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09-28-2005, 05:42 PM
I'm not even engaged yet, but I already know that in late Spring, or Summer of 2008, my boyfriend and I plan on getting married in Disney. Possibly even eloping with a few of our friends for a "graduation present" and surprising them.

My problem is this- I have a very very strong suspecion that he's going to propose when we go to Disney for Spring Break in March. We've talked about everything, and know it's going to happen before Christmas of 2006. There is no ring yet as we're both pretty broke college kids, but he already has a new bank account set aside to start saving from work for an "us-fund" He knows Disney is a HUGE part of my life and wants to make a proposal great and knows I've dreamed of it happening in Disney. So I want to surprise him first with something special when we go. This will only be our second time going together other than 1 school trip. My parents are funding the trip since it's a family vacation and all he has to pay for is the ticket to the park. He doesn't worry about money ever when it comes to me. I mean, if I casually mention I saw something in a store while we're shopping, within a week he picks it up for me if he thinks it's not something ridiculous (like when I wanted a puppy :dog: ). But for him to save money to buy an engagement ring is going to make me feel like I need to do something special. I have no ideas- we've done a lot in Disney already and without breaking my small bankbook, I don't know what else would be special. Maybe a dinner somewhere not to fancy (we're not into fancy at home even, regardless of money).

I know that you girls are some of the most creative around when it comes to special things in Disney. Hopefully you can help me out. And sorry for making something so simple so longwinded!!

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09-28-2005, 08:09 PM
some suprises fi & i have done for eachother is a couples spa treatment at the grand floridian spa, very relaxing. locations, treatments & prices at http://www.relaxedyet.com all the disney spas are run by niki bryan. we've done some behind the scenes tours at wdw like the dolphins in depth at epcot which is an educational dolphin encounter which was awesome being next to these sweet rubbery feeling mammals. theres a coupon for it in the birmbaums disney book. we also did the backstage safari at ak which was cool, we got to see some neat animals very, very close & the vet center, which my fi really enjoyed as hes going for his dvm. weve also done the carriage ride at ft wilderness which was enjoyable. my favorite surprise though was a specialty fireworks cruise from the yacht club, we had dessert & wine on board & had a private boat to view illuminations, it was like $180 with the food (might be more now) but it was a priceless evening. 407-wdw-play for the tours & cruise. you could also order him a special dessert at one of the restaurants or a gift basket from the disneyflorist.

have fun at wdw, we'll be getting married at disney this march so you might see me there. hope you work out a surprise for your special guy.