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10-01-2005, 10:12 PM
B2B - back to back cruises on the Wonder - just wondering what you thought of that if you've done it - this may be too expensive, but you would guarentee two days at CC and you could always go to a movie or do something else instead of watching the same shows twice, I know you'd jit Nassau twice, but could do different things or just stay on board - what does anyone think? I want a seven night in summer 2007, but am not sure I can afford going to the Mediterrean if that's what it will be.

10-02-2005, 01:03 PM
bump please

10-02-2005, 02:10 PM
I don't know how it will be yet, but we're doing b2b four-nights on Wonder (because of the Thanksgiving holiday) in November. We like the shipboard life, and don't particularly care about the ports. I will post a full report after the trip, and possibly live while on board if I have to get the Internet package for work. I really prefer not to have to check in during my vacations, but I have a major project which has to be completed and if there are any last minute revisions I will have to approve them (via email).

We would love to do a 7-night cruise, but the timing is just not right for us. It would involve too many weekends away, because we like to add a WDW stay to our trips.

Doing it this way will give us time to do more things. Sometimes there are two things going on at once that we might enjoy, and having to decide is usually tough. We also plan on staying on board during one stop in Nassau (although we have friends who will be in town that week and have invited us to come for lunch, so we may do that), and we have booked the Ardastra Gardens excursion for the other Nassau stop.

Two stops at Castaway Cay will be nice, because we've never really explored the island. I prefer to explore one of those nice lounge chairs on the adult beach and investigate the shade of the palm trees! But this time we plan on taking one of our stops and either renting bikes or just walking along the path to see more of the island.

We're also going to Palo for the first time. We're having brunch on our first cruise, and then we're having dinner on the first night of the second cruise and brunch again on the sea day. We enjoy the regular restaurants, and really hate missing them at dinner, but will already have been through the entire rotation once, so the first night of the second cruise is perfect. We won't have met our dining companions yet, so we won't know what we're missing (of course, neither will they), and we'll be ready for a bit of a change in our routine.

It will also be fun to watch all the sad people leaving the ship at the end of our first cruise (of course, our turn will come four days later). Even if we do have to leave the ship between cruises (which will be determined on that day), we can be the last people off and among the first people back on board again!

And the very best part of this whole trip is...I don't have to eat my MIL's cooking on Thanksgiving!:)


10-03-2005, 11:07 AM
That sounds so cool - I hope I can convince my in laws to do this. Of course, a regular seven night would be nice. I just don't want to do the Mediterranean just yet. I hope 2007 stays home - doesn't look like I'll know too soon.