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09-25-2005, 05:44 PM
Staying at AKL - has anyone used guest services to print out or reserve boarding passes from SW? They are not a participating airline with ME so I understand I will need to take my luggage (no big deal). Some are reporting that they were able to have the resort go online and check in with southwest to get the A boarding pass. Has anyone done this at AKL and if so who did it for you? TIA we will be departing at 3:30 on the 10th so I will need them done at 3:31 on the 9th.

FIWI, I am posting on the transportation board as well so sorry if you read this 2x.

SB in KY
09-25-2005, 06:44 PM
The people at the airline check in desk or the concierge are usually happy to print out boarding passes for you if you take them the information and ask nicely.

Guest services did it for us once also. I do not think they are obligated to, but generally they do not mind in our experience. I do not think you can phone in an order to have them done at a specific time, however if you had your confirmation in hand and went down to the desk around that time they would probably help you out....Just an aside...3:30 is a very busy check in time most days...so you might need to wait until the crowd dies down a bit to ask for special assistance.

09-25-2005, 06:55 PM
Thanks SB - are you referring to the ME check in desk and is this available even though SW isn't participating? Is there somewhere at AKL like a business center that I could get access and do it myself? I know S&D and IIRC Contemporary have a business center. Would it be worth my while to just go to one of those resorts and do it myself and would I be allowe do? I don't mind paying a fee for IA so if anyone had suggestions I would like them. FWIW I am flying as the solo adult with 2 dd's so I hope to get the A's and sit as three. Usually when its dh and I 2/2 is a bit easier to get so that's why I am stressing.

Sorry so many questions and I sooo don't mind doing it myself if I can find a place to do it and not inconvenience someone else. DH was going to do it but he just got invited to a camping outing with "du guyes" and won't be anywhere near electricity, ummh yea that sounds much better than WDW.


SB in KY
09-25-2005, 08:50 PM
I have just asked the concierge/guest services to do it and they did. I have read other posts about people getting the DME check in desk people to print them out and they also were willing (but I think they are only there until mid afternoon).

All of the deluxe hotels have some type of a business center where you could get online yourself and print them out...I believe the minimum fee is $10 but it has been a few years since we used one, so I am not absolutely sure about that.

Probably what I would do if I was in your shoes is go by the DME check in desk in the lobby early AM on 10/9 and just tell the people working there your situation. If they will not be able to help you at 3:30PM they should be able to tell you where you should go, who can print them out for you and how much it will cost if you have to use the business center. That way you don't have to stress all day about where to go at 3:30...and stand in long lines if you don't have to (Sunday afternoon checkin lines can be pretty substantial)

I know someone will help you out....it is a little more worrisome when the kids out number the adults isn't it??

09-26-2005, 12:43 AM
Thanks SB - are you referring to the ME check in desk and is this available even though SW isn't participating? Is there somewhere at AKL like a business center that I could get access and do it myself?

I'm reasonably certain you can't do it yourself - they won't let you (or any Guest) into non-Guest areas. But I think SB's point was that 3:30 would be a busy time everywhere in the hotel, what with official check-in time being 3 PM. Why not ask Concierge/Guest Services during some slow period while you're at AKL, before the 9th, and see what they suggest?

09-26-2005, 08:16 AM
Thanks for the information and ideas everyone!

I will ask at the AKL when we check in what my options are but I am leaning toward heading to the busines center to do them myself. It will be worth any charges to get the A pass especially since, as has been pointed out 3:30 is a busy time. I plan to be at Epcot on Sunday so I will likely hit the Dolphin business center.