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09-10-2001, 02:54 PM
For those of you who visit the Disney website, they've got a virtual pin thing going on. I've been following it for the past month, where you collect a pin for each of the parks. Today was the last pin (Epcot) and when I got it, I was taken to a site where I could print out a ceritificate to get a free Internet- exclusive collectible pin.

You have to take the certificate to the Sourcerer's hat that they're building in MGM for the 100 Anniversary and you must buy one Disney's magical moment pin to get the Internet pin. You can get up to 4 pins with the purchase of 4 MM pins.

Considering I was already planning on buying the new interactive pins when I got there, I'm excited to see what the freebie pins look like. Try looking up the website, it doesn't cost anything, you just have to register before using it. It's www.disney.com and click on the 100 Anniversary site - then register.

I'll let you know if the pins are worth anything when I get back - 46 days to go!!:pinkbounc

09-10-2001, 03:26 PM
Thanks 100Acre!

We have been collecting the virtual pins, but didn't know what would happen when we got to the end. That's neat! And we're going in Nov...so we're happy!

Thanks again...


09-10-2001, 03:34 PM
Please tell me more about the virtual pins. I have been collecting pins for years and have not heard of them. Thanks. Bobbi

09-10-2001, 03:47 PM
From what I've read, the pins will interact with attraction at each park. There will be a different pin for each major park. They will light up at certain times. I also read that it gives a "goodnight kiis" when you leave the park. It will light up at at the parades also. That's really all I remember. I wish I could help more. I'm curious as to what the cost per pin will be. Any ideas?


09-10-2001, 03:58 PM
I know in '99 the pins cost $6.00 each. I can only imagine the interactive ones will go for $12.00 or more. They sound really cool though, so I'll have to buy at least one - but then again, going without kids, I can buy all 4! I've been trying to find out more info on them, but nothing so far. If I find anything out, I'll pass it along!:p

09-10-2001, 04:05 PM
I asked several people I buy pins from about them (I sent an email), so if I hear I will reply too. I was under the impression you guys already knew about the pins or had some!

09-10-2001, 04:07 PM
I read in the Dis magazine that they start selling the interactive ones until the celebration starts on October 1, which is when the Sorcerer's hat kiosk official opens. Of course, that could be "old news" by now :earsboy: :earsgirl:

09-10-2001, 04:32 PM
I think there may be glitch in the system. I, too, have been following the virtual pin promotion and finished today with Epcot. I have collected all five pins. Unfortunately, it did not take me any other page.

I took the time to view each area again and nothing happened. All pins had been collected. At this point, what would you do?

09-10-2001, 04:43 PM
I am bummed...we are going at the end of Sept. - certificate isn't active until Oct 1 and we leave Sept 30. It expires June 30 next year and we aren't returning till Dec 2002. I don't suppose they'd let me get them one day early would they??

09-10-2001, 04:49 PM
Hey - it never hurts to ask!! Also, here's another great tip - there's a number that you can call to purchase JUST what is sold in the park. The number is always busy, so if you can't get through, send a fax telling them what you want.

Phone - 407.363.6200 Fax - 407.363.4918

I wanted to buy the train set you can only find in WDW, so I called their main number and was given this one. Not only was I able to buy that, but I also got to buy some candy I had bought there and really liked. :D

09-10-2001, 05:34 PM
Ok, am I jinxed. I tried to get my last pin and it kept saying come back on the 10th to get your pin. Isn't today the 10th? I can't get my pin. I guess I will try tomorrow. Peggie

Lady Kat
09-10-2001, 06:55 PM
I also just collected my last "virtual pin" but did not get taken to another site....nothing. What do I do now ???

09-10-2001, 10:19 PM
It won't take you to another site there is a link that says to get your certificate click here

09-10-2001, 11:02 PM
Keeva: That did not come up on mine. It still states, "when you get all five pins" message.

09-11-2001, 09:08 AM
Maybe go out and try again?? Unfortunately, there's no phone number to call that I could see, so I'd go out of the site and go back in. It might be backed up if alot of people are hitting it at the same time.

good luck!

09-12-2001, 07:07 PM
You should have cookies and javascript enabled in your browser and you should be logging into the site.

If you click on "My Pin Box" it should take you to your virtual pin box. You should have "collected" the five pins. if you don't have the pins, (after you log in to the site), click on each of the stars on the left hand side to search for each pin. The system will remember which pins you have. After you have collected all five pins, at the bottom of "My Virtual Pin Box" there will be a link that you can follow. It will then show you the "certificate" you need to take to MGM.

You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader inorder to see the certificate/print it. (Well other than needing a printer.)

I hope that helps.