Doctor. :teeth:

Wah Wah Wah! :sad: :sad: :sad:

10-28-2005, 10:52 AM
Helen here ya go :wizard: :wizard: :wizard: :wizard: :wizard: :wizard:

Christa-- so sorry you are house bound, sending you :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: for cheer.

Cam-- great job on the endurance!

I'm just back from a nice 8 miler with a friend from my gym. No music, we talked the whole way. That's new for me, made the time fly. Speaking of flying, our average pace was 9:17 (1:14:20). Woo hoo! pays to run with a fast partner!

I should have plenty of time to recover for my LR tomorrow. Thinking of doing a step back week, maybe just 14 tomorrow.


10-28-2005, 12:13 PM
Hey guys!
WOW it has been such a crazy week! We are headed to WDW in about 43.5 hours. Not that I'm counting or anything. :rotfl:
Of course whenever you try to go on vacation everything blows up in your life all at once. But I've decided that I can stress about it at disney world just as easy as I can stress here. DH won't let me stress though, so I guess I'll just have to put my stress on the back burner until we get back.

Have run a couple times (one day was the LR with Christa) and taken cycle class this week and I'm hoping I'll find some time in the next day or so to get in another work out of some kind.

I just wanted to pop in and say hey to everybody. Hope you all having a great week, and I'll try to catch up with ya'll before I leave.


10-28-2005, 02:08 PM
Christa - Sorry you are stranded!!!! It sounds like a day for a warm blanket and some hot chocolate!!!!

Sunny - great pace. I have the priviledge of running with someone like that . She is my EC and she is doing at least 2/3 of my runs, including my LR's with me each week (and you know she is crazy becuase she is not even planning on doing any races any time soon) She is way faster than me and she slows down but her pace still challenges me. It is really good for training!

Oh - the pumpkin pie is done, so I have to go take it out of the oven (not homemade by the way, but I have nothing better to do today since today is a fall rest day)

10-28-2005, 04:19 PM
Hi everyone,

After no chiro for the past 2 days my leg is actually feeling a bit better, weird huh :confused3.

Anyway I will be traveling for the next few days so I may not be able to check in. By this time tomorrow I will have seen the PT and the DR so hopefully I'll have some good news to report :smooth: Lots of :wizard: please everyone! I'm taking my running clothes/shoes with me just in case I get cleared by them to run. I would be on :cloud9: if that happens.

I hope all of the fellow injured get better soon :grouphug: and tons of :wizard: for great lr for everyone!

"See" you real soon!


10-28-2005, 05:25 PM
:wizard: :wizard: :wizard: Sending good vibes your way!


10-28-2005, 10:11 PM
Hey! :wave: I was just checking in - it's been a few days. My little cold turned into a sinus infection, but I'm just about over it. Yea!!! Running was definitely out for a few days, but we are back on track. DH and I actually had a date today - we went to Typhoon Lagoon! :cloud9: Surely that has to count as cross training!!! It was our first time ever, so of course we had to do everything! :faint: Those rides start super high, and I will be feeling each and every one of those steps in my calves tomorrow! BTW - there are LOTS of steps there! ;) I think I may have injured DH's knee, though. The Banana Blaster flipped me over, and I took DH with me, who landed on his knee. It is nicely scraped and bruised. It's just as well - he is already up to 17+ miles on his LR, and I don't want to him to get ahead of his training and peak too soon... so I just helped him out a little. ;) Just kidding sweetie! :love2:

Lisa - I laughed out loud with the knee fart!!! :rotfl2: Too funny (but it sounds painful!!!)

Minnie - I hope you appts go well and you get the go ahead to run!!!

Christa - so sorry you can't run, but LOVE your crosstraining!!!

Bree - have a great time at Disney!!! The weather is perfect!!!! :sunny:

Mel - how was the pie? That is great that you have a running buddy! I had one last year while we both were training for the half, but our schedules don't fit together anymore. She is doing the half again, though, so we still try to encourage each other through email!

Helen - :wizard: for a super fast race! You can do it!!!!

Great jobs on the training runs and :wizard: for all the injured!!!

Sorry for those I missed - this thread is getting LONG!!! YEA - so many wish buddies!!! :teeth: Happy training to all!

10-29-2005, 11:08 AM
Crzy4Pooh -- sorry to hear about the sinus infection. yuck. Way to keep DH on track with training :rotfl2: Wouldn't want him to get ahead of himself!!!!!

Minnie-- waiting to hear that good news :wizard: :wizard: :wizard:

MelR-- Your pie made me realize there are only a handful of fall rest days, we definitely should make the most of them (pie is good).

LR was cold this morning! I saw some snow flakes in the air (but it didn't actually snow). I'm a bit puzzled. It seems a 14 miler is just as hard as a 16 which is just as hard as a 18 :confused3 what's up with that? is it all psychological? I ran fast, though (9:41). Fast and tight, I felt myself being tense in response to the cold. Maybe that's the difference, I pace myself better when I know I'm going the distance. Today was also more challenging because I started out with the Battlegreen 5K route to check it out before DD and I do it next week. Mile 2 is pretty tough, mostly uphill. DD is going to die. Oh dear. She's gonna be really mad at me.

BTW I messed up on my math yesterday. When I uploaded yesterday's 8 miler, it turns out the avg pace was 9:09 :banana: :banana:

So here are my LR splits:

October 29, 2005 Battlegreen 5K route plus BP = 14 miles (2:15:45)

1 9:39
2 9:51
3 9:13
4 9:19
5 9:48
6 9:10
7 9:55
8 9:36
9 10:27
10 9:30
11 9:25
12 10:22
13 9:31
14 9:08

avg pace 9:41


10-29-2005, 01:46 PM
Well I just finished my 2nd 5K!!! And can we have a drum roll please........... my pace was 13:46 :dancer: This race was mostly filled with runners so I was at the end but not last, there were 5 behind me. It was a halloween race & I got beat by a lady wearing a giant cardboard cracked egg costume. She ran with the chicken. I asked DH who came 1st the chicken or the egg & he said they made a point to cross the finish line at the same time :rotfl:

Oh and that annoying cop car. Having that guy on your tail the whole race is nerve racking! But I had big improvements over last race & I felt better afterwards.

I also got a great race outfit at Target yesterday that is so comfy I feel like I'm wearing p.j.'s Its black ankle pants (but not the sausage type) with white & lime green stripes down the side & I bought a mens dri-fit tshirt to wear with it. I will prob wear the pants at WDW. And I have matching peridot(lime green stone) earings. Too cool!!

DS did his first 1 mile fun run today. His pace was 14:07. I was so proud of him. Seeing him get into this fitness thing because I'm doing it makes me want to do it even more. Great motivation!

Sunny- awesome splits! You are my hero :worship:

Sorry so long, I'm just so excited about today's race!!!!!!! :banana: :Pinkbounc

Hope everyone has good LR this weekend!

10-29-2005, 02:52 PM
I'm just so excited about today's race!!!!!!! :banana: :Pinkbounc

Tiff, great job on your race. Races are so exhilirating for me, just love them...can't wait until my Turkey Trot 5K.

Sunny, great run today. BTW, do you find your Garmin to be fairly accurate? Sometimes mine seems to be just wacked. It will say I am running a 9:30ish pace and then come out with a 10:45 mile about 200 yards too long (there are mile markers along my route). My garmin seems to be all over the place with pace and mileage, maybe because it is really wooden and I do lose the GPS signal frequently, especially on cloudy days. Does anyone else have disturbances like these are do I have a faulty Garmin?


10-29-2005, 03:02 PM
Hi All!

Just got back from my 5 mile LW. I usually do all my walking on my TM, but it was a beautiful day so DH and I headed to the trails along the I&M Canal. But darn it, I got there and then discovered my garmin battery was low. So, my pace was right around 16 minute/miles, can't be more accurate than that. I am so used to the precise measurements of the TM!! Still, it was a fantastic day to be outside.

10-29-2005, 03:06 PM
Tiff and Sunny - Great Job with your races! :banana:

I did a very light workout today - 45 minutes total, split between the elliptical and the bike.

I'll probably ride bike again indoors tomorrow while watching the football game, then next week try to get out and actually run a little. The leg is feeling somewhat better, so after 2 1/2 weeks of light workouts, I'm gonna step it up a bit!


Lisa loves Pooh
10-29-2005, 03:54 PM
TiffJ: Awesome time!!! Are you running, walking, or both? Excellent time!!

Christa--sorry you are homebound!

Well, my knee is now swollen....ouch! Hubby removed the dressings on Thursday and I didn't elevate properly on Thursday night. As the area heals--I supposed getting all swollen is part of the gig. My knee was stuck in a slightly bent position--so walking on crutches, I looked a bit like the hunchback of notre dame. Went to PT and they helped straigten me out and gave me some exercises. But do to swelling, I am unable to begin cycling just yet. They said if I can do one of those arm cycling machines, I can do my cardio that way. So I'm trying to get hubby to take me exercise bike shopping to see which one I can pedal with my arms by sitting on the floor. LOL! Mr. PT (who might qualify as Dr. McDreamy!) will let me know next week which event I should registered for. He said if I am whimpering as much as I did on Friday---then it is the half. He told me about another woman 3 years ago who he claims had a similar injury at a similar time and he got her from surgery to finishing Disney. So at least he has a good track record. ;)

10-29-2005, 05:12 PM
Sounds like everyone had a great weekend!

TiffJ - Great job on your race

Colleen - I had that prob with the garmin in the trail run today. At one point it was an entire mile off. It is only that way when I get weak signals.

Sunny - Awesome pace.

Lisa - Glad to hear from you! Sorry about the swelling. It sounds like you are the most motivated post op pt in the world!!!

I did my trail run/race today. A lot of the regulars were not there. These tr's are usually really laid back and there are several people who get there and start early so they can finish close to everyone else. My last place finishers were not there today. This was a major hard core crowd with some fast folks. The trail was SUPER ROCKY and loose. It was crazy!!! I am pretty sure I did something I have NEVER done: I finished last place!! Since I was with my ec, we had to fight it out for the position, but since she is very fast on the road, and has never finished next to last, she got to finish there!!!!! I think our pace was around 15:40.mile and we ran most of it. We did stop a couple of times to pee and refill water and take pics! I'll post them soon. Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

10-29-2005, 11:19 PM
Been trying to post the new thread with no luck! I'll try to catch y'all in the am!

Lisa loves Pooh
10-30-2005, 06:54 AM
We found an exercise bike that I can position myself and pedal with my arms. Buwahahahahaha.....as soon as hubby feels up to it (got the flu shot--and got sick)..he'll build it for me and I'll plop myself gently on the floor and start pedaling with my hands.

Hey--they said that was all I could do. Betcha they didn't think I'd find a way ;).

10-30-2005, 07:02 AM
Sorry everyone! Still not able to post a new thread, so I guess we can just continue here until the DIS feels better. :sad1:

Tiff...wtg on your race pace! :cheer2:

Cam, Helen...how were your races this weekend?

Lynnda...glad your sinuses are better, but sorry about Bill's knee.

Lots of knee issues this week... :wizard: :wizard: for Lisa and Carrie.

Minnie...hope you get to feeling better soon! :wizard: :wizard: :wizard:

Lily...how ya been?

Christa...hope your DD is feeling better.

MelR...punkin pie on rest days...sounds like my kinda training program!

Nancy...now that the house is done, when do we get to see pictures?

Sunny...dude...sweet pace! :banana:

Craig...you were so right! When the humidity's gone, the LR almost feel like flying!

That being said, check out my new pace...14:08 yesterday! :banana: :banana: I'm in the part of the training plan where the distance drops back in favor of increasing the pace, so today was at W3/R2. I've been doing that once a week for about a month, but not for the LR. I'm still struggling with the 2 min of running, but my pace has certainly improved!

Don't forget to set your clocks back!

10-30-2005, 08:17 AM
Mel - GREAT PACE :cool1:

10-30-2005, 12:20 PM
Great pace, Mel :cheer2:

Colleen-- the Garmin has difficulty keeping signal in certain atmospheric conditions, plus if your route is under trees, near alot of tall buildings, etc. you can have trouble, too. When it loses signal, it calculates a straight line from the last time it had signal. So if your route had some twists and turns while your signal was out, then its going to undercalculate your distance when it resyncs. Its a pain!

Well we had the three seasons this weekend. Friday was Fall, Saturday was Winter and today is Spring :confused3 It snowed most of yesterday and today I was out doing yard work in a tank top. I'll take it, though!


Lisa loves Pooh
10-30-2005, 01:55 PM
Mel--try posting a nonsense thread--and then when it posts...edit it with the info for the upcoming week.

I had to do that a few times with a thread that wouldn't post--posted something different and then edited it to say what I intended.

No idea what the hiccup is--but try it and see if it wokrs.

10-30-2005, 02:58 PM
I did it - I beat last years time by 26 seconds. Finishing time was 2.09.28, can safely say I won't be running the marathon at that pace, I got to the point when the half and full split and just thought, what on earth have I done entering a full, I was having enough trouble racing the last 200 metres to beat my time, let alone the idea of running another 21km!!

So what did I learn yesterday - I definitely run okay on Powerade, the most important thing to take with you to the race start is loo roll, that even if at 10km your bladder tells you you need to the bathroom, by 18km it's forgotten about it, and (I actually learnt this the day before) if you're going to use boiled sweets to boost your sugar intake, you have to keep one in your mouth at all times once you start, otherwise you get a sugar rush, then the crash. I tried the sweets for the first time yesterday for the last 3km (the point I normally boink on this race) and it did seem to help (although I think I lost 30 seconds trying to unwrap the thing).

Anyway, that's me for today, hope everyone else had a good weekend. Helen

10-30-2005, 03:39 PM
Sounds like everyone is doing great!

Helen - Congrats on your race. Sounds like so much fun! :cheer2:

chimera - Great pace! Good luck on the running part of the LR.

Lisa Loves Pooh - I would LOVE to see you on that bike with your hands. LOL :rotfl2:

Sunny - Great pace. Question....I thought you were doing the marathon? You are doing double LR so did I make a mistake and you are doing Goofy? :confused3 If so COOL! Am I crazy?

Melissa - I am so proud of you coming in last! :cheer2: :rotfl2: :cheer2: That sounded like a crazy race!

From Wednesday until today I have done NOTHING! :scared: I could have biked, but DD needed a mommy. She is doing great today and will go back to school tomorrow. :dancer: So I can run. The Doctor gave my toe the OK to run .....not swim though. I guess I will take that. We are so close to the marathon/half! :hourglass Thanks for all the :wizard: :wizard: :wizard:.


Lisa loves Pooh
10-30-2005, 05:07 PM
Don't think the pedaling with the hands will work for two long--not a comfy position for the back...so....


I pedaled with one foot.

Discoverd this worked at the store last night....so buwahahahaha Did 12 miles with one foot (with probably 2 miles in the middle somewhere pedaling with my hands).

Hubby was a stinker and wouldn't let me try my bum leg. So it hung out on a chair with a pillow while the other pedaled like mad!

Wooohooooo...I got my workout...I got my workout. :banana: :banana:

Christa--what's up with your toe that you can run and not swim? I know I cannot swim for 3 weeks...do you have an open wound?

10-30-2005, 05:48 PM
Lisa - Way to go!!!! Does that actually count as a 24 mile ride???? We should ask Lynn!

OK, Here are some pics from the trail run. I don't know how to make the size smaller, so I'm sorry that they are big, but here they are. Check out the HUGE boulder field. We "ran" through tons of rock gardens and steep drops like this one. Look at EC, she actually had to sit down just to descend! I think I came in last place because the other people doing this stuff actually run on that!!!!



Check out the Gloves!!!!!!

10-30-2005, 05:52 PM
Well I wouldnt call today's LR a stonker because I'm proud that I actually did the whole 6 miles. Since I pushed so hard at the 5k yesterday I was more stiff than I thought I would be this a.m. So 1st I decided to warm up the 1st mile, warm down the last mile (read walk slower) and the middle 4 do about 15:30 pace. Well by mile 3 I decided I would be lucky to finish. Everything from thighs down were hurting. So that's when that little voice said "got to get in those steps!" I slowed down so I could finish the whole walk and ended up doing 16:47 for the pace. The old me would have thrown in the towel. I really have been possesed by the aliens. I have sooooo earned my day of rest tomorrow :Pinkbounc

Lisa- I cant believe how dedicated you are to getting your exercise in. My family would look at me like I was bonkers. I ran/walked the 5k yesterday. No certain intervals, just ran when I felt like it for how long I felt like (or until I got that cop off my butt) Good luck with your recouperation.

My Garmin freaks out sometimes. Every once in a while it will say my pace is over 30 (no way) or less than 9 (def. no way!)

Melissa-Great job with the race. Just finishing those are a huge accomplishment.

10-30-2005, 07:33 PM
One more time, with feeling...

Come join us for a new week!

Wk of Oct 30--2006 Disney Half-Full Marathon Info/Training (http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?p=10423031#post10423031)