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09-30-2005, 08:29 AM
Can someone tell me the exact price for this? Are you able to book both Palo dinner,brunch and tea at 105 days out? Does any well feel the price is worth it for this package?

09-30-2005, 09:56 AM
Here You Go:

Want to impress your significant other and add a little romance to your cruise? The "Romantic Escape at Sea" (REAS) add-on provides you with a lot of wonderful extras for $339 per couple. It's available on any 3-, 4- or 7-night Disney Cruise, and on Land & Sea packages.

For 2005, the REAS package provides you with:

Romantic gift amenity delivered to your stateroom (one per package: you get the Romance Basket that includes photo album, champagne and chocolates)
Couples massage at the Vista Spa & Salon (you can choose the Well-Being Massage for two, or the Spa Taster for two* - does not include gratuity)
Reservations at Palo for one dinner (package covers the usual nominal per-person fee)
Romance turndown service (one night)
Champagne breakfast in bed (one morning - this is a full breakfast, from a much more extensive menu than you usually get from the ship's standard continental breakfast room service)
*Unofficially, DCL has also allowed one person to get two treatments, choosing from the Well-Being Massage and/or the Spa Taster. I can confirm that passengers were allowed to do this in May 2005. You book the couples massage in advance and then go to the spa when onboard and change it to two separate massages.

An unadvertised aspect of this add-on is that you get to pre-book your Palo reservation and spa service 105 days in advance of your cruise (the same time frame as passengers staying in suites!), as long as you've paid for your cruise in full. At that time, if you are taking a 7-day cruise, you may also choose to pre-book the Palo brunch and/or "high tea" if you wish, for the usual nominal per-person fee. (In other words, extra Palo reservations aren't included in the package, but you can book them in advance.) You can book extra spa appointments as well, though of course they are not included in the package.

The value of the items you receive is approximately $64 for the gift, $242 for the couples massage, and $20 for the Palo fee (total $326), plus the additional value of the upgraded room service breakfast, and the wonderful luxury of pre-booking everything early and being pampered with the romance turndown service!

Note that for 2006 sailings, Disney is deleting the couples massage from this package and adding a "Tropical Rain Forest pass for two at the Vista Spa & Salon (length of cruise)." The Rain Forest pass has a maximum value of $150 per couple for a 7-night cruise -- much less for the shorter cruises. Based on that, I really can't recommend this package for 2006

Hope this helps...Just copied this for you.. :goodvibes

09-30-2005, 12:16 PM
Thanks mammasita,great info on what is included. It does not sound like this package is going to be worth the money once it is changes to the rainforest room next year. We will be going in March 2006 so we may be better off just buying the rainforest room by itself.It would be nice to be able to pre-book the Palo reservations but do not think the price is worth it just for that. Has anyone had alot of problems booking on line at 75 days out if they book on that exact day??? Thanks