View Full Version : Now that Disneyana 2001 is under way any news on 2002's convention

09-09-2001, 03:09 PM
Has a location been announced for the 2002 Disneyana convention. I've always wanted to go to one. Hopefully the 02 convention will head back to Orlando since I live on the east coast. Any news would be greatly appreciated.

Larry (Swamp_Fox)

09-09-2001, 03:35 PM
Well, it's funny you should ask...

I talked to Flitter yesterday and the 2002 Disneyana Convention will be held in August (yes, I said August) at WDW. It will be combined with the pin event.

And it won't be at the Contemporary.

I'm sure we will hear more on the boards as people get home the next few days.

Cyn:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

09-09-2001, 06:36 PM
August huh? I may actually be able to attend one of these. I'll keep my fingers crossed for late August. That would be cool!

09-09-2001, 11:51 PM
Hi all!!

I just got home tonight and the Official Disneyana Convention as we know it has come to an end.

Next year's event is called the "Official Disneyana Mystery". The dates are August 22-24, 2002.

There is no mention of where the event will be held but the hotels available for the package are the Yacht & Beach Club and Port Orleans. For the first time since the early conventions, ConventionEars will NOT be required to stay on site.

The rumors were flying on Public Day about where the Convention would be held and it being combined with the Pin Event. I spoke to several Cast Members on the Special Events team and they said that the convention will NOT be combined with the Pin Event. So...we'll have to wait and see.

As far as the Mystery Event goes...... some other rumors are:

Yes Limited Editions
Yes Artists signings
Yes Logo Merchandise available for purchase
Yes Disneyana Discoveries available for a fee
Yes Banquet
Yes Park tickets for 3 days
No Breakfast & lunch vouchers
No Seminars
No Welcome Party
Number of days changed from 4 days (5 if you count Public Day) to 3 days
No Public day mentioned

One Cast Member said to write letters. We'll see what happens in the coming months. A lot of people weren't happy with this. There was a mob of ConvetnionEars at the MouseKommunications desk on Public Day complaining.

Only time will tell.


Event Only Package: $586 Adult Includes theme park passes for August 22-24
Room & Event Packages are between $660 - $996 Adult depending on if you are staying a a single double and what hotel you choose.

There are other packages for Juniors {10-17} (1st time for this) and children {3-9}

09-10-2001, 07:04 AM
I can't believe that I have one thing on my calendar for next year and it is the same weekend!!! Boo hoo hoo hoo!!!!